Male Gaze

Meryl: I'll go on ahead, look at my ass.
Snake: Ok. Cool.

The Male Gaze is a term from Gaze theory that describes the tendency of works to assume a (straight) male viewpoint even when they do not have a specific narrative Point of View, and in particular the tendency of works to present female characters as subjects of implicitly male visual appreciation.

One of the most obvious results of Male Gaze is the way a (usually male) director/cameraman's interest in women informs his shots, leading to a focus on breasts, legs, buttocks, and other jiggly bits even when the film isn't necessarily supposed to be a feast for eyes of their admirers. For example, a sex scene between a man and a woman may show more of her body than it does of his, or focus more on her reactions than his (see Right Through His Pants). Alternatively, it could appear in shows that aren't overtly sexual - for example, scenes of bikini-clad female characters talking that emphasize their bodies rather than showing just their heads.

Presenting a character as a collection of body parts with little relationship to one another (called fragmenting) makes them seem like a collection of objects rather than a person, which is why presenting a character this way is called objectification. Audiences are primed to sympathize with, or at least respect, characters if the camerawork concentrates on their face, especially if this is how the character is first shown to us in their Establishing Character Moment. If it shows another body part the audience is more likely to see the character as a threat, or an object of desire. This can be used as a legitimate cinematic effect, but is probably best avoided if you want your audience to subconsciously respond to the characters like human beings.

The term also applies in other mediums, such as video games and comic books. During the Dark Age, comic books were often perfect examples of the male gaze, with scenes being framed to show off a female character's curves over everything else. The trend continues at a lower level today.

If the female in question is aware of the Fourth Wall, she'll likely snap "Ahem, eyes are up here!" at the camera/artist.

The concept was popularized in Laura Mulvey's 1973 essay "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema," quite likely the most cited essay in all of Film Studies.

May overlap with Homosexual Female Gaze. See also Fanservice, Jiggle Physics, Gainaxing. Not to be confused with Male Gays. Contrast Longing Look, Eating the Eye Candy, and Female Gaze.


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  • A Coke commercial featured a trio of guys at a party with a trio of girls. The viewer does not see any of the girls' faces, and the camera focuses solely on their tight clothing.
  • The Brazilian Butt Lift Commercials are full of Male Gaze. Admittedly, this is a service that would be difficult to sell without use of Male Gaze.
  • Evony's banner ads feature little more than a pair of gigantic boobs accompanied by the words "Play now, my lord!" or "Save your lover the Queen!" or "One click for a Roman Orgy!". Evony is a Civilization-esque strategy game.
  • The ad for Rappelz starts with a close up of a female upper chest with the caption 'like what you see?'. Even when it zooms out a little, the focus is still there. The fact that she's wearing a Breast Plate doesn't help its cause.
  • The banner ads for Claymore on this very wiki. The vertical one is, well, ok, showing a full body shot of one of the female characters decked out for battle. What does the horizontal view do? It starts out showing only her chest. It then moves further up her body as the ad continues, but the shot of her breasts does its job at catching your eye. Feel free to make the comparison yourself.
  • Similarly for the Dragonaut: The Resonance ad. It doesn't seem to focus on anything, but the text makes it clear what you're supposed to be looking at 'Real dragons have curves'. Ironically they chose the least noticeable female dragon to portray.
    • The ads for "Part 2" are similar; the vertical one is okay, but the horizontal one starts out with a shameless buttocks shot. Funi certainly knows how to attract the show's target audience.
  • This commercial for Corona light beer.
  • This commercial for Reebok EasyTone shoes, designed to "make your legs and butt look good". The ad is a pleasantly-constructed young woman in short shorts expounding on the virtues of the shoes in question, and the cameraman taking notice of the effect the shoes have on her legs and butt. Naturally, her response is an unamused "eyes up here" gesture.
    • Their ads are ostensibly aimed at women. Maybe gay/bi women are a huge target audience for Reebok?
  • An advertisement for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia played with this trope, showing the male gaze until the camera pans up revealing the woman in question to be the hideous (under the makeup, the actress is rather attractive) Margaret McPoyle.
  • Played with in a Jean-Paul Gautier perfume campaign. The ad for the male perfume is typical male-gaze: a sailor leaves a woman after a night of passion; she's shown half naked, writhing in the sheets. The ad for the female perfume is exactly the same, except it's the woman leaving and the sailor writhing half naked in the sheets.
  • In Killing Us Softly: Advertising's View of Women, her major lecture series, Jean Kilbourne argues that the male gaze is so pervasive in modern culture, particularly advertising, that it has changed the way that women look at each other - that even heterosexual women look at other women in the way that a heterosexual man would.
  • Done with a surprising amount of subtlety for an Axe hair gel commercial: A walking messy mop of hair is trying to get the attention of a pair of breasts that works with him. It's not until he uses the product in question that both he and woman see each other as complete people. This is followed by the caption: "Hair, it's what women see first" So what does that say about men?
  • An advert for a South African fast food chain stated that they could tell where you'd be looking at and prove it by showing a video. Cue the first part of the advert showing a X going onto woman's breasts and the like and the second part showing it going more onto the burger video on the other side than onto the girls (although it tried to cut back to them).
  • Averted in one commercialnote  where a guy keeps his eyes focused on the woman before him and doesn't even pass a glance at Ms. Fanservice walking by. Result, he should get what the commercial was advertising.
  • The very first shot of the inspirational women's fitness ad "This Girl Can" is of a woman's backside in a two-piece bathing suit as she walks towards a swimming pool, slides her fingers into her bikini bottoms, and snaps them across her behind. Oddly enough, the ad is ostensibly aimed at women. In the advertisers' defense, though, said woman is definitely not a Ms. Fanservice, her proportions are average, and much of the ad is about encouraging women to exercise without being ashamed of their bodies.

