Creepy Cute

Ugly Cute is what happens when a creature that isn't exactly "attractive" somehow manages to be adorable. Normally, these little guys still have some kind of stereotypical "cute" traits, like oversized eyes or a fat little body.

And then, there's these guys. They're scary, and meant to be... and they still, somehow, manage to be adorable. These little guys may sport Cute Little Fangs, be Mooks for the resident Big Bad, or hail from a Halloween Town-flavored setting.

Compare and contrast Ugly Cute and Killer Rabbit. May overlap with Adorable Evil Minions. See also Gonk.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ciel from Black Butler is your typical Creepy Child yet many find him to be cute.
    • Undertaker is one of the creepiest characters in the series. He's also one of the most endearing, and he has many fangirls who find him adorable.
  • Nefelpitou from Hunter × Hunter. Adorably catlike, yet we see him play with the dead heads of his victims and turn dead people into puppets. Also the fact that he's well... evil. His design itself could even count as cute in a scary way.
  • Kukuru from Joshiraku is this during her more sane moments.
  • What fangirls think of Dr. Stein from Soul Eater. It's also the main reason his younger self is a One-Scene Wonder.
    • To say nothing of Chrona.
    • And Medusa when in possession of Rachel.
  • Either Russia or Belarus from Axis Powers Hetalia, depending on the fans you're talking to.
  • Shino Aburame from Naruto; like all the Aburame, his body is a hive for mutualistic beetles, but he's one of the good guys and sulks when people forget him. Taken Up to Eleven in fan-works.
    • Orochimaru and Nagato when they were younger also count, considering both would grow to be well...less than friendly characters the two qualified here tragically.
  • Shouko from Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. Her crush on Yuuji and her ways to come on to him is downright creepy, but you can't deny that she is pretty cute.
  • Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail is this a lot during the series. The creepy part of her is usually when she's calm or insulted by the cast, but whenever she's around Gray her adorable side comes out in the form of infatuation which sadly gets ignored most of the time.
  • In Pokémon, some of Team Rocket's pokémon can count as this. Of particular note is Jessie's Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist in the XY series.

  • Nightcrawler from X-Men, and his animated incarnations. He physically resembles a demon, but he has this fun-loving personality that is hard not to love.
  • In Runaways, Old Lace is a Deinonychus who's fully capable of ripping someone to shreds, but her original depiction, with her big eyes and lanky body, makes her so endearing.

    Fan Works 

  • In Critters, the title critters are little balls of fur with big eyes... and teeth that would make a shark feel insecure.
  • Tim Burton's (and Henry Selick's, for that matter) stop-motion films would certainly count. Case in point: Sparky from Frankenweenie, a bull-terrier who's been stitched together and brought back to life via electricity after getting killed by a car.
  • Hotel Transylvania. She's 118, can turn into a bat (albeit a very adorable one), crawl on walls, can't go out during the day, and has no reflection, but otherwise, young Mavis appears to be a normal, sweet teenage girl.

