Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs

"Celestia might banish you from Equestria! Or throw you in a dungeon! Or banish you, and then throw you in a dungeon in the place that she banishes you to!"
Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, "A Bird in the Hoof"

A subdepartment of the Department of Redundancy Department that produces lists. While listing anything, the last item (typically the third, as per Rule of Three, but it can be longer) on the list will be a combination of two or more previous items. Sometimes, this makes sense. Sometimes, it's just confusing, or outright impossible, or impossibly confusing, or quite possibly confusingly impossible.

Sometimes this happens as a consequence of Stereo Fibbing. If it's incorporated into The Plan, it may result in being Crazy-Prepared.

This is almost always played for laughs, and prone to creating Ninja Pirate Zombie Robots. ("Zombies? Werewolves? Ghosts? Haunted werezombies?" etc.) Compare Shaped Like Itself, and Bill... Bill... Junk... Bill.... Not to be confused with Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick. Morton's Fork is a variant.

Not related to actual breaded eggs (although they do count as an example).


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  • It's a pillow... it's a pet... It's a Pillowpet!
  • Chunky's a soup! It's a meal! It's the soup that eats like a meal!
  • Miller Light's TV ad campaign was this trope and touts "Great Taste, Less Filling". Some examples, Sumo High Dive, Lawyer Rodeo, Weiner Dog Drag Racing, Luge Bowling and more...
  • Commercial for "Do you like the Minions? Do you like candy? Do you like awesome video games with the Minions and candy?"
  • Parodied in one commercial for Jack-in-the-Box, which had their board of directors struggling to come up with a name for their new sandwich, a double cheeseburger with bacon on a sourdough roll. Jack himself had the solution: "Why don't you call it... the Sourdough Bacon Double?"
  • In one of Anthony Sullivan's commercial for some cleaning product, as he was cleaning the carpet, he said the stuff he was using was good, "if you have kids, if you have animals, if you have kids that act like animals."
  • Verizon's hum for cars was advertised by saying it was compatible with a whole list of different car types, among those were red cars, white cars, blue cars, & red white & blue cars (as in painted with an American flag design).

    Anime and Manga 
  • In one episode of Soul Eater, Death the Kid realizes that a person he assumed was a tourist is actually a witch, then wonders if she wasn't a witch tourist.
  • In Episode 2 of Sword Art Online, the entire crowd of players accuse Kirito of withholding information from everyone on the boss they all had just recently defeated. Some were accusing him of being a beta tester and others that he's a cheater, and after a moment someone labels him as a "beater". Kirito willingly takes the title to differentiate himself from the other beta testers in order to protect them from discrimination.
    "You're a beta-tester and a cheater! A 'beater!'"
  • Mako from Kill la Kill after stealing Senketsu from Ryuko and trying it on: "It's flowing into me! The strength! The power! The strength-power!"
  • In "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak" episode of Pokémon, Ash and company have to fight a very powerful Gastly. Ash sends out his Squirtle and Bulbasaur to fight, and Gastly (an illusionist) sends out their evolved forms Blastoise and Venusaur, respectively. Gastly would later combine his two illusions into a single monster named "Venustoise".
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Kira pilots the Strike Gundam and later the Freedom Gundam. In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny he then gains the Strike Freedom Gundam.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans has Gaelio Bauduin piloting the Gundam Kimaris. In Season 2, under the alias "Vidar", he upgrades to the Gundam Vidar, and finally into the Gundam Kimaris Vidar.
  • In episode 8 of Beyond the Boundary, when Mirai lets her imagination go off over who could be over at Akihito's home…
    Mirai: How obscene! How unpleasant! How unpleasantly obscene!

  • Deadcoders Reviews: Talking about Yumi being a positive example. He pointed out that if the reader is ever an attempted victim of a rape, approached by a French mental healthcare provider, or a victim of attempted rape by a French mental healthcare provider, that the reader should follow Yumi's example: Kick them in the chest and run.

    Comic Books 
  • Gear: The cats are dismayed to discover that Gear is not very smart.
    Cat soldier 1: He's not a hero... he's dumb!
    Cat soldier 2: He's retarded.
    Cat Elder: No, worse... He's dumb-tarded.
  • In Don Rosa's Uncle Scrooge story "Cash Flow", a bank of switches on the money bin's security system allow for the release of "Big Dogs", "Mean Dogs", and "Big, Mean Dogs".
  • Darkwing Duck comic:
    • Darkwing encounters, at various points in a storyline, guard dogs, guard flamingos, and guard dogs riding guard flamingos.
    • In another instance, Negaduck recites a shopping list consisting of "chainsaws, flamethrowers, flaming chainsaw-throwers..."
  • In the Kingdom of Loathing comic, Jill's dad tells her to not talk to "boys, or strangers, or strange boys".
  • In a What The Duck comic, a duck attempts to find the right camera setting. In addition to several other settings, there's "Moving Water mode, Pregnant Woman mode, Pregnant Woman In Moving Water mode..."
  • Runaways: Chase Stein's list of things to do once he turns 18:
    1. Buy monkey
    2. Buy akohol [sic.]
    3. Train monkey to mix akohol
    • When Karolina asks Topher about his parents' superhuman origins.
    Karolina: Aliens? Androids? Alien androids?
  • As the ponies set off for Changeling territory at the end of issue 1 of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Pinkie wonders if they'll encounter ninjas, monkeys, or monkey ninjas along the way.
  • A pair of hazmat guys/drug dealers in King City discussing what to have for lunch come up with a list of options including Chinese, pizza, and hookers. They settle on Chinese hookers.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: In comic book story "An Ed for an Ed", Edd says "This is a mockery! A sham! A mockery of a sham!"

