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Troll Fic

My alter ego here is your typical fanfiction nut who never read anything with more than 15 pages, has an attention span of about 6 minutes depending on what he's eaten in the past 12, and despite having English as a first language, just can't figure out those pesky rules of spelling and grammar. Throw in the fact that he only has a vague understanding of the setting and characters in these stories, never proofreads, and never quite understood what the word "plot" really means. Now you have a pretty good idea about what's wrong with Peter Chimaera.

Fanfiction made deliberately offensive. Always armed with Canon Defilement, intentionally aiming to fall just short of Crossing The Line Twice, and heavy on the violence, death, and people generally acting like Out of Character prats. Some seemingly So Bad It's Horrible fics may actually be Troll Fics in disguise by means of Stealth Parody. Though written specifically to piss people off, owing to Poe's Law, Misaimed Fandom will still result. On the other hand, they're often hilarious if you're in on the joke.

Note that the difference between a Troll Fic and an awful fanfic depends completely on intent. Some authors are just that bad. This ambiguity is one of the reasons Troll Fic is so successful, as it directly violates Hanlon's Razor. As such, the reveal that some of these hilariously awful fics were written by Trolls may ruin the joke or be considered a spoiler, so consider this a spoiler warning. You have been warned.

Compare Bile Fascination, Stylistic Suck. See also Crack Fic.

Examples (by series' medium of origin):

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     Anime and Manga  
  • A Blue Exorcist fanfic titled A New Tail was written by author Cornonjacob. The plot centers around an OC named Ivory Cisdong who is an American transfer student and the daughter of Lucifer. Each chapter is about her raping one of the characters. The fanfic is full of inane wordplay, spelling errors, nonsensical similes, jabs at celebrities such as Lance Armstrong, references to internet culture, and horrific puns. On top of that, several of the characters are completely out of character, such as Shima being portrayed as a stereotypical fedora wearing neckbeard and Konekomaru becoming Butthead. Considering the author's other works and Ivory's name occasionally being spelled as "Ebony", this is most likely a trollfic.
  • When the Polish President died in a plane crash in 2010, somebody wrote an Axis Powers Hetalia fic about it and posted it to the livejournal community. It was a person trying to make the Hetalia fandom look bad and this irritated fans. However, it doesn't stop Hetalia haters from accusing Hetalia fans of approving of such fics, which is far from the truth.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • There are two fics written by Insane Noodly Guy that are as revolting and unerotic as possible, which the author is completely aware of, frequently breaking the fourth wall commenting on how disgusting it is. They're both very short, with no real plot; both are exactly as described in the title but still manage to be simultaneously utterly horrifying and oddly amusing.
    • Psychostorm has written two definite examples and one ambiguous example for Eva. While the writing is adequate, they are Nightmare Fuel incarnate, and not in a good way. One writer who attempted an MST of the longer of the two gave up five chapters in, and instead rewrote the next two chapters as crossover parodies, before giving up entirely. The ambiguous example revolves around Rei adopting a kitten, and if one has read the manga they should have some warning as to how it will end.
  • Code Geass: Awesome of the Rebellion is confirmed to be this by its author in an interview
  • Code Geass: Dance in the Dark by animegirlamy2739 seems to be another Code Geass based example. The other stories by the same author also to qualify.
  • Guilty crown season 2 by Prince Singh A, a Guilty Crown fic.
  • The Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic i dont to keep losing you by chrisy cal is either this or really bad.
  • Im The Magicest, a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fic.
  • The concept of the trollfic is subverted and lampshaded in The Influence of Haruhi Suzumiya. It starts as an ordinary troll fic with horrid grammar and offensive content and everything, but then it's revealed that the characters are being forced to use spelling mistakes and improper grammar due to Haruhi's desires, so the SOS Brigade go back in time (where they speak normally), kill Lavos and restore things to the way they should be. The author had previously written some very good fanfiction, so he actually included a disclaimer on the fic so that people would know that he was not serious and that his writing skills had not degenerated.
  • Light and Dark the Adventures of Dark Yagami is a Death Note focused fanfic, which stars Light's long lost twin, Dark, who has a Royal Death Note from the Shinigami King, which allows him to kill using other titles for his victims. It then heads into an extremely over the top tone, which has created a dedicated fanbase. It's inspired various Spiritual Successors and Fan Sequels. The Multiple folder has details on one of the fan sequels, Light And Dark DEUX The New Adventures Of Dark Soichiro.
  • Occasionally, the author's characters rebel and destroy the story if the author tries to write one, as shown in this Naruto fanfic, called The Littlest Kaguya. To be fair, the fic was overly ridiculous from the first line... particularly as the author has occasionally noticeable trouble actually going back and inserting errors. And then the story gets hijacked and stabbed to death, and the reader's only warning is the following:
  • Sword Art Online has Macsuna - Sword Art Online Alternate Story, with a blatantly Marty Stu protagonist who kills Kirito and bones all his girls, and his mom (according to the summary).
  • The Naruto fanfic Nareto: The Scret of Shiobi is a really obvious troll fic. It actually features a supporting character called "Mary Sue" who is not only the Only Sane Woman but is also the only character to use proper vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Since the fic isn't even really bothering to pretend it's serious, it subsequently manages to be quite funny.
  • Another in the Death Note universe is The New Girl by wolves5ever, which features a blatant Mary-Sue protagonist whose name is never spelled the same twice in a row. Also, L is in a civil partnership with Satan, Misa becomes a zombie, and there is a great deal of Gratuitous German. Also, swords.
  • rembering why we dont rember, another Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic, is so terrifyingly bad that one can only hope that it is this.
  • Robo Bando is basically the My Immortal of Elfen Lied: [1]
  • The Shinigami Wing Deal Light is Ryuk's bitch and L just wants in his pants.
  • 7 Minutes In Hell a Death Note fic that ships Ryuk/Light and deliberately misspells Misa's name.
  • Unforgiven, an Attack on Titan story that shoves the general attitude, terrible spelling, and "goffikness" of My Immortal sideways into the AoT universe, along with some plain old Canon Defilement on top. Highlights include an emo main character named "Raven Dusk Despair" who's somehow a vampire and a Titan Shifter at the same time (and who wears goffik clothes in Titan form), Mikasa being a preppy Alpha Bitch, Titan Eren somehow being a separate character from regular Eren, and virtually everyone wearing tons of makeup at all times. A very obvious troll, but funny all the same.
  • Naruto Veaggance Revelaitons is one of the most infamous fics in the Naruto fandom. The main character is a Gary Stu who has sex with every female in the series multiple times over the course of 70 chapters. Gratuitous misspelling, revolting sex scenes. The fact that it's a trollfic doesn't make it any less painful.