     Anime & Manga 
  • Played with to horrifying and comical effect in Attack on Titan. The Female Titan has quite the nice figure, and Reiner refers to her as "the one with the nice ass". Said nice ass is only partially covered in skin, and since she's a giant the characters naturally focus on her rear end when pursuing her on horseback. One of the 4-koma parodies runs with this, with Armin accused of having looked at the Female Titan "like that" with numerous shots of him staring at her body.
  • Played for laughs in Axis Powers Hetalia with Ukraine's introduction to emphasize her large tracts of land. This comes up again later when Prussia sees his Childhood Friend Hungary's shirt ripped to Absolute Cleavage levels, focusing in on her breasts. However, this is more because this is the case of an Unsettling Gender Reveal as both had thought that Hungary was a man.
  • Two of these show up in Azumanga Daioh, oddly enough. One is the series's sole Panty Shot, tho done in such closeup that you can't really tell what it is until it's over and others are reacting. Both are primarily due to the subject (Sakaki, sadly) being the focus of the gaze in both cases—the shot is supposed to be that of the staring character. Only one is an actual male, though.
  • In Baccano!, one of the first hints Ennis is a love interest of Firo is a subtle use of this trope: The moment they bump into each other, the "camera" starts on her chest for a split second.
  • Many moments in Bakemonogatari, but most obviously, the very beginning. In this line of thought, a citation from Kizumonogatari:
    Hanekawa: "Am I imagining things, or does it feel like the details regarding my skirt would span about four pages?"
  • In chapter 312 of Berserk Isidro meets the enthusiastic Isma, who leans over to talk to him with her chest standing on the height of his eyes. There's even an arrow pointing from his eyes to her breasts.
  • The OP of Black Lagoon has a few random shots of Revy's butt, which is in line with how she mostly gets depicted in the manga.
  • The almost supernaturally endowed Rangiku Matsumoto on Bleach is constantly subjected to this.
    • Interestingly, the similarly well-endowed Orihime Inoue is very rarely shown in a fanservicey way - unlike Matsumoto, she never even wears revealing clothes, but the camera still frequently zooms in on her chest. Especially when Kon is talking nearby.
    • This whole trope made Rangiku's choices on the 'fashion show' episode 228 that much more interesting. With one possible exception - all her outfit choices were surprisingly tasteful and classy. The sixth one, the exception? No more or less revealing than an outfit you might see being worn by say, your average woman wearing a tank top and pants.
  • Happens in Bodacious Space Pirates, largely with Marika, especially in the first ending credits.
  • In Busou Renkin, Kazuki is walking behind Tokiku up some stairs. We get the expected shot from his point of view, followed by a shot of his blushing face. In light of what Tokiku's telling him at the time, the shot feels highly random.
    • There's also the 2nd Beach Episode where Tokiko complains at the camera for lingering too long on her navel.
  • Cage of Eden. Even in the scenes in which the protagonists are attacked by beasts, the author does not forget to frame the backside of the girls with many Panty Shot.
  • The third episode of Code Geass had a blatant one of these during Kallen's shower scene. The shower curtain gets accidentally pulled aside, and we see her standing in the shower with a Toplessness from the Back shot. Then the camera drops about 3 feet, perfectly framing her behind.
    • R2 did this constantly, especially during its first half, to every attractive female character. Some of the most egregious examples occurred whenever Kallen or C.C. piloted a Knightmare, including gratuitous buttocks shots.
  • When Faye Valentine's top is cut open in the Cowboy Bebop movie, the camera shows nothing above or below her breasts. The TV series also has several lingering shots of Faye's legs and breasts.
  • Digimon:
    • During Lalamon's evolution sequence to Rosemon in Digimon Savers, the camera makes sure to pan up her behind and directly into a cleavage shot. When the time came for Data Squad, this part of the sequence was cut out.
    • In Digimon Frontier, when Izumi/Zoe gains her Beast Spirit evolution, Shutumon/Zephyrmon, the camera does a slow pan up her body to show off her... features, complete with Calmarimon's jealous reaction. The male characters were worried that her Beast Spirit would be hideous like Calmarimon's, but Izumi sets off to prove them wrong.
  • Bulma and virtually every beautiful girl in Dragon Ball is subjected to the camera lovingly exploring their figure from time to time. An example is when Muten Roshi, in a filler scene, tries to grope Lunch while she's cooking; the scene holds the visual on Lunch's butt.
    • In Dragon Ball Z there's Maron, Krillin's ex-girlfriend. Might be Playing with a Trope, since the camera leers along with the male characters... an explicitly "male gaze."
    • The first opening sequence, featuring the world renowned Cha-la Head Cha-la, has the third line of the chorus open up with a shot of Bulma's cleavage. Likely also a Visual Pun, considering the shot immediately follows the word "mune", i.e. "chest".
  • In Durarara!!, whenever Professor Nasujima is in the scene, you can bet that a very large portion of the screentime will be dedicated to his favorite set of twins
  • Parodied in Excel Saga: When Misaki first appears, the camera begins to pan up her body. It then does a Jump Cut to her rear before resuming the pan and stopping again at her chest. She then asks why the camera keeps stopping. When the camera attempts this again later, she grabs the camera and demands that it cease. Cut to a written apology from the director.
  • Ultear from Fairy Tail gets at least many shots of her backside as her face, especially in the Tenrou Island arc when she is wearing Sensual Spandex. It even gets involuntarily hilarious when she appears in a Dream Sequence of Gray's. All we see is the naked butt and legs of a woman, and we only find out it's Ultear because Gray says her name.
    • Lucy gets the same treatment, only with her breasts. It's getting harder and harder to find a panel with her where you can only see her face.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • It's not unusual to focus shots on the Homunculi's ouroborus tattoos. Lust's tattoo is right above her cleavage. Maes Hughes lampshades this one for us.
    • Used as foreshadowing in "The Philosopher's Stone" episode of the 2003 anime. A delivery woman is warned about a Serial Killer who goes after pretty, young women. Then there's a nice body shot of Winry when she meets the woman at her refrigerated van. Turns out that woman staring at Winry isn't.
  • Weird example from the Get Backers manga. Ban, Ginji, Kazuki and Juubei are taking a bath in a hot spring. Ban, Ginji, and Juubei generally stay submerged below the shoulders—but Kazuki, who only looks like a girl, gets some very obvious Toplessness from the Back and buttocks shots, to the point where Ban is kind enough to cover up his guy-parts at one point for the intended audience and tell us all how hot a girl Kazuki would be.
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is comparably blatant. The Major wouldn't have it any other way. Witness for example the second episode of the first season. The Major is driving a Tachikoma, stops and opens the hatch to get out... and the camera gives us an ''extreme'' close-up butt shot from below.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Kyon is the cameraman for the Brigade's movie; with the buxom and beautiful Mikuru the main character of said movie, the camera's view... dips... on occasion. In chronology, the first thing we see of Haruhi is her chest.
    • Also played less subtly for laughs. Itsuki jokes that Kyon and Haruhi are now Adam and Eve. Cut to a still camera shot of Haruhi walking down stairs... with the shot starting around her waist and eventually working up to her head. Less subtle indeed.
    Koizumi: Go forth, procreate.
    • Haruhi's butt also gets a lot of emphasis during the Endless Eight arc.
  • In Highschool of the Dead, you'll be seeing so many close-ups of boobs, buttocks, and camel toe, that if we noted even half the time it happens, it'd need its own page. You can even find more examples here. It's one the main reasons that the series is Best Known for the Fanservice.
  • The iDOLM@STER - The cameraman of the Ribbit Ribbit Kitchen certainly knows where he's aiming the camera.
  • Is the Order a Rabbit?: The trope is used extensively in episode 8, when first showing off the girls in their swimsuits.
  • Mariah in the anime of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3. Her first appearance in the anime is a close butt shot and the camera often focus on her legs.
  • In K well-endowed Seri Awashima is constantly subjected to camera angles that focus on her posterior and breasts.
  • This trope is used to the point of parody in Prison School when involving Meiko. A lot of panels, most noticeable the ones where she's talking to another character and having an inner monologue, are focused squarely on her butt, breasts, and crotch with her face not even in view.
  • The anime Kill la Kill is pretty much made of this — one has to look no farther than the Stripperiffic outfits the main heroines and antagonists wear.
  • In the first episode of K-On!, Yui slips and falls on her bottom in her rush to get ready for school. The camera goes in for an extended close-up on her rear as she scrambles to her feet.
  • One can't really blame people for remembering the exploding panties in the first season of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. The first season's Transformation Sequence had a lot of panning shots of the underaged title character's naked body and it was used often. Though they were still present, these were toned down in later seasons.
    • In the first two seasons, Arf's very round butt gets plenty of close-ups.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! does this on a regular basis. The "camera" occasionally focuses on the girls' butts for no reason in particular, and anytime a girl does anything active, a Panty Shot is inevitable. Even if the girl is wearing something other than a skirt.
  • In Maicchingu Machiko Sensei, the camera often focus on Machiko's curvaceous body during the series.
  • Maken-ki!: You'll be seeing plenty of the girls' boobs and upskirt camera angles, complete with camel toe. And for foot fetishists, there's multiple scenes of Himegami's barefeet when she's grinding them in Takeru's face. Along with scenes where they're stocking covered, while she's stomping on him.
  • Mazinger Z: Often the camera lingered on Sayaka's behind, specially when she wore skirts. It also lingered on women when they were wearing one towel after one shower or changing clothes. It also happened in the sequels (Great Mazinger and UFO Robo Grendizer). Given than Mazinger's creator introduced Fanservice in the anime, it was to be expected. But to be fair, there also were plenty instances of Female Gaze in the series.
  • In Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe, it's pretty hard to keep the drama of Akane being kidnapped by Phantom Black when the camera keeps framing her behind and chest in the middle of shots.
  • Naruto: Often happens in regards to Tsunade. She is ... well-endowed, and virtually any frame featuring her also features her cleavage.
  • Here's a challenge: find a single episode of NEEDLESS that does not do this at least a few times.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. Misato, Asuka and Rei provide almost all Fanservice for the show.
    • Having lost the Stripperiffic outfit she was complaining about towards the end of the previous movie, Asuka seems to have a lot of establishing shots in Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 featuring the groin or buttocks of her plug suit.
    • And not limited by either the the anime or the movies, the Shinji Ikari Raising Project manga has all three girls featured in various shots featuring their assets with Asuka being the most prominent, funny enough, with many shots featuring her nice posterior rendered in fine detail with the ocassional shot aimed at or close to her crotch. One could think Asuka was the artist's favorite character to draw.
  • In Persona 4: The Animation Chie gets quite a few closeups of her thighs in Episode 2. In Episode 9 they switch into Yosuke's point of view while he momentarily gazes at Chie's thighs. Episode 15 also has a closeup of her backside as she's about to sit in Yu's lap.
  • Done, surprisingly enough, to Misty in the Japanese version of the 34th episode of the Pokémon anime. Tommy/Tomo, a boy raised by Kangaskhan, blatantly asks her if her can suck on her breasts while the camera zooms in on her chest. The North American version removed the zoom and had him ask "Are you people or Pokémon?" instead, but she still slapped him.
    • The Electric Tale of Pikachu had a scene in Chapter Two where Ash couldn't take his eyes off Misty at the start of the gym challenge, as she was wearing a form-fitting wetsuit (which was a more revealing swimsuit in the original uncensored publications). She belts him with a Shellder for gawking.
  • Interestingly in Pokémon Special, the artist doesn't seem to be purposely trying to draw White as a fanservice-y character, but the way her daisy dukes naturally accentuate her butt has some readers going "DAT ASS" every time we see her from the back.
    • Elesa is first formally introduced with her on her knees and her rear facing the audience.
  • In Princess Tutu there's a scene where Autor is walking behind Rue. The camera switches to show her walking from behind, then slowly pans down to gaze at her rear end and legs. The camera then switches to show Autor looking downwards with a blush on his face, then quickly glancing up when Rue turns towards him as if trying to cover up where his attention had gone.
  • In RahXephon, when Ayato is introduced to female characters, the "camera", showing his viewpoint, makes it clear exactly which features he's focusing on.
  • Rosario + Vampire screams this trope the whole time. Especially when Kurumu appears, or when Moka transforms.
  • Rune Soldier Louie introduces Ilia with a series of panels zoomed in on her chest, hips, and buttocks to emphasize what a bombshell she is. Which caused Genie, Merrill, and Melissa to become stone-faced silent with envy.
  • In a Beach Episode of Sailor Moon, Ami has found Usagi's little brother, unconcious. When he wakes up, she's so happy he's okay that she hugs him, and the audience catches all this from behind her. And there was some...surprising detail as well.
  • Done often with Nodoka in Saki, sometimes via an actual in-story camera man.
  • Yakumo in the School Rumble manga when she first meets Harima. This was left out in the anime.
  • Sorcerer Hunters runs on this trope, being a kind of pervy comedy show where the two female leads are S&M queens, but the opening sequence has numerous T&A close-ups. There's a short sequence of a lady who doesn't seem to appear anywhere in the actual show, touching her thighs and red-painted lips, but we never see her face: her only distinct feature is a lot of long, black hair, so she might be Marron.
  • Soul Eater has a really strange example. When the weapon characters are in weapon form their Meisters can still talk to them, and a reflection of their human form is shown somewhere somewhere on the weapon's surface. The female weapons' reflections are always naked, but the male weapons are fully clothed. This changes in later chapters.
    • The trope actually also applies to the main character, Maka, at least in the anime. The camera really seems to enjoy showing off her extremely short skirt and long legs while she's fighting.
  • Stratos 4. The opening sequence alone is already filled with these.
  • Street Fighter:
    • In Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, the camera has so many random close ups of Chun Li's and, to a much lesser extent, Sakura's pelvic region, that it makes for a rather entertaining drinking game.
    • And in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, during Chun-Li's shower scene, there's a close up on her butt, and another, much more zoomed in, one in the Japanese version of the scene, complete with Gainaxing of the buttocks.
    • At one point, one of Bison's Monitor Cyborgs spies on Guile and Chun Li, during which, it shifts its focus from her face, to her breasts, and finally lingers on the junction between her thighs. Bison is seen enjoying the view, causing Vega to become jealous.
  • Strike Witches. None of the girls wear pants or skirts. The camera makes sure that we're aware of this.
  • Sword Art Online: You know, that girl just watched her friend get brutally murdered. Is this really the best time to dangle the camera next to her impossibly tightly-clothed butt? (Asuna gets an unusual amount of this in the same episode, so that episode's director is most likely to blame...)
    • The camera seems to have quite the thing for Suguha's boobs. Whether it's in the shower, in pajamas, changing, or in the Opening Sequence, it's as if the show has to remind us of how stacked she is.
    • Never forget that in the second season of the anime, Sinon's butt also get her share in GGO
  • In Tenchi Muyo! GXP, the view seems to settle on Lady Seto's chest whenever she appears.
  • Played with in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. In the eighth episode, Thymilph is seen watching the heroes on a Wall Of Monitors. One of them has a close-up of Kiyoh's breasts. There are also instances of Gainaxing which the camera sometimes gives particular focus to. Simon's or Kamina's gaze does linger on early in the show, and getting a "good look" at the girls is even a plot point during the sixth episode.
  • Used regularly in the anime for The Testament of Sister New Devil, such as showing off Mio from really low angles.
  • In To Love-Ru and his sequel Darkness you'll lose count of how many times the camera is placed in "convenient" angles.
  • Done to a Narmful extent in the first arc of the Umineko: When They Cry anime.
  • Yo-Kai Watch:
    • One episode starts with Nate and his friends gawking over a woman passing by. The camera makes sure to zoom in on her chest and legs.
    • Dirty Old Man Manjimutt once pretended to be a professional photographer. He got in trouble when he started focusing on the woman's chest.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, used on Anzu/Tea while she was playing a Dance Dance Revolution-like game. Whether intentionally or not, it gives the impression this is where Yami's gaze is focused. Hmmm...
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Carly's transformation to a Dark Signer is one long focus at her body from her legs up. Also, Fortune Lady Lighty gets this on her first appearance. Also in 5Ds, when Aki dons her outfit for riding duels, which is a bright red leather bodysuit cut low on her breasts. The pan up from her feet to her head is complete with Crow whistling at her. To top it off, Aki notes the outfit doesn't feel like her (compared to her Victorian-style influenced outfit), and Yusei assures her she looks fine.

     Comic Books 
  • Comic artists who draw this way will often show a female character facing away from the camera, but twisting her back (sometimes improbably) towards the 'camera' so that the viewer can get a good look at her breasts as well as her behind.
    • Rob Liefeld is probably the most infamous artist here; see, for instance, here.
    • Ed Benes has a reputation for this too, though his knowledge of human anatomy at least allows him to make them look human when they do such unlikely poses.
    • Artist Mike Choi drew a cover that showed a character in this pose. He got called out for this in a review that was so critical and apparently so painful to read that Choi has stopped reading reviews about his work, period. Even the good ones. Interestingly, he stated nothing about whether or not he stopped drawing women in the Boobs-and-Butt Pose.
    • Near anything by Frank Cho.
    • There's everyone's favorite, J. Scott Campbell.
    • Hilariously subverted with the phenomenon called The Hawkeye Initiative where the sexy poses of female comic book characters are redrawn featuring Hawkeye.
  • If Carol Danvers is in a book wearing her "Ms. Marvel" leotard, chances are the artist will find some way to get a rear shot, regardless of what she may be doing at the time. Artists have been known to draw her with a rather sizable backside.
  • Elektra's body is prominently featured during fight scenes. When she dodges, artists usually draw her from behind to emphasize her ass. Flying kicks are drawn from the front, effectively becoming full-page crotch shots.
  • Psylocke gets this a LOT, probably one of the major characters in the Marvel universe. It is a rare issue that she does not show her butt to the reader.
  • All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder features an issue in which Vicki Vale spends a scene standing around posing in lacy pink underwear for absolutely no reason. The script for the scene (included in the trade paperback) contains a blatant admission from Frank Miller as to what he was doing: "Okay, I'm shameless, let's go with an ass shot."
  • In The Loners the team debate whether the villainess's getup is a costume or a tattoo.
  • Courier from the Gambit X-Men spinoff. Interestingly, Courier was a male shapeshifter who was Mode Locked in this form by Mr. Sinister.
  • When the final issues of Ultimate Wolverine VS. Hulk FINALLY came out, there's a scene with Betty Ross injecting herself with a drug in her buttocks, which are front-and-center in the panel.
  • One of the first things we see of Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws is her buttocks. And only her buttocks, since the panel cuts off her body from the waist up. To say nothing of the fact that the swimsuit scene in the first issue was supposed to have her in a semi transparent bikini, though the editorial shot that one down.
  • Also in the New 52, the first issue of the Catwoman solo title was criticised for opening with an action scene that spent two full pages on close-up images of different parts of Selina's anatomy before bothering to show her face.
  • Averted in one issue of Identity Crisis where Wonder Woman is interrogating a prisoner about who tried to kill Ray Palmer's wife. The prisoner is said to be smart because he's focusing on Wonder Woman's lasso, not her cleavage.
  • For generations, even after the Comics Code, there have been a lot of fanservice-y drawings of the teenage Betty and Veronica, their friends, Katy Keene, and other women in Archie Comics. There have been a lot of jokes using the gaze whenever Archie is gazing at pretty girls and commenting on their figures while another friend is waxing lyrically about nature or math.
  • Sin City, Frank Miller's love letter to the pulp/noir genre. Any female characters who aren't gun-toting self-regulating prostitutes tend to fall at either extreme end of the Innocent Angel-Cold-Hearted Femme Fatale spectrum, and in striking contrast to Miller's diverse, interesting and strikingly designed male characters, are virtually identical from the neck down and drawn with sex appeal as forethought
  • A lot of it in Empowered, which is parodying the entire concept. One example, Emp comes home from a successful mission still wearing the Hot Librarian outfit she was using. Thug Boy's POV panels focus on Emp so much that they are forcing her talk bubbles out of the frame.
  • In the Blacksad album Arctic Nation, Blacksad takes a good look at Dinah through his left-side mirror when she walks away from his car at the drive-in theater. Later she changes her clothes in front of him and he notices that she has a patch of white fur on her chest, which actually becomes a plot point later on.
  • Italian comic (eventually imported to America) Route de Maisons Rouge. This page says it all. Though since the comic is about feuding brothels, it is perhaps to be expected.
  • The Red Lantern Bleez. It's often been pointed out that she's frequently drawn in ways that emphasize her curvaceous rear end (though it's worth noting that this was most prominent when Ed Benes was drawing her).
  • Harley Quinn, especially in the New 52 solo series. Special mention to Issue 13 where she use this to distracts a mugger and a scene in Issue 26 that has Harley and a leering guy with a metal detector who makes an unwelcome comment about her butt as she walks by.

