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Video Game: Dofus

Dofus is an MMORPG with a twist. Unlike most MMORPGs, Dofus battles take place in an instanced battlefield, whereby the players and monsters take turns moving about on a tactical grid. There are a total of 15 character classes (at present), which are differentiated by their skill list and attribute affinities. While individual skills are leveled up to create a character build, there are no skill trees. Each skill has a minimum level, and no other prerequisites.

Of particular note is the economy of Dofus. Past the very beginning of the game, the player isn't going to find any equipment as drops from enemies, and only a very few basic consumables are sold in the NPC stores. Instead, all enemies drop a variety of objects that are used for crafting, although the standard gathering professions are also available for obtaining wood, grain or ore. Once an item is crafted it can be 'maged', which allows the craftsman to alter the stats, which includes adding stats not normally found on the item, or boosting stats beyond what can normally be obtained.

Overall, Dofus is not a game that takes itself too seriously. World of Pun doesn't even begin to describe it. Further more, equipment ranged in appearance from your standard two-color cloak, to hats that are nothing more than a severed sheep head (complete with tongue still hanging out).

An animated series started airing in 2012 (after the completion of the series for its sequel Wakfu), to be followed by a movie.

Dofus provides examples of:

  • Allegedly Free Game: Free to Play players, usually abbreviated as F2P, are allowed to go anywhere, but can only get in fights or do quests that occur in the newbie zone and the immediate area around the starting area proper (which includes two dungeons). However, thanks to how enemy groups form, it isn't unreasonable to make it to level 100 (out of 200) without leaving the starting area, though it'll be certainly slower than for a paying player, and there really isn't much to do at level 100 if you aren't paying.
  • An Adventurer Is You: Much less defined than in some other games, with fifteen classes that can be turned into different roles. Here's a list:
    • The Tank: Fecas and Sacriers. Whereas Fecas just don't take damage, Sacriers revel in it. They have A LOT more HP than anyone else, and every time they are hit with an attack, they only become more powerful.
    • The Healer: Eniripsa, and to a lesser extent Foggernauts. Less necessary than in most MMORPGs, however, since most other classes have obtained minor heal spells (including one optional healing spell that any class can obtain, Cawwot), and tactical abilities can be cleverly used to keep players safe from harm. Still useful, simply not a requirement.
    • The Nuker: Xelors and Sadidas have both area of effect damaging spells, but most classes can do middle to long-ranged damages as well (especially Cras, the archer specialist). Rogues plant bombs which, with time and preparation, can do massive damage, but only if they can keep them safe before it's time to push the plunger.
    • The DPSer: Iops (especially) and Cras, although almost any class can be turned into a good DPSer with little effort.
    • The Debuffer: Enutrofs and Sadidas plead guilty. Enutrofs can remove range and have a decent spell to remove enemy's buffs; Sadidas have one of the best unbewitching abilities in the game.
    • The Mezzer: Xelors and Enutrof. These guys specialize in reducing enemy AP/MP (respectively), and can with good luck, prevent their opponent from doing anything at all. Sadidas are also good at removing MP, but mostly with their summons (which are unpredictable). However, most classes have some minor disabling ability.
    • The Petmaster: Osamodas. While there are some builds reliant on just using their support abilities, they are most famous for their monster summoning. They are not the only ones who can summon: most other classes have at least one summon, there are two minor summoning spells that every class can learn as rewards for quests, and every character gets a free summon at level 200, but Osamodas have by far the widest variety of strong, multipurpose summons, both to support and to deal damage, and can call several monsters per round, giving them small armies to fight at their side.
    • The Trapper: Srams. They specialize in placing invisible traps that deal damage to anyone who step on them, poisoning enemies with Damage Over Time abilities, all while remaining invisible themselves.
    • The Jack of All Trades: Ecaflips possess a wide range of buffs and debuffs and can be turned into pretty much anything, though they favor offensive tactics. Masqueraiders also have a wide variety of options, from high damage, to tanking, to keeping their distance and helping their allies do the same, switching strategies when they switch masks. Finally, Foggernauts also have a lot of options, depending on which of their turrets they choose to "evolve" this fight. Even without their turrets they can still attack, heal, shield, and buff themselves and their allies.
    • The Turret Master: The Foggernaut is unquestionably this, with turrets that attack enemies, heal allies, and push or pull characters around the battlefield. (The turrets aren't very smart, however, and will attack, heal, or move anyone or anything who gets too close, ally or enemy)