    Fan Works 
  • In this The Most Popular Girls in School fanfiction:
    Deandra: Thank you, Shay. Mackenzie. ...Shaykenzie.
  • In the story Rainbow in the Dark, during the Running of the Leaves, Brownie thinks the only way he won't come in dead last is if "one of the participants was a turtle. Or a snail. Or a creature fusing a turtle and a snail."
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has Calvin complaining about Dr. Brainstorm's name:
    "That's a dumb name. Why not something interesting? Like Doctor Doom, or Doctor Chaos, or Doctor Chaotic Doom?"

  • Friendship Is Magic: The Adventures of Spike: Spike hopes the Elements of Harmony send Chrysalis to the moon, or turn her to stone, or preferably both.
  • Chapter 4 of No Gods, Only Guns starts with Lilith and Kaidan arguing over whether to sell the Eridian Artifact or give it to the Alliance. Roland defuses the situation by suggesting that they sell it to the Alliance.
  • Paper Mario: Legend of the Clouds Chapter 36: SchoolTime: Part IV - Mario (thinking): "Now I can't even tell if they're stupid, insane, or just cleverly stupid and insane."
  • The finale of the second season of Zany To The Max has Yakko come up with a survey for Coach Nurse to take. The survey combines beans and The Mr. Men Show in various ways, similar to the "Beans and George Wendt survey" (as it was called in this episode) from the canon episode "Survey Ladies" (see Western Animation below). Subverted with the last two questions, one of which being "Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?".
  • Amber Night and the Curse of the Diabolical Pastry Thief:
    "He jumped over a barrel, then rolled beneath a balance beam, then barrel-rolled through an array of laser defense systems specifically designed to stop him."
  • Superhero RPF gives us this exchange (they talk about Loki):
    Do you ever get the feeling when you're near him that everything's going to just explode for no reason?
    NotTheHawkGuy replied: That or catch fire. Or turn into bees. Or turn into bees on fire.
  • In Harry the Hufflepuff Harry's uncle once took him to Grunnings Drills for some vague reason or other.
    Being a year or three younger than he currently was, Harry was uncertain about the exact circumstances and whys of his visit, but he vaguely recalled something about possibly meeting some burglars or rioters, or rioting burglars, or maybe it was being a meat shield for Vernon against rioters.
  • From Loki and Dr. Selvig:
    Dr. Selvig: How are you getting all these suits, anyway?
    Loki: Magic! Shoplifting. Magic shoplifting?
  • In Midnight Flights and Midnight Follies Harry is interrupted while making out with Daphne Greengrass and tries thinking unsexy thoughts to banish his erection.
    Dead puppies. Aragog. Aragog eating dead puppies. Ron's disgusting table manners. Snape. Snape and Ron having babies. Ew!
  • Dear Order:
    No one at Headquarters could pass up the opportunity to annoy the old man anymore. His continued insistence that they couldn't contact Harry, coupled with him constantly offering tea and lemon drops (and occasionally lemon tea or tea drops, when Remus or Severus got bored) had him getting on even Arthur's normally unshakable nerves.
  • In Harry and Harley a teenage Harley Quinn mentions her parents' attempt to scare her out of her interest in psychology.
    Harley: Anyway, they took me on a private field trip to Blackgate Prison, home of the insane, the criminals, and the criminally insane.
  • A Witch's Family:
    Every single one of the Weasleys and their guests glared at Percy, muttering beneath their breaths about him being a ‘git’ ‘prat’ ‘wanker’ or, in Ron’s words, a ‘gitty prat of a wanker’.
  • What Families Do:
    Harry: Bullying my friends, my family or my friends' families is not going to win you in with me, Malfoy, in case you're so dim-witted that you haven't realized it yet.
  • Hermione Granger Is Stupid:
    Hermione looked like she was about to cry. Or hex her. Or hex her while crying. The girl was scary sometimes.
  • In More Than Familiar Harry's owl Hedwig is revealed to be a witch locked into her Animagus form by an enemy. Harry's Animagus form is also an owl.
    Hedwig: Gee, I wonder, if you had to choose between flying or sex with me, which one you would choose.
    Harry: How about sex with you while flying?
  • The Best Revenge:
    Finally they reached a large painting of two beautiful blonde women in ancient costume. Harry wondered if they were witches or goddesses—or witches who were worshipped as goddesses.

    Had the world just changed? Snape considered what to do. He considered what he ought to do, what he wanted to do, and what he ought to want to do.
  • In The Ilvermorny Champion Hermione makes a catty remark about Mandy Brocklehurst.
    Harry: Wow. Been keeping that one in very long, Hermione?
    Hermione: Yep. Because you've been distracting me... by being nice, then being my boyfriend, then a nice boyfriend.
  • Hermione's Harry:
    Harry: Hmm, let's see, what goes through Harry's head all day? Hermione, sex, sex with Hermione, and Hermione!
  • The End of Pure England:
    Harry: First of all, those under eleven have been separated out and sent to various countries around the world. They will be raised under probation. If they live their lives within the laws – including the laws saying you shouldn’t reproduce with your siblings, parents, or your parents’ siblings – they should be alright.
  • Emerald Flight Book One: Union:
    The Flash: Why can't harmless, fluffy alien bunnies ever invade? I mean it's always world domination this or that, or eating humanity or dominating the world while eating humanity.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami:
    • Here: "The imp-made engravings had nudity and intertwined bodies too, but they were more stylized and alternated with gory battle scenes. Ami winced a little when she spotted an engraving that mixed both themes."
    • Here:
    "I find out that all portals leading out of my domain have been mysteriously blocked from the outside. At the same time."
    In sharp contrast to the Keeper's expression, his voice remained cheerful. It only got a bit louder when the rattling of the knight shaking in his armour threatened to drown it out.
    "Mysterious. And synchronous. Mysteriously synchronous."
  • In This Gonna Be Good Fred, George and Lee are searching for a decent compartment on the Hogwarts Express.
    Fred: Pick us a winner Lee!
    George: Make sure it's not infiltrated by Slytherins!
    Fred: Or boring book worms!
    Fred/George: Or boring Slytherin book worms!
  • Make a Plan:
    Ted: I've heard [Ludo Bagman] has a problem with debts, gambling, and gambling debts. If you win, you might have a hard time tracking him down again.
  • Finding Home:
    Death: ...Thanos has oft been called the Mad Titan.
    Harry Potter: Trust me, there isn't a single person out there who tried to rule the world or destroy the world or rule and destroy the world that wasn't at least somewhat mad.
  • In Honestly, Harry Harry and Hermione discuss making portkeys.
    Hermione: Importantly, there is no limitation on the size of the object, nor is there a limitation on the state of the object. As such, there should be nothing preventing you from creating a giant portkey, a liquid portkey, or even a giant liquid portkey.
  • Like Grains of Sand in the Hourglass:
    Tonks: Housework is dangerous. And frustrating. And frustratingly dangerous.

