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Trivia pages are attached to the work they are about, on the Trivia tab. They are for on-topic information, fun facts that are not really storytelling tropes (unless they happen In-Universe).

Trivia falls into classifications — that is to say, little bundles of similar facts. The bundles are listed on the wiki because they are sort of fun. If you find an example from one of the following little bundles, it goes on the Trivia tab of the work, not its storytelling (main) trope examples list.

You can also add Trivia items that don't fit any category or premade page as long as it is legitimately trivia, and not a trope or an Audience Reaction.

Compare YMMV (which also don't go on the main page, but for different reasons).

NOTE: This index is used to assign the Trivia banner to articles, as well as the gray interrobang icon that identifies them in trope lists. Before adding or removing anything from it, please take the time to discuss it in this forum thread.

Please note: This is not the place to list works that have Trivia pages. That would be this auto-index.

Examples of the following go in the Trivia tab:

Gushing About Shows You LikeAdministrivia/Not a TropeUseful Notes
Boisterous BruiserJust for FunTotally Canon Naruto

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