     Comic Books  

    Film - Animated 

    Film - Live Action 
  • Avatars II: When Qwaritch Takes Revenge, admitted by the author to be intended as parody.
  • Star Wars Light In Dark Time, began life as this back for the first two chapters, including horrible grammar and spelling, a confusing narrative, inconsistent events (one character dies three times in the first two chapters, and Darth Vader being called...Dark Vader). However, from chapter three onwards, the series gains a more serious tone, proper grammar, and a coherent plot, this is lampshaded.

  • Unsurprisingly, Harry Potter examples abound.
    • Harry's Destiny, which features a Purity Sue/Jerk Sue who Avada Kedavras Ginny and wins Harry's affection in five lines. In addition, Voldemort and Hermione get married, and Voldemort is Not Evil, Just Misunderstood and becomes Harry's BFF.
    • My Immortal, which is surprisingly not an Evanescence Song Fic. It could very well be offensive if it wasn't so over-the-top ridiculous in its execution. Some might argue that it Crosses the Line Twice. If it's even a trollfic at all. Multiple supposedly-different internet users have claimed to be the author, saying the fic was written to play this straight, while others have claimed to know Tara, saying that the fic was sincere. There's absolutely no way to know for certain - Tara has a FanFiction.net account, but My Immortal was deleted from her account before thankfully being reuploaded to Fan Fiction.net by two girls on an account called TheJadedDolphin. This was deleted.
      • My Immortal has reached such notoriety, even outside the Harry Potter fandom, it's used as shorthand to refer to any fanfic that has blatant Canon Defilement, rampant spelling or grammar mistakes, and just general lack of coherent plot.
    • There is also My Metal, a Parody version of My Immortal.
    • Another example is Imma Wiserd (also known as da magikal [N-word]), a Harry Potter fanfic written in faux Ebonics and devoid of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization (aside from the warning, "IF U FLAM UR RASSIST").
    • Silver And Bronze: The Conspiracy Of The Shapeshifter quite possibly is this. It seems to follow every convention of the Mary Sue genre to the letter.
    • Another example from the Harry Potter fandom is In Love's Name. Includes Hermione being abducted by a Blue Spider Monkey, a part where the author's keyboard starts spelling "z" instead of "y", Hermione being Driven to Suicide with her body "exploding in a veritable geyser of blood, guts and human limbs" and all forms of Squick. Also, some of the author's personal enemies make a cameo appearence.
    • Kitsune Chan was eventually revealed as a Harry Potter troll fic created by RaineJoybringer.
    • Thirty Hs seems to be advertised as one. One chapter describes Fuckslayer, a guitar from a dimension where all screamed for naught, wrought from the silver heart of heaven's false promise, laced with vessels that pulsed with angel's menstrual blood, hewn from the horns of Satan's generals. Yes, that is a direct quote. Unlike almost every other story on here, however, the author uses correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar (for the most part, anyway; Dumbledore is referred to as "Dumblecop", "Scrumblegort", and "Dumblegorp").
    • Jo Bekke At Hugwrts and all other works by the same author seem to be troll fics, however their true nature is sort of cloudy. It's claimed that someone committed suicide over this fic. Guest stars include the Duggars and Dance Moms. It's so bad that Tara Gilesbie (author of My Immortal, so the big name in troll fics) has supposedly written a "commentary" on this. She even has a mental breakdown while writing this commentary. An aborted sequel in progress called jo bekke nd darrrel in panim [sic] exists in the form of at least two commentaries. That said, the author has written a better fanfic, potentially indicating that jo Bekke At Hugwrts and related works by the same author are examples of Stylistic Suck.
    • The Last War, possibly. The English usage is very good by fanfic standards, but the content reads like every cliché of Harry Potter Harmonian shipping turned Up to Eleven and set to "Always" by Erasure. Wow.
    • The Torment of Love and other works by yamigirl121 are almost certainly this. This is particularly clear to Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged fans, since not only does she(?) write Téa's fanship Harry/Hedwig, but also has a profile page apparently written in character as Téa herself.
    • The entire "Hogwrats" series, by "thelunchbuddiez" on deviantART, Tumblr, and Fan Fiction.net. It is ambiguous as to whether or not it is a troll fic, however. Evidence supports both sides.