    Films — Animated 
  • Raoul tries to do this in A Monster in Paris, but can't quite manage it:
    "Women like me, men want to be me, uh, men want to be with the women who like me, and the women, uh, want to be... the men who want to be with me..."
  • Finding Nemo, when, as the prelude to the jellyfish forest, Dory finds a baby jellyfish:
    Dory: I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy.
  • In My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Friendship Games, when the group is speculating over what events could be part of the games Pinkie chimes in with this:
    Pinkie Pie: Pie eating? *holds up a pie* Cake eating? *holds up a cake* (GASP) Pie-cake eating?!? *smooshes both together*
  • Overlaps with Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking in The LEGO Movie: The Kragle is guarded with "lasers, sharks, laser sharks, and overbearing assistants."
  • The LEGO Batman Movie:
    Alfred: Master Bruce, your greatest fear is—
    Batman: Snakes?
    Alfred: No.
    Batman: Clowns.
    Alfred: No. It's being a part of a family again.
    Batman: Nope, now it's snake-clowns, because you put that idea in my head.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In a scene in Scary Movie 4 parodying The War of the Worlds, Tom is discussing the alien invasion with a man holed up in house. Then the man throws this line out there:
    "This ain't a war, anymore than there's a war between men and maggots. Or, dragons and wolves. Or, men riding dragons, throwing wolves at maggots."
  • In Up in Smoke, Cheech tells a border guard that he and Chong have been in Mexico "A week. I mean a day," before settling on "a weekday."
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End:
    "Shoot him!"
    "Shoot him AND cut out his tongue, and shoot his tongue... and trim that scraggly beard!"
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Kage orders the fried chicken, the steak, and the chicken-fried steak.
  • DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story:
    • White Goodeman introduces his dodgeball team.
      "Blade... Laser... Blazer..."
    • Lampshaded near the end with a character remarking, "They got Razor, Tazer, and all kinds of 'azers..."
  • Dog Soldiers: "Spiders. And women. And... spider-women."
  • When the Pike brothers in Blind Fury realize that things are going to go very wrong, they give us this response:
    Lyle: Shit!
    Tector: Fuck!
    Both: Shitfuck!
  • In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure:
    Bill: This armor's heavy.
    Ted: Like metal.
    Both: Heavy metal! [air guitar]
  • In Liar Liar, Fletcher Reede confesses to a traffic cop his List of Transgressions: "I sped. I followed too closely. I ran a stop sign. I almost hit a Chevy. I sped some more. I failed to yield at a crosswalk. I changed lanes at the intersection. I changed lanes without signaling while running a red light and speeding."
  • In Walk Hard, Dewey is seen in rehab while his nurse is asking for blankets to give him. First, she asks for more blankets. Then, she asks for less blankets. Then, she asks for more blankets AND less blankets.
  • From Kung Pow! Enter the Fist:
    "Killing is wrong. And bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing. Like badwrong, or... badong. Yes, killing is badong."
  • From the original Arthur:
    Arthur: Hot baths are wonderful. Girls are wonderful!
    Hobson: Imagine how wonderful a girl who bathes would be?
  • Iron Man:
    Rhodey: Why do you sound out of breath?
    Tony Stark: I'm not. I was just jogging in the canyon.
    Rhodey: I thought you were driving.
    Tony Stark: Right, I was driving... to the canyon... where I'm gonna jog.
  • Hot Fuzz:
    Andy: Everybody and their mums is packing 'round 'ere.
    Nicholas: Like who?
    Andy: Farmers.
    Nicholas: Who else?
    Andy:' mums.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire has a notorious sequence of the son finding out the British nanny who watches over him and his sisters is actually his divorced dad in disguise. (It's a long story.) He is so shocked that he can barely speak, and while trying to explain the situation to his older sister he splutters: "He's a she! No, she's a he! No, he's a he-she!"
  • A variation in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, when discussing the mutants Tokka and Razar, Shredder says they're stupid, the scientist insists they're just infants, but then is forced to concede that they're stupid infants.
  • In Dave, Kevin Kline's titular character is calling his real secretary to let her know he won't be available for a while, leading to the following:
    Dave (after saying that he's met a woman): She's great. She's really exotic! She's a princess! She's Polynesian - well, half Polynesian, and half American. She's... an Amnesian.
  • Used for the tagline for Syfy movie Sharknado:
    Sharks. Tornado. Sharknado. Enough said.
  • The Great Debaters has one with its cast, starring Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, and Denzel Whitaker.
  • Hysteria:
    Edmund: (making a toast) To the telephone.
    Mortimor: To the Queen.
    Edmund: To calling the Queen on the telephone.
  • Damsels in Distress:
    Rose: Priss is a rat. A bitch. A rat bitch.

  • "You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friends' noses."

