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Missing Trailer Scene

"Wait, will any of this actually be in the movie?"
"No, it'll all be lost during post-production."
Sauron and Wayne in The One Ring to Rule Them All 3 teaser trailer

Never Trust a Trailer taken to the logical extreme: some trailers are so untrustworthy they include scenes that have been cut from the film itself. Or even worse, filmed just for the trailer.

Most trailers are put together by companies that have no idea what is or is not going to get cut from the film, but this doesn't really help the poor bastard that only came to see the scene that didn't make it in.

This may, however, be justified by the fact that the movie is still being edited as the trailers are released. Since the editing process may take months and sometimes only finish mere weeks before the theatrical release, it is rather common for the trailer scenes to either become a Deleted Scene or be replaced by an alternate take in the final cut.

In fact, such scenes can be found in nearly every movie with a sufficient amount of promotional material. Expect them to appear in the Deleted Scenes section of the DVD or to be included in a Recut for a Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • The fourth Bleach movie has two short scenes. The first shows Shuren's Togabito group arriving as a Five-Bad Band before the battles start. But the five are never seen together in one scene. The second scene shows Yuzu's kidnapping in the family's house. The movie shows the two sisters being already captured by the villains.
  • One Piece had a dub-only example of this. Back when 4Kids had the license to the series, they released a promotional DVD which included music videos featuring clips from the series. Many of these clips were from the Buggy side-story, Apis and Little Garden story arcs, which were completely skipped from the 4Kids dub of the series. To make things weirder, the dub had already passed the point where these story arcs should have been.
  • Almost all Pokémon movie trailers have scenes not in the finished movie. In fact, most of the original trailers were composed of nothing but early production footage.
    • The original Japanese teaser trailer for Pokémon: The First Movie. It not only has scenes that don't appear in the film itself, but the trailer heavily implies that it's a Distant Finale for the entire franchise. It shows what appears to be an older version of Misty telling a story to a young girl in a park. In addition, the ending theme it uses, "Fantasy in a Pocket", was never used in any version of the film.
    • For Pokémon 2000 an early trailer showed a scene where Ash leaps to rescue Pikachu off a cliff. A tearful Misty (who isn't wearing her jacket) tries to run and save Ash but is stopped by Tracey. There's also a scene with Ash and Pikachu on the boat that isn't present in the final product.
    • A teaser for what eventually became Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions originally depicted Ho-Oh and Lugia locked in aerial combat, presumably for a Heart Gold/Soul Silver tie-in at the time. Other early trainers showed a shadowy Evil Twin of Ash, which also never made it to the movie.
    • Just about every movie has a trailer scene of Ash screaming as Pikachu falls from a great height. No such scene has actually been in any of the movies yet.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion:
    • The teaser for the second movie shows Misato slapping Ritsuko across the face during a heated argument. Nothing remotely close to this happens in the movie.
    • The same teaser shows Mari watching a flock of birds fly away as Zeruel attacks. In the actual movie, she's busy hijacking Unit-02 when Zeruel first arrives and begins attacking the city.
    • Almost nothing from the teaser for the third movie was included in the final film, as the script was heavily rewritten during production.

    Fan Fiction 

    Films — Animated 
  • In a fairly bizarre example, the commercials and trailers for Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero consisted of clips from Mr. Freeze's previous appearances on Batman: The Animated Series. Presumably they hadn't finish their animation yet.
  • Trailers for the 2005 Disney film Chicken Little almost always included this joke:
    Dad: Son, there's something I want to tell you.
    Chicken Little: What, Dad?
    Dad: In about three seconds I'm gonna scream like a little girl.
  • An honorable mention must go to Pixar, whose trailers are understood to not contain footage from the final movie, but are simply meant to be short comedy sketches introducing the movie's premise and the characters. However, this doesn't stop a lot of people from expecting to see, for example, the bouncing belt buckle gag in The Incredibles.
    • However, in the actual Up trailers (which did feature scenes from the film), Carl blows a raspberry at the assisted-living guys shortly after his house lifts off. This is replaced with a line of dialog in the finished film.
    • A Bug's Life trailers have some scenes made only for the trailers.
    • One trailer for Finding Nemo showed the sharks helping Marlin and Dory find Nemo. In the film, the sharks only appear twice, one of their scenes being merely a cameo at the film's ending.
    • An infamous screencap from Cars 2 shows Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile, and Siddely escaping from an explosion, with a pair of villains in hot pursuit. In the actual movie, Lightning isn't in the scene, Siddeley is further behind and Finn is attached to Mater's tow cable, driving backwards.
      • Another screencap has Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Finn McMissile strolling through the streets of Tokyo. In the actual movie, Finn was never driving with those two cars there, and he didn't even know who Lightning McQueen was until their encounter in London at the end of the film!
    • The original teaser for Brave showed Merida riding her horse Angus into the forest where she enters the ring of standing stones, is confronted by Mor'du the demon bear, and shoots an arrow at him. Clips from this teaser are re-used in other trailers, but the scene doesn't actually happen in the movie. It was presumably created just to sell the idea to the crowd.
      • Later trailers also featured a shot of King Fergus on horseback in the snow. This shot also doesn't appear in the movie.
    • The trailer for WALL•E has an interesting case. One of the last scenes shown is WALL•E shaking M-O's hand in the airlock after saving EVE from being dumped into space. The final film, however, has EVE saving WALL•E from being blown into space with a bunch of trash, and M-O shakes WALL•E's hand later.
  • Two or three fully animated scenes shown in the trailer for Rugrats in Paris aren't even seen in the actual movie. A few lines might not have made the cut as well.
  • Most of the trailers for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs have Gag Dubs over real movie dialogue.
  • Trailers for Monsters vs. Aliens include a shot of the monsters doing a Power Walk, which was left out of the final cut. Also, the newscaster's comment about America being "the only country UFOs ever seem to land in" is said on location at the landing of the robot probe, while in the movie he says it in the studio during the second UFO sighting.
    • Not only that, the theatrical poster showed a dozen alien ships adorning the sky above the characters. The final film only has one.
      • There is even a scene in one of the trailers in which Gallahar contacts the President and his workers demanding Earth be handed over to him. For some reason he contacts them through a television screen rather than project a giant hologram of his face.
  • In the trailer for The Emperor's New Groove, after Pacha and Kuzco accidentally get tied around a tree branch, Pacha mutters, "Or not," in reference to a line he said right beforehand. This wasn't in the movie.
  • In Flushed Away, the pair of butler hamsters seen in the trailer are not in the film itself. They originally were, and were named "Gilbert and Sullivan".
  • In the trailer for The Adventures of Pinocchio features some scenes not shown in the movie and Pepe's voice is done by Wallace Shawn rather than David Doyle.
  • In the trailer for Aladdin and the King of Thieves during the "Welcome to the 40 Thieves" song Aladdin is seen with a bloody arm from his fight with Saluk, the blood is edited out in the film. However, you can see it when he clutches his arm after being cut.
  • A variation occurred with How to Train Your Dragon. The scene where Astrid finds out about Toothless had her saying "you're so busted" in the trailers. In the film, she says nothing. In a more different vein, one scene in the trailers had Hiccup insulting Toothless and Toothless hitting him on the head in response. This happened in the film, but in two very different instances.
  • Tangled:
    • The trailer has a scene in which Rapunzel beats up Flynn with Prehensile Hair, and one where she chucks him out of the tower. These never happen in the movie. The tower scene is even present in the credits to a degree, but not in the movie.
    • There's also a third scene, where Flynn calls up to Rapunzel "Let down your hai-" only to have a load of hair suddenly dropped on him, complete with Maximus laughing/whinnying. Like the above two, it's nowhere in the film.
  • A scene in a trailer for Shrek the Third apparently showed a scene where Shrek can been seen accidentally scaring children at an elementary school while reading them a story. Such a scene actually did not appear in the movie at all. It did, however, appear in one of the tie-in storybooks.