    • Becoming Female is almost certainly the work of a troll. The spelling and grammar are good by fanfic standards, but the plot is pretty much at My Immortal levels of nonsensical. On the other hand, an author's note in the sequel claims that her fics are actually typed for her by the her blackmailed older sister, so that might account for the relatively good spelling and grammar.
    • Harry Potter i plomien milosci (eng. Harry Potter and flame of love) tells a story of Jennifer, who “was sixteen and went downstairs for breakfast”. She receives a letter from “Maggi Hogwart” telling her that she got overlooked by “Dumledor” five years ago and that she is invited for a new semester. There is also “lord Voldemop” running around. The main character is an obvious Mary Sue and fic itself is full of grammatical and orthographic mistakes.
    • Genesis Vernon regularly gifted Harry with lashes and cigarette burns and the caretakers at Tom's orphanage regularly whipped, raped, and cannibalized their students. Dumbledore will never lift a finger to help abused children and he lets his students get gangraped on a regular basis. He also bound Petunia's magic so she would remain a squib, (unknowingly or not) tried to brainwash Harry into killing himself, and tried to force Harry to marry (and be bound to) Ginny regardless of his wishes on the matter, neglecting the fact that he's already married to Bellatrix, Tonks, and his own mother. Also due to a Timey-Wimey Ball thing Harry is actually Voldemort, a necro, and his own father but that's okay because James is kind of a dick what with forcing Lily to have sex with him under the imperious and all. Lily is the daughter of Grindelwald who was actually Hitler but that's cool because that means she's a pureblood and Harry/Voldemort is not related to the Dursleys.
    • Hogwarts Schoolof Prayer And Miracles purports to be a Moral Substitute rewriting of Harry Potter by a fundamentalist Christian housewife/stay-at-home mom, but is so over the top (not to mention appearing to play pretty fast and loose with some people's understanding of actual Christian doctrine and practice beyond the cliches) some people have wondered if it wasn't one of these. Although the author has never confirmed it either way, the last chapter (through what may or may not be an Author Avatar) seems to strongly hint at it.
  • Even the Harry Potter audiobooks were given a "trollfic" makeover in the Dirty Potter series, where the narrator's lines from an audiobook reading of Harry Potter have thoroughly spliced and edited for hilarious results. Though more of a YouTube Poop than a troll fanfiction, it still creates and very gratuitously describes some of the most outstandingly vile, sickeningly funny, laughably disgusting situations the Harry Potter book cast could possibly find themselves in.
  • the awesome adventures of amynda in the fayz!!!!! may be this for Gone. It has literally no plot, manages to combine No Bisexuals with Everyone Is Bi, and has such egregious Protagonist-Centered Morality that the "good guys" literally whip young children for fun, while the "antagonists" don't seem to be guilty of anything but existing. However, it's unclear whether or not the "author" seriously thinks she can write.
  • Celebrían, a Lord of the Rings fanfic. Even though its nightmare inducing tendencies are well documented, it still inspires a lot of discussion and people still keep reading it. And, yes, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum had a field day with it.
  • Creamy is confirmed to be one of these. It's a short Warrior Cats fanfiction consisting of an intentionally horrifying sex scene. Here's an example:
    It was just Foxleap though and he looked at Ivypool and was like "Girl, what the fuck are you doing? You going to get dirt on your pelt, you stupid hoe."
  • "Jesus and Hitler: A Romance" is a story where Adolf Hitler goes back in time to when Jesus is still alive, and gets into a homosexual relationship with him. There's also a threesome involving God himself.
  • the Life and Times of Stephannie Mayor
  • The Prayer Warriors could most likely be the best religious parody ever, in which it follows a group of Christians fighting against Percy Jackson. The scary thing is that the author might be serious. Over the top violence, and extremely sexist. So far there are five trollfics to this series, each one worse than the last. Noah (the author's brother) already hijacked the author's account and deleted the fics.
  • Naked Came the Stranger, which actually became a bestseller, although only after it became known that the book was intended to be bad.
  • The Warrior Cats fanfiction StarKitsProphcy.
  • Twila The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A Vampyre is to Twilight what My Immortal is to Harry Potter.