  • In Unique, Helga's past is mentioned to include fighting demons, vampires, Nazis and demonic Nazi vampires.
  • In one of the Nightside books, Pew is searching through his occult equipment for a healing spell: "Dowsing rod, pickled penis, dowsing rod made from a pickled penis ..."
  • In the original web-based novel The Dwayne Diaries, after the captain questions who would ever need ten boats, Cthulhu says he could use the money for "A mansion, or a yacht, or a mansion on a yacht, whatever!"
  • A staple of Dave Barry's numerous lists. He generally has a list of three or four things, starts mixing and matching two at a time, and culminates with all of them together. One such list, from the column "Vacation Reservations":
    "You can keep your food costs down by eating at one of the many fine roadside stands, such as the Dairy Queen, the Dairy Freeze, the Dairy King, the Frozen Dairy Queen, the Freezing King of the Dairy, the Dozing Fairy Queen, and so on."
  • In the children's book The Pirate and the Penguin, the eponymous penguin complains that the south pole is boring, so his friends remind him of all the fun things there are to do, like daydreaming, yoga, and daydreaming about yoga.
  • In an essay from his book When You Are Engulfed in Flames, David Sedaris discusses the kinds of people who buy different cigarette brands. Camels, in his view, were for "procrastinators, those who wrote bad poetry, and those who put off writing bad poetry."
  • In Zen Ghosts, Karl can't decide whether to be a pirate or an owl for Halloween. Stillwater, his panda friend, suggests going as an owl-pirate, but Michael protests that there's no such thing. Though not mentioned in the story, the illustrations show that Karl took Stillwater's advice.
  • Isaac Asimov was often criticized for the absence of extraterrestrial life and sexuality in his works. So he wrote The Gods Themselves, which contains aliens, sex and alien sex.
  • Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography has a photograph of three detectives named "Detective Smith, Detective Jones, and Detective Smithjones".
  • In Harold's Fairy Tale, Harold encounters an enchanted garden that's barren. The king tells him this is due either to a witch or a giant, but he doesn't know which. Harold later finds that the trouble is being caused by a giant witch.
  • Hank the Cowdog:
    Drover: She had pretty brown eyes...
    Hank: Were they pretty and brown or pretty brown? This could be important!
    Drover: Both. They were pretty and brown. And pretty brown.
  • A bit of financial-scandal gossip from Five Hundred Years After:
    Khaavren: Do you know that, when the economy is troubled, intendants are dismissed? And, in addition, when war goes badly, generals are executed?
    Aerich: Well, yes. That is the usual way of the world.
    Khaavren: Well, they have been executing intendants.
  • In The End of the World, Valkyrie is mentioned as looking at Ryan with a face that people usually reserve for "Idiots, or toddlers. Or idiot toddlers".
  • In Not Just a Witch by Eva Ibbotson, when the main character Heckie (who has the power to change people into animals) and her friend Dora (who has the power to turn creatures to stone) have just discovered that Mr. Knacksap, whom they thought was their friend, had secretly been leading them both on and tricking them into abusing their powers for his own benefit:
    Oh, Lord, don't let them get me, prayed the furrier. Don't let me become a louse. Don't let me become a statue. And please, please don't let me become the statue of a louse!
  • In Blood Rites, Harry faces a giant monkey-demon that forms from smaller monkey-demons merging together. Being both a Pop-Cultured Badass and The Nicknamer, he first calls it monkey Kong, then Monkey Voltron, and finally Kongtron.
  • In Good Omens, a group of English kids hear the rumor that in America there are ice-cream stores with 39 flavors:
    "There aren't thirty-nine flavors in the whole world."
    "There could be, if you mixed them up," said Wensleydale, blinking owlishly. "You know. Strawberry and chocolate. Chocolate and vanilla." He sought for more English flavors. "Strawberry and vanilla and chocolate," he added, lamely.
  • Discworld:
    • This is how Tomjon gets his name in Wyrd Sisters.
    • In Interesting Times, when Teach dies, the barbarian heroes suggest giving him a variety of different warriors' funerals, like being on a boat set on fire, being under a burial mound, or on top of a pile of the corpses of all of his enemies. They eventually settle on "In a boat set on fire, on top of a pile of his enemies, under a burial mound."
    • According to The Wee Free Men, the Nac Mac Feegle are infamous for stealing, fighting, drinking, drinking and fighting, and stealing and drinking and fighting.
    • Unseen Academicals has "the smell of pipe smoke and old socks, and since the wizards are lax about knocking out their pipes, smoking socks as well."
  • When the picture of Alex kissing a man is leaked in Heart In Hand, the media speculates his partner might be drugged, underage, a prostitute, or even a drugged underage prostitute.
  • In World War Z, among the things that Colonel Christina Eliopolis says are being dropped into the blue zones holding out against the zombies are "tools, spare parts, and tools to make spare parts."
  • In The Song of the Quarkbeast, King Snodd comments, "Magical contests are always enjoyed by the unwashed and the destitute—and especially by the unwashed destitute."
  • When Tyler of A Bad Day For Voodoo is explaining to Kelley how Mr. Click died, she says, "Are you kidding me?", "Are you serious?", and "You can't be serious! Are you kidding me?".
  • The Dornish capital of Sunspear in A Song of Ice and Fire was named because the Rhoynar sigil was the sun and the Martell sigil was a spear.
  • In 1066 and All That, the Industrial Revelation leads to the passage of a wave of Acts including Tory Acts, Factory Acts, Satisfactory Acts and Unsatisfactory Acts.
  • Journey to Chaos: During the course of A Mage's Power, Eric and Dengel have an argument after Eric kills Tahart, an orc.
    Dengel: ...Orcs are savages.
    Eric: He was a person!
    Dengel: He was a savage person.
  • Judy Jones and William Wilson's An Incomplete Education:
    Never mind the gory details of Furman, which was only the lead case among five involving rapes, murders and rape-murders.
    • What you need to know if dating a "Frenchperson."
    Be prepared to discuss, for hours on end, politics, philosophy, foreign policy, the politics of philosophy, the philosophy of politics, the politics and philosophy of foreign policy, the early films of Jean-Luc Godard, and what's wrong with the New York art scene.
  • JRR Tolkien's ''The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two'' contains a scene in which "an army of Orcs descended upon them, and wolves, and Orcs mounted upon wolves".
  • In the children's book Scrooge, a shortened adaptation of A Christmas Carol, one illustration features three stamps on Scrooge's desk that read "NO", "NEVER", and "NO NEVER".
  • The title character in Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life says his mom taught him to Think Happy Thoughts, her examples being butterflies, babies laughing, and hot dogs in a ballpark. So when he thinks he's about to be arrested, he pictures "babies laughing in a ballpark surrounded by butterflies eating hot dogs. Very small, tiny hot dogs."