  • In an ad for Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Cindy says to Jimmy "If we blow up, whatever's left of me is kicking your butt." Not in the finished film. The TV adverts edited "kicking your butt" to "kicking your can," so much effort put into a deleted scene.
  • The promo for Transformers: The Movie consists mainly of test animation that went unused. Some major differences include Ultra Magnus having a different colour scheme (the same as his Diaclone counterpart), Hot Rod and Arcee being on the same shuttle (the Autobots being on different shuttles is a plot point), an alternate version of Kup telling the Dinobots a story, and Snarl being more prominent instead of making quick cameos.
  • The trailer for Atlantis: The Lost Empire prominently featured random scenes with Vikings sailing through a thunderstorm, and later being sunk by a sea monster. This made it look like the Vikings were the main characters, but it was taken from the film's original prologue, which was replaced with the more plot-relevant depiction of Atlantis' destruction. Thus, no Vikings appeared in the actual film.
  • The Simpsons Movie trailer had a scene with Reverend Lovejoy and Marge cut out. On the commentary track, the filmmakers stated they felt the scene was pointless, and not needed.
  • A trailer for Arthur Christmas has Arthur hanging from Evie (Grandsanta's sleigh), yelling "No child left behind!" as he's determined to get a gift to the child forgotten by Santa. This line is not in the film.
  • Subverted with The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! when trailers included a scene where the Pirate Captain boards a ship and demands treasure, only to find out it's actually a leper boat. This scene was planned to be in the finished film as it was, but it was redubbed to instead take place on a plague boat after leprosy charities complained. A real shame, since it stops making sense once the original joke concludes and the passenger's arm drops off, to say nothing of how the scene became an Enforced example of a Hong Kong Dub.
  • Perhaps one of the most significant examples would be The Land Before Time since various trailers and TV spots for the original film had snippets of animated footage that weren't in the final film at all, but are much talked about with fans as they are from scenes that were cut out due to concern that the film would be too scary for kids (many of these scenes were ones that apparently involved Sharptooth).
  • The original trailer for Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas had a brief scene where the Beast's rose floats through the glass towards Belle. No explanation is given in the trailer, and the scene is not in the final movie.
  • Epic: Nod dangling from Mub's eyestalks after dangling from the branch. Also, Mandrake's line "I'm going to destroy the forest, but I'm only going to do it once".
  • Frozen:
    • The scene of Kristoff shouting "Now we just have to survive this blizzard!" and Anna replying "That's no blizzard; that's my sister!" with Elsa then conjuring up a blast of snow on top of the mountain is completely absent from the film. The scene in question was an artifact from when Elsa was the main villain. It gives the impression Elsa is an antagonist, which isn't remotely true. The animators had to completely reanimate and redub the sequence because it clashed vastly with the final characters designs and personalities (Marshmallow has tree limbs for arms and is attacking Anna, Anna is afraid to jump off the cliff, etc). It's not noticeable in the trailer but the full version of the scene clearly shows Anna with no white stripe in her hair, as it dates back to before that plot point existed.
    • As with the Pixar films, the first teaser is a self-contained skit (in this case, of Olaf the snowman trying to get his carrot nose back before it's eaten by Sven) not meant to be in the movie, although some of the animation is reused for one of the final scenes.
  • One of the trailers and most of the TV spots for Rio 2 has a scene with pair of turtles, one of them holding the other by the hands and spinning them around in the air. The speed becomes so much that the turtle being spun is sucked out of its shell and sent flying, to the shock of the birds. Whilst the turtles do appear in the film, this scene is absent because of the Fruit Fly Incident.
  • The teaser trailer for Big Hero 6 follows the Pixar trend of showing a comedic gag — Hiro struggling to fit Baymax into a suit of armor, only to have the armor pop off Baymax right after he finally gets it all on — that's nowhere to be found in the actual film. Hiro does suit up Baymax in armor in the film, but no armor-popping happens there. It also shows him in a lab at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, while the movie changes the location to his garage.
  • The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge Out Of Water:
    • The slo-mo shot of the hot woman that Patrick appears to oogle over (when it's just an ice cream he wants) is not in the film. A bunch of alternate takes of uncut scenes can be seen in the trailers, including Patrick's head with a hole through it. The girl commenting on the superheroes saying, "They must be in spin class!" is not in the film, nor is Mr. Krabs' line "That pirate's gonna destroy our world!"
    • Despite being featured in the trailer and a few TV commercials, Slash never appears in the movie.
    • In one scene, Burger Beard throws a six pack of soda can plastic rings at Squidward. He gets caught up in them and exclaims "What is this diabolical thing?!" This is Truth in Television, because marine animals do get caught up in these rings and other pieces of manufactured garbage. However, none of this appears in the film proper.
    • The "Thank Gosh it's Monday" musical number doesn't appear in the film at all. A few details, such as the establishing shot of Bikini Bottom, imply that it's an early version of the opening scene, and the gag of Patrick using his belly to talk reappears in the actual opening.
  • The scene in the teaser trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2 is in the final film, but plays out slightly differently. Also, Mavis and Jonathan's son Dennis has a slightly different design.
  • For Minions, the scene where a king is accidentally impaled by his own sword is not included in the montage of the deaths of the Minions' various bosses in the final film.
  • Home:
    • An early trailer featured Pig snorting like his namesake in his sleep. This isn't seen in the film.
    • Several clips from Almost Home were used in the trailers, but not in the film itself.
  • In the original trailer for Felix the Cat: The Movie, the Duke of Zill has a less threatening looking design.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Transporter trailer featured Frank deflecting a missile, which was, sadly, left out of the final release.
  • In the Superbad Trailer, Seth Rogen's character remarked that the name McLovin sounds like "A Sexy Hamburger." This line was never said in the film. There's a reason for this. Seth Rogen was fresh off the success of Knocked Up and they wanted to promote him a lot. This was one of the few takes they had of him not dropping a Cluster F-Bomb.
  • The following entries are from the Harry Potter films, in chronological order. Oftentimes, a non-digital scene was featured in the trailer when it would later have special effects added or be remade on a computer, which may be because trailers can be released before everything is ready.
    • Philosopher's Stone:
      • The teaser includes the shot when Neville is flying away from the flying class, except Neville hasn't been Chroma Keyed in yet so it's just a background plate of everyone looking up at nothing.
      • A number of TV spots showed Hermione saying, "He's rather disagreeable, isn't he?" It's nowhere in the film and was also not in the Deleted Scenes on the DVD. The fact that the kids don't have their house-colored uniforms yet would seem to indicate that it takes place sometime before they get up to their dormitories for the first time. Possibly it's from the filmed-but-never-released scene with Peeves, in which case Peeves would presumably be the "he" to which Hermione was referring. It may also be from the scene when Harry meets Malfoy for the first time.
      • The theatrical trailer also has a shot not in the film. It shows Percy leading the first years down a hallway and is therefore quite likely from the elusive Peeves scene.
    • Several scenes from the trailer for Chamber of Secrets did not appear in the film (though they are all on the DVD release), such as:
      • Scenes of Harry and Ron dragging an unconscious Crabbe and Goyle into a closet.
      • The car flying near Big Ben.
      • Harry by the lake with Hedwig.
      • Harry glancing at the Polyjuice Potion and saying, "We're going to drink that?"
      • There are also a couple shots of Lockhart's classroom being wrecked by the pixies, except the CGI pixies weren't added in.
    • Prisoner of Azkaban's trailer showed a full-color shot of Sirius being chained by guards. This area of the movie is darkened and desaturated, and also never shows Sirius actually being chained.
    • Goblet of Fire:
      • The trailer showed a scene where Moody peaks around the door, but it's not in the film.
      • There's also one where Harry says "He's getting closer...I can feel it!" and a line of Hermione's, "Surviving the tournament isn't the answer anymore!" Unlike some of the others, these ended up on the DVD release.
