Hartman Hips


The character designer for a cartoon is drawing a woman. For whatever reason, they want her to look more *ahem* "mature" than the average female in this series. But the cartoonist won't be giving this character big or even medium-sized breasts. Often they can't because large breasts and an hourglass figure aren't considered to be family-oriented and their cartoon is in the Animation Age Ghetto, where big breasts can't get past Network Standards and Practices. Or maybe it's a deliberate stylistic decision.

If you aren't using big breasts, how do you make a character look female? Narrow her waist and enlarge her hips. A lot.

This animated woman will usually have a small bustline, a very narrow waist, narrow shoulders and very wide hips often accompanied by large buttocks. Regardless of the width of the character's waist and hips it's important that her waist look exaggeratedly small relative to her hips. The end result should be an exaggerated pear shaped figure.

Named after writer/animator Butch Hartman, whose cartoons often make use of this trope, because Stephen Silver designs many of the characters for his shows.

If they have a large bust size to go along with the hips with a notably smaller waist, they should be considered for Impossible Hourglass Figure instead. Simply having wide hips does not equate Hartman Hips: they must have a small bust and shoulders as well. While this body shape can occur in nature, this is specifically a creator driven animation and artwork trope, so No Real Life Examples, Please!

NOTE: Please only add examples to work or character pages with actual examples of characters with exaggerated pear-shaped figures as meant to denote maturity, considering whether they apply better for Male Gaze or Impossible Hourglass Figure.


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  • This ad for the Paul Valentine lingerie collection from the February 1962 issue of Sir! magazine.

    Anime and Manga 
  • Taeko Kondo of Girls und Panzer has wide hips, particularly when wearing shorts.
  • Gundam:
    • The GN Archer from Gundam 00 has, along with a ponytail and monoboob, thunderthighs to make it appear more feminine.
      • The Gottralan piloted by Katejina Loos has a bit of this going on as well. It is actually technologically justifiable, being a close-combat mech that needs a wide range of limb movement. The Gundam Musou variation is less effective with the hipness, being built more like a Hawaiian hula doll to complement its CQC moveset.
    • Another one would be the OZ-07AMS Aries from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, thanks to its slim lower legs. Justified as its thighs house turbofan engines, along with the necessary intakes, which make the Aries capable of flight in the first place (they're matched with a pair of equally huge turbines coming out of the shoulders). Of note, the only character to pilot an Aries regularly is the only female pilot in the main cast.
  • The girls of Hayate the Combat Butler seem to sport these. The normal Joshikousei make it hard to see in most cases.
  • Despite being controlled by a male pilot, the Tauburn from Star Driver has an very feminine silhouette thanks to it's extremely narrow waist and wide hips.

  • In Elizabethan times the fashionable female body shape was like a bell: a huge lower half, small waist and flat chest.
  • The Georgian perfect silhouette conformed to this almost exactly- enormously wide (but not round) paniers- frames to hold out the skirt- even more so the 'pocket hoop' paniers, which pulled out the skirt wide while it stayed flat at the front and back.
  • The round Victorian crinoline also went there (surprisingly it was considered a sensible alternative to what had gone before- achieving the same look with literally dozens of layers of underskirts). Being lightweight wire, it was also a lot more flirty than it looks in drawings, because of the way it moved as the wearer walked. And given how prudish the Victorians were, the purpose for crinolines were not for Fanservice, but serves as an additional cockblock for potential suitors.
  • The silhouettes of The '50s consisted of a full bosom achieved by bullet bras, a nipped waist through corsets and girdles, and wide hips. Whether she wears a circle skirt, a pencil skirt, or pants, the erogenous zone focused on the hips.