    Live Action TV 
  • Black Books has Bernard sending "chocolates and flowers, chocolate flowers and florets of chocolates" as his courtship ritual.
  • Stark Raving Mad employs this in the final, in which Cesare tells Audrey that he loves doing things with her like "Talking. Shopping. Talking about shopping."
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:
    • Zack and Cody enter high school and Cody notices the posters for clubs: chess club, robotics club, robots-who-play-chess club. "Checkmate," he says in his impression of a robot.
    • When Zack points out that Cody's ex-girlfriend, Irma, has more hair on her upper lip than he does, Cody maintains that it was just an "unfortunate series of moles". Naturally, the argument goes: "Hair!" "Moles!" "Hair!" "Moles!" "Hair!" "Moles!" "Hairy moles!"
    • Mr. Blanket, the school counselor, has treated many phobias including flying, spiders, flying spiders, clowns, the dark, soup, and ping pong balls.
  • Hang Time: Julie uses this excuse to have Jason Redman take her home, so Vince, Michael and Danny don't catch her with him on a date in "Julie's Guy":
    Julie: Jason, we have to leave. I, uh, left something on.
    Jason: Really? What?
    Julie: My stereo. My iron. My iron's on my stereo.
  • The Daily Show
    "Pot! Gay Marriage! Gay-pot-marriage!"
  • Friends:
    • Joey was asked what he prefers: girls or sandwiches. He talks about how he wants girls, but he also wants sandwiches. He decides he wants girls on bread.
    • When listing off the number of categories of towels Monica has during the Joey/Chandler-Monica/Rachel trivia contest on "The One with the Embryos", Joey and Chandler note that she has "fancy", "guest", and "fancy guest".
  • House:
    • In "Role Model", House thinks that a black senator lies about being straight. "Some day there will be a black president. Some day there will be a gay president. Maybe there will even be a gay, black president. But one combination I do not see happening is gay, black, and dead."
    • Episode "Deception": Dr. House to a hot female patient: "Yeah? What else turns you on? Drugs? Casual sex? Rough sex? Casual rough sex? I’m a doctor, I need to know."
    • Season 6, episode 19: House comments on a married couple who boasted thay have an open marriage, but House correctly assumes the husband is hiding something and that they have other marital problems.
      House: Of course the husband's secret was money. If it's not sex, it's always money. Unless it's sex for money. How did he lose it anyway?
    • Season 7, episode 8: "You don't want to propose at a wedding; emotions running high, people on edge. You want to try somewhere like a Buddhist temple. Or an aquarium. Or a Buddhist aquarium."
    • Season 8, episode 7 "Dead & Buried": Foreman uses this pattern when he discusses House's obsession with medical puzzles.
    Wilson: Why do you care if he works on two cases?
    Foreman: 'Cause next, it'll be three cases, then four. Then animal cases and ghost cases. Then animal ghost cases.
  • On Mock the Week:
    Frankie Boyle: I get you a boy, Brown, I get you a girl, I get you a boy/girl! Four arms, four legs, it's like making love to a man spider!
  • From Drake & Josh we have when they wanted to know Megan's next prank
    Josh: It could be explosives!
    Drake: Or poison!
    Josh: (gulps) ...explosive poison?
  • When Lewbert resumes his position as the doorman in iCarly, Spencer shows him what he missed.
    Spencer: Okay, I've separated your phone calls into three categories. Death threats, from your mother... and death threats from your mother.
  • When Kenan & Kel found the map for a treasure.
    Kenan: Think about it Kel, it can have gold, or coins, OR GOLD COINS!
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • "Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam..."
    • Upon discovering a dead bishop on the landing, a family considers calling the church or the police before calling the Church Police.
  • From The Colbert Report:
    • The Kennedy assassination, Bigfoot, why Bigfoot assassinated Kennedy...
    • With Jimmy Fallon: "Remember that time we rode that bicycle built for two? Remember that time we rode that ferris wheel? Remember that time we rode that bicycle built for two on that ferris wheel?"
    • During one segment of Threatdown, Stephen listed the top five threats as robots, bears, robots, bears, and robot bears.
    • Leading up to his interview with Maurice Sendak: "Anybody who knows me knows that I don't like children, or books, or children's books."
    • "The elderly, the insane, and the insanely elderly."
    • The theme song of Tek Jansen Alpha Squad 7 describes its protagonist as doing the following:
    Killing the aliens
    Loving the aliens
    Sometimes loving then killing the aliens
  • On Game of Thrones:
    • A Character Tic of Tyrion Lannister, known for his witty snarks.
      • He asks his sellsword Bronn what he wants. "Gold? Women? Golden women?"
      • Tyrion says the following to his nephew Joffrey during a riot of King's Landing: "We've had vicious kings, and we've had idiot kings, but I don't know if we've ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king!"
      • Tyrion describes his lover Shae's accusations as "Cruel. And unfair. Cruelly unfair."
      • When Varys tells Tyrion that he has a choice between drinking himself to death or accompanying him to Meereen, Tyrion asks if he can drink himself to death on the way to Meereen.
    • Tyrion's father Tywin Lannister tells him off for "bedding harlots and drinking with thieves". Tyrion replies that on occasion he also drank with the harlots.
    • Oberyn Martell says that the Lannisters are overly fond of their gold, their lions, and their golden lions. Lion is their sigil and they are famous for their gold mines and extreme wealth.
    • The Night's Watch is going over their latest batch of 'recruits'. "Raper, raper, thief, thief, thief and raper..."
  • On Married... with Children, when Al mistakes a random scientific concoction of Kelly's for shampoo, it gives him a full head of hair. Upon seeing himself in the mirror, he proclaims "I'm a hunk! I'm a dude! I'm a hunky dude!"
  • On That '70s Show, when Red recalls the moment he used "dumbass" for the first time.
    Red: I mean, he's kind of... he's an ass. And he's dumb. He's a... (Angelic Chorus) ...dumbass!
  • Wheel of Fortune:
    • On one episode, there was a contestant who could imitate Forrest Gump, and another who could imitate The Road Runner. Host Pat Sajak then asked the former to imitate Forrest Gump as the Road Runner. He did.
    • The categories used on the show used to include Fictional Character, Family, and Fictional Family.
  • Look Around You:
  • The Nine Lives of Chloe King has Alek talking about the effects of the Mai's poison:
    "Paralysis, death, paralysis and death."
  • One Monk episode has Monk in a panic to get rid of his multiple phobias upon finding out his insurance company won't cover individual therapy sessions anymore. The first three phobias he lists are "Bees", "Blenders" and "Bees in Blenders".
  • Big Time Rush:
    • Carlos in one episode:
      Carlos: It's like a vacation! With singing! It's a sing-cation!
    • In a later episode, James tries to bribe Carlos...
      James: I'll get you a monkey!
      Carlos: No!
      James: A butler!
      Carlos: No!
      James: A monkey butler!
