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Did the fanservice appeal?
It depends on just how you feel...

Your Mileage May Vary on any of the articles listed below. What that means could be a couple of different things:

The article might call for a value judgment and your judgment call could be different from another troper's.

Example — The article claims that a character is completely lacking in redeeming features. Your idea of "irredeemable" and another's idea of it might (almost certainly will) differ. Each of you is making a judgment call. Great! Have fun with that. It just doesn't go on the work's main page. We want the tropes listed there to be one hundred percent present in the work without coming down to personal opinion.

The article might be about differences of opinion or audience reaction.

Example — Everybody who doesn't like the work have gotten together, formed a Hatedom and as such share a certain view of the work. As sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow, there will also be a Fandom and there will be wars and rumors of wars. These wars are stories of a sort, they are constructed from tropes like Revenge Fics, Fan Fics, trolling ... the list is pretty long.

Evidently the fans and the haters enjoy these battles. Okay. Best of luck to them. The point is that there is no accounting for taste. Entries about this kind of story, though, don't go in a work's page; that is a place for storytelling tropes. Audience Reactions are a part of the conflict, not the story the conflict is about.

See YMMV Index for a list of works that have a YMMV page.

Don't add these in the main page. Not as "played", straight or otherwise. They go on the YMMV page. The rule against "This Troper"-like statements also counts for these. For ease of quickly identifying items that belong on the YMMV page, just look for the links whose bullet point has been replaced by balancing scales. But please, make sure that the entry is actually a YMMV example, and not a YMMV Trope being used In-Universe: note 

The only way this can be allowed on the main page, is if one of these tropes happens in the show, and gets that reaction from the characters that these tropes often get from the audience. This is what we call an In-Universe example. But make sure to use the "InUniverse" or "invoked" markup so that the bullet point will not be changed to scales.

Please index redirects to any of these tropes on YMMV Redirects rather than here, so that they don't mess up navigation via the index bar but still get the scales.

At all costs, we highly recommend the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement be followed on these pages. Use caution when entering examples.

See also What Goes Where on the Wiki, Trivia.

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