    • Order of the Phoenix:
      • Shots from the final battle are shown in the trailer which unfortunately didn't make it into the film. These include Lupin casting a spell and a shot of Ron supporting Harry, which have yet to see the light of day.
      • We see an awesome shot of the Educational Decrees exploding. In the actual movie, that shot was mostly obscured by the Weasley Fireworks that were supposed to cause the explosion.
      • The first trailer showed a shot of Bellatrix that was never in the movie, and the second showed Ron supporting Harry.
    • Half-Blood Prince has the following epic quote that never made the final cut:
      Snape: It's over.
    • Deathly Hallows Part 1: In a variation, the trailer shows a shot of Harry on the ground, closing on his face. That was actually the raw footage of a scene where Harry's face is disfigured, which would later be made digitally.
    • In the trailer for Deathly Hallows Part 2, there is a scene where Voldemort asks Harry, "Why do you live?" and Harry replies, "Because I've got something worth living for." This scene was not in the movie, though curiously it is in the video game adaptation.
  • A trailer for Batman Returns showed Catwoman lying on a bed, laughing so hard that she makes a little squeaking sound at the end. It's funny and sexy, and the setting where it takes place (the Penguin's office and living quarters) is in the movie, but in the actual film Selina Kyle never laughs while wearing her Catwoman suit in this scene or in any other.
  • The trailer for Big Game has Moore stand with an Uzi and scream that not only is he lost in the wilderness, he also has only one shoe. In the film proper, his only complaint about the missing shoe is before he even touches the ground, and later he obtains one from a dead Secret Service agent.
  • In multiple Batman Forever trailers there is a scene where Two-Face says "If the Bat wants to play, we'll play!" although this line/scene never made into the theatrical release. The line was even used in the Genesis/SNES video game adaptation of the film.
  • In one of the trailers for Batman & Robin, Mr. Freeze says the line, "Bundle up, boys: there's a storm coming." This line never makes it into the final cut of the film, not that one less ice pun made a world of difference.
  • This trailer for Can't Hardly Wait depicts several scenes that did not make it into the film.
    • The scene in the bookstore is removed, but was included as a deleted scene on the 10th anniversary special edition Blu-ray.
    • The scene where Jason Segel's character runs in with a watermelon he filled with vodka was removed, as were many other drug-related scenes, to get a PG-13 rating. Jason Segel's character's screen time was dramatically cut down in the final film because of this.
    • The scene where Charlie Korsmo's character proclaims that he couldn't feel his legs was a different take of the scene that made it into the movie.
  • The trailer for Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005) had Naomi Watts' character screaming as a normal part of the acting role, and then everybody hears Kong's roar from far off and they look toward the jungle with worried faces. Similarly, one scene showed the characters trekking through a bog with a reptile-thing following silently behind, no such bog scene was shown in the film itself.
  • Galaxy Quest had this, as well. Tim Allen's character is trying to explain everything off as a "big misunderstanding" to the alien Big Bad, but said alien covers Mr. Allen's mouth with his hand before he says "—standing". Played for laughs, obviously, being a comedy and all. A moment in the film where such a scene would logically fit in was present, but the shot itself didn't happen — the scene was significantly more somber.
    • The trailer also has the childlike aliens speaking English. In the film, they speak an alien language with English subtitles.
  • The LEGO Movie: Several trailers have scenes not included in the film.
  • Some trailers for Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a scene where Eddie Valiant runs around wearing an animated pig head, yelling, "I'm a PIG!" It came from a deleted scene, shown on the DVD.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • In the trailers for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, there was a rather humorous trailer gag where they were on the island with cannibals about to leave, when someone says "What about Jack?" Cut to a scene of Jack running away from about 50 cannibals. Will says, "Never mind Jack, let's go!" In the movie, Will's line was changed to "Time to go!" and they waited for Jack to board the ship, which is significantly less funny.
    • Interestingly enough, this was actually a flub on-set; 'Never mind, let's go' meaning 'Let's just try the scene again immediately' and was never intended for the film.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer had a brief scene where Jack is slapped by a mermaid. This was cut from the final film.
  • The film 200 Cigarettes had Ben Affleck's character joking that he wasn't gay (which was a common rumor about the actor at that time); scene was not in the movie.
  • Major League's ads contained this exchange:
    Taylor: That ball wouldn't have been out of a lot of parks.
    Vaughan: Name one.
    Taylor: Yellowstone.
    • Though this scene has been inserted into the film for edited TV airings and appears in at least one of the DVD versions. It was also repeated in the sequel.
  • Quite a few in the trailer for Freddy Got Fingered presumably to pad the trailer out to the appropriate length since most of the major scenes in the film were unable to be shown in a green band trailer.
  • In the trailer for The Grinch movie, Cindy sees the Grinch in his Santa Claus suit making off with the tree, and says "You're the—" and then the Grinch interrupts with "I'm absolutely not the Grinch, if that's what you're thinking." This exchange was nowhere in the actual movie, and was probably specifically filmed for the trailer.
  • Dreamworks' Paulie, which was surprisingly somber for a film about a literal talking parrot, was marketed as a zany comedy and most trailers included a scene where the parrot flies next to another parrot and quips, "Saaay, do you realize we're both naked?" Again, it's never said in the movie.
    • Another scene heavily run in the trailers had a scientist holding up a card for Paulie and saying "What is this?" Paulie responds "It's a flash card, you idiot!". It wasn't in the actual film.
  • The trailer to The Avengers (1998) had a fair bit of footage that didn't make it into the movie itself. (Unsurprising, as even without comparison to the trailer, it was very obvious the film had entire subplots hacked out of it late in the game.)
  • In District 9 trailers, there was a scene where the aliens were being interrogated, accompanied by the voiceover, "How do your weapons work?" (in a thick South African accent), the aliens replying with, "Please, we just want to go home." This scene was not in the film.
  • Many of the commercials for the Hulk movie featured Emil Blonsky describing the Hulk to someone... no such scene appears in the movie. Neither does the character he's talking to.
  • The theatrical trailer for The Incredible Hulk opens with Banner in a therapy session with Leonard Samson. This doesn't happen in the movie, but was later included as a DVD extra.
  • Scary Movie 3 trailers had a Hulk and The Matrix parody, but the only way to see it was on the DVD's special features/alternate endings.
    • Though Matrix parodies do appear.
  • Predators featured Royce, Adrien Brody's character, being targeted by several dozen Predator laser sights. In the movie they are only being hunted by three, so the scene itself is absent (though Royce gets later a similar scene with the last Predator's laser sight).
  • Terminator:
    • A trailer for Terminator 2: Judgment Day showed awesome footage of a Terminator endo-skeleton being built and coated with bio-flesh. This is not in the film. Just there to show the fans how Skynet does it.
    • In the second and third Terminator Salvation trailers, Marcus is shown in the "throw a chair through glass" scene... but if you look in the background there's a skinny body on an identical table to the one he was repaired in. This would have implied a big change in the plot, since he was supposed to be the first and only resurrected human-into-Terminator prototype. The second trailer has a scene with John Connor in a sewer being surprised by a T-1 rising from water.
  • Parody example: An MTV Movie Awards skit had Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo spliced into footage of the climax of Twister. Things were flying at them and Ben was calling what was attacking them on the radio, finishing with:
    Ben: "We have the tire; that was in the Coming Attractions, but not in the actual movie!"
    Janeane: "Yeah, I hate that!"
  • Black Christmas (2006) might just BE the trope, seeing as a whopping 99 % of the scenes in the trailer were shot just for it.
    • And the studio did it behind the director's back, which led to him filing a lawsuit.
  • Star Trek:
    • The trailer for Star Trek VI includes Romulan ambassador Nonclus saying "There will never be a better time". This scene was not in the theatrical cut of the movie, but has been included in all VHS and DVD releases.