    • In "Big Time Mansion", when it's suggested that Gustavo let the boys house sit his mansion he calls them monkeys. When Logan points out that Gustavo always refers to them as dogs, he calls them monkey-dogs.
  • Little Mosque on the Prairie: When Layla started wearing a hijab, Baber worries she's covering something up—like a hickey. Or a piercing. Or a hickey piercing!
  • One of the Leverage promo videos for season 2 features the writers' room Jumping the Shark in the most ridiculous way possible. One of the writers lists all the important points they want to hit: "Zombies, aliens, babies, and zombie alien babies."
    • In-Universe, when the team sets out to steal a country, Hardison bemoans their potential political opponents for the corrupt Presidente;
    Hardison: Well, look, Ribera arrested anybody else who stood a chance of taking him down. Seriously. Look, these are the other candidates, right here — drug dealer; drug dealer; drug addict; embezzler; embezzler; drug dealer and drug addict; and my personal favorite...
    Sophie: Ew! Ew... What is that?
    Hardison: There’s no secrets on the internet. When will people learn this?
  • On M*A*S*H, after Klinger shows Col. Blake a letter he claimed to receive announcing that his father was dying, Blake produces a stack of (equally fake) letters that Klinger had produced in the past:
    "Father dying, last year. Mother dying, last year. Mother and father dying. Mother, father and older sister dying. Mother dying and older sister pregnant. Older sister dying and mother pregnant. Younger sister pregnant and older sister dying. Here's an oldie but a goodie: half of the family dying, other half pregnant."
  • Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
    So what are you guys fighting today? Vampires? Zombies? Zompires?
  • From Laverne & Shirley:
    "We know what the people want: They want SEX! They want VIOLENCE! They want VIOLENT SEX! They want SEXY VIOLENCE! They want VIOLENCY SEX! ...I'm getting hot."
  • From an episode of Castle:
    Beckett: What was so special about our victim that our killer wanted to erase his identity... ? Don't say spy. beat Or mob hit.
    Castle: Mob hit of a spy?
  • Conan O'Brien referred to YouTube channels as being "cats", "people getting hit in the nuts", and "cats getting hit in the nuts". Andy Richter quickly added "people getting hit in the nuts with cats".
  • The DVD blurb for Top Gear at the Movies begins with "Cars! Film! Cars on film! Film involving cars! You get the idea."
  • A.N.T. Farm: When Chyna is trying to decide what dance to do, she asks Cameron whether to do the dougie, the robot, or dougie the robot.
  • The Fast Show:
    "Do you like cheese? Do you like peas? Then you'll love these! The brand new cheesy-peas!"
    "They're good for your teas!"
  • In an episode of Wings, when Lowell is informed his boat was sunk:
    "My house? My boat? My houseboat?""
  • Malcolm in the Middle when Reese tampered with Malcolm's chemistry experiment and created a new color by combining blue with yellow and decided to call it "blellow" (green).
  • Honorable Mention goes to The Electric Company (1971) and its 2009 reboot, whose iconic silhouetted-faces bit takes this trope to the phonetic level. "Th." "Ing." "Thing." "Br." "Ing." "Bring." And so on.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Buffy and Willow are debating whether or not to celebrate Thanksgiving:
    Buffy: It is a sham. But it's a—sham with yams. It's a yam sham!
    • Willow's good at these. Exhibit A, on Buffy's 18th.
    "You can vote. You can be drafted. You can vote to not be drafted."
    "It's a nightmare! It's a plague! It's like a nightmare about a plague!"
    • At the start of "The Zeppo", Xander is advised to stay out when they're fighting monsters because he might get killed, or hurt, or both.
    • A collaborative example in "Killed By Death": Xander, Willow, and Cordy take an unconscious Buffy into the Hospital Emergency room:
      Intern: What happened?
      Willow: The flu.
      Xander: She fell.
      Cordy: She fainted.
      Xander: The flu, fainted and fell. She's sick, make it better!
      • Oddly enough, none of those were lies. Buffy did have the flu, which caused her to faint and fall down. It just sounded like a lie.
  • On Dead Like Me, Daisy describing George to George's (Millie's) co-workers:
    Daisy: I'm looking for a girl. She's about yay big, brown eyes, pretty... angry... pretty angry, actual—Oh! That's her.
  • Saved by the Bell: Lisa's hobbies include "dating, guys, and dating guys!"
  • In The Middleman, Wendy's previous painting phase before she started working for the Middleman involved "airplanes, Asian guys, and Asian guys in airplanes."
  • Degrassi provides the page quote for Teen Pregnancy with Jenna: "I can't believe it Alli, I'm pregnant...and I'm a teenager. I'm a...", and Alli's response:" ...pregnant teenager?"
  • Fawlty Towers: "Duck with orange, duck with cherries, duck with orange and cherries, duck without orange..."
    • Another from The Germans:
    Major: Hate Germans! Love women.
    Polly: What about German women?
    Major: Good card players! But I wouldn't give them the time of day.
  • The Aquabats! Super Show!:
    • "Überchaun!":
    Eaglebones Falconhawk: You're really a leprechaun? Aren't you supposed to give gold, or wishes, or golden wishes?
    • "Floating Eye of Death!":
    Crash McLarson: I wanna hear a story about bears...and licorice...and bears with licorice arms!
  • In an episode of Pushing Daisies, Olive claims to Ned that her imagining the two of them together was as crazy as imagining them "as hobbits. Or on jet packs. Or hobbits on jet packs."
  • In the fourth series finale of Misfits, Rudy explains to Nadine why she is far too good for him. He confesses to having anal sex, living almost exclusively off candy and having anal sex with candy.
  • On Scrubs, this is how The Janitor comes up with the knife-wrench.
  • According to Chappelle's Show, "HBO, the greatest network of our time, has brought you compelling documentaries about pimps, ho's, players, johns, tricks, marks, mark-ass tricks, trick-ass marks, skeezers, skanks, skig-skags, and scallywhops..."
  • On Home Improvement, Brad asks his parents when they ever need to multiply compound fractions, which leads to this exchange:
    Jill: Like when I go to the grocery store and I buy a pound and a half of cheese.
    Brad: Yeah, but you're not multiplying anything.
    Jill: Well, you didn't let me finish!
    Tim (putting her on the spot): Why don't you finish it, then?
    Jill: Well, I buy a pound and a half of cheese and then I multiply it by... a gallon and a half of milk.
    Brad (utterly confused): But why would you do that?
    Jill: Because, because, I'm... making cheese milk.
  • In Shake It Up!'s third season premiere "Fire it Up", when CeCe is afraid that she's going to get arrested for accidentally burning down the studio, she states that she doesn't look good in orange, jumpsuits, or orange jumpsuits.
  • In Hi Honey Im Home, Honey hands out condoms to some boys, thinking them to be something else. When one of the mothers talks to her about it:
    Mother: They are condoms!
    Honey: They're mints.
    Lloyd: They're condiments.
  • In Elementary's series 2 premiere, Sherlock asks Joan to accompany him to London because "without you, the airline might seat me next to a morbidly obese person. Or a child. Or a morbidly obese child."
