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Jiggle Show
In 1975, über-producer Aaron Spelling came up with an outrageous idea — a TV show about three female detectives who run around without bras. Back then, women rarely had leading roles in hour-long series, and even though some women did run around without bras, they certainly did not do so on TV. Charlie's Angels changed all that, introducing a spellbound nation to the Jiggle Show. A show that featured a whole lot of women running in slow-motion. Or at least running without bras.

It kicked off a whole sub-genre of shows, like Baywatch, which combined women and Slow Motion. Some of them even had plots and stuff. Sorta.

As time went on and bras came back into fashion, the "jiggle concept" didn't have to involve slow motion or even actual jiggling, but just lots and lots of scoop necks and bending way over. Producer Fred Silverman (hired away from CBS for this purpose) came up with dozens of jiggle sitcoms, notably Three's Company and The Love Boat.

A modern example of how the concept has mutated into the 2010's is Lost Girl where Bo's ample cleavage gets a lot of attention.

See also Girls Behind Bars, Gainaxing and the Video Game tropes Jiggle Physics and Panty Fighter.


  • Scientists (and programmers) have created the simulator to illustrate how well their firm's sports-bra works. The web page gets lots of hits, not necessarily from women looking to buy the product.


Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comics
  • Garry Trudeau spent a couple of weeks in 1978 lampooning the concept in Doonesbury, showing network execs trying to think like nine-year-olds while examining the "cleavage situation" on Spa, their proposed brainless sitcom.

Western Animation
  • In-Universe: In the Family Guy episode "Peter TV", The Side-Boob Hour was a show on Peter's network dedicated to showing the side parts of boobs peeking out from women's clothing and costumes. Unlike most examples, it didn't have any jiggling, but none of the women featured (or Peter) wore bras.

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