  • Lucas' mother in The Ant Bully has an absurd case of these.
  • Pretty much every adult female in The Book of Life from Mary Beth to La Muerte, to Maria and Carmen, to incidentals in the background.
  • A particularly extreme example is found in the animated intro to the 60s film Catalina Caper with the very full-hipped mermaid, as mocked on Mystery Science Theater 3000
    Joel: Nice measurements! 36-2...85?
  • Sam Sparks (left in that image) from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Most of the background female characters also qualify, but Sam's got the thinnest waist and biggest hips by far.
  • In The Film of the Book, Coraline's mother has a very small bust but very wide hips, thus still giving the Other Mother a spider-like shape even before she starts looking freaky. Mrs. Spink apparently had a figure like this, as seen in the old posters in her and Forcible's apartment, and the youthful form of the Other Spink.
  • The mother tourist at the beginning of Despicable Me.
  • Disney Animated Canon:
    • Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, to her dismay. Humorously used when her hips get her stuck in a keyhole.
    • Megara from Disney's Hercules was actually designed to be shaped like a Greek vase.
    • From Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass has hips slightly wider than her shoulders. Plays with the common maternal implications in that she never had any children of her own but adopted her two nephews.
    • Judy Hopps and Gazelle from Zootopia both have curvy hips so that they look more feminine. (In Gazelle's case, the hips were added specifically at Shakira's request.)
  • Disney Fairies franchise has Rosetta (and, to lesser extent, Fawn). Her hips are huge. Even compared to Tinker Bell's!
  • Crysta from FernGully.
  • Genndy Tartakovsky seems to really enjoy using this trope for his adolescent and adult female characters. He proved as much in Hotel Transylvania. Mavis and Wanda all have very wide hips compared to the rest of them. Wanda is at least slightly justified in that she's pregnant with at least three were-pups. Mavis is the truest case , although it's downplayed because she's still supposed to be barely an adult (by monster standards, anyway). The sequel add Linda, Jonathan 's mother. Additionally, a young brunette woman (dating a man mistaken for a werewolf by Linda) who shows up for about five seconds has some huge hips.
  • Lucy and Tip from Home both have hips that are as wide as their shoulders.
  • Helen Parr from The Incredibles. A mother of three who's been retired for 15-20 years (give or take), and had much more svelte thighs in the prologue. Passing a reflective metal surface, she happens to get a glance of her butt and sighs unhappily, showing that she had gained quite a lot of weight in that area. Mirage is pencil-thin, but even her hips are as wide as her shoulders. Violet has a more teen-size version.
  • Disgust from Inside Out. More noticeable due to her tendency to sway her hips while moving and stand with one hip out.
  • A non-human example, Gloria from the animated film Madagascar has very prominent hips.
  • Ki from Mars Needs Moms. Every female Martian has this body shape.
  • Lucille from A Monster in Paris. Especially notable during the "La Seine" dance sequence.
  • ParaNorman has Courtney (and her mom). It's offscreen, but Alvin clearly grabs Courtney's butt at one point, prompting her to say in annoyance, "My HAND, Alvin. My hand". Taken to extremes with the aerobics instructor Neil likes to freeze-frame on.
  • The lady penguins from The Pebble and the Penguin all have very shapely hips.
  • Chel from The Road to El Dorado, almost to the point of parody. Her waist is, tops, twenty inches and her hips are at least as wide as her shoulders. Chel is a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Dorothy Lamour, best known for playing most of the love interests in the "Road to ......" movies, starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, of which the entire movie is a homage.
    "The hip! The hip!"
  • Rosita from Sing.
  • Clementina from West and Soda has very wide hips compared to the rest of her body. Esmeralda appears to have wide hips, too, though she could just be wearing a hoop skirt or a bustle.