  • The Bob Newhart Show:
    Jerry: Why, I could be a duke. Or an earl!
    Bob: You could be the Duke of Earl.
  • Frasier:
    Frasier: Sometimes I am forceful with my opinions but that is only because I am passionate and right. And passionate about being right.
  • Gilmore Girls: One town meeting features a discussion about "Cart, Kiosk, Cart/Kiosk" permits - which sounds like a redundant title when spoken aloud (as Lorelai and Rory don't hesitate to point out), but is actually a permit the town requires for businesses run out of carts, kiosks, or... cart/kiosks, which is apparently some combination of the two.
    • In one episode, Lorelei sits on Luke's lap and says "I want roller skates and a pony and a Barbie, and roller skates for the pony and the Barbie...."
  • Arrested Development has three generations of Bluths: George, Michael, and George Michael.
    • George has a twin brother Oscar, and GOB's full name is George Oscar Bluth.
  • One episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy started with Bill, wearing a raincoat and galoshes, standing in a swamp in the rain.
    Bill: (stomps his foot in a puddle of water)' It's wet. (moves his foot over and stomps on a muddy bank) It's land. (continues with each repetition) Wet. Land. Wet. Land. (speaking faster and faster) Wet! Land! Wet! Land! It's a wetland!
  • QI: The Season 10 episode "Jingle Bells", Stephen Fry comments when Alan answered "Dave" yet again:
    "One day the answer might be "Dave", one day the answer might be "blue whale"... What I'm looking forward to is when we have a blue whale named Dave and you don't get it."
    • Rob Brydon speculates on what makes snails fly.
      A bat. Or a bird. Or some strange hybrid of bird-bat.
    • Alan Davies and John Sessions when asked "What's the good thing about a British accent in Hollywood?"
      Alan: You're always the villain.
      John: Or gay. Or a gay villain.
  • Larry and Balki on Perfect Strangers were once invited to an art show. While they were preparing for it...
    Larry: What do you think of this picture?
    Balki: I think it's pretty.
    Larry: No.
    Balki: I think it's ugly.
    Larry: No.
    Balki: I think it's...pretty ugly.
  • On Dirk Gently, Dirk breaks into his former college records to discover the true reason for his expulsion.
    Dirk Gently: Minor misconduct, misconduct, gross minor misconduct, minor but gross misconduct...
  • In Slings and Arrows, before Geoffrey lets Darren direct Romeo and Juliet, he makes him promise that it will be a reasonable production, meaning "no flames, no horses, and no flinging flaming horses at the audience."
  • On The Golden Girls, before trying out for Jeopardy! Dorothy has a dream in which she competes on the show against dumb farm-girl Rose and womanizer Charlie. The categories include 'Chickens', 'Babes', 'Chicken Babes' and 'Baby Chickens'.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: As the "Reasonable Doubt" episode starts, a television producer threatens to kill off the character of an actor who starts bothering him with questions about his motivation.
    PA: I'm not sure we can kill him, Frank.
    Frank : Why? It's cable. Macho characters die or experiment with their sexuality, or die experimenting with their sexuality.
  • In the Community season 4 episode when Jeff finds out the students have lockers, he finds his is filled with fliers for Greendale events like dances, contests, dance contests and even a contest dance.
  • A season 3 episode of Burn Notice had Michael meeting Connor, the "big bad boss" of a scam ring. Connor insists he's just a businessman. A caption on him calls him a "BIG BAD BUSINESSMAN".
  • From Angel:
    Eve: What can you possibly do to me? I've been trapped in this house for weeks like a-
    Spike: Rat? Snake? Beady little rat snake?
    • Another one by Spike in regards of people being found with their hearts cut out.
    Giles: Priests are on it, but my senses tells me it's more demonic than some murderous nutjob.
    Spike: So we're ruling out demonic nutjobs then, are we?
  • In one episode of Porridge, when a bottle of pills is found in Fletcher and Godber's cell, they engage in a brief round of Stereo Fibbing around "indigestion" and "nerves" before finally settling on the pills being for Fletch's "nervous indigestion. And sometimes vice versa."
  • In one episode of Gotham ("Unleashed"), Selina Kyle and Edward Nygma run into each other in the vents of Arkham Asylum (the former on her search for Bridget Pike, the latter while trying to escape). He tells her that Bridget can be found in Hugo Strange's secret basement, and then describes its horrors: "Alive people. Dead people. Alive-dead people. It's horrible."
  • Mad TV had an ad for a fake product called the Wonder Rake 5000 which goes into a long and redundant list of things it can pick up. Some of the things mentioned are lilacs, berries, and lilac beery mix ans well a branches, leaves, and branches with leaves. It also creates a Department of Redundancy Department with how some of the items are piled on and the repeated mention of pine cones.
  • Happy Endings:
    Brad: (reluctantly discussing his deepest fears) Uh, all right, um... sharks.
    Jane: What? No, come on. Seriously.
    Brad: Okay, fine. Ghosts... (off Jane's look) of sharks. (another look) Ghost sharks?
    Jane: Ghost sharks? Really?
    Brad: It could happen. Uh...
  • In the How I Met Your Mother episode "The Mermaid Theory," Future!Ted tells his kids that Robin and Marshall, historically, had three solid conversation topics: cold weather, sports, and cold-weather sports.
  • In Homeland, Carrie says that the Taliban would've said that a drone strike hit a mosque, an orphanage, or a mosque for orphans.
  • The Torkelsons: When Molly is freaking out over what her father's reaction will be over a wrong she did:
    [Molly:] He's going to send me to military school. No it's worse, he's going to put me in a convent.
    [Dorothy Jane:] No he won't...
    [Molly:] But what can be worse than a convent? O my God! A military convent! Nuns with guns.
  • Screech does this on a Saved by the Bell: The New Class episode.
    Screech: Come on down to Gadgets and Gimmicks! We're crazy! We're having a party! We're having a crazy party!
  • The Lone Gunmen One particularly paranoid reader had the Gunmen investigating for him and asked "Is it Aliens or the Government? Or Aliens working for the Government?"
  • Studio C: In the sketch "Most Realistic Video Game of All Time", Matt, determined to show Jason how a Grand Theft Auto clone game ought to be played, pulls out a bazooka and looks for someone to shoot:
    Matt: That is a baby. And that is a retired navy SEAL. And that's a baby seal. That is adorable. Take this.
    Matt tosses the controller aside, accidentally firing the bazooka.
    Game: Achievement unlocked: baby seal terminated.
  • Daredevil: In "World on Fire," Foggy and Karen go to Landman & Zack to get information for their client, a friend of Brett Mahoney's mother involved in a tenancy dispute. Karen's first remark on entering the lobby:
    Karen Page: Feels like a place in a movie where you'd buy a clone. Maybe a robot baby. Or the clone of a robot baby.
  • Le Cœur a ses Raisons:
    Ridge: I only fear fat Manitobaines. And intimity. But mostly the fat Manitobaines. And perhaps the intimity with the fat Manitobaines.