    • Similarly, the scene with Shinzon mentally attacking Troi in the turbolift is present in the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis but was not in the finished film.
    • Star Trek Nero's "The wait is over" phrase from the trailer never made it into the final film, but is available as a deleted scene, when he breaks Ayel out of Rura Penthe.
  • Iron Man 2
    • The trailer includes a scene of Pepper kissing Tony's Iron Man helmet in a cargo plane, then throwing it overboard. Tony jumps out after it, turning as he leaps and telling her "You complete me," then flies down to a convention stage and takes off the suit in front of a large crowd. In the final film, Pepper is missing, and Tony, fully dressed as Iron Man, simply runs out of the plane. Director Jon Favreau explained this was because the scene was the first in the film to feature Tony, and not seeing him outside of his Iron Man armor until he undressed in front of the crowd made a splashier entrance for the viewer. However, the change also hints that in a previous version of the film, Tony and Pepper were officially together, while in the final film their romance is unrequited until the end.
      • Also the costumes of the dancers in the following scene were changed between the trailer and the finished film.
    • In another missing scene, Tony is seemingly teaching Natalie Rushman how to use his repulsor glove.
    • The buzz around the trailer for the original film subverted this trope in that there was a rumor going around that the scene showing Iron Man flying with three military jets was made just for the trailer and wouldn't be in the finished film. Thankfully, that turned out not to be the case.
  • James Bond:
    • The trailer for The Man with the Golden Gun included scenes from the (originally much longer) beach showdown between James Bond and Scaramanga that were cut from the final release.
    • Thunderball has a scene where Fiona Volpe undresses Bond, who replies "The things I do for England" (the line was reused on You Only Live Twice)
    • Spectre: Bond storming out of M's office and through the building, having been reamed out and suspended is in the teaser, but not the film.
  • The teaser trailer for Cocoon II: The Return is made up of recycled footage from the first film plus a scene of Jack on his boat that never appears in the actual movie. And Jack has a different boat in the movie, too.
  • A theatrical trailer for The Empire Strikes Back narrated by Harrison Ford features C3PO ripping a decal off a door. This is from a Deleted Scene where 3PO tricks some Storm Troopers into walking into a Wampa containment room.
    • There was also a shot where Vader leans forward for some reason (supposedly after his fight with Luke, as if to throw him off himself). Some speculate that this is from him trying to use the Force to pull Luke back up to him, a scene described in the children's picture book of the movie.
      • Not to mention a completely different shot of Luke and Leia making out. Notably, they appear to be alone in this scene, as opposed to the one in the film proper which was in front of the regular gang. Maybe the filmmakers were just shipteasing, or (less likely, considering how we know the writing process went) they were trying to throw off the scent of the twist in the next film.
  • The Force Awakens: Rey standing in front of an old Star Destroyer is replaced with Rey exiting the Star Destroyer and standing in front of it, drinking from a canteen. Finn popping his head up from below has been shortened to a quick cut with his head already up. The shot from behind of a cloaked Kylo Ren, activating his lightsaber, is different, instead changing to a wide shot with Kylo Ren on the left side of the screen with his hood down. Rey being asked by Maz who she is and responding "No one" is not present. Luke saying "The Force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it", Kylo Ren saying "Nothing will stand in our way. I’ll show them the Dark Side”, and Maz saying "Hope is not lost today. It is found" are voice-overs found only in the trailers. Finn says "I was raised to do one thing", but not, "and I’ve got nothing to fight for". The closeup of the Knights of Ren is shortened; they are shown briefly in Rey's vision. In one preview, Maz is handing a lightsaber to Leia instead of Finn. The Resistance X-wings flying over the water are shown flying slightly longer than in the movie; the front X-wing is replaced with Poe's black and orange X-wing.
  • Disney's trailer for The Haunted Mansion shows Eddie Murphy coming up against a posessed suit of Japanese armor, which didn't end up in the movie, as it was cut from an existing scene. Another scene had Murphy meeting Madame Leota and saying "that's great, what is that?", and later saying to her "don't you make no dark spirits come out, wait till I leave before the dark spirits come out!" Neither line of dialogue made it into the movie.
  • Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes movie has lots of these: Irene dressed in only a corset, Irene complaining that Holmes and Watson has been 'flirting like this for hours'... among others. Sadly not included in the DVD either.
    • Several of the scenes with Irene only in a corset in her bedroom with Holmes appear to have been the original version of a scene from the movie. In this version, when Holmes meets with Irene, they have a fight before sleeping together. When they talk in bed after, Irene gets the information she was trying to get out of Holmes and handcuffs him to the bed, leading to the "under this pillow lies the key to my release" bit. In the released version, Holmes winds up naked and handcuffed to the bed after Irene drugs him.
  • Men in Black
    • The Men in Black trailer had Jay looking at one of the BFGs he and Kay used to shoot down the Edgar Bug's spaceship and asks, "You know how to use these things?" Kay replies, "No idea whatsoever," then proceeds to cock his gun. Jay reacts by glancing at Kay.
    • The trailer for the third film featured a graffiti alien that does not appear in the final cut.
  • The Bruce Willis comedy The Kid (2000) had the same scene in both trailer and movie, but played very differently. In the scene, Russ' younger self tallies up his life situation: "So, I'm forty, I'm not married, I don't fly jets, and I don't have a dog?" In the trailer, Rusty hollers, "I grow up to be a loser!" like any kid throwing a temper tantrum. But in the film, he just plops on the couch and sighs, "I grow up to be a loser," in the most disappointed voice you ever heard.
  • The Last Airbender had a shocking amount of scenes shown in trailers but not actually making it onto the movie. The entire first trailer was not in the film (since it was filmed as a teaser trailer not meant for the movie), including: the Water Tribe holding lanterns, Kyoshi Warriors (missing from the entire movie, in fact), and many lines of dialogue. This has lead to rumors of an original cut that was 25 minutes longer and only being trimmed down a few weeks before premiering.
  • The infamous swinging buzzsaw scene from the trailer for The Stepfather remake.
  • The trailer for the 1997 George of the Jungle movie had a different shot of Ape playing chess, a pan from the tranquilizer dart to Ape's grimacing face (the movie cut directly from the dart hitting his arm to Ape's reaction), and the Tooky Tooky Bird riding on a plane (the movie felt that an Art Shifted sequence of him flying with his wings from Africa to San Francisco sufficed). Also, Ape and the Tooky Tooky Bird have different voices in this trailer and George had a different reaction to the news that Ape was captured by the poachers.
  • This trailer for The Santa Clause contained scenes of Scott shaking a doll and conversing with someone in front of a playground. They pretty much don't occur in the film at any point.
  • National Treasure contains some deleted scenes in one of the trailers such as showing a bunch of rooms on the back of the Declaration of Independence when Ben puts on the spectacles, instead of Heere at the Wall, as well as a stone pathway that has fire along the bottom edges. Surprisingly, this trailer actually can confuse and even "Mind-Screw" the "Genre Savvy" viewers who have not watched the movie, but only seen the trailer because the overthinking "Genre Savvy" people will assume that clips from the final trek won't be in the trailer, even though it is.
  • A scene from one of the National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets trailers had Riley leaning over the edge of the balance trap and looking down at skeletons, a scene that wasn't in the movie.
    • The trailers also included several lines of dialogue that were cut or changed, though the scenes themselves remained.
  • The trailer for The Good Son features Henry and Mark walking down a path to the woods singing "Great Green Globs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts", they do not sing it at any point in the film.
  • The Golden Compass takes this to extremes, because a large portion of the film, including the climax and entire ending was cut before release.
  • Some of the more infamous jokes from the Anchorman trailers never made it into the final film. A number of them were used in Wake Up, Ron Burgundy short instead.
  • The trailers for the Inspector Gadget movie featured some jokes that either became deleted scenes or only appeared in flashbacks.