    • The Mad Bomber / The Gunslinger: The Rogues wield bombs which can be thrown directly onto an opponent, or next to them and detonated (or used to build "walls" of fire, wind, or water), along with a number of devastating rifle-wielding techniques, but are near-useless at close-range.
    • The Dance Battler: Masqueraiders can swap styles (becoming a weak but agile long-ranged class, a mid-ranged lifestealing tank, or a close-range offensive powerhouse) at will by switching masks.
    • It should be clarified that some classes can be turned into a wide variety of builds. Ecaflips can be good Buffers or Mezzers and have decent DPS besides, Sadidas can throw away their supporting role to become a real DPSer, and Pandawas might be a great supporting warrior or a an efficient solo gamer. That makes classification hard in some cases. Some classes are more narrow-minded than others (Iop, Eniripsa, Cra, Sram), but with enough time/money/dedication, you can turn pretty much everything into anything else.
  • Barrier Warrior: Fecas. They have limited offensive abilities, but can make themselves Nigh Invulnerable, reflect spells and offer pretty heavy resistance to their allies as well.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: Some of the Dofus are very powerful and very hard to get a hold of like the Ochre Dofus mentioned above, then theres Kins Relic, which you get by doing a line of quests that make you kill every boss in the game in order.
  • Bounty Hunter: Some of the quests that you can take are Bounties where you must look for certain unique monsters kill them and turn them in for a cash reward.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: A fairly tame example. Anyone subscribing to the game gets a reward (the most popular being pets, which function like equipment, and the livitinems which disguise what equipment you're wearing, making them useful for PvP), and nothing prevents the players from buying 3 one year subscriptions to grab three subscriber gifts. However, such items cannot be traded for 3 months after they are obtained, and the items are only marginally better than similar ones present in the game.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Sacriers Punishment Spell to some extent, it works on a bell curve, it supposed to deal damage equal to 30% of the casters total life but only if the caster is close to or at 50% hp, it does less damage the farther you are away from 50% and none when your at full hp or 1 hp.
  • Cat Folk: The Ecaflips are cat people and possess a number of feline traits.
  • Dance Battler: The Masqueraiders use a variety of breakdancing moves and somersaults in their main attacks.
  • Day Old Legend: Almost every piece of equipment in the game can be crafted, along with just about anything with a practical use. This doesn't prevent you from crafting an item with some long historical background. Or from several of the item existing at once.
  • Disc One Nuke: The Gelano Ring is an extremely useful item, available at level 60 (out of 200 levels total), that gives +1 AP to the wearer. In practice, this allows most builds to use their primary attack twice in a single turn, who could not otherwise. Even amongst builds that don't need a Gelano to attack twice in a round, it's still extremely useful and can easily last until level 100 (when characters naturally get +1 AP). Gelanos modified to have bonus stats (most popularly Wisdom, which increases leveling speed) are even more popular, and are generally the most expensive item that can be found at that level.
  • Drunken Master: The Pandawa are an entire class built around this. Some of their attacks can only be used while drunk, while some can only be used while sober.
  • Elemental Embodiment: The Elemental Spark monsters found in some areas function as this, being small blobs of elemental power which explode in proximity to player characters. There's also an enhanced version, the Elemental Spirits, which can be summoned by one particular Incarnation form and, rather than exploding, provide support to their master.
  • Elemental Powers: Each attribute (except Vitality and Wisdom) is linked to an element. Strength = Earth (and Neutral), Intelligence = Fire, Agility = Air, Chance = Water. Most builds will only focus on one of these, although a few builds make use of two, and some characters can even manage to be omni-elemental.
  • Empathic Healer
    • Enripsas that use "Word of Altruism" can heal all allies to full health at the cost of disabling all of their healing spells for a set duration, pretty much making them a prime target.
    • To some extent, Sacriers: when using "Life Transfer" ("Gift of Life" in Wakfu) they give 10% of their life (which usually numbers in the thousands) to allies around them.
  • Enemy Summoner: Most bosses can pull this off, with the Soft Oak possessing a branch independent of its body specifically for the purpose. The most noticeable was a (mercifully Nerfed) fight against two Arachnids and one Arachnee. Killing the three on the first turn isn't difficult, but if you fail, the Arachnids summoned more Arachnids. Which summoned more arachnids.