    Live Action TV 
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who was intended as this. Gothic Horror tropes? Nightmare Fetishist? Cheshire Cat Grin? Creepy Blue Eyes? All yes. Genius Sweet Tooth Man Child with Immortal Immaturity, cheeky little Character Tics, an unreserved love of gothic horror stuff and Innocent Blue Eyes? Also all yes. Tom Baker, when asked to describe his Doctor in one word, said "adorable". Steven Moffat pointed out that the Fourth Doctor is one of the most scary, difficult-to-handle Doctors of the lot. Terrance Dicks felt that he was the Doctor (out of the first five) most likely to turn towards evil. It isn't mutually exclusive.
      • The Fourth Doctor's love of Jelly Babies is used to encapsulate this. They're tasty sweets enjoyed by children in Britain, but at the end of the day, he Eats Babies (pointed out by Leela in "The Face of Evil"). The Telos Novella Ghost Ship even contains a scene where he talks with a Nightmare Fetishist character about what Jelly Babies are actually made of - solidified with boiled bones, dyed blood red with crushed beetles...
    • Daleks. Horrifying space racists and the most evil creatures in the universe, but due to being rather short with stubby 'arms', just anthropomorphic enough in movements and mannerisms to feel endearing, occasionally written as The Grotesque or even The Woobie and sometimes even a bit wobbly thanks to Special Effect Failure, they can be adorable.
      • Mascot Mook monsters as they are, The Merch often plays this up - cuddly toy Daleks, talking Dalek birthday cards ("CE-LE-BRAAATE!"), Dalek Sexy Whatever Outfits...
      • "The Space Museum" has a Dalek in it that Vicki finds cute (much to the disgust of her companions).
      • The Human Factor Daleks in "Evil of the Daleks" act like small children, chase each other around, play 'trains' (with the Doctor supplying a train whistle sound on his recorder) and 'Dizzy Doctor' (where they spin the Doctor around until he gets dizzy), and have much gentler voices with a lot more expression.
      • The tea-making "Ironside" in "Victory of the Daleks" is positively adorable.
  • Young, pre-supervillainy Ed Nygma in Gotham. On the one hand, eccentrically adorkable and reasonably good-looking in a nerdy sort of way. On the other, even before his Sanity Slippage he's a Nightmare Fetishist with boundary issues.
  • Parker from Leverage is a very pretty, quirky young woman who believes in Santa, and is also something of a Woobie thanks to her Dark and Troubled Past. She's also one of the more ruthless team members and has a penchant for saying disturbing things.
    Place the mask over your mouth and nose and breathe normally. In the event of a water landing your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. But, let's face it, if this thing goes down in the water, more than likely the impact will kill you. Please take a moment to locate the nearest emergency exits because if this plane's on fire you're gonna wanna get out quick. Jet fuel burns at over 1000 degrees. That's hot, folks!

    Video Games 
  • Tonberries from the Final Fantasy franchise. See an example of their behavior. They're tiny little critters, who don't attack first. Instead, they wait. And wait. And wait for you to attack and give it your best shot, creeping closer until they stab you with their knives. And yet, their small size (usually, though even the big ones are cute), big eyes, and reptilian features rather than being a scary point, is downright adorable.
    • The Save-Moogle on the world map of Final Fantasy IX: while he acts like a normal Moogle usually, if you call and dismiss him over and over again, he starts to get annoyed, then angry, and then (eventually) threateningly states "I'm sharpening my knife, kupo..."
  • Boos of the Mario series. They're roundish little Bedsheet Ghosts with a mouthful of fangs and beady eyes. They also stick their tongues out like Bratty Half Pints, and let out a hilariously high-pitched cackle when they spot you.
  • The Witch from Left 4 Dead, who was intended as the scariest zombie of them all, but receives a lot of love and fanart from the base.
  • Creepers from Minecraft. They look like screaming zombie cacti, but they're pretty much the game's mascot. You can even buy Creeper plushies that go "SSSSSSSSSSSS" when you squeeze them.
  • Flandre Scarlet from Touhou, who is a cute girl with crystalline wings, and also a mentally unstable vampire and a Person of Mass Destruction who has a high chance of blowing you to smithereens without even trying.
  • MapleStory: Zombie Mushrooms, Death Teddies, heck, half the undead creatures qualify as do the aliens. Particularly unsettling in the case of the Death Teddies; they're built in a factory that specializes in animated plush toys, and robots seem to be assigned to work on this project. At the lower levels, one can assume that such toys have been discarded due to their beat up appearance, and whatever animated them has warped the toys horribly turning them into undead monsters. Let this sink in for awhile, then look at how cute these things still are despite having giant ghosts on their back.
  • BlazBlue has Taokaka (and the other Kaka, especially the kittens); Personality-wise she's your typical Genki Girl Cat Girl, who just happens to wear a hood with only glowing eyes and More Teeth than the Osmond Family visible.
  • Some of the notable creatures you can encounter in Yume Nikki fit. Uboa, for example, is an event that can only be triggered by flicking the lights on and off in a specific room with an NPC. While jarring, it's still somewhat cute in its own way, with its big grin and Eyes Always Shut. There's also Monoko, a girl you can encounter in a tunnel. She looks like your average pigtailed schoolgirl. Then you use the stoplight effect...
  • The Judge from OFF counts, in many fans' eyes. He's a white cat who can talk (quite articulately, in fact), his verbal tic is a soft purring noise, and he's easily distracted by cat food. But then you see his giant fangs, arched in a smile...
  • Ghost-types from Pokémon are supposed to be scary or at least unsettling in-universe, but a lot of the unevolved forms appear to be Ridiculously Cute Critters. Such examples include Misdreavus, Shuppet, Duskull, Drifloon, Litwick, Phantump and Pumpkaboo.
  • The Poes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They're ghosts who are pretty malevolent, but they have an adorable, high-pitched cackle, much like the Boos.
  • The animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's. Once you get desensitised enough to their Jump Scare tactics, and find the in-game hints about what they actually are, it's hard not to feel a bit sorry for them.
  • Bebedora from the third Arc the Lad game, known as Twilight of the Spirits. She's a child-like monster whose face is never revealed beneath her hat, and who calls on the powers of darkness to possess and control enemies—-but who also has a child's curiousity and affinity for play. Her weapons are stuffed animals with which she slaps the enemy.
  • Pretty much all the ghosts Luigi's Mansion 2 are this. The Giant Spider that serves as the first Boss is kind of Creepy Cute too once it is freed from Demonic Possession.
  • The infamous, Blizzeta boss battle from Twilight Princess so sweet, so freaky.
  • Many creatures and even some of the playable characters of Don't Starve fall under this, but special mention goes to omnipresent spiders which are frightening and surprisingly hostile to whoever happens to pass close to their dens at dusk, but are at the same time terribly cute, especially performing their "cower" animation in fear of being struck back.