  • In Accepted, there is a scene where the college students are holding a paddle to a tied-up Sherman. In the trailer, one of the guys says, "Get him the suit", followed by the 'ask me about my wiener' scene. The movie plays this differently—Sherman is in the suit as an initiation, and later, the guys wake him up for his 'induction night'. Sherman is excited...until he's tied up. They tell him to either side with him or his friends, which he goes with the latter.
  • The trailer for Home Alone included an alternate scene with store manager asking Kevin questions of him shopping alone. In the movie, it's only the cashier asking him questions.
    • It also has a scene of one of Kevin's sisters at the bottom of the stairs saying they're going to be late for the airport, and an audio snippet of a news report about the wet bandits.
    • The trailer for the first sequel showed one of Kevin's traps involving a bunch of tools falling on Harry. The trailer has Harry No Sell most of the tools (with only a change in expression to show for it), only for a massive wrench to knock him down; in the movie, Harry collapses when the first set of tools fall on him, with the wrench falling as a mere punctuation mark on the scene.
  • A French trailer for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly included a sequence where Blondie romances a girl, and Tuco watches on him. That was cut after the initial screening and footage is apparently lost (the special edition DVD tries to restore as much as it can).
  • The trailer for Walk Hard has a deleted subplot involving Dewey's third wife, Cheryl. This ended up creating a very rushed third act in the theatrical version.
  • Highlander: Endgame is an especially dastardly one; several scenes were shot specifically for the trailer, like the villain being cut in half lengthwise and reforming, which all hinted at a completely different (and probably much, much better) story.
  • Payback had a shootout with a disguised hitwoman in a subway station. This comes from the original ending, which was changed but reappears in the Director's Cut.
    • A version of the trailer which is skewed towards presenting the film as an action-comedy contains two more scenes that do not appear in either the theatrical or directors' cut, including Lucy Liu kissing and then punching Mel Gibson, and a close-up of the dog growling followed by Gibson's reaction to it. Additionally, a shot of Gibson's girlfriend slapping him to try and bring him round is redubbed with a punch to imply that she's trying to knock him out.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith had a number of deleted scenes show in the trailers, such as most of Keith David's scenes (in the final film, only his voice can be heard) and additional scenes with Vince Vaughn and Kerry Washington, among others. In actuality, over one hour was cut from the film (going down from over three hours to just over two hours in the process) and an entire subplot with Terence Stamp and Jacqueline Bisset as terrorists also got cut. The final film is nothing more than Brad and Angelina shooting at each other.
  • The trailer for Miss Congeniality contains part of a cut scene where Gracie Hart attends her (widowed) father's (second) wedding:
    Mr. Hart: Honey, are you a lesbian?
    Gracie: Dad, (laughsnorts) I wish...!
  • The trailer for My Best Friend's Wedding includes a scene where one of the bridesmaids says to Julianne: "We thought you're a lesbian."
  • In Fantastic Four (2005), the teaser trailer showed a scene with Reed Richards about to kiss Susan Storm (during a series of quick cuts) which was not in the movie. However, this was Subverted in that the scene was put back in the movie on the 'Extended Special Edition'. Still, it was rather misleading.
  • The trailer for Kill Bill Vol 2 featured a mysterious black man doing some fancy moves with a pole. This character did not appear in the film.
  • A gag in the trailer for Clue was never seen in the actual movie.
  • One of the oldest examples is from the trailer for the classic Casablanca. It contains a brief sequence of Rick saying "You asked for it" before shooting Strasser; the dialogue does not appear in the movie.
  • The trailers for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Return of the King both feature scenes of Arwen that didn't make the final cut- the former were moved to the third film for pacing purposes and the latter scenes (of Arwen standing on a bridge and hugging Elrond) didn't feature at all. Also, the scene of Éomer cradling Éowyn's unconscious body in Return didn't appear in the theatrical cut, but was restored for the Extended Edition.
    • Also seen in several trailers but cut is Merry apparently pledging his sword to Théoden.
    • The teaser trailer for Two Towers that appeared as an Easter Egg on the Fellowship Extended Edition DVD which featured (for about a second) a clean-shaven Aragorn.
    • The Hobbit film trilogy is a big offenders.
      • In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the scene of Bilbo passing by the shattered sword Narsil in Rivendell is not present in the theatrical edition of the movie.
      • A scene from the first and second film trailers in which Gandalf fights and interrogates a corrupted Thrain in his visit to Dol Guldur never happens in the films, though it is in the second one's extended edition.
      • The third films features the dwarven company driving a bandwagon across a frozen river, but nothing of this remotely appears in the film - again, not until the extended edition.
  • Several examples from this trailer for The Godfather Part III. Some different versions of scenes that were in the film, some that were not in the film at all.
  • The Parent Trap: The remake has a rather infamous version in which they predominantly feature a subplot about wishing on a star that was completely cut from the final film.
  • The trailer for James Cameron's Titanic (1997) featured a few scenes cut out of the final film including one with Jack punching Lovejoy.
  • Lampshaded in the MAD parody of Con Air, which pointed out that a scene of Poe using Diamond Dog as a human gangplank to climb from a speeding motorcycle to a fire engine was in a trailer, but not in the final cut of the movie.
    "Stop complaining! Think about the poor slobs in the audience who paid nine bucks thinking they'd get to see this stunt!"
  • In the film Used Cars order to explain that when Barbara is asked to prove her car lot has over 200 cars on it, in the move Rudy whispers to her from the audience to lie and say yes, because he has a contact he can get them from in a hurry. In the trailer, to show how "honest" he is, he explicitly says to her, "I want you to get up on that stand - and lie." This scene does not appear in the film.
  • In an enforcement of this trope brought about by the Great Hong Kong Martial Arts Film Violence Crackdown of '72, Bruce Lee's The Big Boss has several trailers containing scenes which WERE in the original 1971 theatrical version but were cut from all other versions. The cut of the film featuring these scenes is so rare that people are still looking for it to this day and have tried to reconstruct the film using trailers.
  • An extreme case is Paranormal Activity 3. Many, if not most, of the trailer scenes were not in the theatrical release.
  • Some trailers for Good Burger had a man request a "Good Shake", which was followed by Ed literally shaking him.
  • The trailer for Braveheart features a scene where William Wallace is telling his lieutenants that, unlike the English, they will not harm women and children. This scene is not in the movie, nor is it included as a deleted scene in the DVD or Blu-Ray releases.
  • About half the trailer for Fair Game (the one with Cindy Crawford and Salma Hayek, not the one with Naomi Watts) is made up of scenes not in the film, like Cindy saying William Baldwin hasn't tried to kill her yet and his replying "The night's still young," her later saying that line to him, and Cindy telling him she doesn't know how to use a gun. By the way, Cindy and Salma never appear in the same scene (sorry).
  • The trailers for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy include a dialogue exchange ("They've killed our man in Istanbul") that doesn't appear in the film. Another missing shot, of Toby Esterhase puffing smoke from his pipe, suggests that a scene at the Circus was either removed or edited down.
  • The trailer for Streets of Fire had Ellen saying "You gonna stay for the show? It's really good," and a different take of Raven saying "I want Tom Cody!'; the latter is notable as it appeared to be in his hideout that in the film was burnt down.
  • The trailer for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events features a shot of Emily Browning looking directly at the camera and saying "We're very concerned". This does not appear in the movie, and was shot as part of costume/lighting tests, according to DVD special features.
  • The trailer for This Is Spinal Tap was a skit in which Rob Reiner, having no actual footage to show, introduces a short about a European cheese festival.
  • The theatrical trailers for Being There make extensive use of an alternate angle on Louise the maid's "Gobbledygook!" monologue — in the film, it's mostly seen from a wide angle of a rundown apartment lobby, but for the trailer it's all taken from a medium-shot of her. The speech is used because, when contrasting it with other scenes, it efficiently and effectively summarizes the premise of the film (she knows that the hero is a mentally challenged gardener because she helped raise him, but the powerful people he meets once he ventures out into the outside world do not know — and they mistake him for a genius). There are other alternate angles in the trailer, one of which includes an alternate line (Chance's response to "So you really are a gardener?" is "Oh, yes"; in the film, he gestures to "My roses" by way of demonstration).