     Live Action TV  
  • Carolina and Penni MST here is a The Big Bang Theory fic written by an author who is apparently very interested in My Immortal (they wrote a startical sequel and favorited a MST of it). The first lines are "Heyyyy! I am Carolina Watson and first off Im waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy hawter then that bitch Penni. I'm 17 and syuper dyuoper hawt! Yeah, I'm tan and blonde and I'm 17 year old! I'm sexi and Im dating Sheldin. I'm also syuper smart and I'm Byeseckshyoowell!" It gets worse from there. The author's note at the end of the second chapter claiming it is *not* a parody did nothing but convince even the doubters it's a parody.
  • Flowers in a Box is the infamous trollfic for the Sherlock fandom, written by samlicker113, aka Penworthy. Proven to be a brilliant trollfic in the twist ending. It gives us such brilliant catchphrases as "Why don't you go fuck a dinosaur, Anderson?" and "I DEDUCE THAT UOU AR SEXY."
  • The aptly named jo bel nd da dokter hoo' is a Doctor Who Troll Fic, similarly written to My Immortal. The fic also lampoons the Doctor typically having a young, "hot", female human companion - along with said female companions' tendencies to find the Doctor attractive - by placing in overt, sexual puns:
    doKTEer Who sd. "cum wit mee"
    "Y wuld I cum wth u?' i demandd!111
    "CUZ UR HOT,' da dokter hoo sad.
    "oh thnk u!" I sd, "yur hot 2!111'
  • ''Whotrek: The Ultimate Adventure 1 starts out as a very badly spelled Star Trek / Doctor Who crossover with a very poor grasp on consistency. In just the first chapter, a group of Klingons attack the Enterprise, only to be defeated, before continuing their attack as if nothing happened just one line later, characters (especially Wesley) tend to die and then show up alive again later with no explanation, and the further the story goes on, the more insane it gets, as it keeps throwing in more and more ludicrous plot-twists (mostly involving "*INSERT CHARACTER HERE* was the Master!") and crossing over with about half a billion different franchises.


  • A troll by the pen name 'nntssbaby' terrorized the now-defunct Fandomination.net for about FOUR YEARS with the worst Good Charlotte fanfiction imaginable. Some of it ranged from stealth parodies of the melodramatic slash or Mary Sue stories posted on the site, but more than 100 were incomprehensible 'leetspeak' stories with recurring characters like a group of 'PUNXGOTH' escargot, Chris (the drummer who had left the band, and always spoke properly and intelligently), and a hobo Benji had apparently enslaved. It got so bad that the site's owner addressed it on the main page and deleted all the stories, only for them to return with a vengeance months later. According to nntssbaby's profile, s/he had more than 70,000 hits on the small, nearly niche website and dozens of MTS fics done on her work.

