Hot Scoop

"Stop the press! Who is that?"
The Joker, Batman, on photo-journalist Vicki Vale

Perhaps it's their ability to uncover the truth about evil goings-on. Perhaps it's their brilliant research skills. More likely, it's a desire to do an exposé on them, finding out just what is under that lovely blouse.

Journalists who are attractive, basically.

A popular character in action movies and cop shows, as it's a good way to introduce a love interest who has a plausible reason for following the hero into danger. Sometimes overlaps with Action Girl, though it predates the latter trope's popularity by a good many decades, as it was more acceptable for a woman to be a nosy Boswell than a butt-kicking Battle Babe. Likewise, this is a particularly common choice for superhero love interests, for the same reason as above, while also making a convenient excuse as to why the hero needs to keep saving the same woman over-and-over.

Common characteristics of attractive female journalists are an abundance of "moxie", with "gams-a-plenty" or "legs from here to Kalamazoo".

Can overlap with School Newspaper Newshound if it's set in a school. See also Intrepid Reporter and Going for the Big Scoop... which is not about dating the reporter, but their tendency to seek out danger.

While generally good(ish), a minority of these characters turn out to be true villains. Generally this sort overlaps with The Vamp.

Title is Just for Puna three way one on exclusive, catch and scoop-neck top.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Code Geass R2, Milly Ashford has the large chest in the series, provides lot of fanservice in most of the Bonus Material, and becomes a hot TV host and news anchor after graduation.
  • Kiyomi Takada from Death Note is a very lovely-looking news anchor and TV reporter.
  • Eyeshield 21:
  • Riko Kumabukuro. Her good looks were how she managed to get an interview with Agon.
  • Kazumi Asakura from Mahou Sensei Negima!. Always out for the latest scoop and never short of bare skin to show.
  • Alexa from Pokémon (both the game and the anime counterparts), an attractive journalist from Kalos who is always looking out for a new scoop. She takes an important role in several episodes in both Kalos and the Decolore Islands.
  • Partially, Miyako Sakuragawa from Private Prince. She's pretty and busty, but her very relaxed fashion sense doesn't remark on this.
  • Tokyo Ghoul features one that plays a small but vital role in the series. In his youth, Yoshimura became romantically involved with Ukina, a human woman. Their union produced the legendary Half-Human Hybrid, the One-Eyed Owl — Eto / Sen Takatsuki. Unfortunately for the young family, Ukina was an undercover reporter investigating the secret organization her lover worked for. When she was found out, the organization had her murdered — her lover went into retirement, trying to atone for his past....while their child went on to launch a decades-long Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Akari Tsukumo, older sister to protagonist Yuma Tsukumo in Yu Gi Oh Zexal, is a journalist. With just one good look at her in the manga, and this trope definitely applies.
  • Wolfgangina Lala Getto from Zombie Powder is a very busty Intrepid Reporter who fights crime with her masterful journalism skills and has brought down several big name criminals by the time Gamma runs into her.

    Comic Books 
  • Superman
    • Lois Lane, Superman's primary Love Interest, may be one of the earliest examples of the trope; in almost all her incarnations she's a very attractive woman who's also an exceptional reporter.
    • While Superman is, well, a superhero, his Clark Kent facade has been referred to as quite handsome once in a while. He tries to downplay this best he can however, but he's still something of a Chick Magnet, making him a male example of this.
  • Vicki Vale, who sometimes serves as a Lois Lane expy for Batman/Gotham-related comics, likewise tends to be depicted as both a particularly attractive woman and a skilled reporter. This was taken to a ridiculous extreme with Frank Miller's All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder take on her.
  • Betty Brant from Spider-Man, though originally an assistant, eventually became a reporter herself, and was always depicted as a pretty young woman; this was best exemplified in the Flash Thompson ''Venom series during the time where she was Flash's love interest.
    • After One More Day, Norah Winters is introduced, a reporter who is very, very aware that she falls into this category, and serves as one of Peter's potential new love interests.
    • Though a freelance photogropher rather than a journalist, like Clark Kent Peter himself can fall into this. Though initially quite a skinny looking youth, he's often drawn as the Pretty Boy, and he's something of a magnet for women.
  • Iris West and Linda Park from The Flash. Both reporters, love interests, and later wives of the second and third incarnations of the Flash respectively. Both are typically very attractive women (less so for Iris after Barry's death, where she returns from the future as a grandmother), with Linda in particular being a minor Ms. Fanservice.
  • Sundra Peale from Nexus. Her job, at least initially, is as a reporter for Binary Information Access Systems sent to interview Nexus, and she is also extremely beautiful and becomes Nexus' lover. It turned out that she was actually a spy, and working as a reporter was just her cover identity. Nipsy Conniption is a more amoral example of this type, being a beautiful but unethical journalist.
  • Rick Horne in Harvey Comics' Black Cat was a male example, being an intrepid newspaper journalist and radio reporter, as well as Black Cat's boyfriend.