  • The trailer for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) includes a scene in which Steve Martin walks along the waterfront and pushes a lady over the edge as Michael Caine pushes a kid's face into his ice cream cone, but that was shot for the trailer only and never appeared in the film.
  • Bicentennial Man had notoriously misleading ads featuring, among other things, Galatea singing "U-g-l-y", this was never in the movie.
  • One of the trailers for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World showed a clip of Kim Pine saying "That...was...epic." She never says this anywhere in the movie. There was also a clip were Scott was shown to obtain an "item" of a skateboard.
  • Most trailers for Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco showed Chance stealing a hot dog from a vendor's hand. This was cut from the final film. A photo of it is even on the VHS case.
  • In the trailer for Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), Laura (Julia Roberts) appears at Ben's back door and says through the screen, something like "Fire department!" in response to his burning the dinner. Although this take wasn't in the released movie, the scene was, and an alternate take (with a different joke) was used.
  • In the trailers for Patriot Games, Admiral Greer (James Earl Jones) is shown saying "There hasn't been a terrorist attack on American soil.", which was cut when the producers realized it sounded too much like an invitation or a dare..
  • Scores of kids in The '90s (as well as the Chicago Tribune) were left wondering why the funny "exploding popcorn omelet" scene was left out of Camp Nowhere, after seeing it in the trailer.
  • This trailer for the 1968 movie Head - starring The Monkees - titled "NY Action", consisted entirely of shots that diden't make it to the finished product, including glimpses of offcuts and clapperboards.
  • The Bourne Legacy. About half of the footage in the trailers isn't actually in the movie.
  • Kate Upton climbing out of the pool in The Three Stooges trailer wasn't in the movie.
  • The English dub trailer for The Streetfighter contains a few scenes that didn't make the R-rated cut, including a portion of dialogue during Terry Tsurugi's confrontation with Gijun Shikenbaru over a delinquent payment for the former's latest caper (the line surprisingly wasn't readded into the X-rated version when New Line released it on home video later on).
    Terry Tsurugi: You'd better give up. I'm a master, and you're going to lose this game!
  • In the earlier teaser trailers and TV spots of the film Ultraman Saga, There was footage of Ultraman Dyna fighting the monster, Earthtron. However in the film, their actual battle lasted less than 1 minute.
  • A trailer for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby has a brief shot of the Sacha Baron Cohen character proclaiming, "I'm coming for you, Ricky Bobby!" while shaving his legs in a bathtub. Guess where that scene ended up?
  • The trailer for Explorers consists entirely of special shoot footage that doesn't reveal the look of the Thunder Road or any of the characters (outside of dialogue from the scenes of the ship building). This may have been due to the fact that the film was still in production when the trailer was created.
  • The trailer for the 2000 version of Shaft featured two scenes not present in the movie. One was a fight scene between Shaft and Wade. However, Executive Meddling made Peoples Hernandez more of an antagonist than Wade, so this didn't make the final cut. Another scene missing from the trailer had Shaft and his partner talking about Diane and Shaft saying, "If something happens to her, it happens to me."
  • The Muppets advertised a scene featuring the Muppets in jail with Danny Trejo which didn't appear in the movie. It's included as a deleted scene in the Blu-ray release though. The scene was later reworked for the sequel Muppets Most Wanted.
  • The first trailer for Bullet To The Head had a few comedic moments that got cut from the released version. One bit featured Sylvester Stallone's character turning on the radio with Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" playing and Sung Kang's character asking if they could listen to something that came out after he was born. The second bit seems an extended version of a scene where Stallone's character believes Kang's character to be Japanese. In the film, Kang tells him that he is Korean but the trailer adds in that he was born in Florida. These edits may have been due to the first cut (prepared by director Walter Hill and had more of a comedic tone) not testing well and Stallone recutting the film to be more action-themed.
  • The trailer for Jurassic Park shows Ellie Sattler pulling a leaf off of a tree as the jeep drives by after she and Grant first arrive on the island. This scene is missing from the actual movie, though she is still seen holding the leaf when the jeep stops to view the first dinosaur.
  • One of the foreign-language trailers for Bruce Almighty featured another Breast Expansion scene in addition to the one that did make the final cut, with Grace trying, to no avail, to get her bra to fit. What's worse, it's not even available as a deleted scene on the DVD!
  • A viewer in New Zealand successfully claimed a refund for his cinema ticket because a particularly spectacular explosion in the trailer for Jack Reacher wasn't in the film.
  • The trailer for 28 Weeks Later includes a few shots that were filmed at day for night scenes but had not been altered yet. This means that nighttime scenes from the film appear in daylight in the trailer.
  • Iron Man 3: Lots of great Mandarin lines, such as "Today... is the first day... of what's left of your life" and "Do you want an empty life, or a meaningful death?" aren't in the movie.
  • The trailer for Rope contains footage from an extended opening in which David chats with Janet in the park before getting killed by Brandon and Philip. (The actual movie begins by zooming into the Brandon's and Philip's apartment to show them committing the murder.)
  • The Ring's trailer had a line from Samara that fans loved: "Everyone will suffer." No one knows what happened to it.
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights: The trailer shows Robin Hood opening a sniper rifle case, assembling an arrow and firing it with Improbable Aiming Skills as it dodges past trees and hits a tree that splits in half. This is not shown in the film.
  • In the trailer for The Lightning Thief, there is one scene with somebody firing a minigun, which was not in the film nor in the deleted scenes. Perhaps Ares was originally supposed to be included?
  • R.I.P.D.: "You're dead," and "I don't know which eyes to shoot you between," didn't make the final cut. The "don't tense up" line also gets changed to "relax body."
  • The Wizard of Oz had part of a deleted victory procession through Emerald City shown in some re-release trailers.
  • Spider-Man: Peter does a backflip on to the hood of a car in his wrestling outfit; the scene is digitally altered in the trailer to show Peter wearing his Spider-man outfit instead. One trailer shows a bank heist with robbers escaping in a helicopter, only to get caught in a giant web between two buildings- the trailer stopped airing, and the scene does not appear in the movie due to concerns it resembled the WTC attacks.
  • The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has a stunning one-minute sequence of Spider Man swinging around in the city, shot entirely in first person perspective, which can be seen in the trailer only.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cut out several scenes that were prominently featured in the trailers, including the scene where Harry Osborn tells Peter that Oscorp has been spying on him.
    • There was also a voice-over of Norman Osborn telling Peter "We have plans for you, Peter Parker" in a menacing tone, as well as another line where Harry asks "What about Peter?", only for Norman to ominously respond "Not everyone has a happy ending." In the actual movie, Norman dies in the first act, and never meets or even discusses Peter.
  • The entire first Back to the Future teaser is this, with a scene that could not possibly be contextualized to ANY part of the trilogy. It features the DeLorean being parked on an empty road in a dry, desert-looking area. Marty McFly gets in and activates the time circuits and the flux capacitor, then puts on his Cool Shades. An unseen female narrator asks: "How far are you going?" Marty looks at the camera, lifts his shades, and seems to ponder the question before answering with: "About thirty years." He then flashes a smile and puts his shades back on, before the camera cuts to the fire trails being blazed on the ground. Justified in that not only was the main film probably still being produced, but it did a nice job of making people wonder what the final movie would be like, only giving the information that the movie involves Time Travel and that Michael J. Fox is starring in it.
    • Plus, a similar exchange is used in the final movie - only it's Doc who is asked the question by Marty.