    Fan Works 
  • A Crown Of Stars: Shinji is constantly looking at Asuka (incidentally she demands that he does so).
    • In chapter 48, Shinji is so distracted staring at Asuka's butt that he bumps against her.
      Asuka:“Ow! Watch it, Third!”
      Shinji:“I’m sorr-“
      Asuka:“I bet I could fling you off this spot hard enough to hit the roof of that truck, Third Child. What gives?”
      Shinji:“Um… I wasn’t watching where I was going?”
      Asuka:“….you were staring at my ass again, weren’t you?”
      Asuka(smirking wickedly):“Good.”
  • Advice And Trust: Shinji had a hard time NOT gawking openly at Asuka's body. After getting together it is even harder for him. He stares at her the whole time but he still tries to be discreet about it since they are trying to keep a Secret Relationship.
    • In chapter 3 Asuka is (pretending) lecturing him about the water being too hot, but Shinji is barely keeping track of the conversation since he is too busy staring at her bare legs.
      A small part of his brain was concentrating on not dropping the hot pot on his feet, because most of it was trying not to drool helplessly over the way Asuka's long, smooth legs disappeared up under the hem of the towel, mixed in with memories of last night that said sight triggered.
  • Navarone regularly does this in Diaries of a Madman and openly admits it in his narration, particularly later on in the story as he becomes more depraved.
  • Doing It Right This Time:
    • Shinji is constantly staring at Asuka and Rei.
    • Chapter 2 gave an example that amusingly combined this with Female Gaze: the three pilots go to buy new clothes, Rei tries a new dress... and Shinji and Asuka can not take their eyes off her, noticing how the dress clung to her body and showed her curves.
  • Evangelion 303: This doujin's female characters provide plenty eye candy, especially Asuka.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: The narration notes several times that Asuka’s costumes inevitably draw the eye to her bosom cause the “boob window” of the first outfit and the “S” emblem of the second.
    Her tight blue shirt made her not inconsiderable curves very apparent, and the yellow and red shield emblem with the "S" inside it on her chest only served to draw the eye to that area.
  • In chapter 2 of Last Child of Krypton, Kaji and Shinji walk behind Misato and Asuka. Kaji advises Shinji to let them walk in front in order to enjoy the “sight”.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion Genocide, the point of view often focuses on Asuka's body and how Shinji reacts to it.
  • In Cinema Snob Reviews Frozen (a fan comic where The Cinema Snob reviews Frozen), there is a closeup of Elsa's chest when Snob asks what Frozen had in common when exploitation films (the stuff he usually reviews).
  • Loki: Agent of Doomgard in-universe example: Mini!Thunderstrike met Story!Loki as a woman first so he planed to spend the time on the assignment with ogling her ass... who at that point decided to changed gender to male for Thunderstrike's great disappointment. Loki pointing out that he can still do the ogling "somehow" didn't make him feel any better.

    Film Animated 
  • In Arashi No Yoru Ni, Gabu has a tendency to stare at Mei's arse, which the POV camera delightedly shows off. Which is a rather unusual example given that Gabu is a wolf, Mei is a goat, and that he's staring because he wants to eat him. (apparently, anyway...)
  • Elastigirl in The Incredibles. There's even one scene where she sighs after seeing the size of her behind in a mirror.
  • Madagascar had Gloria the hippo, who's big butt is shown on screen several times throughout each movie, video game & short animation.