  • Fanservice: Like with Wakfu, pick your poison.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: There are some instances where what happens in the game just doesn't match up with the fluff. Osamodas' are said to be capable of enslaving any creature through mere eye contact, but in-game their summons are just spells, obtained at the same rate as everyone else gains them. To a lesser extent, Iops are universally treated as being Dumb Muscle incarnate, but a Iop that forgoes strength in favor of intelligence can be an entirely effective build, though admittedly less powerful than a strength-focused Iop past level 80.
  • Geometric Magic: Feca's Glyphs, represented as glowing patches of ground with a symbol in the center. Several of their best spells use this — Burning Glyph is their most potent fire attack spell. Other glyphs include a smaller fire glyph (that can be placed far more frequently and with more precision), a glyph to restrain movement (which helps keep enemies on the other glyphs), a glyph to reduce action points, and a very small glyph that does a lot of damage in three elements (Fire, Water, and Earth). The latter replaces their former level 100 spell, which was another AP-removing glyph, larger and more powerful than the one they still have.
  • Grim Up North: The latest expansion takes place on a large continent to the north called "Frigost". An once beautiful area that was covered in frost and ice after Count Harebourg tried to create an eternal summer and pissed of the demon Djaul, though Harebourg took all the blame and has a Bounty on him that the players can collect. Most of the creatures there are geared towards characters between level 100-200 and best taken care of by groups of players. (In the final part of Frigost, the area around the Count's castle, the monsters start at level 210 and only go up from there, the weakest of them easily having twice the HP and damage of an optimally-geared player)
  • Healing Shiv: Some weapons can heal targets as well as hurting them, often factors in to some builds. These are very important as most classes don't have any way to heal normally. But stick a healing weapon on an intelligence character, and you suddenly have a good source of HP.
  • Idiot Crows: an enemy in the moors, and an Osamodas spell.
  • Infinity+1 Sword
    • The Dofus. Each character has space for 6 Dofus that will spend a very long time unused. However, they provide an effectively free boost to stats. In particular, the Ochre Dofus requires a character to capture the soul of every monster, every boss, and every incredibly rare spawning named monster. (There exists one for each regular monster type.) This takes a while. Not all of the Dofus are that powerful (the Emerald Dofus, for example, gives a bonus of 200 HP to characters who can have over 4000), but most are. This has been slightly changed due to the introduction of the Trophy items, who use the same slots, but give smaller bonuses or come with penalties to compensate.
  • Magic Wand: One of the ranged weapon types.
  • Mass Monster Slaughter Sidequest: Several, including one requiring you to defeat and capture the soul of every non-boss monster in the game. And the bosses. And a second copy of every monster which spawns randomly, has a unique name and increased power.
    • The recently-added Achievement system has achievements for beating specific monster types.
  • Meaningful Name: most classes names are meaningful (in French) when read backward:
    • Cra: arc means bow
    • Enutrof: fortune
    • Osamodas: sado-maso(chist) - the full class name is "Osamodas' Whip".
    • Ecaflip: a shortening of "Pile ou Face", which means heads or tails, as in a coin flip.
    • Eniripsa: aspirine
    • Sadida: Adidas (the sportswear brand) - the full class name is "Sadida's Shoe"
    • Xelor: Rolex (the watch brand)
    • Sram: Mars (as in the candy bar)
    • Feca: An anagram of "Cafe", coffee.
    • Iop: Yop, a type of breakfast drink sold in France. The last three are the first three classes created (back when Ankama was just three people in a basement with an idea), and their names come from the drinks and snacks the developers used to get through long nights.
    • Rogues, Masqueraiders, and Foggernauts are English names only, so they don't have French puns in them (or, in the Rogue's case, a pun at all), but Masqueraiders are dance battlers who derive their powers from magical masks, while the steampunk Foggernauts's name is a tribute to Jules Verne.
  • Morph Weapon: Inverted by Incarnation weapons - they remain the same and the wielder is changed to the same form as the original owner. Results in a Swiss Army Hero for anyone carrying more than one of them.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Speciality of the Feca class, of the Divine Protection type (although they have to actively cast the shields, the deity Feca provides the power). One of their spells, Immunity, grants outright invulnerability to the target for one turn unless dispelled.
  • No Arc in Archery: Cras, and anyone using a bow. At least, prior to the migration of all servers to version 2.0. Most archery-based spells now show a realistic trajectory.
  • No Points for Neutrality: Aligned characters get cheaper access to Zaap transport, could headhunt other aligned players for money and experience (though this feature has been removed), can transport themselves between Prisms which allow teleportation to areas that normally have to be walked to and can use multi-target healing potions or invisibility potions. Neutral players? Get a knight to defend them if an aligned player attacks them in a non-aligned area and have no conventional access to multiple villages across the game.

