Sexy Whatever Outfit

I love how women use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a prostitute. "I'm a witch." "If she were a hooker." "I'm Little Miss Muffet." "I'm sure you are."
Jim Gaffigan

Making a sexy outfit, usually for women, modeled on something that, barring Fetishes, isn't really sexy on its own (say a famous Pimped-Out Dress or a deck of cards). It doesn't matter what it is, someone will try to make attractive clothing based on it.

This shows up in fiction, but is also Truth in Television when it comes to Cosplay and Halloween outfits (like in the picture). Yet they aren't sold on the kinky sites, but mainstream stores. This is because most of these outfits (and sources) tend to not be outright obscene, since they're meant to be worn in public.

A Sub-Trope of Hotter and Sexier.

A Super Trope to Sexy Santa Dress, Playboy Bunny, Naughty Nurse Outfit, Catholic Schoolgirls Rule.

A Lighter and Softer Sister Trope to Rule 34.

Compare Moe Anthropomorphism, Fur Bikini, Chainmail Bikini.


  • A Halloween ad for Value Village listed off a series of bizarre costume suggestions. Among them was Sexy Ben Franklin.

Anime and Manga

  • Discussed in a strip of the Swedish comic Lilla Berlin (Little Berlin), where a character goes to rent a Halloween costume and is upset that the only female costumes are increasingly unlikely Sexy Whatevers, including a "Sexy Tombstone".

  • Discussed in Mean Girls, where Cady is the only girl at the party who dresses in a non-sexy Halloween costume, this is of course parodied since one of the plastics, Karen, wore a sexy nightgown with a headband with small furry round ears, she was supposed to be a mouse.
    Cady: In Girl-World, Halloween is the one time of year you can dress as an absolute slut and get away with it.
  • During the Stark Expo in Iron Man 2, there are some dancers in midriff-baring, high heeled Iron Man costumes.

Live-Action TV
  • One of the male reporters on The Daily Show was tricked into dressing like a sexy nurse.
  • Referenced on Parks and Recreation:
    April: I want another nurse.
    Ann: Well, there are none. We're stretched pretty thin right now.
    April: Then I want a janitor. They can do what you do, right?
    Ann: Yep, nurses and janitors are totally interchangeable.
    April: Except no one dresses up like a janitor when they want to be slutty.
    • Also referenced in a comment by Ann: "Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's just the best. And I don't have to work! Hey slutty teenage girls dressed as sexy kittens... pump your own stomachs this year!"
  • Bill Maher looooves playing with this trope, especially when he hosts "Arabian fashion shows."
  • While there isn't an actual Slayer uniform, this was brought up a few times. Xander is quite taken by Faith when she first shows up, causing his girlfriend to say she should dress as a Slayer. Ditto for Connor, causing Cordelia to complain about the fascination with Faith's leather pants.
    Willow: I’m a ghost.
    Giles: Yes, but, um...well, the ghost of what, exactly?
    • Played straight when Buffy's boyfriend Riley Finn does something she approves of; she drops a hint of rewarding him sexually and adds, "There could be outfits..."
  • Doctor Who:
    • The second Romana's taste in clothes was basically these - the actress imagined Romana would just buy whatever was on offer at the alien equivalent of Portobello Road and dress in it even if it looked a bit eccentric. Sexy Catholic schoolgirl ("City of Death"), sexy Edwardian boy's bathing suit ("The Leisure Hive"), sexy Fourth Doctor cosplay ("Destiny of the Daleks"), sexy sailor dress ("Nightmare on Eden"), sexy riding clothes ("Meglos"), another sexy Fourth Doctor outfit variation ("Full Circle"). The sexy flight attendant uniform that later became Tegan's Limited Wardrobe had in fact been intended for Romana to wear, influencing Tegan's backstory.
    • Adult Amy Pond's first appearance was while wearing a sexy police uniform. When the Doctor queried why she was dressed as a fake cop, she said he'd been waking up and it was either that or the maid outfit. An older woman in the village later commented that she thought Amy was a nurse, to which Amy replied that she was that as well. She's a kissogram. Presumably, there are a few other outfits that weren't mentioned on-camera.
  • A Halloween episode of The Big Bang Theory had Penny in a "sexy cop" outfit. She insists it's "sexy cop" and not "slutty cop" because the "slutty cop" outfit was even skimpier.
  • Psych has a male example: McNab, who actually is a cop, was revealed to have a second job as a hotel stripper which had him wear a sexy cop uniform.
  • In Arrested Development, a stripper group called the Hot Cops make repeated appearances, sometimes being used as fake cops and sometimes not.
  • Justified in one episode of Chuck, when a CIA agent (portrayed by Tricia Helfer) being sent to replace Sarah decides to seduce Devon at his bachelor party to steal his ID badge so the team can access the hospital where a terrorist cell leader is having a heart transplant. She infiltrates the party masquerading as a stripper and wearing a sexy police outfit.
  • Farscape. In "Won't Get Fooled Again", our hero John Crichton is undergoing a Mind Probe, leading to all kinds of bizarre events in his head. One scene involves John Strapped to an Operating Table being sexually propositioned by Zhaan as a Dominatrix, Aeryn in a Naughty Nurse Outfit, and Chiana as a fetish schoolgirl. Unfortunately this becomes Fan Disservice with the appearance of Rygel in bondage gear, wielding a whip.