    Film Live-Action 
  • The male gaze is a moving thing, not static. So it is most closely echoed in film and TV by panning or tilting shots along a woman's body, rather than framing one part for any length of time. One of the more original 'reveals' of the female form is in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window: In Grace Kelly's first shot, only her hand is seen (switching on a light IIRC), then an arm, then a bit more, etc, with her face last.
  • A film of 1984 had a scene with Julia and Winston in the room on top of the antique shop. For some reason she gets up and walks around in the room for minutes completely naked and the camera shows her entire body. Every shot at Winston, though, shows only his head, or at best his upper body.
  • Toward the end of Alien, there's a long scene where Ripley's in a shirt and panties. During the whole time, the camera's focus is clearly aimed rather lower than her face, and doesn't go back up to its usual height until after she gets some more clothes on.
  • The The Avengers movie does this a great deal with Black Widow and Maria Hill seems to be walking away from the camera in a lot of shots. There's a scene of Scarlett Johannson tied to a chair, wearing a Little Black Dress, stockings, and no shoes, beating up several goons with a jaw-dropping sequence of contortions and acrobatics. Also, her character is purposely trying to invoke this very trope on her "captors" in order to distract and mislead them. She then spends the rest of the film in a skin-tight catsuit, but is slightly overshadowed by all the Female Gaze flying around her costars.
  • In Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, we first see Vanessa Kensington via a slow pan up her entire body.
  • In Woody Allen's Bananas, it's done to comic effect with a leather clad secretary who brags she and her friends are going to have a porno party.
  • Bitch Slap consists about 80 % of Male Gaze. It's fully, fatly justified to say the camera licks, caresses, and more or less dry humps its subjects - there are moments when the same shot of, say, the viewpoint gliding up a mile-long leg stepping out of a car, is actually repeated twice if not thrice, only to be followed by close examination of the curves that await up there, then brought to the finale with a face shot with plump lips and gleaming eyes.
  • Troy Duffy got Julie Benz to be in his movie, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, and damn it all if he wasn't going to take full advantage of it for his male audience. But, to be fair, there is a hefty amount of Fanservice for the ladies as well, so we could just look at it as equal opportunity exploitation.
  • Subverted in the car-wash scene of the original Bring It On. As Cliff approaches the carwash, we see through his viewpoint - until his sister Missy enters the frame at precisely the right height that her breasts are perfectly framed. Disturbingly, it appears that Cliff is able to recognise his sister's cleavage, which somewhat belies his apparent disgust when he realises who he is ogling.
    • Well, if they're brother and sister, when you spend that much time together, you're going to pick up on even the subtlest details, whether you want to or not.
  • In Cabin Fever there is a scene where the hot brunette walks across a grass field to a house. The shot builds out to a close up of her swaying butt, in jeans, and slows down to slow-mo as it does so.
    • The introduction to an earlier scene is a slow pan over a sexy bikini-clad blonde laying on a raft.
    • A later scene featuring a topless woman is taken from exactly the right position so the we see her large breasts twice at once: directly from the side, and front-on via a reflection in a bathroom mirror.
      • Many reviewers have claimed that the subsequent leg-shaving scene focuses an inordinate amount of attention on the woman's breasts, despite it essentially being a psychological horror scene.
    • The sex scenes are filmed in such a way to maximize the display of breast-jigglage or booty-shaking.
  • Subverted/reversed in Centurion: when Etain fights and kills Virilus, he is shirtless and she is fully clothed. She's gorgeous and frequently dressed in furs and eyeliner, but her clothes are never that revealing or titillating.
  • Charlie's Angels (and the sequel too, naturally) featured numerous scenes which pointedly and gratuitously framed the lead actresses' rear ends. This is particularly noticeable in the numerous fanservicey scenes of various female characters dancing, stripping (don't ask) or in the slow-mo action shots where the Angels inexplicably always seem to wear tight pants or bodysuits of some sort, and high heels, regardless of whether or not they'd be convenient or comfortable or even safe to fight in. Considering it was based on a 1970s' jiggle show, though, is anybody really surprised at any of this?
    • The MST3K Mockbuster Angels Revenge was the same thing, with less-attractive women. Early in the movie, we get a shot straight up a ladder as a woman is climbing it, and Crow quips "Hey, you're giving away the plot!"
  • The Courtship of Eddie's Father is about a widowed father and his son sizing up various candidates for second wife/stepmother.
  • In Creature from the Black Lagoon there is a scene where the shapely Julie Adams is swimming in the eponymous lagoon. At one point she dives, causing the top of her body to submerge and the bottom to rise above the water and move right into the camera. For a brief moment almost the entire screen is filled by her buttocks.
  • Crocodile Dundee: When Sue from is bending over in her (very) string'd bath suit, Mick "Crocodile" Dundee is watching her from behind the bushes.
    Sue Charlton: That croc was going to eat me alive.
    Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee: Well, I wouldn't hold that against him. Same thought crossed my mind once or twice.
  • In Devil Doll, the introduction of Grace, Vorelli's Replacement Lovely Assistant, has a slow pan up all the way from her feet to her head.
  • In Die Hard, the camera pans down just slightly but very noticeably to show that Bonnie Bedelia's jacket/blouse thing had opened up a bit, showing her slip.
  • An interesting subversion in Dirty Dancing, noted by the screenwriter during the commentary. Most of the film is from Baby's point of view, and how she sees Johnny and others around her.
  • Dumb and Dumber To: Harry and Lloyd briefly flash back to a younger twenty-something Fraida bending over a pool table.
  • In Fair Game, Kate changes her shirt on the side of the road by the car she and Max are using; Max takes a look through the window and we get to see a sideview of her left breast. Kate is played by Cindy Crawford, so it's very hard to blame him.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn has a rare example of the Male Gaze being played for Squick rather than Fanservice, as we see how Richie looks at Kate Fuller. Since Richie is a serial rapist, the effect is deeply unpleasant.
  • The final poster of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra features all of the main characters, including The Baroness, but she is the only one facing the viewer, along with her body twisted in a Rob Liefield-style pose so her buttocks is as well. Then again, it's more or less in-character.
  • The opening of Grand Canyon, in which Kevin Kline, with courtside seats at a Lakers game, seems to spend as much time looking at the other women in attendance as he does looking at the game itself.
  • The first Hercules (1958) movie from the 1950s featured a scene in which the male characters are captured by a group of Amazons. Despite the obvious threat of the women's weapons, the camera "inexplicably" focuses on a long line of long legs (bare, natch). On the other hand, these were beefcake movies where Hercules ran around shirtless flexing his muscles.
  • High School Musical 3 had a shot of Sharpay's butt that filled the screen.
  • Hitchcock, in which Scarlett Johansson plays Janet Leigh of Psycho fame, gives Scarlett's behind some screentime.
  • I Love You Beth Cooper has a couple good examples:
    • When Denis falls head first into Beth's lap, we see a POV shot of her panties.
    • Toward the end, Beth's two girl friends try to prove Rich is gay by doing something that would turn on any straight boy: licking a phallic pastry. The scene is shot to turn on the male viewers, of course.
  • In Iron Man 2 we get a lovely shot of Natasha's rear when we see her in the catsuit for the first time. We also get another gratuitous shot of it again when she fighting the bad guys and pulls out the small mines from her belt. The fight scene is also notorious for the repeated occasions when she does a Three-Point Landing pose and the shot blatantly centres on her bosom.
    • Not to mention the scene prior to this where Happy is driving her to Hammer's office and she begins changing in the backseat. The viewers are treated her taking off her shirt exposing her bra....nearly causing Happy to crash the car because he was Distracted by the Sexy. She quickly comments that he should keep his eyes on the road and the poor bastard makes an epically heroic attempt to do so, even after the audience is treated to one lone leg rise up. It doesn't help that Natasha is played by Scarlett Johansson.
    • What about the scene prior to that where Natasha and Pepper are walking into the Stark Expo up the stairs, wearing tight little black moderately short dresses. The camera stays on them from the back for a fairly long time, given that nothing else was happening on the screen, and it didn't advance the plot in any way.
    • All of this stuff gave Natasha a reputation among certain critics as a pure Ms. Fanservice that took at least two more films to live down.
  • The James Bond movies have this from time to time with the Bond Girls, prominently when anyone's getting out of the water with a bathing suit - ostensibly as a tribute to original Bond girl Honey Ryder. Casino Royale (2006) manages to make it both Darker and Edgier and Stupid Sexy Flanders by showing how Daniel Craig looks in blue instead..
  • The entrance of Vanessa Hudgens in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is this in every sense of the term (what with it being from Josh Hutcherson's POV and all). And as for the scene where she crawls out of a tunnel that's collapsing around her... did we mention the short shorts she wears for almost the entire movie? And that it's in 3D?
  • The Lady in the Lake used the stylistic choice of filming every scene as it would be viewed by Philip Marlowe. In one instance, the woman he's talking to goes out of focus, because he's busy leering at her Sexy Secretary.
  • Discussed in Looker. The protagonist is shown an advertising program that tracks the viewer's eye movements during commercials to determine where the product needs to be displayed. Of course he's focused laser-like on the hot swimsuit model's perky behind.
  • In Lost in Translation the background of the opening credits is a shot of Scarlett Johansson's behind. Interestingly enough, this scene was shot by Sofia Coppola, who acted out the shot herself first to make the actress more comfortable.
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol features loads of tantalizing shots of Paula Patton and Lea Seydoux, zooming in on their sexy bodies and right down their cleavage.
  • Parodied in The Naked Gun 33 1/3 when Leslie Nielsen's character first sees Anna Nicole Smith. Watch as the camera goes slowly up the legs... and up the legs... and past the knees... and up the legs... and up the legs... and up the legs... and past the knees again...
  • Scarlett Johannsson's "panty shot" establishes character in The Perfect Score.
  • In Pitch Black, when Fry is crawling into the cavern with the first sighting of monsters. On the commentary the director even says "Young boys everywhere, you're welcome."
  • In the Police Academy movies, Callahan is subjected to this a lot, both by viewers and other characters. In the fourth movie, two kids sitting next to her on the plane are staring at her rather amble bosom until she notices and snaps "Eyes left!" at them.
  • At one point in Predators, the camera focuses on Isabelle's butt. She turns around, and finds that Stans was staring at it, annoying her.
    Stans: Your ass is awesome.
  • Occurs when Julie Warner's character is introduced in the Puppet Masters, but it's actually a plot point. After she hangs a lampshade on its occurrence, the lack of male gaze by the townsfolk is her first sign that something is very wrong.
  • San Andreas is a movie filled with destruction porn. It also introduces Alexandra Daddario's character of Blake by having her sunbathing in a black bikini that shows a lot of her form, and spends an astonishing amount of time reminding us of her Ms. Fanservice qualifications, with her (and her screen mum Carla Gugino) Gainaxing hither and yon throughout. Even when Blake is on the verge of drowning, the makers just can't resist letting the audience look down her shirt. They just can't.
  • Spoofed hilariously in Scary Movie, which is pertinent since horror movies are perhaps the most guilty of this trope (often in squicky ways as a woman contorts her body sensually and moans orgasmically as she is dying). The movie opens with a woman (played by Carmen Electra) running from a psycho killer, her clothes getting ripped off by anything she runs by, and stopping to pose and flick her hair as she runs (in Slo Mo, no less) through a sprinkler.
  • Pick any scene in The Scorpion King with Kelly Hu in it.
  • The Sentinel and Harsh Times were both released around the same time, and both featured Eva Longoria, and both had a shot where the camera focuses on her butt. In both cases it was to emphasize how the men in the scene see her. In both cases the director was also a male.
  • In Serenity, right after one of River's hallucinations, the camera cuts to showing her lying facedown on the deck grating, and the camera angle is conspicuously positioned to give the viewer a perfect shot straight down her cleavage. Plus the countless shots of River's feet.
  • In Sheena, the camera angles are consistently chosen to focus on the large amount of bare skin exposed by Sheena's skimpy costume. Sheena spent a lot of time leaning forward for cleavage shots, there were many shots of her climbing up a wall with the camera being fixed so her torso and legs filled the screen as she passed by it, and there were many up-the-skirt panty shots during those climbs.
  • In The Misfits (1961),the camera follows Clark Gable's gaze to Marilyn Monroe's behind as it bumps up and down while she rides a horse.
  • Marilyn Monroe's entrance in Some Like It Hot.
  • Spring Breakers infamously had a lot of this. There are shots in which the character's torsos are in frame for no reason other than this. Which is to say nothing of the copious amounts of BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTS!!!!!!!
  • Star Trek Into Darkness:
    • The scene in which Uhura is walking up to the Klingon war party in an attempt to inform them of their intentions, the camera is firmly focused on her behind as she's walking, right up until she stops.
    • Similarly, the camera (and Kirk's eye) stealing a look at Dr. Marcus as she changes uniforms.
    • JJ Abrams made sure the film was this, as Pretty Boy Chris Pine's buttocks were CGI'd out of a scene as he "couldn't inflict that on people" (Pine himself was slightly upset about the news), and a Cumberbatch Shower Scene is only on the deleted features.
  • In Take The Lead, we have lead actor Antonio Banderas dancing a fiery tango with the movie's main antagonist, played by Katya Virshilas, who gets several long, lingering, even slow-motion shots of her legs while she spins, her breasts, her hips, and a few overhead shots that go straight down her cleavage. The studio probably could have saved a lot of money casting a stand-in for Mr. Banderas, who is mostly obscured for all but one brief shot where we see his face.
  • Played with in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), in the scene where Vernon is frantically driving the truck and trying to see what April is doing. The camera pans over to reveal her grabbing video footage with her phone by leaning out of the window with her behind right in the camera. Vernon is fine with this, but taking his eye off the road causes them to crash.
  • Subverted in Tell No One; at a restaurant, we see a shot of a waitress' behind as she's walking away, but then it's revealed it's Helene who's looking at her, not Alexandre.
  • Transformers Film Series:
    • Michael Bay asked some people why they watched the first Transformers; "For the hot chick." So he decided to get it out of the way before he started.
    • Anyone who has seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will realize from Megan Fox's very first scene that director Michael Bay has gone out of his way to not do anything to discourage this trope.
    • Transformers: Dark of the Moon carries this to a new level. We first see the female main character dressed in a man's long shirt with tiny panties, as she ascends a staircase, with a tight focus on her legs. She is on camera for at least a minute before we see her face. The rest of the movie has her in either skin tight outfits or very short skirts and dresses, doing things like getting out of low-slung cars with her legs as the only visible part of her. Also, there were some robots or something in the movie.
    • Transformers: Age of Extinction continues the tradition. Especially at the beginning of the movie, the female main character is wearing tight shirts and very short shorts and skirts, and even when the scene is just talking, the camera angle just happens to have her legs in the foreground with the two male characters talking in the background. Further, like all of Bay's movies, the background female characters are universally gorgeous and dressed in skimpy and tight clothing, with long loving pan shots up their bodies for no particular reason.
  • The first shot of Ann-Margret in the Elvis Presley vehicle Viva Las Vegas is of her legs only, walking into a garage where Elvis and another man are under a car. The camera then tracks up her body as the men get out from under the car, and cuts to an extreme close-up of her rear end as she walks away from them.
  • WarCraft has the scene in Llane's meeting room where the camera lingers for a longer moment at the Absolute Cleavage of a High Elven noblewoman present at the meeting. For the record: there's not a single important Elf character in the entire film.

  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Esmeralda is being taken to the gallows, Victor Hugo spends an inordinate amount of page space describing her "long black hair... more lustrous than the raven's wing," her "half-naked shoulders" and "bare legs," and her desperate attempts to hold her garment closed with her teeth.
  • In a lot of Lin Carter's works, (particularly Zanthodon) he'll often spend a paragraph repeating descriptions of all the naked or scantily-clad female characters' attributes every couple of pages. You could make a drinking game out of all the times he uses the phrases like "flawless breasts", "supple body", "luscious mouth". Doesn't help that they are often threatened with rape by pirates or savages every few chapters as well.
  • A short story by French author Anna Gavalda centers around the Male Gaze. The protagonist, a single woman, goes to the bar in search of some fun. A man starts talking to her boobs, but she refuses to acknowledge him. He even switches language from French to English, before he thinks to look two decimeters higher. "Fancy that! I have a face, too!" she thinks, before telling him off.
  • Milton's frequent descriptions of the beautiful, graceful Eve in Paradise Lost.
  • Most of the female characters in the entirety of The Dresden Files, especially the many fairies and White Court vampires.
    Harry (narrating): One thing Spenser fails to mention is that the Faerie Queen has a great ass.
  • Elizabeth George is guily of this in her book Careless in Red, where everyone, including the women make asessments of the women's looks by zooming in on their body type and clothing. This is where we get women doing almost pornographic descriptions of other women "as if to check out the competetion", as George puts it although there is no man around. For some reason all the characters also seems to have the same standards of beauty, and write off women who are too fat or too skinny as impossible love interests for the victim, since "she could never be the subject of a young man's lustful gaze".
  • John Carter of Mars is an officer and a gentleman. Except for a reference to Dejah Thoris' 'perfectly symmetrical figure' and an occasional 'bare shoulder' you would never guess he is surrounded by pulchritudinous damsels clad in nothing more than leather straps and jewelry.
  • In Lee Child's Without Fail, Jack Reacher's partner Frances Neagley has buttocks which regularly get noted approvingly (even by the book's other main female character). This actually proves to be plot-relevant. When they have a word with the man handling Secret Service surveillance tapes - who tampered with them as part of the plot to assassinate the Vice-President-elect because the people responsible kidnapped his wife - he's so nervous he never even notices Neagley's behind, which he would certainly have done otherwise.
  • In the Wheel of Time, so many of the main cast are implausibly beautiful, this happens a lot in-universe.
    • Happens to Min a fair amount. Other important female characters frequently call her breeches indecent, while themselves showing off vast ... tracts of land.
    • Elayne and Nynaeve roller-coastered this trope during their adventures. To the point of being unreliable narrators about it.
    • As usual for them, the Aiel completely ignore this trope, except in shaming "Wetlanders". Their sweat tents are co-ed.
    • Special mention to Birgitte, who wears high heels and wears pants in an era of corsets. After Birgitte ranted about how all of the Elayne's allies' houses sent children to help fight, Elayne's advisor points out that they have to work with what they have, others (including her) have survived similar circumstances, and then serves Birgitte:
    "... If you can't keep him reined in as Captain-General, I suggest you try walking for him. The way he was eyeing those breeches of yours, he'll follow anywhere you lead."
  • At one point in War of the Dreaming, Wendy and Galen enter the dream-world to consult with Prometheus. On "waking" up, Wendy demands to know why, if they are climbing a mountain, she is dressed in high heels and fishnet stockings. Galen starts to explain that it's his dream they are in, and this is how he always thought of-- uh, that it's symbolic.
  • In Shadowboy, the narrator is a Hormone-Addled Teenager, leading to moments of distraction, in particular when he first meets Pam.