  • A great PMV troll vid is this one set to "Best Song Ever" (the Jon Lajoie one, not One Direction), itself Stylistic Suck. It too has deliberate repetition, as well as non-existent lip syncing and large blank gaps in between spaces.
  • The Serial Experiments Lain anime music video "A Total Waste of 6:35 by XStylus is an AMV version of a troll fic (a troll vid, if you will). Unusual in its lack of offensive sex and violence, it instead concentrates on deliberate repetition, static scenes where virtually nothing interesting happens, and a true Ear Worm of musical accompaniment (Groove Armada's "At the River"). The trolling nature of this is only increased by the Pop-Up Video-style dialogue bubbles representing a conversation between the AMV's creator and an unidentified viewer, where it becomes increasingly clear that that the real entertainment is the flabbergasted reaction of the audience. The video's AMV.org page goes on to say that the video is also a parody of both AMV creators who take themselves too seriously and those who put in too little effort (in this context, using low-quality footage that has subtitles and/or network watermarks).
  • The Adventures Of Nickcat was this, but then the author made it serious. Let's all pray to god it turns out well.
  • Fabio King Alpha Melrose appeared in the comment sections of Topless Robot. His stories a totally nuts. He debuted with an Aquaman fic where "Athur/Arthu" goes to a bar with Hawkman, has sex with Elliot Stabler's unnamed daughter,and he and her other sex items: War Machine, Lion-O, Pabu the fire ferret etc. fight "Eloit" and his knights: Adam Sandler, Zac Efron, Larry the cable guy etc. The fight consists of the weirdest scenes ever. Lightning McQueen rapes Sandler and then dies of a heart attack, Johnny Depp girl slaps someone and Lion-O stabs him, Pabu's "arms of lead" being ripped off, Aquaman raping Selena Gomez, and Chuck Norris defeating Hawkman by watching Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures because Hawkman is a "brony who loves Applejack perverslee". And that's only his first fic. Others include Captain Rex having a three way with Billy Ray Cyrus and "Ms. Teapot", Magneto becoming the slave of a possible gary stu and it all being Pyro's nightmare and then he and Maneto make love after reading an issue of Youngblood, and Taylor Lautner being so upset about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson that he falls in love with...the sahara desert. Need I say more?
  • There is a section of the Creepypasta wiki dedicated to creepypasta styled troll fics aply named Horrible Troll Pastas.
    • Due to overwhelming amounts of troll pasta, another wiki was created to house them. It's called Trollpasta Wiki.
    • One of the best Troll Pastas is from Bogleech's Ghastly Macaroni, mot notable for being the origin of "The Day of All The Blood" and "The Dead Skull".
  • There is a community on Fanfiction.net called The Troll Fics that lists troll fics. Currently, there are 321 stories in the community. A troll named Rex Aurum Tempus discovered that some of his troll fics had been added to the community, and he wrote this, but it's now deleted.