Video Games
  • In at least the "Hottest Party" line of Dance Dance Revolution, Jun wears a skimpy version of the Japanese folklore goddess dress in the first three games, while in the fourth game (just called "Dance Dance Revolution" in the US) she wears a sexy angel dress.
    • Also in the fourth game, Ceja wears a sexy lady Navy uniform.
  • The mirrored mini dress in Dance Masters is basically a sexy disco ball dress.
  • Parodied twice (so far) in the Kingdom of Loathing:
    • On the battlefield of the war between the hippies and the frat orcs, fighting on the side of the hippies may turn up battles against a Naughty Sorority Nurse. She is described as being drafted as a medic for the frat orcs because she showed up in a sexy nurse outfit, and she was only in THAT outfit because everyone already took the outfits for the sexy stewardess, the sexy pirate, the sexy referee, the sexy rollerskater, the sexy plumber, the sexy train conductor...
    • In the 2011 Halloween event, the sorority orcs turned their sorority house into a haunted house. While they have been turned into various monsters along the way, each one is described as wearing a sexy costume of a randomly generated, increasingly-esoteric profession. Such as a sexy astronaut, a sexy dentist, a sexy clothier, a sexy patent attorney, a sexy feminist blogger, a sexy chemical engineer, a sexy lexicographer, a sexy rat catcher…
  • Some of the alt outfits in Dead or Alive 5 include sexy Cat Girl outfits for the women.
    • The Halloween costumes released for 2013 are this trope played much straighter. Most of the men get more accurate costumes (along with an admittedly creative 'mummy' costume for Ryu Hayabusa that still masks his face), while all the women get some of the Sexist Whatever Outfits you can imagine. Interestingly enough, all the costumes have a 'home-made' or 'cheap' look to them; so unlike most other games where alternate costumes can become near-complete, 'natural'-looking reskins, these are quite obviously costumes.
    • Done again for Halloween 2014 which, like 2013, really look like costumes. Also once again, the creations were made by fans and after a contest yielding the results of popular vote, implemented for the game to download.
  • In Saints Row IV, the "Rainbow Rider" outfit is a Whole Costume Reference to... not quite the costume worn by Rainbow Brite, but a sexy variation actually sold online (with even the skirt being trimmed with white fur instead of white piping).
  • Bayonetta 2 includes, for Bayonetta, a Link costume sporting high-heeled boots, and a Princess Peach costume with a Dangerously Short Skirt.


Web Original

Western Animation
  • All three of Seth MacFarlane's shows have addressed this in some way:
    • In a Halloween episode of Family Guy, Lois gripes about how Halloween is nothing but this: "I'm a slutty nurse, I'm a slutty pirate, I'm a slutty cancer survivor." Followed by a cut-away of exactly that.
    • On American Dad!, Francine complained about this very trope, and Stan assured her she could defy it by wearing a non-sexy nun outfit. She does, only to find that the "Cowardly Lion" outfit Stan is wearing is actually a "Sexy Lion" outfit - complete with fishnet hose instead of pants.
    • On The Cleveland Show, Cleveland tries to convince Junior he's too old to dress up for Halloween, but claims that it's okay for Roberta to go out in a ridiculously skimpy red outfit, since Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress like sluts. When Junior asks her what she's even supposed to be, she says "I dunno, a ghost?" and spends her next few appearances moaning spookily.
      • In another episode Roberta brings home a costume that's too slutty, and Donna is going to return it...until Cleveland says that she'd look good in it, and the two decide to meet in a hotel and use it to roleplay a hooker and her customer.
  • Tulio and Linda in Rio wear bird themed outfits to get into Carnival. Linda's outfit was basically a sparkly bikini with bird accessories.

Real Life