     Live Action TV 
  • The majority of Charmed consisted of butt and cleavage-shots, despite being marketed as a "female empowerment" show, by the time Shannen Doherty was gone, the girls were teasing their way through everyday life.
  • The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Let He Who Is Without Sin" featured a pointless close-up of Vanessa Williams' rear as she walked past the camera.
    • Any episode of Star Trek set on Risa features this in spades.
  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (the second one) gives the camera a definite fixation on then Pink Ranger Kat, most notably a very blatant buttocks shot during a jungle scene. Tanya, the then Yellow, seems to escape this.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon also featured a blatant buttocks shot as Rei, dressed as a pop star for a pseudo-concert, walked towards her dressing room. This show was a live-action one about five Magical Girls in schoolgirl outfits; a large portion of the show featured significant Male Gaze on general principle.
  • Dark Angel has this in spades. With hundreds of shots of Jessica Alba's buttocks (most notably in the pilot when Logan catches Max robbing him, and in the episode "Haven" where we get a shot of Max bending over a pool table which actually is from the POV of a male character - he even says "Just enjoying the view"). Half the time that Alec's on a mission with Max or standing next to her, etc. His gaze never goes above her neckline.
    • And then there was "Fuhgeddaboudit," which began with a pan up our heroine's legs clad in a very short skirt.
  • The Painkiller Jane TV series used this a couple of times in the assassination plot/time loop episode: we get to see Jane put her pants on over that nice black pair of panties (from the front, showing off her nice legs), and see the barely-clad buttocks of the girl Connor was having sex with...
  • On Seacht, kisses between Lipstick Lesbian couples far outnumber any others.
  • Supernatural seem to go out of their way to try and balance it out. To make up for the cleavage shots, we get a Sammy-In-A-Towel coming out of the shower. To make up for the demon sluttiness, we get two women in "The Kids Are Alright" ogling Dean's arse and obviously thinking that they would love to have him as a sex toy. And while they certainly have a hot woman every episode, they pay just as much loving attention to the male leads' attributes - even going as far to pan up a sleeping Dean's naked legs in an early Season One episode.
  • The slow, slow pan up from 80's-hookerwear-clad Alex Drake's feet in the Ashes to Ashes pilot. (She went for a really unlikely length of time without changing clothes.)
  • Doctor Who:
    • Much of the surviving footage of "The Myth Makers" is homemade, amateur 8mm shots recorded off the screen. These shots thoroughly ignore the Doctor and Steven and focus exclusively on Vicki. Adventures With The Wife In Space pointed this out, and speculated that the cinematographer might have fancied the actress.
    • Blogger Philip Sandifer had this to say about Victoria, comparing the scene of her being menaced by an Ice Warrior to a scene of Barbara being menaced by a Dalek. While both scenes show attractive, frightened women being menaced by monsters, he observes that the camera is almost always positioned to show Barbara's face, so we relate to Barbara in the scene even when we go into the Dalek's Shaky P.O.V. Cam. We are supposed to feel afraid because we are sharing Barbara's fear. Victoria is presented much more distantly and the focus is on her little body rather than on her face, only seen so we can gasp at how pretty it is and how horrible it is that the monster is chasing her. There is also a shot, very odd at this time, of her squeezing her hands together divorced from anything else, that he related to 'fragmenting' her body. We are meant to be afraid because a pretty person is in danger.
    • The scene in "The Mind Robber" where Jamie and Zoe are clinging to the console, which has been framed to very prominently display Wendy Padbury's bottom while she wears a sequin-covered catsuit.
    • Jo Grant climbing through a window in "The Sea Devils" is framed to put her bottom at the centre of the frame.
    • "The Mutants" has a scene where Jo has been poisoned by an atmosphere toxic to her physiology and her kidnapper Ky has dragged her to safety and put an oxygen mask on her. There follows an extreme closeup of Jo's underboob heaving as Ky pushes on her rib cage to make her breathe, in a sequence that lasts for a good twenty seconds.
    • Gets some You Bastard in "Carnival of Monsters", in which Jo complains that anyone who would find it fun watching her running from monsters must be 'evil and horrible'.
    • "Death to the Daleks" opens with a tedious (or fascinating, depending on your point of view) sequence in which Elisabeth Sladen is marching around the TARDIS in a bikini.
    • The pan-up-the-legs shot is spoofed in the introduction shot of the Doctor in Episode 2 of "Robot", which does a long pan up his scarf, up his body.
    • On the DVD commentary on "The Ark in Space", Tom Baker appreciatively points out every shot which focuses on Elisabeth Sladen's legs or breasts, of which there are several. He also enjoys the shot of his and Ian Marter's bums shaking up and down side by side in Episode 1.
    • "The Face of Evil", tasked with introducing Leela, a companion in a Stripperiffic Nubile Savage outfit, takes pains to avert this by introducing her with a profile shot of her face. Also, her first meeting with the Doctor gives him the pan-up-the-legs shot.
    • Romana I is introduced via a pan up her entire body.
    • Peri was introduced with a pan up her bikini-clad body. In one of the few episodes directed by a woman, oddly. Since the producer insisted on Peri revealing as much flesh as possible, the director may not have had a say in the matter.
    • The Fifth Doctor's death scene was notoriously upstaged by a camera that spent more time exploring the insides of Peri's blouse than Peter Davison's anguished, dying face.
    • Peri was brought back in the awful "Dimensions in Time" Who/Eastenders crossover short. One of the scenes was of her boinging across the square in a low-cut top... towards the camera.
    • "The Girl in the Fireplace" has a pan across Billie Piper's tight T-shirt and jeans-clad body.
    • Amy Pond's introduction, in a strong contrast with Rose, Martha, and Donna's first appearances, was a slow lingering shot from her legs up, while she was dressed in her police woman kissogram costume. Complete with Shaking Her Hair Loose when she takes off her cap.
    • River's (re)introduction in "The Beast Below" is a pan from her shoes up her body.
    • In-Universe in "The Magician's Apprentice", which features Davros leering over a viewscreen watching Clara about to get murdered by Daleks, and drooling over it in upsettingly sexual tones. Since one of the chief pleasures of Doctor Who is watching pretty people be tormented by Daleks there definitely is a You Bastard feel about it, here.
    • Some people on Tumblr had issues with Clara's confrontation with the Quantum Shade in "Face the Raven", which is in a side-on shot with her breasts, in a very tight jumper, at dead centre of frame.
    • Due to the high number of gay writers, directors and producers making Doctor Who, gay male gaze appears as well:
      • Pans over Turlough's bare legs and booty shorts in "Planet of Fire" - the idea of the gay male producer, who thought it was only fair considering Peri.
      • "The Lodger" features some gay male gaze when a naked Doctor comes haring down the corridor with a pan from his hips up the front of his body (although everything dodgy is hidden by the angle, motion and editing).
  • The X-Files episode directed by Gillian Anderson starts with the Male Gaze (camera just below armpit level, directed past Scully's bosom) and turns to Female Gaze (Mulder asleep in bed).
  • Series Slings And Arrows does an appropriately meta version of this: the husband of the Minister of Culture comes to several performances, and brings binoculars. There's always a brief shot through the binoculars, in which we see that he's focusing on the lead actress's cleavage.
  • Baywatch.
  • Every episode of the 2008 Knight Rider series has one of the lead females run around in a bikini or underwear for some obscure reason.
  • When Rachel Luttrell was pregnant on Stargate Atlantis and her chest grew accordingly, directors always made sure that her cleavage stayed in frame, even at the expense of the top half of the heads of main characters who dared to be standing and talking while Teyla sat.
  • Happens from time to time on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:
    • There are regular long, slow tracking shots of Cameron's well-formed behind as she slowly, deliberately walks along.
    • One of Jesse's early scenes is a swimming pool scene that gives a lot of attention to her bikini-clad body. This may have been a deliberate attempt to make the audience think that she was just there as a love-interest for Derek, rather than being the major player and ruthless Manipulative Bastard that she actually is.
  • Smallville: Camera focusing mostly on Lana Lang's body (her body-double's, actually) doing cartwheels in a tiny red bathing suit in episode "Nicodemus". Half of the episode "Exposed", which features plenty of gorgeous, mostly naked strippers, including Lois Lane. Half of the scenes with Lois Lane in general, e.g. "Aqua": Lois getting out of the water, wearing the tiniest bikini that could be found while the camera crawls lovingly over her body in (what else) slow motion.
  • Kelly Hu spent a fair proportion of the pilot episode of Martial Law hanging around in a bikini.
  • In NCIS, Tony got busted for Male Gaze, not once but twice within the episode "Driven". And this was after the Sensitivity Training in the beginning of the episode. First he decided to snap a picture of Ziva's tightly-clad backside when she bends over at a crime scene. Result: Gibbs Slap. Later when he's on a special mission for Jenny and was wearing special camera glasses, he was caught looking at the rears of passing women and had to be reminded to "keep his eyes on the prize".
  • Burn Notice, an otherwise excellent show, adores this trope. Their idea of an "establishing shot" seems to be an aerial view of Miami, and then a rather longer shot of random bikini-clad T&A jiggling by. Faces are optional. They also use these shots as the occasional bumper between scenes. Semi-justified, since Micheal hung out at the beach after getting burned, knowing suit-wearing bad guys would stick out.
    • This may be a harkening back to Miami Vice, which put two of these occurances in the opening credits.
  • Chuck's Sarah Walker has been the subject of a quite a few male gaze moments. Most of the time the camera plays it straight, because honestly, you don't need to work hard to make the sight of Yvonne Strahovski in her underwear look sexy. But sometimes it goes into outright leering territory, from Chuck's fantasy of her cartwheeling into the Buy More in her Orange Orange tank top to the shots from behind when she was dressed in only a tank top and panties. At least Chuck himself is respectful of women.
    • Averted just the once when Morgan got his own Buy More Wind Machine moment in "Chuck Versus the Tooth".
    • In "Chuck Versus the Fear of Death," they went out of their way with the gaze when it came to Greta, both in terms of the show's camera angles and in-character camera shots as the Buy More team stalked her around the building.
      • The very first shot of Greta was a very slow pan up the legs of Greta #1 (Olivia Munn) as she walked (in slow-mo) towards Chuck and Morgan upon their entering the Buy More in "Chuck Versus the Anniversary."
  • Spoofed in Cybill, when the title character starred in an X-Files rip-off called Lifeforms. The pilot episode featured countless shots of her legs and cleavage and very few of her face. This annoys her at first, but Cybill soon uses the fact that her legs are the most popular thing in the show to bully the male star and showrunner into rehiring the original creator.
  • Lampshaded on Top Gear, when May is at a Southern California beach talking about the Honda FCX. The cameraman turns to focus on a trio of convenient volleyball-playing girls, and May has to clear his throat to get his attention back.
  • iCarly has Sam, whose butt gets a good amount of camera shots in the newer seasons.
  • The first episode of That '70s Show features a POV shot as Eric goes into Donna's house. When Donna's mom appears, the camera goes straight to her cleavage.
  • Both present and averted in True Blood lots of lingering shots of sexy women dancing, breasts, butts, and legs, but also shots of naked men's bottoms, chests, clothed crotches, and the like. Mostly uses Jason Stackhouse, but Sam and Lafayette get shown that way too.
  • Really strong in the introduction to Xena: Warrior Princess - the camera pans up her legs as she fastens her boots, up her body, lingers on her breasts as she fastens the straps of her armor, etc. Occurred pretty frequently in the show as well, especially any that involved Xena dancing.
  • In the Comedy Central series Secret Girlfriend, the camera is at all times the POV of the main (male) character, a Heroic Mime who is "played" by the (presumably male) viewer, in a form of second-person television.
  • The first episode of UFO opens with a hemline-level view of a mini-skirted dolly bird sashaying away from the camera. It might have been set in The Eighties, but the mentality was strictly that of The '70s!
  • Battlestar Galactica. In "Sacrifice" Starbuck has been called on to handle a hostage situation while on leave on Cloud Nine, so she's briefing the marines in a cocktail dress. When her eyes go off them for a second the camera quickly dips down to her cleavage, mimicking what the marines are undoubtedly looking at in that moment.
  • Cuddy from House wears unusually tight clothing for a professional woman, and the camera increasingly lingers on her rear or cleavage as the series goes on. Her strip scene in House's fantasy at the end of season 4.
  • Mad Men has the walking, talking embodiment of this trope in Joan Holloway. There's a so-meta-it-hurts shot in an early episode where they're brainstorming for Belle Jolie that has Joan approach what she knows is two-way glass (with a bunch of horny ad execs behind it), turn around, and bends over. The camera goes right where you'd expect it to. Given later events in the series, and how Joan develops over time, the scene is far from gratuitous. The irony, of course, is that the character, and the actress, are more renowned for another part of her anatomy.
  • In episode "Sabrina Unplugged" of the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch, protagonist Sabrina Spellman is given a revealing red dress, a hair bleaching and has her breasts and butt accidentally enlarged by a co-worker with to a photoshop-like program from a magical computer she had teleported into (suspension of disbelief for silliness required). Though the episode's theme is about body image and how people shouldn't focus too much on how people look, the camera doesn't hesitate to spend most of the episode focused on actress Melissa Joan Hart's enhanced cleavage.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Penny, the show's only major female character, starts off as a generic girlfriend character with no purpose except to look cute. Thankfully, the writers eventually gave her a personality and role beyond eye-candy. NPR article.
    • However, promos for the series, including billboards, magazine ads, and even TV bumpers, constantly plaster her in the foreground, with the other characters in the background, thus making it seems like the series is about a hot blonde girl that nerds obsessively fawn over.
  • The CSI Verse has a lot of this (especially CSI: Miami).
  • In an episode of Season 8 of 24, Chloe, queen of sarcasm, is berating a colleague for not doing his job properly because he's checking out Katie Sackhoff. As she leaves, she sarcastically asks why he doesn't just stare at her rear as she walks away. So he and the camera does.
  • At about 0:17 in this promo for the Lifetime Channel's show, The Protector.
  • In British gardening show Ground Force, the cameraman is extremely skilled at getting downblouse shots on notoriously bra-less gardener Charlie Dimmock. Her omission of bra and preference for t-shirts with low or loose necks assured a large male following for the show, some of whom even knew which end of a spade goes in the ground. And the same camera team also knew their business when it rained and Charlie was working in the wet..
  • 30 Rock: Liz Lemon knows all about this trope. Her 'mentee' Hazel Wassername however...
    Hazel: When I confronted him about it he was so condescending! He laughed at me, then he undressed me with his eyes; then he had his way with me, with his eyes.
    Liz: Ugh, the Male Gaze...
    Hazel: Yeah, they're all a bunch of gays...
  • Actually a plot point on American Horror Story: Murder House. Moira is Dead All Along, but Ben still sees her as a sexy redhead in a fetish maid outfit while Vivian sees her as an old woman. Lampshaded when Moira says men see what they want to while women see into a person's soul.
  • In the "Person of Interest": episode 'Booked Solid' Pennsylvania's secretary, Ms. May (Root, actually) enters his office wearing a tight dress. Before we see her face, the camera only shows her rather large behind.
  • In the second episode of the first season of "The Walking Dead", there is a shot that follows Amy while she is walking to Lori with a bucket of mushrooms. You are able to see her butt while she is walking for about 20 seconds in this scene.
  • RuPaul's Drag Race is shot this way, both for the fanservicey "Pit Crew" and for the contests in drag. And at least one, but more often two or three challenges per season will be photography-based - Invoking this trope.
  • An episode of Castle featuring a slain plastic surgeon lingers for rather longer than strictly necessary on a patient of his who has rather obviously had a lot of work done. Castle notices, too, and Beckett wonders aloud what it is with men and boobs.
    Castle: (matter-of-factly) Biological. We can't help it.
    Beckett: Doesn't it bother you that they're so obviously not real?
    Castle: Santa's not real. We still like opening his presents.
  • An increasingly common pose in cable period dramas like The Tudors and The White Queen is where a man stands behind a woman to "seductively" help her out of her gown (which fastens in the back), purely by coincidence allowing for an unobstructed view of her breasts when he slips the gown from her shoulders.
  • Inverted in the Glee episode "Frenemies". At the end of the "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)" number, Tina pushes Artie off his wheelchair, and we are treated to a brief close-up of his buttocks, of all things, as he crashes to the floor.
  • Charlie's Angels naturally had its fair share of this, though rarely involving the Angels themselves. One early episode, for example, begins a scene focusing, for absolutely no reason, on the rear end of a shapely woman playing pool in a bar before finally panning over to where Sabrina is interrograting someone.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Many shots of women linger on their breasts, helped by them wearing low-cut dresses.
  • In Lifetime's A Deadly Adoption, Robert scans the pregnant Bridgette while she's sunning herself, and the camera takes in her legs and cleavage while notably skipping her baby bump. Which is fake anyway, even in-universe.
  • In-universe in an episode of Baby Daddy: while filming Bonnie and toddler versions of Ben and Danny in a restaurant, Ray is distracted by the behind of a male employee and turns his camera towards the guy.
  • The second episode of Into The Badlands features a pan up the entirety of the Widow's black-leather-clad body.
  • The Affair: Noah's recollection of events feature a lot of shots from his POV where he certainly notices Alison's figure.
  • The Ultimate Fighter spends the vast, vast majority of its focus on the fighters, and has done a generally very good job of avoiding this trope on the female fighters or the gender-flipped version on the males, though it's impossible to avoid Fanservice with the outfits the fighters wear for their sport. On the other hand, there are always close-ups of the ring girls' butts and often their breasts as well.