  • None of the stuff in the initial teaser trailer for Godzilla (2014) makes it into the film (not the centipede kaiju, not the city that was demolished, no shots of people climbing on the outsides of ruined building). There's also no speech briefing the soldiers about their HALO jump, and no scene of Godzilla roaring as the shelter doors close on the subway (which is instead replaced with the initial clash between Godzilla and the flying MUTO. The HALO jump also is given a shot of Godzilla and the winged MUTO fighting, instead of Godzilla walking around the city. The "Can you kill it?" conversation also never takes place.
  • X-Men:
    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine: One of the earliest trailers includes a brief shot of a young African girl with white hair, who's clearly mean to be a young Storm. Her single scene was cut and can only be seen on the DVD.
    • X-Men: First Class: The movie doesn't include an inspirational line of dialogue from Charles Xavier who tells Erik Lehnsherr that "A new species is being born. Help me guide it, shape it, lead it." Moreover, there is no Meaningful Look between the two of them as they walk towards Alex's prison cell.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past:
      • A brief moment where Peter Maximoff's little sister tells Logan she's a princess (and he replies with "I'm the Wolverine") does not appear.
      • A scene where Bobby Drake and Magneto are seen freeing Rogue is also missing.
      • In the third trailer, there's a scene where Wolverine talks to Mystique and calls her a cold-hearted bitch, which offends her. This is not in the movie, and they never interact with each other in the final cut.
      • During the plane ride to Paris, we don't get to hear the younger Erik say, "We've been given a second chance."
  • There are also some suprising subversions, where there are scenes which are obviously trailer-specific, but actually end up in the movie.
    • In The Naked Gun 33 1/3; had a commercial which showed a woman in a wedding dressing running along the beach, up the mountain path, to the front door of a house... which promptly opens, knocks her off the cliff on which the house is standing, into shark-filled waters. Frank Drebben steps out onto the front porch and gets his morning milk. Although this seems like a clever TV spot for the movie, the scene is actually in the movie! It's a flashback where Frank relates how he was going to get married, but the bride never showed up on the day of his wedding.
    • The trailer for The Muppets includes a scene where the logo is blown up with explosives. Fozzie notes that it looks realistic and the effect must've been expensive. This was actually a real scene in the movie, where Gonzo blows up his factory, but the logo had been superimposed on the factory to make it appear as if it was the logo that was being destroyed.
    • Batman Forever had a McDonald's TV spot where Alfred asks Batman if he'd consider taking a sandwich with him on his nightly prowl. Batman notes that he'll get drive-thru. This scene is actually in the movie.
    • There are a lot of scenes in the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer that appear that they were made specifically for the trailer to arouse interest; something which is quite common in low-budget movies with meager box office expectations. However, as an episode of RedLetterMedia's Half in the Bag demonstrated, every single of one of those scenes is actually in the movie.
  • The trailer for The Indian in the Cupboard features a closeup of Darth Vader as he gets distracted by Omri's presence. The actual movie only had a single shot of the group of toys he's part of staring at Omri.
  • The Osmosis Jones trailer includes the line "Disease is the crime, and I'm the cure (an obvious Stallone reference)." Sadly, that line never appears in the film.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has scenes showing Drax being brought into prison (crossing into Trailers Always Lie since Drax was already in prison when the other four were brought in). Also, Rhomann Day's "They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy" line isn't in the movie and wouldn't make sense at that point.
    • The Nova Corps officer's response - "What a bunch of A-holes" - wasn't meant to be in the movie either, but in a subversion, the line proved so popular that it was included in the final cut.
      • From the same scene, they removed the censoring text and graphic when Quill flips off the officer although the actual scene remained. It was added to the trailer to make it safe for TV.
    • One removed scene had Dey commenting that something might not be the best idea which was not in the movie. Based on his location it was likely in response to Quill declaring he'd keep the other Guardians in line.
  • Jonah Hex has a rather cruel one (for fans of a certain actress). Some versions of the trailer show a glimpse of a sex scene involving the character played by Megan Fox. Not only is the scene not in the movie, but it wasn't even included as a deleted scene on the DVD.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier ends with The Falcon asking when will he and Steve start searching for Bucky. The TV spots included an additional line where Steve looks up dramatically and responds "We just did."
    • Another TV spot has a scene where Steve jokingly tells Sam (presumably in reference to something said by Black Widow) "She can be dramatic."
  • Nothing Ultron says in the teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is spoken in the film itself. He does sing excerpts of "I've Got No Strings", but in a different context.
    • Even worse, a deleted scene featured in the trailer with a dark-skinned bald woman disrobing in a cave got everyone's hopes up, with speculation that she may be Princess Shuri, Mantis, Hela, etc.
  • The first trailer for War of the Worlds features a neighborhood waking up to the sounds and lights of the invasion but none of it is featured in the film.
  • The trailer for Creepshow shows a scene of Bedelia Grantham in the morgue identifying the body of her lover Glenn Quentin. The scene is depicted in the comic book adaptation written by Stephen King with art by Berni Wrightson, but doesn't appear in the movie.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: In the trailer, the Earth explodes in an Earth-Shattering Kaboom, but in the movie, the Earth disappears quietly.
  • A Hocus Pocus trailer included a brief shot of the Sanderson Sisters being pushed into a pool, presumably during the high-school scene. In the film release, it never happened.
  • The trailer for Stardust features a brief clip of all three of the evil witch sisters having restored their youth. In the film proper, only one of the witches, Lamia, becomes young.
  • One trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 showed President Snow, Peeta and Johanna coming out and shooting Capitol TV commercials, with Johanna wearing a blonde wig.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003):
    • A trailer for the second half of Season 3 had Dee saying, "I'm going to bring Starbuck back to Apollo" in a cheery way. In the actual episode, "Rapture", she said it with resignation.
    • A trailer for the first half of Season 3 finishes with Baltar begging desperately for Gaeta to shoot him. In "Exodus Part 2," he is way calmer about the request.
  • One trailer for iCarly has a Ship Tease moment where Freddie asks Carly if she was jealous. It's not in the final episode.
  • The trailer for Kamen Rider Decade's Grand Finale movie shown after the final episode contains exactly 0% of the footage from the final product. Going beyond that, the plotlines alluded to in the trailer were almost entirely thrown out, though two (Natsumi opposing Decade and Kivala becoming a Kamen Rider) were merged together.
  • Cloud 9's industry trailer for 'The Legend Of William Tell' includes several scenes and lines of dialogue that did not appear in the show. One showed up as a flashback despite not being shown the first time around.
  • Some early promos for Parks and Recreation included footage filmed specifically for TV spots, such as the one in which Leslie and Tom are standing on a railed boardwalk ("It's a wooden walkway.", "It's over a drain, so it's a bridge.") In a subversion, a short scene originally filmed for a TV spot (Leslie encountering a raccoon inside) was later incorporated into the show itself as a Flashback Cut. Also note that the page quote heading our own article on Parks And Recreation ("I hate the public. The public is stupid.") is from a deleted scene in the pilot which was nevertheless heavily featured in early TV spots.
    • Similarly a tv spot for the episode in season two where Ron has a Bunion has a scene where Ron says that he named his bunion with the quote "Yes, I named it Paul. Paul Bunion." The scene is not even the cut scenes on the DVD.
  • The first trailer for Season 2 of The Walking Dead (using footage from the season premiere) showed a haggard Shane running down a street with a bag as a horde of walkers chase him, then turning around and firing several shotgun rounds at them in a rage. A later scene in the trailer showed walkers consuming bodies, standing up with flesh in their mouths and Rick saying "to hell with the noise" before Shane yells at him and the group fires on the walkers. This is due to the fact that said episode, "What Lies Ahead", had two-thirds of its footage scrapped in production. It was originally meant to go from Shane's car running out of gas and him fleeing the horde to the group discovering that the Vatos (from the first season) were all executed offscreen and had their supplies stolen. Even more notable is that there are deleted scenes from the episode on the boxset, but they begin from when Dale, Rick and Glenn rescue Shane in the RV, and don't have the shotgun sequence or take of Rick saying the line before shooting the walkers at the retirement home.