    Visual Novels 
  • From Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials And Tribulations, we have Viola Cadaverini, a young woman who is not only cute and pretty, but also very creepy.
  • Maria, a 9 year old girl who speaks and acts like she's 5, has this feel in Umineko: When They Cry − moreso in the sound novel where she has sleepy eyes… her cute part is intermittent though.
  • The developer of the visual novel Love At First Sight has actually chosen the name Creepy Cute. In fact the love interest from this game can be also considered that, being a Cyclops... but this is mostly a gimmick because it's a very standard romance. The art style of the whole game is also creepy but cute according to several gamers.


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Changelings are shape-shifting Emotion Eaters that look like pony-shaped Big Creepy-Crawlies...and they're absolutely adorable, complete with Cute Little Fangs.
    • Flutterbat from the episode "Bats!"
    • Pinkie Pie's straight-haired, unstable, alter ego (dubbed "Pinkamena" by fans) is as huggable as she is disturbing. It helps that she's The Woobie by nature, since Pinkie only turns into her when she's very depressed.
  • The Scraplets from Transformers Prime. Sure, they look all cute if you're an organic, with their big eyes and little limbs, and they're calm and relaxed. But put a Cybertronian in their path, and the teeth come out...
  • Breach from Generator Rex. A pale teenager with a school uniform, two sets of arms (With two of them being bigger than they should), and a train of thought that makes her creepily endearing (One episode has her send Rex to another dimension to make him part of her "dollhouse"). But has a childlike attitude, suffers from an incredible case of When She Smiles and all in all is just a lonely kid trying to make friends (Not so effectively mind you, but still). Changing sides also helps.
  • GIR and the titular Invader from Invader Zim.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door once featured a swarm of giant, hair-eating lice attacking the heroes' treehouse. Said lice were brightly colored and had rather expressive bug-eyes. Near the end of the episode, Numbah Two is covered in baby lice.
  • The ginger kids from South Park all have eerie smiles and alabaster skin, but they take so much abuse before being drafted by Cartman into forming a hate group that you can't help but feel sorry for them.