    Fan Fic 
  • It's not the Raptor DNA; one of the nosy reporters that sneaks onto Isla Nublar to get a good look at Elise the Indominus Rex (who has a cold at the time) tries to use her own looks to get an interview out of Owen. Owen ignores her attempts, and while she does bring up some valid points she's overshadowed by a video of Elise sneezing on her.

    Films — Animated 
  • Roxanne Ritchi in Megamind, being an Expy of Lois Lane, is an attractive television reporter.
  • Sam Sparks from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, who is also Flint Lockwood's girlfriend, and was hired because "She's cute". She eventually subverts this later on in the movie by tying up her hair and putting on glasses, becoming somewhat less attractive but also more confident and less ditzy.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Photo journalist Vicky Vale in the 1989 Batman movie is the main female lead and love interest. The villain, The Joker, becomes obsessed with her.
  • Bridget Jones becomes this trope when she is hired at "Sit Up Britain" and was even lampshaded when she is promoted as the Distaff Counterpart to the "Smooth Guide."
  • Katie Holmes' character in Thank You for Smoking used her attractiveness to get an exclusive interview with Nick Naylor. This leads to her being discredited after she publishes the story when he reveals (without ever using her name) that she gained the "interview" through intimate means.
  • The Vanity Fair reporter in Iron Man. This is the only reason Tony Stark talks to her in the first place.
    Reporter: Do you ever lose an hour's sleep?
    Stark: I could lose a few with you.
    [Cut To Sex]
  • Martha Hackett (played by Marisa Tomei) in The Paper. Is a reporter for the eponymous newpaper, and is beautiful (did we mention she's played by Marisa Tomei?). When she phones her editor/husband with an actual hot scoop, he asks her "What are you wearing?"
  • Hildy Johnson, the female lead of His Girl Friday is an attractive reporter.
  • Kimberly Wells in The China Syndrome. Deconstructed in a way, as her sexist boss relegates her to fluff pieces due to her attractiveness, never giving her the much-desired chance to cover serious news.
  • Gale Weathers in Scream series. She jokes in the first film that a survey was done that found she was most attractive to the 18-24 age range. The boys at the party get very excited when she shows up. She and Dewey become the franchise's Official Couple.
  • Idiocracy takes this to the logical extreme, with the anchors on Fox News being a hot chick in a bikini and a male hunk with no shirt on.
  • Kitty Carmody in Five Star Final, who wears a low-cut top and deliberately shows some leg when sitting down. All the male reporters gawk, and secretary Miss Taylor is disgusted that curvaceous Kitty got hired after a flat-chested reporter got fired.
  • Dracula 2000. Jeri Ryan is playing a news reporter.
    (to her cameraman) "Ready to go? Getting the crash? Getting the sunset? Getting the tits?"
  • Mech-X4 has a kid friendly version: Cassie Park, Spyder's crush who livestreams the news to her online following and directly competes with traditional adult-run news sources in Bay City to be the first to report on new events.

  • Reporter Irene Beltrán from Of Love and Shadows, who is described as very beautiful - certainly enough so that Fransisco is enchanted when they first meet.
  • The Man Who Brought the Dodgers Back to Brooklyn:
    • The narrator wastes no time in telling us about how attractive female reporter Oran Ellis is, and explains that her good looks (and moxie) were why he first approached her.
    • Also a female reporter named Patty Sides, who is described as nothing more than a bleached-blonde bubblehead with a low neckline exposing cleavage. The trope is discussed because of Patty; Oran rants about how, from an insider perspective, television news prefers looks over honest and intelligent journalism.
  • In The Scarecrow, new cub reporter Angela Cook is a hot blonde. Jack McEvoy, the crime beat Intrepid Reporter whom Angela is replacing, ruefully notes that her good looks will be of benefit to her when having to deal with the LAPD.