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    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The trope namer, Butch Hartman, is actually a misnomer. It's actually Stephen Silver's art style and character designs (see The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom).
  • Willow and other characters from A Kind of Magic. For a show already named for a Queen song, the female character designs sure bring up the page quote to mind pretty well.
  • One episode of Adventure Time (Go With Me) has Marceline as this; she's normally the skinniest regular female cast member (at least in comparision to Princess Bubblegum, who normally wearing very voluminous dresses), but she's also a Voluntary Shapeshifter and may have simply decided that she felt like having a set of large hips.
  • The genie Eden in Aladdin: The Series. Since, like Genie, she tends to trail off below the waist, but she's female, she's given an impressive set of hips to raise her visual appeal.
  • The two widest features of Nicole Watterson on The Amazing World of Gumball are her head... and her hips.
    • Interestingly, her son (the Gumball of the title) displays a rare male example of this, as well.
  • Betty's mom from Atomic Betty has wide hips. An episode shows that Betty will grow these.
  • Delia Deetz from the Beetlejuice cartoon.
  • Miss Finch on Birdz.
  • Big Brain, the first female robot built by Grizzle on Adventures in Care-a-Lot, has these, despite not having any legs.
  • All of the female characters in Clone High. Lampshaded in one episode, in which Abe draws up a flyer for Joan to get her a date for prom. Among other strange attributes (including "Janeane Garofalo-esque" and "Not religious"), he highlights her "good birthing hips".
  • In Danny Phantom, you have Maddie Fenton, Valerie Gray (in costume), Ember McLain, Penelope Spectra, Desiree (despite having no legs), Paulina, and Starr to a lesser extent.
  • The DC Animated Universe runs into this on at times.
    • Superman: The Animated Series has the villainous Livewire. Whereas most of the women in the show are examples of Impossible Hourglass Figure, Livewire isn't as well endowed. Apparently, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, experimenting with their new art style, wanted to toe the line rather than bring in superhero appearances all at once. In Justice League her figure looks the same as all the other women.
    • Batman: The Animated Series, given its more realistic art, does not use this trope. When the show was retooled (with some budget cuts) into The New Batman Adventures, with a new animation style very similar to (but not exactly like) the animation on Superman: The Animated Series, Hartman Hips become more common.
    • Batman Beyond, with an improvement of The New Batman Adventures animation style, didn't. Most of the time. Sometimes (like with Max, for example), they do.
  • Dexter's mom (pictured) in Dexter's Laboratory. In fact, when DeeDee gets turned into a duplicate of Mom in one episode, she feels her hips with awe.
    • Dee Dee's Ballet teacher in one episode falls into this trope.
  • Every single female human in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and its sequels. (Even the elderly Granny Smith and pre-teen girls have rather prominent hips.)
    • Special mention to Dazzlings. Their outfits all prominently emphasize their hips, helped by the fact they tend to swing them a lot when they sing.
  • Major Doctor Ghastly from Evil Con Carne.
  • In The Fairly Oddparents, more than a few women who aren't overweight or fairy-like use this trope, but the most obvious examples would be Britney Brittany, Timmy's mom, the Tooth Fairy and Adult Vicky (shown twice). Note that appearances change somewhat as time goes on.
  • Mac and Terrance's mother from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Although she looks like she has an impossible hourglass figure in her business attire, her shoulders and chest look smaller in other attire.
  • Donbot's daughter Bell has these in the Futurama episode "The Silence of the Clamps" more specifically her waist was shaped like a bell.
  • Peg Pete from Goof Troop is probably among the curviest females in Disney tv series history, with hips wider than her shoulders.
  • In Inner Workings, all the women on the beach have rather exaggerated hips at least three times the size of their waists.
  • Saffi from Jimmy Two-Shoes. Heloise is also like that when she's dressed up like a mermaid in "The Hooded Chicken", which is strange because normally, she doesn't have them since she physically resembles a little girl.
  • Kick's mom, Honey Buttowski in Kick Buttowski.
  • Donna, Strickland Propane's secretary from King of the Hill.
  • Rita Loud from The Loud House, which is to be expected given she's had eleven kids. Also don't forget Lincoln's Teacher Agnes Johnson and Ronnie Anne's mother Maria. The trend continues with Ronnie Anne's cousin Carlotta, her aunt Frida, and even the One-Scene Wonder background character "Thicc QT". Essentially, if a female character isn't underage or obese in this show, she will have this figure.
  • Rose Explosion in Metalocalypse, but not in a particularly attractive way. In fact, it's a little worrying how large her hips are- they're practically as wide as her shoulders, while the rest of her is normally proportioned.
  • Many female character from Mighty Magiswords.
  • Tina and Majorie from Neighbors From Hell.
  • Pepper Ann's mom qualifies, as her waist goes inward and her hips are about twice as wide.
  • From Phineas and Ferb, Linda Flynn-Fletcher (mother of Phineas and Ferb) and Professer Poofenplotz.
    • Future!Candace as well, and as of season four, regular Candace is starting to show these.
  • Ms. Keane from The Powerpuff Girls. Most notably in "Keen on Keane".
  • Melissa Raccoon from The Raccoons has both large hips and rear.
    • Same thing with her sister-in-law Nicole, but just a bit less so, considering that she's taller than Melissa.
  • Debbie Turnbull in Robotboy.
  • Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats.
  • Mrs. Hamdon and Tara from SheZow.
  • Skippy and Matilda from Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown. Though, the former's is pretty close to the latter's, seeing as they're both kangaroos.
  • Jackie Lynn Thomas from Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
    • The Queen has a serious case of those, although it may mostly be peplums in her skirt.
  • Garnet from Steven Universe has a tiny waist on tops of extremely wide hips and huge thighs. It certainly fits since she's eldest, wisest, and most mature of her team.
    • Peridot, at least in "Message Received" and "Kindergarten Kid". However, her maturity levels in those episodes are also increased.
    • Sardonyx, the fusion of Garnet and Pearl. She has a thin waist and large hips, not unlike Garnet, one of her component Gems.
  • Pretty much all the female characters in SWAT Kats, especially Callie Briggs, Ann Gora and Dr. Abby Sinian. Even robot gangster Molly has them! Mostly avoided with Commander Feral's niece Felina, though. In addition to this, male scientist Dr. Zyme has got an hourglass-shaped figure with a tiny waist and very large, wide hips. He's about the only male character in the show to have them.
  • Rebecca Cunningham from TaleSpin, specially since she is half the size of Baloo and only a bit taller than 12-year old Kit Cloudkicker.
  • One of Tex Avery's cartoon shorts for MGM, The House of Tomorrow, includes a look at separate doors for each member of the family. The door for the Mrs./Mother is regular looking, except the lower half expands out like the shape of an enormous hoop skirt. The cartoon's narrator explains, "She just loves sweets."
  • Mumm-rana; a good Distaff Counterpart of Big Bad Mumm-ra, the main villian of Thunder Cats.
  • Shelia from Time Squad is practically all thighs and no upper body. The exact opposite of her ex-husband Buck Tuddrussel.
  • In Total Drama Beth, Blaineley and especially Anne Maria (her hips are massive).
  • Dani Burns from Transformers Rescue Bots.
  • The ladies of Wakfu, especially Amalia, who's fourteen years old.
  • Wuya in Xiaolin Showdown, in human form.
  • In The X's both Mrs. X and her daughter Tuesday have these.
  • Claudette Dupri from Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production has these.
  • These aren't uncommon in Samurai Jack. The Fairy from the episode "Jack Tales" has especially pronounced hips.

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