  • In Eight Ball Deluxe, one of the playfield images is a woman in tight jeans with her back to the viewer, leaning over the pool table...
  • The playfield for Bally's Xenon shows a woman with her back to the player, arms upraised.
  • Evel Knievel features several female fans with large breasts and wearing tight T-shirts.
  • The sides of the Baywatch cabinet prominently feature the backsides of three female lifeguards, complete with skimpy swimsuits.

     Professional Wrestling 
  • Turn on any WWE show later than 1995. Find a woman wrestling and chances are the cameras are focusing on her breasts falling out of her top, jiggling as she moves, or competing for who can get the most buttocks shots. Even more so if she is any competition that is not wrestling, WWE tending to have "bikini contests" and such seemingly just to facilitate this, though they seem to be on their way out since the return to the PG rating.
  • Played straight during Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling's "sports entertainment" era, where what was once among the most fearsome women's division on the planet was phased for valets with little wrestling or garbage wrestling skills whom the cameras would zoom in on while they attempted to fight one another, often to the point of missing the actual wrestling moves and violence the promotion was built on. However, what was left of the women's division was still fearsome enough to convince the cameramen not to apply this trope when they were wrestling.
  • During a Full Impact Pro falls count anywhere match between Homicide and CM Punk, the camera man, to commentator Prazak's annoyance, became more interested in two nearby strippers performing. Homicide himself soon became more interested in them than Punk too.
  • "Extreme Expose": The segment being the part in the show where three scantily clad women - one just barely over the age of 18 - dance to club music in the ring. It started as the 18-year-old's way to show off how much of an "exhibitionist" she was.
    • Even though Brooke Adams considered her buttocks her best assets (no pun intended), one of the cameras that followed her seemed more obsessed with them than her.
  • Subverted and Justified in OVW during a Leid Tapa vs Blossom Twin match, as the camera was being held by Eddy Valiant, whose girlfriend Epiphany was later seen demanding him to stop filming.

  • NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers.
  • Thanks to Erin Andrews, it has become for common for sideline and courtside reporters to be female.
  • Very common in the Super Bowl, where most of the national anthem singers are women.
  • Spotting pretty women in the crowds of sporting events has become such an obvious trope that it has it's own name among cameramen, the "Honey Shot." This article details how it was essentially the brainchild of Andy Sidaris, the director for ABC football broadcasts. Note that some women (Jenn Sterger, Pamela Anderson) have even gained careers from being spotted in sports crowds.
  • During the 2012 Olympic Games, NBC had to pull an online video called "Bodies in Motion" because its depiction of female athletes was considered objectifying and demeaning. It didn't help that during the women's volleyball matches, the cameramen would occasionally get...distracted.

     Tabletop Games 
  • In the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, it was common to see published modules describe any female characters (if they existed at all) in detail, usually with terms like "voluptuous" or "svelte", while neglecting to give important male NPCs so much as a hair color.

