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Radio: The Now Show
The Now Show is a British satirical radio show on BBC Radio 4, starring Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt (previously of The Mary Whitehouse Experience) as well as Marcus Brigstocke, Mitch Benn, Laura Shavin, the very short Jon Holmes, and occasional special guests. In recent series, the "guest Marcus Brigstockes" appear more often than Marcus Brigstocke, who has other commitments.

Known for heavy use of Running Gags: The Other Wiki used to have a long list of them, and may still do.

When Radio 2 had a Saturday comedy slot, Punt and Dennis (and often the same guests) had another show in that slot, It's Been A Bad Week, which was about weird news stories from around the world. Each week the stories' protagonists competed for who's had the worst week, thus winning "The Worst Week Of The Week Award, Awarded Weekly On A Week-By-Week Basis".

The Now Show provides examples of:

It's Been A Bad Week provides examples of:

  • Butt Monkey: When William Hague was Conservative leader, he would often be cited as having had an even worse week than whoever had actually won "The Worst Week Of The Week Award, Awarded Weekly On A Week-By-Week Basis". This was largely just so Jon Culshaw could show off his Hague impression.
  • The Cast Show Off: Mitch Benn coming up with musical numbers about bad week stories, and Jon Culshaw's impressions.
  • Catch Phrase: Sue Perkins' "Section [One, Two, etc.]" and "The Worst Week Of The Week Award, Awarded Weekly On A Week-By-Week Basis", both read out in a distinctive monotone after a beat.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "The Worst Week Of The Week Award, Awarded Weekly On A Week-By-Week Basis"
  • The Ghost: "Van Man", the sound effects guy, who only communicates through sound effects and doesn't, strictly, exist.
  • New Year Has Come: Every year in December an annual special looks at all the winning stories from the last year's series and then has those compete for the ultimate title—"The Worst Week Of The Year Award, Awarded Yearly On An Annual Basis".
  • Only In America: Though not applied in a blanket way. Usually only invoked if the story involves something particularly associated with the US like a burglary involving the use of guns.
  • Only in Florida: Invoked often, as well as its European equivalent, Only In Germany.
  • Spin-Off: Though one which takes place in between series of its precursor with the same cast.

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