    Live Action TV 
  • Our Miss Brooks: In "The Model Teacher", an attractive reporter sets her sights on Mr. Boynton, while aiming a series of casual insults at Miss Brooks.
  • There's Fanservice first, news second Naked News, "the program with nothing to hide". Its attractive female anchors perform stripteases as they present the news, and often tape segments at nude beaches and resorts, and even on the streets interviewing pedestrians, since it is legal to be topless in Canada.
  • In the series The Cape, gorgeous cyber-sleuth/blogger Orwell, played by the equally gorgeous Summer Glau.
  • Sandra Sultry from The Wedge (a parody of Real Life Australian news presenter Sandra Sully). Sultry delivers breathless monlogues to camera while leaning forward in a low-cut top.
  • Sloan Sabbith from The Newsroom. She's hired explicitly for her looks, though she does have two PhDs; Mackenzie admits that she'd be passing over better-qualified economists who aren't as hot, but also assures Sloan that she wouldn't hire her if she weren't qualified as well as attractive.
  • Hannibal has the intrepid Freddie Lounds, who's certainly looks-wise a cut above her male counterpart in the books. She's still an unscrupulous tabloid reporter, and still a real dick.
  • Beth Turner in Moonlight, a hot young blonde who's always on the scene. In the pilot, she even makes a comment to the cameraman about needing her "money shot" and then immediately realizing that she has already become a media whore.
  • Miss Chambers in Babylon 5 Lost Tales deliberately puts her tiny camera lens next to her cleavage to ensure her male (and married) interview subject (John Sheridan) will be looking at the camera. She tells him this outright when he asks where the camera is.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Robin Scherbatsky, even to the point of being a Proud Beauty. Though she stars off on lousy morning news shows, she does end up at 24 hour network WWN.
  • Andrea Skopcova from Cases of the 1st Department is a very attractive TV reporter, specializing in yellow journalism and crime. She is a single mother of two and secretly dates cptn. Petr Andel who works at the homicide department. She's slightly unusual in that she has a mole in the Police Department who gives her information on open cases, and her segments on the news often complicate investigation. She is also willing to make morally wrong reports, like accusing an honest cop of being dirty. She did it because her boss was not satisfied with her work that has been portraying the Police as helpful public service.
  • Hector from The Hour, who was chosen over Freddie because of his looks and charisma, despite Freddie being a far more qualified journalist. While Hector is hardly unqualified, he is no Freddie-reveals-a-government-conspiracy-per-season-Lyon.
  • Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed flirts with this occasionally. Although she's primarily an advice columnist, some episodes do show her doing some investigative journalism. She's also very popular with men, one episode getting her persuaded to do a sexy photoshoot to take advantage of this trope.
  • In the Syfy B monster movie Sharktopus vs. Pterracuda, the female reporter who is hell-bent on covering the story at any cost is referred to a couple of times (by herself) as attractive. There is also not a single moment when she's on camera where her cleavage isn't visible.
  • Most of the researchers at News of the World on Good Girls Revolt, though they aren’t actual reporters. Their male colleagues and superiors frequently comment on this and relationships between reporters and researchers are common. This being The '60s and The '70s, the women are mostly interested in being allowed to actually write, hot or not.
  • Karen Page from Daredevil, Iron Fist (2017), The Defenders, and The Punisher. She is mentored in fact-finding and gathering by Ben Urich throughout season 1 of Daredevil, and her investigative work into Frank Castle in season 2 impresses Mitchell Ellison enough for him to hire her on at the New York Bulletin. She also has connections to two of the Defenders, as Matt's lover and former office assistant, and also leaking a story on Danny Rand's decision to close a Rand chemical plant.

     Professional Wrestling 
  • WWE has often loved to hire a beautiful woman to act as a backstage interviewer. Lilian Garcia was the first notable example, though she eventually switched to ring announcer. Maria Kanellis and Eve Torres began as this but transitioned to in-ring performers. Notably while still interviewers, they also participated in Fanservice segments like pillow fights and costume contests.
  • FCW had their own spin on this trope - Jenny Cash, the hot gossip columnist. She presented a 30-second 'Express News & Gossip' segment, while also proclaiming herself "FCW's most expensive Diva" and going on about how she was part of The Beautiful Elite.

    Video Games 
  • Rebecca Chang from Dead Rising 2. Most of her introductory cutscenes consist of her waving her butt and tits in the hero's face while going on about Going for the Big Scoop. This may or may not have multiple meanings.
  • Persona:
    • Maya Amano from Persona 2 is a journalist who is explicitly noted to be beautiful and popular with men. She's a potential love interest for protagonist Tatsuya Suou in Innocent Sin, and Eternal Punishment reveals that Tatsuya's brother Katsuya also has a crush on her.
    • Reporter Ichiko Ohya from Persona 5 is a potential love interest for the protagonist.
  • Kate Lockwell in StarCraft II, later promoted to lead anchor. Apparently the Crown Prince has a crush on her.
  • Aya Shameimaru from Touhou, the cute one-girl newspaper reporting/writing/publishing Tengu of Gensokyo, as well as her newcomer rival Hatate.
  • Elena Fisher from the Uncharted series, female lead and love interest for the main character Nathan.

  • Carol from El Goonish Shive. In her first story arc, she even complains about the short skirts required by her station's dress code.
  • Parodied in Femmegasm with Fizzy McBeer, whose interviewees are frequently distracted by her Gag Boobs.

    Western Animation 
  • An early Family Guy episode gave Meg a crush on the local anchor Tom Tucker.
  • Shandra Jimenez from Gravity Falls, abeauty woman and reporter for a local news channel that seems far more professional than the Gravity Falls Gossiper.
  • Daisy Duck in Quack Pack attracts attention from more would-be suitors than just Donald, leading to several episodes where Donald is actively competing for her affection with other characters.

    Real Life 
  • Liberals and progressives like to joke the only qualifications needed to be female anchor on FOX News is that you have to be pretty...and nothing else.
  • Norah O'Donnell from CBS This Morning.

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