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12:06:56 AM Nov 11th 2016
I feel the Danganronpa: Another Episode character Jataro Kemuri should be here, too. In a way, all of the kids should be. They're adorable, and especially Kotoko and Monaka have cute traits, but they're also ruthless in the murder of hundreds of adults. It adds to their creepiness once you learn of the horrible abuse they all went through, causing them to act in extremely odd and creepy ways (such as Kotoko flat out sexually assaulting the player as a result of her own experiences, saying that it's just how it is for adorable people).

I wish I understood how editing worked, honestly, so I could add a small section for them.
11:57:56 PM Oct 4th 2014
Are real life examples allowed? Some people consider spiders to be cute, while others are all NOPENOPENOPE when they see them.
01:52:10 AM Oct 5th 2014
As is they are allowed, but I would not recommend adding any.
12:45:10 PM Jan 19th 2014
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Out of note, this was nominated in the crowner in "Pages that need ymmv banner" thread in "long time/perpetual" in the forums.
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