  • Parodied in Season 2 of Danger 5, where each Previously On montage includes a scene that wasn't shown in the previous episode.
  • Star Trek: Voyager. To the annoyance of J/C fans, a UPN Promo trailer showed a Ship Tease moment between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay that had been cut from "Hunters".

    Video Games 
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines took this to such an extreme that in many countries the trailers were banned or marked with heavy disclaimers. It turned out that almost the entirety of the pre-release trailer was either created purely for the trailer itself, removed from the game for various reasons, or changed beyond recognition by the time the game was released. Things removed included:
    • One prerelease gameplay reel showed the player using a smart gun from behind a barricade to take out xenomorphs in the Sulaco's cargo bay. Soon after, when the umbilical explodes, the player is shown to have a choice of which way they want to grab onto as objects fly at them into space, implying a Non Standard Game Over for failure. In the final product, no smart gun is ever utilized and the umbilical escape scene is non-playable.
    • Another gameplay preview showed an entire sequence that never appeared in the game proper. The player character wakes up from a concussion, gives his commanding officer the finger, and they go to secure the operations room in Hadley's Hope. After doing so, the PC and two other AI Marines fend off an attack in the maintenance tunnels with multiple sentry guns, then the PC is knocked out of a window by a xeno, who he subsequently shoots and kills. He is forced to run away from a Crusher charging after him, and barely makes it into the vehicle bay. The group then has a last stand against a horde of xenos (and defend themselves with powerloaders outfitted with flamethrowers) before a Queen busts in, eviscerates several soldiers and attacks the PC.
    • One trailer showed a shot of the Sulaco and Sephora plowing into the landscape of Hadley's Hope, while in the game only the aftermath is seen.
  • The original trailer for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs features a suspenseful scene in which the main character cowers under a stairway as a squealing, unseen monstrosity batters its way into the room. Too bad this event never takes place in the actual game.
  • The "Holiday Special" trailer for Bully had a unseen scene where the character Gary tells the protagonist Jimmy how "young love... is a beautiful thing", and then pantomimes doggy style sex while saying "spank me". It is probable that this cutscene was removed due to sexual content, which could have hurt Bully's T rating. Not only was the cutscene removed from the game but the dialogue for it was removed from the data files entirely.
  • The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution features several cutscenes that never appear in the actual game. One had Federova gunning down innocent protestors to start a riot, when in the game Federova was dead by the time the riot starts and it appears the police managed to handle the troublemakers without much bloodshed at all.
  • The trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's showed Bonnie the Bunny running down the hallway to the Office. He does not do this in the final game; Foxy takes that role. The clip of Bonnie removing his costume head (revealing his endoskeleton) is not seen in the game, either.
    • The trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's 2 featured a line from the "Phone Guy" that was never used in the game and only appeared in the trailer. Several shots in the trailer (akin to cutscenes) were only made for the game's promotion.
    "Hello? He-helloooo? Well, if you're hearing this, then...chances are, you've made a very poor career choice."
    • The third game plays with this. The scene with the twitching Springtrap does happen in game, but with different graphics.
  • The beta trailer for Kingdom Hearts II featured many scenes that weren't in the game. These included Roxas chasing the photo-stealing Dusk through Twilight Town's Market Street (and the latter disappearing into the wall of a building), a scene of Organization XIII in the High Tower area of Hollow Bastion from the first game summoning Neoshadows which Sora, Donald and Goofy battle against, and one scene of an apparently just-awakened Donald trying to hit Goofy with Blizzard (for whatever reason) only to have Goofy duck and the spell ricochet off the pods and ceiling and hit Donald, who becomes frozen solid.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:
    • The first trailer had a scene of Link walking through a dark, shadowy forest by the light of his lantern. This forest (dubbed the "beta forest" by fans) was absent from the game, and was discovered as a Debug Room on the game disc.
    • Another scene from the first trailer showed a small army of monsters marching up a hill and Link riding out to meet them on Epona, set amidst a fiery sunset, and a scene in the second trailer showed Link walking through a forest with some kind of a giant. Both scenes were cut, though it's speculated that the monster army might have been an early version of the Bulbin attack on Karkariko. The giant doesn't appear in the finished game at all.
  • Perhaps the most shocking example of this trope in the video game medium was its use in Metal Gear Solid 2. It was advertised as mostly straight-forward sequel starring Solid Snake, barely featuring the real main character—a rookie named Raiden—at all. Most of the footage came from the game's intro level, where you do play as Solid Snake, but two scenes from Raiden's portion involving a cyborg ninja and a Harrier attack on the Golden Gate Bridge were specifically recreated in the intro's location for the trailer. Unlike many other examples, this one earned the ire of many fans. It's also a rare example of this trope being used for aesthetic rather than marketing effect, as the trailer itself is part of the game's elaborate use of Playing the Player.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies had this gameplay trailer, implying Phoenix himself was the victim of one of the cases. This actually turned out to have been a scene created purely for demonstration purposes that isn't in the final game at all.
  • The trailer for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney one can make a drinking game of how many scenes never made it into the game, or were vastly altered. In fact just try to find an exact scene that was kept in.
  • A trailer for South Park: The Stick of Truth includes a giant Clyde Donovan busting through city hall, and the Vampire Kids. The Vamps only appear in a cutscene in Clyde's fortress then are never seen again. On another note, Crab People and Hippies were seen to be fightable enemies but only one Crab Person appeared in the game as a friend.
    • Justified since the script was 850 pages long and they had to trim it down.
  • The vast majority of the plot seen in trailers and preview footage of Bioshock Infinite did not make it into the actual game beyond the broad thematic strokes of the world. This initial gameplay trailer is a good example: though Colombia and the player's fighting mechanics are more or less the same, this entire plotline does not occur in the game and Elizabeth's powers seem distinctly more magical than what she could do in the final game.

    Web Original 
  • Played for laughs in A Trailer For Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever. The Insightful Best Friend is sipping wine in the bathtub and says "This scene doesn't make it to the final cut of the movie."
  • Ultra Fast Pony had a trailer for Season Two, which mainly consisted of voiceover narration over short scenes or still images, but did contain one scene that could have been from an upcoming episode: Twilight Sparkle, in the midst of her mental breakdown from "Lesson Zero", shouting "I'm just so full of all the emotions!" Then when UFP parodied "Lesson Zero" not long afterwards, that line was absent. When a fan wondered what happened to that line, series creator Wacarb clarified "the trailer is its own thing really."
  • The Nostalgia Critic did a trailer for a The Force Awakens review that had almost a completely different storyline to said review. People enjoyed it, (Rob calls it his favorite episode), but that was never explained.

    Western Animation 
  • The first trailer for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! has a completely different animation style and voice cast compared to the final show. However, re-done versions of some of the scenes made their way into the episodes "Come the Conqueror" and "The Kang Dynasty", among others.
  • In The Simpsons, the promo of the episode "Large Marge" included scenes of Marge's breasts giving Bart confused feelings.
    • Also, the promo for "Brake My Wife Please" features a line not heard in the final episode.
    Homer: It's like you hate me, your own husband, whom you're contractually obligated to like!
  • During the SDCC 2015 mid-season trailer for Gravity Falls, Ford and Stan are seen simultaneously correcting their glasses. However, as this scene was not included in the episode "A Tale Of Two Stans", and during the trailer they are seen before a backdrop featuring the portal, this scene could no longer be possible as Ford destroyed the portal in the following episode.
  • Literally none of the animation used in Miraculous Ladybug trailer from 2012 was used in the final product (and only a small amount of it vaguely resembles scenes from the cartoon). The series was stuck in Development Hell for a while. In the process the art-style was changed dramatically, the action was toned down, and Felix was cut out completely and replaced by (the highly similar but not identical) Adrien.