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"I'm Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, and hate the conspiracies and idiocies that people bash, lie, and mock about me even more (It's sickening) So I'm here to stand up for my rights, preferences, and my Pride!"
Dakari-King Mykan, on his own FiMFiction page (yes, he made a FiMFiction page just to say he's an Anti-Brony)
Here, we see the Dakari-King, in his native habitat. If you're wondering, his cosplay is of one of his OCs.

Dakari-King Mykan (real name: Michael Mikulak) is a rather infamous fanfiction writer, responsible for such "classics" as The End of Ends and My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic. His works can be found on MediaMiner,, YouTube, DeviantArt and FiMFiction.

Though he's quite well-known for these already, what most who've actually spoken with him tend to remember is his attitude, and how content he is with being this way.

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