    Video Games 
  • The prostitute in the single-player intro part of Age of Conan reacts to all PCs as if they were men.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, the "slide" maneuver used while playing Catwoman to move through very narrow, low obstacles involves Catwoman sliding on her knees and leaning back with her arms spread just so, giving the player a perfect view of Catwoman's cleavage...
    • Talia. While she and Batman walk down the Chamber of the Demon, the camera has a pretty good view of her behind while walking down the stairs.
    • Used with Harley and Poison Ivy in Batman: Arkham Asylum. The latter could be considered part of her powers but the former is clearly just fansevice as she herself points out.
  • Bayonetta, though the game is rather campy already and very overt about its fanservice in the first place.
  • In a particularly egregious - and hilarious - example, Kagura of Blazblue: Chronophantasma has this as his match intro if he goes up against a female character (barring Rachel, Tsubaki and Makoto). It involves a crosshair moving down his female opponent's body, followed by a small readout of her precise BWH measurements and a comment from Kagura. Video.
  • Borderlands has some of this in the Secret Armory DLC. There are wanted posters for the player characters and the pictures of Brick, Mordecai and Roland show their faces as usual, but for Lilith, her picture is focussed, uh... lower.
  • In Brain Dead 13, Vivi says she's a little bit "behind". Guess what's appearing onscreen a bit after she says it?
  • The "erotic points for erotic photos" gimmick was replicated in Dead Rising, with the added Squick bonus that the women are zombies.
    • Also includes a hilarious Lampshade Hanging when Isabella is revealed via a POV pan-up from the knees - only for a fat guy to jump in Frank's way.
    "This is no time to ogle pretty girls, son!"
    • In Dead Rising 2, Chuck and Hot Scoop Reporter Rebecca Chang come up against a locked door. Rebecca then bends over to pick the lock. Chuck, meanwhile, stares at her feminine curves.
    "You have some interesting... skills, for a reporter."
  • In Devil May Cry 4: As Nero approaches the drawbridge, he witnesses Gloria as she engages several mooks in combat. During the fight, she spams split-related attacks, and the camera never misses an opportunity to pan across the area between her legs.
  • The robes for a female mage Warden in Dragon Age: Origins and the way the PC runs seem designed to draw attention to her hips. A romanced Alistair certainly notices: "No no no! I wasn't looking at... you know, her... hind-quarters."
  • Used in Dragon Quest VIII when Angelo introduces himself to Jessica.
    • And again when Prince Charmles's father tries to convince him that marrying a princess isn't so bad... by using Jessica as a visual illustration of "Va-va-VOOM".
    • Which Jessica responds to with, "Please leave me out of this."
  • Wanna try something fun? Next time you're playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, choose a female character, turn the camera around until it's facing the character's front, then zoom in. Guess where it ends up.
  • Fallout 3 is a game in which the PCs sex is supposed to be determined by the player, however in many places the game subtly assumes that the PC is male; for example, friendly female NPCs are generally slightly flirtatious, whereas friendly male NPCs tend towards bluff camaraderie.
  • Fear Effect. We get several close ups of Hana's feminine curves in both games. An in universe example is averted when Hana threatens to kill Deke for peeking at her.
  • Several in Final Fantasy.
    • Final Fantasy VII:
      • Tifa raises her arms above her head and stretches during her victory pose, which causes her breasts to jut outward. While in Dissidia 012, her pre-fight intro animation has her put her hands on her hips and lean forward, causing them to sway directly into the camera.
      • In the scene where Weapon is being released, Tifa is hit by a wave of blue energy that causes her to fall over on the deck, giving us an obvious shot of her breasts and up her skirt simultaneously.
      • Tifa also gets this in the ending FMV where she and Cloud are getting themselves up the ledge - the shot is focused on her breasts, which are also jiggling violently.
      • Dirge of Cerberus - Very frequently occurs to Shelke's toned backside in cutscenes.
      • The original Final Fantasy VII opening cinematic begins with a closeup of Aeris's face (a significant shot that Bookends the game). The PS3 tech demo remake of the Final Fantasy VII opening cinematic crops her face out of the frame in favour of looking down her top the whole time.
    • Final Fantasy IX - FMV with Dagger atop Lindblum castle playing with the pigeons.
    • Lulu does the same, during her victory pose in Final Fantasy X, giving the gamer a generous view of her equally generous bosom. There are also times when the camera cuts to Lulu talking, that zooms in on her breasts, while leaving the top half of her face out of frame. Her introductory FMV also begins with her at a distance, before cutting straight to her chest, and then (very slowly) panning up to her face.
      • During his review of FF X, The Spoony One used a counter to keep track of the number of times that the camera was angled such that you got a close-up of someone's buttocks in the foreground while the important bit happened in the background. To be fair, a significant portion of the buttocks belonged to men (or Ronsos).
      • Rikku is also a frequent offender; her introductory FMV (which is pure fanservice material, either way) has a long, lingering shot of her buttocks. A lot of the time the camera focuses on someone's buttocks in the foreground, it'll be hers. Her bikini top-and-short shorts outfit in X-2 is even more revealing (to say nothing of any of the other costumes she, Yuna and Paine wear in the game).
    • Played with in an early scene in the same game where Tidus snatches a person's binoculars and looks around with them, lingering at one point over Lulu's breasts. A similar joke occurs in Final Fantasy X-2, in which Logos is supposed to be showing a sphere of the events they just encountered in Bevelle but the video opens with a long shot of the camera pointed at Yuna's butt. He attempts to pawn off the blame on Ormi, which is quickly deflected when Ormi appears in the same shot.
    • Final Fantasy XII - There's a scene early on where Penelo is trying to talk Vaan out of doing the heist he's about to attempt, and one shot inexplicably centers around her torso. Her chest and crotch are in the shot. Her face isn't. Additionally, Fran's metallic thong seems to have magic camera-attracting abilities. Either that or her buttocks does.
    • Final Fantasy XV actually got complaints from the European playerbase that Wrench Wench Cindy was 'too sexy'. The director Hajime Tabata suggested that she wasn't intended to be sexy, so they had to rethink the way she was presented in-game rather than cover her up.
  • In Halo, whenever Cortana's visible, the camera does it's best to show off her translucent feminine curves. Taken to the max during Halo 3's campaign, when occasionally Cortana would flash up on screen, say something cryptic, and then disappear.
    • A video by Frank O'Conner explained that she appeared in such a form because it helped throw off men and gave her an advantage in conversation. To be honest, she didn't need to be a supergenius computer to know this would work.
  • Hyrule Warriors: 90% of Cia's intro clip consists of closeups of her legs, butt, and chest.
  • Jak and Daxter's Daxter takes a couple opportunities to check out his female friends' cleavage during the course of the series. At least he looks them in the face first, though.
  • Most likely unintentional but Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has a rather... plump backside. It helps by the fact that she's completely naked (although she lacks any sort of visible genitalia).
  • Lineage 2: Here's a gravity-defying fight scene between two rough and tough female characters and also the camera likes to linger to positively lick their busts and hips for some reason.
  • The first shot the player sees of Celestine from Magna Carta 2 is her boobs.
  • Mass Effect introduces Sha'ira, the Asari Consort, with a lingering shot of her behind as she walks upstairs.
    • And later, during a heterosexual sex scene, the camera lingers much more on the female partner in the relationship... even if you're playing her.
    • Matriarch Benezia's introduction includes a lingering shot of her Cleavage Window.
    • Mass Effect 2 has a scene with Miranda Lawson, a character who wears a skintight catsuit, in which she gives you a choice to take on a side quest. The choice menu comes up right as the camera holds on a view of her butt that takes up most of the screen. In fact, until the player makes a conversation choice, the camera stays on this shot. They take every opportunity they have to show off Miranda's body with quite a few butt shots in this and in part 3.
      • Miranda's camera-attracting abilities are spoofed in Kabuto the Python's rap parody "Those Minerals":
      You need to get a fuckin' upgrade, talk to Miranda,
      She'll prob'ly get up from her desk so you can stop for a gander....
    • Samara seems to have the camera more interested in her body than her face, as well.
  • The Matrix: Path of Neo introduces a minor NPC and rather Stripperific, Witch with a first-person view point of Neo, who's crouched on the floor, looking at her slowly from her feet to her corset to her head.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Metal Gear Solid: after the scene where Solid Snake first meets Meryl, there is an extended shot (in slow motion) of her buttocks as she is leaving. It was intended to draw attention to her unique walk so she could be identified in disguise.
    • The third game had a first person 'Snake Cam' at certain points during cutscenes, and when the female character EVA was around pressing the button would often greet the viewer with an extended shot focused on her breasts, either intentionally (Snake looking) or unintentionally (EVA showing him).
    • Hideo Kojima even managed to turn this into a narrative device; later in the game after falling in love with EVA, the Snake Cam focuses solely on her face.
    • The director even went so far as to include some bonus 'Peep Show' segments on the Director's Cut edition, which involved the scenes with EVA recut in various ways, with her dressed in an interesting alternate outfit.
    • He also did a recut scene of a segment where Snake undressed an attractive male, which raises some awkward questions about the director. Especially when it's taken into account the way the games are notorious for dressing men in Spy Catsuits and having long, lingering shots on their buttocks too, and also that the lead character always ends up shirtless at some point in his adventure. Metal Gear Solid's penultimate battle is a shirtless fistfight on top of a Humongous Mecha.
    • Outside of the recut sections, notice too that holding the button around Bishōnen Raikov reveals Snake's eyes to be permanently fixed on Raikov's junk.
    • MGS2's Raiden had a segment where he ran around stark staring naked, hands over his junk. (During this segment, he could run and dodge, but could not do anything that would require his hands to be elsewhere than covering himself up.)
    • In Metal Gear Solid 4, the cutscenes before each Beauty boss fight spend a lot of time behind the ladies as they are on all fours. Or anything else, really, especially after they're out of their One-Winged Angel form and in catsuits. This happens to be when their mental instability is usually underlined in bright red marker, making it rather difficult for players to be titillated. Snake gets quite a bit of this treatment in cutscenes involving him as well.
    • Hide for a few minutes and every Beauty fight becomes a fashion show.
    • Parodied in Metal Gear Solid 4, when Otacon and Naomi are using the computer together. His webcam feed is displayed on his laptop, as they work, and while Otacon isn't looking at the video, he's clearly angled it specifically to video Naomi's cleavage. When Naomi tries to look at what's on the screen, he panics and tries to point the camera away so that she doesn't notice. She does, but she actually seems quite pleased.
    • And then, later, he's spying on her and her comrades by positioning a tiny invisible robot between her legs. The target displaying what Otacon is most focused on at any one time flips back and forth from whoever's talking to Naomi's feet, buttocks, or thighs. He does go in for a Panty Shot, but she notices the robot a fraction of a second beforehand and one of her coworkers destroys it.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 2, you can photograph various Page Three Stunna pictures and send them to Otacon, to which he has various amused/aroused responses. You can also send him either pin-ups of semi-naked men or photos of a burly bisexual man, which cause him to question Snake's (and the assumed male player's) orientation.
  • Zero Suit Samus from Metroid is introduced in The Subspace Emissary, the Adventure Mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with her dropping to the ground from an air vent followed by a slow pan from her legs to her face. Clad in a Spy Catsuit as she is, this is hardly surprising.
    • It does build suspension and makes it all the more powerful when she does show her face near the end of the clip.
    • The Smash Bros Brawl website plays Equal Opportunity with this, related to Metal Gear above. When describing Snake's Final Smash, one of the stills is of Snake (also in a Spy Catsuit) as he's climbing down the ladder, and his buttocks the screen.
    • This Japanese ad for Metroid: Zero Mission has a Japanese glamour model as Samus, and takes great advantage of it, complete with a butt shot.
    • The introductory video for Palutena has close-up shots of her hip (on the side where her dress is slitted) and her chest.
  • In the PS2 survival horror game Michigan: Report From Hell, you are a cameraman whose job is to keep the camera rolling and keep on filming a number of various sexy female reporters (if one dies another replaces them, though once they all die, the game ends) going above and beyond the call of duty in delivering their news reports, even as Michigan City literally goes to the proverbial hell (imagine this as the The Blair Witch Project meets The Mist) in a handbasket. You can take pictures of anything, for which you score points, with "erotic" pictures getting "erotic" points. If you score enough "erotic" points overall, you get the Golden Ending where whatever sexy female reporter with whom you scored enough erotic points with, will proceed to pose, parade, and pole dance for you in sexy lingerie whether she actually lived or died by the game end (you can even get all the girls together in the ending if you repeat the game enough times, with a new girl added each time until you already have them all).
  • In Need for Speed Most Wanted, during the initial introduction with the Silent Protagonist's sidekick Mia Townsend, the camera pans along her body as she walks towards the player's car.
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: When Travis goes to the UAA office for the first time, he follows behind Sylvia, bending over low enough to put his face about 6 inches from her butt.
  • Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is a huge example of this, since the game was supposely a romantic comedy with erotic overtones (though it failed horribly). Just as an example, the introductory FMV is just the female lead talking about the game as the camera zooms in to her breast.
  • Particularly blatant near the start of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, in which a female antagonist enters the scene and the camera spends several seconds focused on her Thong of Shielding.
  • In the completed yet never (officially) released US edition of Princess Maker 2, there is the infamous "nude suit" for the female heroine even as a young girl.
  • "Nostalogic", a song sung by Meiko in Project Diva F has the camera often lock on or swing past Meiko's rear, midriff, or breasts, which also bounce.
  • Sheva's introduction in Resident Evil 5 starts with a long closeup of her buttocks.
  • Rumble Roses has lots but the one that really stands out is when a character is ready to be finished off with a "humiliation move".
  • Lampshaded in Shadow Hearts 3, where the end of the scene where Johnny and Shania meet has an actual, on-screen arrow pointing from Johnny's eyes to Shania's chest. Also the Transformation Sequence. Dear God, the Transformation Sequence.
  • In First-Person Shooter SiN Episodes (i.e. a game in which the camera angles are almost entirely up to the player), the character of Jessica Cannon wears a Spy Catsuit that, when viewed from behind, is apparently designed to draw attention to her rear end.
  • Rouge the Bat in Sonic the Hedgehog. She tends to pose in... odd ways in the anime Sonic X and gets a bit of this in the games too, as sometimes it seems as if she poses for no apparent reason other than to highlight her cleavage.
  • Most of Cammy iconic victory poses in Street Fighter, as well as her STARTING POSE in IV involve her having her back facing the camera.
  • Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken provokes this a LOT. Her versus screen, victory and win screen poses all focus on this, and her special intro with Hugo before a fight outright shoves this in the player's face.
  • Lara Croft suffers from this in many ways in the Tomb Raider games; not only does she possess somewhat... exaggerated attributes in the bosom and rear end departments, but the clothes she wears (particularly in the earlier games) are designed to enhance them even further. Coupled with this is the fact that she is mostly viewed from behind during the game (partly as a necessity of the game mechanics), and it's not hard to imagine what many gamers of the male persuasion would be thinking about when playing the game.
    • This got even worse in Tomb Raider Anniversary, where the updated graphics and animation allowed the developer to do the same game except with more fanservice—as Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw notes in his review, when she comes out of the water she's realistically wet and glistening, and if you leave the game idle for a while she does these shamelessly erotic stretches.
    • Any leftover modesty leaves in Underworld, where Lara dons a swimsuit-leotard for significant portions of the game.
    • Crystal Dynamics have stated they are specially trying to avert this in the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, to the point that they iterated on her model until people in tests were found to naturally focus on her eyes rather than her breasts.
  • Just about everything Vanillaware does is heavily garnished with stuff George Kamitani likes, and what he likes are boobs, butts, and buffness. Dragon's Crown takes this trope to level that borders on parody.
  • Played for laughs in Warriors Orochi 3: Guest Fighter Ayane briefly crosses blades with Yoshitsune Minamoto. Their fight is cut short when Yoshitsune catches a glimps of Ayane's ample chest, and he becomes too flustered to continue fighting her. He spends a lot of time afterwards insisting Ayane dress in something less Stripperific.
  • Fire Emblem Fates has Camilla, the older sister of the Nohr family, who has very big... err... assets. This is acknowledged in her pre-fight cutscene on the Hoshido route, where the camera does a cycle around her butt, crotch, and yes, her chest. "I choose Nohr for boobs!" has become quite the rally cry for guys who have chosen to side with Nohr, and by extension, her.
  • Metroid: Other M was developed by the T-and-A-loving Team Ninja, and the game's director apparently asked them to tone down the fanservice compared to what the team wanted to do. Of course, while deconstructing the game's many, many Unfortunate Implications, many have remarked that the version that came out spent an awful lot of time focusing on Samus's Spy Catsuit-covered behind, including during dramatic scenes where Samus has been shot.