    Tabletop Games 

     Video Games  
  • I Wanna Be the Guy doesn't have troll fanfiction, but it does have troll fangames. Usually, these are deliberately buggy and unplayable, with horrible graphics and music, spikes everywhere, etc. [2] and [3] are some of the more obvious examples, though theoretically, any of the horrible fangames could be secretly trolls.
  • The Beta Threat for Modern Warfare. Dear God, the horrors of The War on Terror...
    • The same author has also written trollfics for every imaginable action, war, or Survival Horror game, including one for FEAR which basically constitutes the result of taking a synopsis of the entire series, throwing it into a blender, and writing down whatever's left. Among its moments include either "Pointy Man" or "Fast Soldier" (both are the same guy, a blend of all the games' protagonists) receiving Alma's (properly, Gurl's–but she seems to fulfill the same role as Alma) unwanted advances as per F.E.A.R. 2... but rejecting them because he is gay. It also mocks the Press X to Not Die mechanics found in the series.
  • The Half-Life: Full Life Consequences saga (as well as everything else by squirrelking) was revealed to be this by the actual author, a Something Awful goon known as Mattimer.
  • Left 2 Die 4ever, a bizarre spin on Left 4 Dead.
  • Lexaeus Loves Hot Topic, a gibberish-filled Kingdom Hearts and My Immortal fic. The author slipped up and referenced the "khfanficrants" LiveJournal community in his/her profile before taking it down.
  • A somewhat different approach to Troll Fic was done with Lucki, a Pokémon fanfic written by a Serebii user by the name of icemew. After the "new trainer" story took a gradual turn for the dark, ending with a Kill 'em All Downer Ending, icemew revealed herself to be the noted fandom member Farla and pointed out that not only was the titular character a blatant Mary Sue (although a technically well-written one), the readers' approval of the character's actions and refusal to dismiss the story as crap proved the incompetence of the site's community. She was attacking a brand of Jerk Sue who doesn't rank high in Litmus tests for lack of outlandish characteristics, but are equally insidious for being Invincible Heroes who act as Author Avatars and therefore can't do wrong despite blatantly breaking the universe rules and mistreating everyone who doesn't agree with her, things who most Litmus tests don't rank high enough.
  • Mass Effect: Magic Xbox:360 Edition is a riproaring laughter inducing insight in the mentality of the ever growing, yet poorly planned self insert fiction's being writing in Mass Effect Verse. The author says that if done correct and called an OC fic rather than an Self insert fic, he can respect it. but we all know he hates this style of insertion in any form. It's funny becuse he's actually a good storyteller. See Magnificent Bastard.
  • Mega Man at McDonalds probably didn't start as one; in fact, it was probably nothing more than a failed attempt at humour. However, after a year and a half of requests to the authour to update what was once a dead fic, chapter 5 came out, and well... it has to be read to be believed.
    "Thateth good idea, Cuntman I mean Cutman, Immaeth do that!" Megaman declared before being piled on and assraped by black law-abusing cops eating fried chicken-flavor watermelouns (It's meloun because they're British).
  • Millennion, a Gungrave fanfic. Grammar and spelling-wise, it isn't terrible although Rouge Angles of Satin exists, but the content completely rips the canon asunder. The character's name is Blade. He's very Badass and at the age of thirteen, he pulls off Big Damn Heroes at the very first chapter to save the series' characters. Also, it's informed that his dad overtook the canon's biggest mafia organization. Brandon, the series' silent Badass, suffers various Character Derailment because of said Marty Stu.
  • The Second Hand Fool is a Persona4 fic written by a confirmed troll author. It's notable because one of the characters is a legit OC for the author. This means that said character is the Only Sane Woman in the story.
  • "Smash School" gives an interesting spin on the genre by having two authors. Set in the Super Smash Bros. universe, one author writes of a girl stuck in the game following the framework set up by sonicluvr242, who is the troll author. Otherwise its just a Sonic OC and a "Self Insert"...
  • SONIC HIGH SCHOOL is most likely parodying the heaps upon heaps of Sonic the Hedgehog High School A.U. fanfiction. The fanfic contains such things as a lot of Anatomically Impossible Sex (things like horrifically huge penises, vaginas being empty holes that just lead to a female's internal organs, and a specific instance where Shadow ejaculates in the form of white curtains after he masturbates while driving.) Sonic being turned into an obvious Marty Stu, some mild racism (e.g. "'The limo is broken,' said the limo driver who looked like a person but darker colored.", "Sonic's Chinese doctor was there too, also. He did not cry because his eyes were too small to let them tears out.") hilariously nonsensical similes (e.g. "He braked the car so hard that the sound it made was like hearing the world's largest bird get punched in his tummy."), and atrocious wordplay.
  • Swimming In Terror is a Super Dangan Ronpa 2 fic that the author herself has confirmed to be a Troll Fic. It's about Hajime Hinata's little sister, Hibiki Frolo, the Super High School Level Swimsuit Model. Hilarity Ensues. It's also readable, so that's a plus.
  • Super Miranda Quest. The story itself is kind of a normal stealth parody, and everyone immediately recognized it as such, but then Miranda came back after being banned by permission from the admins of Fantendo, and began to troll a whole new generation of new users. Notable acts include Miranda disliking the otaku because she doesn't like the japanese but claiming it's not racist because racism is disliking black people, along with deciding that animal crush videos in which animals are tortured are perfectly alright because they aren't about HER being tortured, because that would be terrible.
  • Supper Smash Bros Mishonh From God. Confirmed to be a Troll Fic as of January 2015
  • Subverted by the Kingdom Hearts fanfic Those Lacking Spines. While the author was originally aiming to write a trollfic, she eventually changed her mind and wrote a hilarious (albeit preachy) parody of Crossovers, High School A.U., Mary Sue, Alternate Character Interpretation, Dark Fic, Crack Fic, and Everyone Is Gay, among other things.
  • ANYTHING written by Asbertego. Far Cry 2, Gears of War, Killzone, Modern Warfare, Left 4 Dead... This guy trolls practically every popular First-Person Shooter.
  • ComicsNix is a very well-known troll fic author. His works include Severus Snape: Professor and Lover, a Harry Potter/Teletubbies crossover with an absolutely disgusting orgy scene, Batman In the Bowels of Hell, a Batman fanfic where Batman and Robin die and go to hell (and get reincarnated twice) and the Joker rapes Batgirl (which she ends up liking) and threatens to rape her dog. He is known for his disgusting sex scenes and spelling mistakes.
  • Eyesglowyellow's troll days on deviantart consisted of mainly this and poor M Spaint screencap edits. Most notably feature a Metokur Chimera with blue smoke breath that didn't really do much.
  • While Mangogirl's best-known work is the infamous Warhammer 40,000 piece "Squad Broken," she's also guilty of one or two World of Warcraft fics containing a similar level of vulgarity, gore, and all-around squick.
  • Believe it or not Sonic X: Dark Chaos is this to a degree. Word of God confirms that most of the content revolving around the Angel Federation - especially it's extremely demeaning depiction of Islam - was created specifically to piss off Muslim and Christian readers.
  • Detsniy Off Skiword seems to be an author based around this. He specializes in action based stories, which tend to stick to canon better than most Troll Fics do. Some details are listed below.
    • Kid Icarus Uprising 2 stars a Manly Stu named Cloud Angle, and thrives heavily on the Death Is Cheap trope, where most characters who die are back to life in the next chapter.
    • Profesor Layton Vs Jack The Raper involves the apparent resurrection of serial killer Jack The Raper, and Layton's investigation to stop him, teaming up with Watari, while Flora and Matt have a romantic sub-plot.
    • Avance Wars 3: Yelow Commet Defence revolves around Dusk, a new commander who joins Yellow Comet to protect them from an invasion by Blu Moon, using his Geass to assist in battle.

