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Everything you read in the newspapers is absolutely true except for that rare story of which you happen to have firsthand knowledge.
Erwin Knoll

This trope is when the media reports blatantly incorrect facts about a creative work that any fan (or casual observer, or anyone with access to Wikipedia, etc.) would know to be wrong. It seems like some people just can't be bothered to do any fact-checking. Let's face it — sometimes, it's not easy to do. But what about the news? Newspapers, a News Broadcast, national news, etc.? It is in their job description to do at least some research, to make sure they aren't stating factual untruths.

This rule apparently doesn't apply much to works of fiction. Maybe the news media doesn't seem to care as much about the show in question as about whatever effect it had. But that's no reason to make an error that could have been avoided by looking into the material a bit, especially if said error involves serious accusations like blaming a child's death on imitating something they saw on TV. This may result from the media trusting a trailer, though it doesn't help if the title has little or no meaning. Often results in examples either factually incorrect (from minor to grossly wrong like the trope namer) or taking some "facts" from The Theme Park Version of a larger entity, which to some is much worse than just not doing the research.

Compare Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch. See Fandom Berserk Button when it's the fans that get the names wrong. I Am Not Shazam is a key trope involved. Also compare Dan Browned, the version for fictional works. See New Media Are Evil (though if you find yourself constantly annoyed by this kind of thing then you probably believe Old Media Are Evil). See also Animation Age Ghetto for when people dismiss various kinds of cartoons as childish when they, in fact, are not. For a problem endemic to Anime and Manga, see All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles. This trope can also overlap with a Shallow Parody if the parodists in question are really careless with their research. This is basically the Real Life version of Critical Research Failure. Compare with Gretzky Has the Ball.

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