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Curves in All the Right Places
A Stock Phrase for narrators describing an attractive female character, and for Fan Fic writers trying to make a female character inexplicably more attractive than she is in canon. It probably describes an hourglass figure - that is to say, large breasts, round hips, and a small waist connecting the two - but exactly what it means is kind of vague and highly subjective, since readers' ideas of what "all the right places" are, and how much they should curve, will vary.


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    Anime And Manga 
  • YuYu Hakusho
    Yusuke Urameshi: Whoa Keiko, you seem to be busting out in all the right places.
  • In the Haruhi Suzumiya series, Kyon uses this description when Haruhi and Mikuru debut their bunny girl costumes in the first light novel.
    Kyon (narrating): The combination of Haruhi, who has a slender build yet with curves, and Asahina, who looks small yet sticks out in all the right places, was too much for my eyes.

    Fan Fic 

  • North By Northwest
    Eve Kendall: I'm a big girl.
    Roger Thornhill: Yeah, and in all the right places, too.
  • Played with in Osmosis Jones.
    Osmosis: [looking at a centerfold in DNA Monthly] Nice genes. You got the chromosomes in all the right places.
  • Murder on Vine
    Gina Babs: She was a swell girl, and swollen in all the right places.
  • In Go West, Chico Marx asked Harpo what he had spent $60 on, and Harpo made an "hourglass" figure with his hands. Chico replied "Oh, you bought a snake." (The gag also appears in A Day at the Races, in which Harpo's attempts to tell Chico about The Vamp who plans to seduce and frame Groucho are interpreted as, "A snake! A big, big snake!" After Harpo's gestures and whistles get more and more exaggerated, "That's-a no snake.")


    Live Action TV 
  • Torchwood episode "Day One"
    Captain Jack Harkness: Now, first of all, she's no little girl. From where I'm standing, all the right curves in all the right places.
  • Played with in a Harpo Marx TV appearance. When the host of the program asks why Harpo is late coming out Harpo makes an hourglass figure with his hands. Unlike Chico (see Film above) the host gets it immediately, and asks Harpo if he has one for him (the host) too. Harpo nods, walks offscreen, and comes back with two bottles of Coke.

  • Mika's "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)":
    A watering hole
    With the girls around
    And curves in all the right places

  • Lola's song "A Little Brains—A Little Talent" in Damn Yankees:
    You gotta stack those decks with a couple-a extra aces,
    And this queen has her aces
    In all the right places!
  • "Honey Bun" from South Pacific:
    Where she's narrow, she's narrow as an arrow
    And she's broad where a broad should be broad!
  • Ghosts: Regina Engstrand, a young, apparently good looking girl, complimented on by all the other cast members.

    Web Original 
  • Survival of the Fittest characters Charlene Norris and Kallie Majors, from versions four and three respectively, are described this way.
  • Worst Muse this trope.
    If a character has curves, make sure to specify that they are in all the right places. Otherwise, readers will be confused.

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