  • Someone posted a short on the El Goonish Shive forums about a character (narrating in first person) brutally killing the main cast. It spawned a lenghty discussion and analysis of what the author was trying to say with it before it was eventually forgotten.
  • Inverted by Sonichu's hatedom, where "trollfics" are normal fanfics with the moral alignments usually flipped. The most well-known is Asperchu, the story of the Electric-Aspergers Pokémon and his grand adventures.
    • Sonichu itself is an unusual example, as it began as straight-up fanfiction combining Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog, but it became increasingly troll-oriented from about midway and onwards as people noticed its author writes mainly out of anger. People started to poke and prod him when they realized that if you make him angry enough, he will write about whatever you want him to write about.
  • The Baby Is You (link wisely omitted, although you can still find it with enough Google-fu) is, strangely enough, a musical one of these for Homestuck about Dave being pregnant with John. It was made by Toby Fox, a member of Homestuck's music team, in protest of a new forum rule - needless to say, the forum's staff clamp down very strongly on any mention of it.
    • A more traditional Homestuck trollfic that has likely surpassed The Baby Is You in infamy is "Daddy Dearest," a.k.a. "John loves his daddy." It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Exactly.
    • Four years after its creation, Homestuck High was confirmed to be a trollfic.
  • Large Bagel is something between a Troll Comic and a parody of bad anime.

     Web Original 
  • One notorious fic for RWBY is Nora kills a bunch of everybody by Cornonjacob. Each chapter is a gory nonsensical mess filled with gratuitous sex in which Nora kills at least one of the other characters on a whim. The story contains heaps of Insane Troll Logic, hilariously bad or subtle puns, and occasionally long tangents that sound deep and meaningful, and allude to historical figures or events, but actually ramble on about nothing while usually being inaccurate.