    Web Original 
  • In Echo Chamber, whenever Porn Girl or Shannon enter a scene, they immediately steal the focus away from whatever was in frame beforehand. This is an in-universe example, since Zack, the cameraman, is a character, and Zack likes boobies.
  • There's a lot of cleavage in The Black Legend episode of Epic Meal Time. Also in the Maximum Mac and Cheese Recap Special.
  • Folding Ideas: Conserved twice. Instead of focusing on its relationship with women and gay/bi men, Dan focuses on the Internalized Misandry within how male characters are often portrayed.
  • Parodied in the KateModern episodes "Birdwatching" and "Much, Much Worse". In both cases it is implied that the cameramen - Gavin and Toe respectively - are perhaps enjoying their camerawork a little too much.
  • Controversial Lonelygirl15 episode "Girl Tied Up" features a pan over Emma as she lies tied up on a bed. Suspiciously, the thumbnail for this video on YouTube is of the moment where it passes her cleavage; consequently this is the most watched LG15 video on that site, but one of the lowest rated. Particularly disturbing since the film is supposed to be being shot by the adult Dr. Hart, and Emma is 15. Surprisingly enough, the Creator responsible for this video was Amanda Goodfried. When fans asked her about the episode, she simply replied, "I know what sells."
  • When asked in a Q&A video who he thought the hottest female was, Matt Santoro said Kate Upton, and to prove it, he played a clip of Kate Upton dancing in lingerie. This distracted Matt for a few seconds before he regained focus.
  • Parodied and subverted in The Matrix Reloaded episode of Rifftrax where the camera settles on a clear and long shot of a woman's cleavage at a dinner table. The guys say nothing apart from Kevin going "hmm" and chuckling quietly to himself. When the shot goes to another person Mike comments "that water looked good" (referring to the woman's drink).
  • Stop Looking, Ya Damn Perv
  • Parodied in the web show The Guild. The opening theme features a close-up of each character in turn, and when it gets to Clara, the camera stops on her breasts, then just gets a very quick shot of her face before moving on.
  • While all pervs, the ladies and gentlemen of That Guy with the Glasses will always point this out in a disparaging way when they review something. Regarding their own fanservice, the Female Gaze is much more common.
  • Tobuscus has a Catch Phrase specifically for occurrences of this in his videos: "Hot hot hot", said at Motor Mouth velocity and frequently a distraction from whatever he was talking about at the time.
  • Discussed in an episode of Needs More Gay, and differentiates between this and Female Gaze, the later typically being static, distant shots to convey power rather than panning close-ups of body parts. However, while he makes the Double Standard abundantly clear and how awkward it can be for those not sexually attracted to women, Rantasmo concludes that there is no easy way to cater to a society that enjoys sex without it alienating some people (just to prove his point, the episode ends with him staring at pictures of Chris Hemsworth).
  • One Two Best Friends Play episode begins with Matt purchasing that episode's game at a kiosk, filming the entire process. When the female clerk turns to take the game off its shelf his camera briefly pans down to focus on her butt.

     Western Animation 
  • Animaniacs doesn't have this as a rule - until Hello, Nurse! is on screen, at which point the trope is carried to parody levels. The handful of Minerva Mink shorts tended to use the trope straight (as a set-up for the Wild Take reactions of various male characters.)
  • A.T.O.M: The suiting up shots of the team show the guys putting on helmets and gloves, buckling seatbelts. Lioness? We get a worm's eye view shot from behind of her straddling her motorcycle, or a close shot of her zipping her battle outfit over her breasts.
  • Ty Lee in the Beach Episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Many in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!. From Maria Hill to Black Widow, there is no shortage of shots of the female characters walking from behind and usually with a belt positioned to highlight the motion of their hips.
  • In the original Biker Mice from Mars, one scene in the episode "Seeds of Victory" has Carbine standing in the foreground, resulting in a brief closeup of her hindquarters.
  • Interestingly on Captain Planet and the Planeteers, both the first shot of Linka in the first episode and the first shot of her in the opening of every episode is a pan up her legs...
  • Dexter's mom from Dexter's Laboratory. Cameras don't hesitate to get as many shots from the back as they can; "Better Off Wet" in particular features her in a bikini.
    • Another memorable example is in the episode "Nuclear Confusion" where Dexter has to follow the clues for Dee Dee's treasure hunt. The next clue at the home of Dexter's "touchy-feely neighbor lady", who sports some very noticeable Hartman Hips. The neighbor offers him cookies, but drops one and bends to pick it up, showing the next clue is painted on the seat of her pants.
  • Constantly spoofed and played straight with Foxxy on Drawn Together, especially when she's been soaked with liquid.
  • A memorable example from The Fairly OddParents, Timmy's mom is in the Miss Dimmsdale Pageant, and shows Timmy that her old bikini still fits. Timmy's eye twitches, but for every male fan....
  • Futurama veers into Male Gaze mode fairly often. The two female Planet Express employees - Amy and Leela - are both very shapely and often wear revealing outfits. It makes sense for Amy's character, but Leela's wardrobe is blatantly just there for Fanservice.
    • The creators acknowledged in a commentary at one point that Amy was a sex symbol to the fans, joking that there was a fansite called Can't Get Enough Amy.
  • In the opening theme of Generator Rex, Dr. Holiday shows up after the camera pulls away guessed it, her chest.
  • In an episode of Inspector Gadget Gadget meets his favorite actress Lana Lamore he begins to examine her with gadget goggles he noticeably stops on her breasts at one point and shouts his catchphrase "Wowzers!", even though this was a kids' show.
  • Both main girls in Iron Man: Armored Adventures get a few of these throughout the series, especially the beautiful Action Girl Whitney Stane, whose skirt provides plenty of 'interesting' angles for the camera to play around with.
  • Used on the various Stripperiffic female villains and superheroines in Justice League. When the The Royal Flush members were being introduced one by one, Joker gave a "Hmm..." when the camera panned to Queen's legs before rising to display her face.
  • In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, our first sight of Wonder Woman is a shot centered on her buttocks.
  • Kim Possible has her fair amount of close-up buttocks shots and sometimes lingers on Shego.
  • Loonatics Unleashed - we come back from a commercial to a shot of Lexi Bunny's tail and her backside as she Sexy Walks away from the camera toward Ace.
  • The "Spider-Baby" skit on MAD featured infant Peter Parker meeting his new babysitter, a full-grown Mary Jane. The camera (assumingly from Peter's POV) slowly closes in on her chest for two seconds as she asks "is somebody hungry?"
  • (Probably) Not in a sexual manner, but Razzaroo's had many pictures involving shots of her friends' buttocks in the first My Little Pony special.
  • Spoofed in The Powerpuff Girls - we never see Ms. Bellum's face, so when she speaks, the camera cuts to her chest.
  • During the Regular Show episode "Slam Dunk", Margaret rides by the boys, and we are treated to a lingering gaze of her buttocks, complete with appropriate male gaze music.
  • Sanjay and Craig parodies this trope in the first episode, after Noodman gets his butt transplant
  • The Action-Hogging Opening of SilverHawks features a pan up the body of team Smurfette Steel Heart, with a fully detailed drawing of her cybernetic Amazonian Beauty.
  • Happens in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends the first time Iceman and Firestar are introduced to Storm. The view cuts to Iceman's POV who is looking her over from her legs upwards, whilst proclaiming "Wow". When he gets to Storm's face, she looks a little annoyed, prompting Iceman to stutter; "Uh, I mean, hi!".
  • In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Heroes on Both Sides", Ahsoka asks a Separatist boy around her age if she looks bad (as in the good/evil sense) to him. Cue slow pan from legs to head, and the obviously flirtatious response of "not bad at all." Ahsoka lampshades it on the spot.
  • There are several moments in Steven Universe where the camera pulls this on Pearl's backside, which is drawn a lot more shapelier than usual in those particular shots. Examples include the final act of "Laser Light Cannon" and, more blatantly, Amethyst's taunting in "Cat Fingers", where she morphs into Pearl, sticks out her rear and begins slapping it while going "Womp! Womp!".
  • Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures has the resident pop-idol's music video, and it really says something about this trope when the object of the camera's attention is a doll-like girl with no curves, but the camera still focuses on her chest, rear end, and lips for most of the song, often the point of leaving her face out of the frame.
  • Who could forget the infamous "Shake It, Bake It, Booty Quake It" scene from Sym-Bionic Titan? The scene shows as much ass shaking, pole dancing, and bouncing as though giving a crazy-ass lap dance as you possibly can without being burned at the stake by soccer moms.
  • In the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April and, sometimes, Karai are subject to this.
  • Tex Avery often played this for laughs (same as everything else). In Who Killed Who?, a flashlight spot scans a wall full of hanging pictures, including one of a scantily clad woman with a fur coat, but when the spot returns to the picture, the woman is covered up. Similarly, in Wild And Wolfy, the camera follows a mug of beer past a nude painting covered up by the bartender, who, when the camera comes back, states that he doesn't move for the rest of the picture. (When he does, however, the covered portion only has a sign saying "I ain't got no body.")
  • Total Drama Island has a lot of this, but the most noticeable is Courtney. Courtney gets a bunch of butt shots for no other reason besides Fanservice in every season in which she participates. It's especially noticeable when she does her Cheerleader bit. Heather and Zoey (in All-Stars) also.
  • In Totally Spies! about half the camera shots are focused on the girl's breasts as they are about to speak or when they crash into each other the camera is often focused their butts as they are lying on the floor.
  • In The Transformers episode "War Dawn", the camera focuses on Ariel's bottom when she charges at Megatron.
  • Arcee gets occasional skidplate shots in Transformers Prime, most notably in the episodes "Predatory" and "Out of the Past".
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy has a close-up on Kitty Katswell's behind near the start of the episode "Puppy Unplugged".
  • In one episode of Winx Club, one scene cuts from a close up of a supporting character to a shot of Stella's rear as she is trying out a skirt. The transformations are full of these, especially the newest ones.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, there are a few shots where the camera angle is so that about 1/2 of the shot is a female character's buttocks, the other half is the background and the other characters in the scene.
  • In the Direct-to-Video Wonder Woman movie, her "suit-up" sequence includes a close up of Diana's uncovered chest as she pulls her one-piece up.
  • An episode of the early '90s X-Men animated series, in which Rogue is blasted by Apocalypse so hard her normally-indestructible bomber jacket is burned away (though her even-more-indestructible tights, hair, and flesh are not), she collapses to the ground, the camera positioned behind her...and you are suddenly very aware that she is wearing indestructible spandex.

  • Science has proven it, therefore it must be real.
  • According to Sarah Palin Newsweek's cover is this in context that they used a cover from Runner's World and added a new caption!
  • A New York magazine article discussing flash mobs and other public pranks showed a picture of one of them, where a group of people all simultaneously took the Subway wearing no pants. Despite the fact that there are at least a half-dozen men in the picture, the camera is looking up the subway stairs at the one woman in lacy lingerie, naturally centered and in-focus.
  • According to this interview, Inoue Meimy has a Male Gaze. She says she likes females, but specifically through a Male Gaze and not a Female Gaze despite being female.
  • This footage of The Runaways begins with a five-second close-up of Cherie Currie's backside.
  • Happened to Peggy Bunker on The Daily Buzz while she was reading a story on breast implants, with some Tempting Fate beforehand and exasperated reaction afterward.
  • A cameraman at a 2012 National Hockey League playoff game between the Flyers and Penguins accidentally broadcast a fine example.
    • Also happened at a baseball game in Japan (1:37-1:45), except this time the offending (?) cameraman appears to have been caught on camera himself (1:46-2:02)!
  • A article about Alien chose as the header picture a shot of Ellen Ripley bending over in her panties. Amusingly, the text of the article notes how the film is over-analyzed as a piece of feminist art.
  • A particularly egregious example occurs in some of the 'Dolphina Belly-Dance' tutorial films. They're supposedly videos to instruct in the basics of belly-dance for fun and fitness, and the instructions are clearly pitched at women. The trouble is that they are filmed in this trope, so quite frequently Dolphina is instructing the viewer to do such-and-such with their feet, but the camera is too busy panning over her abs to show what the step is actually supposed to look like.
  • The infamous photo of US President Barack Obama and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy supposedly checking out a Brazilian intern. It turns out that Obama was actually looking at someone else just outside the photo to help them up the steep flight of stairs. Sarkozy, on the other hand...
  • A verbal example appeared in the 2013 Academy Awards, where host Seth MacFarlane sang a song called "We Saw Your Boobs," highlighting the nude scenes of many of the actresses in the audience. Unfortunately, three or four of the scenes he mentioned were rape scenes. Also qualifies as Dude, Not Funny! (and as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, since one of the lyrics went "we haven't seen Jennifer Lawrence's boobs at all." That would change after Labor Day 2014, when the people who stole private pictures of her and many other female celebrities released them online).
  • This video, perhaps, has said EVERYTHING all men in the entire world want to say why they have this tendency, and why this trope even exists. Yes. Everything.