    However, getting an alignment still comes at a heavy price. In order to get any of the perks of an alignment you have to put your wings up which automatically puts you on the list of players of the headhunters quest which means having someone hunt you down and kill you for a few strokens and some xp, often times people will wait until you are out of a fight and ambush you or attack you while your in the middle of something usually making sure that you cant fight back too well. also of the alignment areas neutral players can, with the help of a player of the opposite alignment of who own the area, sneak into the area. Neutral players can also pretty much go anywhere (only two areas actually require an alignment) and monster that have alignment wont bother them but usually attack players of the opposite alignment on sight. and finally if a aligned player aggros a neutral player they get a disgrace point, the more disgrace points you have the more tattered thier wings look and the less you are able to do like having too many makes it so that player cant open their bank or use zaapis or prisms. to add insult on the heroic server (it has double xp gain but death is mostly permanent) if a aligned player has too many disgrace points it makes it so that their movement via zaaps and potions has a cool down timer and if they attack neutral players too much it allows neutrals player to aggro them.

    With the next big update neutral players on all servers will be able to aggro any aligned player with disgrace points.
    • With recent (June 2013) updates, alignments are being downplayed in favor of guilds forming alliances and fighting one another that way. These days, it's more like No Points For Not Being A Member Of An Alliance.
  • Only a Flesh Wound: The Sacrier school of tanking results in this. A lot. The class (usually) gains 15HP per level, and at the level cap can easily have over six thousand HP with equipment bonuses, allowing them to shrug off attacks that would have killed anyone else.
  • Power-Up Food
    • Five star fish and meat and some bread can permanently increase certain characteristics if they are below a certain threshold.
    • Certain Candies that can be acquired both in game in though the lottery system can temporarily increase certain stats or characteristics for a set amount of fights.
    • Characteristic scrolls are very common, they can be used to boost every stat to 101 if used right.
  • Puzzle Boss: Most of the bosses towards the end of the game don't go down just because you hit them enough. Many are capable of generating perfect defenses until you perform some trick to make them lose it. Considering that these tricks often require support or tactical abilities that are not available to all classes, it's possible to go into a boss fight with no chance of winning.
    • Late-game bosses also have insta-kill tricks they can pull which instantly kill you even through resists, shields, or even invulnerability. You not only have to know the trick to make them vulnerable, you have to know the trick to not getting yourself killed. (To take one example: the Royal Mastogob is completely invulnerable until you use a pushback effect on him, at which point he becomes vulnerable for one turn. However, if you use a pushback effect on him and he runs into a wall or another enemy, everyone in line with him instantly dies - which usually includes the character doing the pushback)
  • Randomized Damage Attack: The game has a gambling class in Ecaflips who have moves that deal damage randomly between a minimum and maximum base damage amount. The majority of their skills have random base damage, and are themed around gambling themes like card games, slot machines, and coin flipping. Some of their skills even heal the enemy back a small amount to add to the gambling theme.
  • Running Gag:
    • The Dev team have repeatedly made jokes about how Feca players complain of the nerfs they have received. The players usually find it considerably less amusing, especially since this means they're acknowledging the players don't like it....
    • Iops are repeatedly insulted for their intelligence in various places in the game. It's not just that they're slow, but they are usually treated as though they were literally dumber than rocks.
  • Sdrawkcab Name / Punny Name: Sadida, Sram, Ecaflip, Enutrof, Osamodas, Eniripsa... try to reverse the letters. These are most obvious examples, but almost every character or piece of stuff has a Punny Name. In French.
  • Set Bonus: Every equipment set has a bonus for wearing multiple pieces of it. At higher levels, this can extend to hundreds of HP, or extra action or movement points.
  • Shovel Strike: Shovels are an equippable weapon type usable by all classes. Furthermore, several Enutrof spells involve shovels (Shovel Throwing, Shovel Kiss, Mound, Shovel of Judgement and Slaughtering Shovel), and one of them (Living Shovel) even summons an animated shovel to push enemies around the battlefield.
  • Summon Magic: Western Variant, the Osamodas can summon all sorts of monsters to fight for him (the Osamodas itself is very support oriented), and the Sadida can summon dolls to provide support (the Sadida itself being very damage oriented). Eastern variant has Sacrificial Doll (Sadida) and Homing Hand (Xelor), which make a kamikaze attack.
    • In fact, eleven of the fifteen classes learn at least one summon spell as part of their basic class spells, all classes get a spell to summon a "Dopple" of themselves as a reward for getting to the level cap, and any class can learn to summon an Arachnee (spider) and a Chaferfu via quests or scrolls.
  • Swiss Army Hero: Most characters over level 30 have at least one Incarnation weapon, which turns the wielder into a clone of its original owner. It's not hard to get four or five, and some players carry around several just for the versatility of the extra classes — being able to unbewitch or dispel invisibility aren't otherwise available to most classes.
  • Time Master: Xelors, though their particular brand of time magic just has to do with giving and taking Action Points, with a decent mix of support and attack abilities.
  • Villainous Harlequin: The Masqueraider class looks like one. They're only as villainous as the player wants, of course.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?
    • Eniripsa are the healing class of the game, but healers are generally not needed in a group, as there exist enough defensive powers and other healing methods that many bosses can be defeated just by outlasting them. They also have the poorest attack abilities in the game. This is not to say healing isn't useful, but it's not necessary like it is in most RPGs, especially as any intelligence build can heal thanks to Healing Shivs. Furthermore, all damage taken will decrease the targets max health by a small amount, preventing any kind of indefinite sustainability. It doesn't help this trope that their spells now take on the appearance of big pink hearts.
      • Bear in mind that just because they're not necessary does not mean they aren't good, especially if the team also has a dedicated tank. Sacrier and Eniripsa teams are deadly to just about any enemy that doesn't require special tricks to beat.
    • Bloodthirsty Madness: it drain 300 hp but only from allies for only 2 ap; it's great to use on summons but some players turn on you pretty quick when you start using it on them, though on a crit it steals their life and heals them.
  • World of Pun: The class names and many (if not most) NPC names are puns. For example, an important early NPC allows you to reset your build at will until level 30 (which is about when most builds will start to be functional). She's called Fairy Sette. Go ahead, say it out loud.

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