     Western Animation  
  • There is one Dragon Tales trollfic that told of Dragon Land becoming a police state and Cassie dies at the end of the fic.
  • Avatar New Destiny 2 This has got to be a troll. When the summary is "Korra wants t be a athlet so she makes new friends, but has to fite evil riche concervative."
  • chowders homosexal addvenchair is a Chowder fanfic about, well, Chowder. Oddly enough the homosexual content seems to drop off randomly part way through. You can read it here. (NSFW. Or anywhere)
  • Cupcakes, a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fic, seems to have been written solely for shock value and lulz. Surprisingly, it's an aversion! The author, Sergeant Sprinkles, later stated that he wrote it on a whim just to see who would read it, and was surprised by how infamous it was (he admits that it's terrible, so the Troll Fic part may have been played straight after all; it's hard to tell). He has written several other decent, non-horrific stories. (None of which will ever be as successful as Cupcakes, of course.)
    • The Spiderses is a more straightforward example, being the FiM equivalent to My Immortal.
    • Prince Martin Willis is another trollfic (hopefully) that has gained some traction within the Brony community for its extremely coarse subject manner and practically illegible format. Dramatic readings can be found on YouTube.
    • Pattycakes is this by Word of God. It's well-written and most characters (with the notable exception of FlutterPsychoshy) are at least show-accurate on the surface, and this somehow makes it worse.
    • Iron Will's Foalcon Necrophilia Sex Rampage. Quite possibly one of the purest of My Little Pony trollfics. It's eponymous, genre savvy protagonist, Iron Will, narrates the story in first person, while speaking in third person. The words "Iron Will" replace almost all pronouns and the story contains a gratuitous quantity of rape, gorn and torture, mainly of underage foals. It appears to have been created for no purpose other than to troll people.
    • Sweet Apple Massacre has Big Mac doing gruesome stuff to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It was written as revenge against another gamer with the screen-name "CutieMarkCrusaders" who apparently kept beating the author at a video game and being a jerk about it. It's awful! Don't read on an empty stomach!
    • Cheerilee's Garden, a gory Dark Fic that makes Cupcakes look tame, has some of its horror defused by the opening author's note, which declares that it was written just for the hell of it and shouldn't be taken seriously.
    • Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure is clearly a parody of bad fanfics: Most of the cast are either flanderized or wildly out of character, the plot has more holes than a wheel of swiss cheese, and an original character who just happens to share the author's name winds up stealing the limelight and becoming the Nominal Hero. Of course, it hangs so many lampshades on its shortcomings that the joke is obvious.
  • Gravity Falls:
  • Also, the fic Harvey Birdman Versus The Organization XIII it's a failed attempt at Troll Fic, Harvey and everyone are pretty much in character.
  • Aversion: Many bronies think My Little Unicorn is this . It isn't. He's been writing stuff like this since 2006, and he apparently sets a word quota for himself (every story MUST be equivalent to the average 30-minute episode, no exceptions). Then again, he might just be a ridiculously persistent troll..
    • Dakari-King Mykan briefly attempted to release non-Starfleet MLP fanfics that were likely intended to troll fans of the show by ending after the first chapter with no intention to continue. It didn't work.
  • The Phrase That Pais, a Total Drama Island Fan Fic is about a Mary Sue who loves Duncan, Noah, Bridgette, even if the author swears he/she is not a troll.
  • There's a lot of SpongeBob SquarePants troll fics:
  • Steven Universe:
    • "Steven and Amethyst: The Love That Transcends The Doors of Inanity" (NSFW) An infamous Steven Universe fanfic that has already had comparisons to the equally offensive "Dipper Goes To Taco Bell". It contains excessive Squick, complete incomprehensibility, and even a ethnic slur in it to boot. It is accompanied by a sequel and another. Eogrus/Carliro is again to blame.
    • Everyone Makes Mistakes (NSFW), another Steven Universe fic and also known as "Bubble Fuck", is incredibly gory and poorly-written. In the fanfic, Steven and Connie decide to have sex in a bubble on a date, angering Pearl to the point she decides to murder them. The fanfic is especially infamous on Tumblr, where it even has a comic.
    • Ghost Of You takes heavy influence from My Immortal. It stars a gothic OC named Onyx who everyone loves and who is an amazing fighter. Onyx is in love with Garnet. All the gems are gothic in the fic except for Garnet. The fanfic is almost incomprehensible due to its horrible grammar and spelling that seems to get worse as it goes on. The writer claims to not know about My Immortal but it's obvious they're using it as a reference, made obvious by the fact Ghost Of You is their only fanfic.
  • The meaningfully-named The Worst Phineas and Ferb Fanfic In History
  • Anything by The 6ft Dick. He became so (in)famous that at one point there was an entire section dedicated to him in Encyclopedia Dramatica's article on Fan Fiction.
  • Dolan comics are poorly spelled, poorly drawn troll comics about Donald Duck as an Ax-Crazy villain who murders and rapes other cartoon characters.
  • Caillou. Not only are nearly all of the Caillou fanfics on Fanfiction.Net troll fics, but the kid is a frequently appearing character in GoAnimate vids (alongside other "baby show" characters such as Dora the Explorer). Needless to say, Caillou (and sometimes Rosie as well) is either grounded or dead by the end of many of these videos.