  • One Rolling Stone magazine's review on Kylie Minogue's X says she has "songs about sex, dancing and sexed-up dancing."
  • A What's New? with Phil and Dixie comic from Dragon Magazine compared sci-fi and fantasy role-playing games, and how they're Not So Different. The last panel showed a space marine and a barbarian hanging out at a tavern, drunkenly arguing whether they were looking at mutants or trolls, and concluding they were mutant trolls. (They were actually looking at their own reflections.)
  • One cover of Mother Jones magazine lists groups that the US Republican Party have pissed off in recent years, including "scientists", "economists", "dog lovers", "the 99%", "gays", "vets" and "gay vets".

  • From Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant":
    "Group W's where they put you if you may not be moral enough to join the Army after committing your special crime, and there was all kinds of mean, nasty, ugly-looking people on the bench there. Mother rapers. Father stabbers. Father rapers!"
  • The spoken middle section of The Foremen's "Hard Time to Be a Man":
    "Now, this bar graph represents the thought processes of the average American male in 1957. We see, in descending order of importance: sex, sports, cars, and sex in sports cars."
  • In their famous Four Chord Song sketch, Axis Of Awesome take a line from Five For Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)" — "I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane" — and instead of continuing, follow up with "I'm a birdplane!" They also released a song "Birdplane" which is about the exact same situation.
  • From Zappa's Concept Album Joe's Garage:
    I know you want someone to show you some tits
    Big ones
    Wet ones
    Big wet ones!
  • "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" by Kip Moore. Each verse begins "Somethin' 'bout a…" (truck in a farmer's field, beer sittin' on ice, girl in a red sundress, kiss that's gonna lead to more), and then the chorus begins, "And there's somethin' ' bout a truck in a field / And a girl in a red sundress with an ice cold beer to her lips / Begging for another kiss".
  • The Pogues' "A Pair Of Brown Eyes": "Some prayed, some cursed, some prayed, then cursed, then prayed, then bled some more."
  • Das Racist's "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell":
    I'm at the Pizza Hut
    I'm at the Taco Bell
    I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
  • One reviewer commented that in their early days Cradle of Filth had three kinds of songs: songs about sex, songs about vampires, and... well, you can guess the rest.
  • The press release Peter Gabriel issued announcing his leaving Genesis plays with this trope. He lists non-reasons for leaving the band as "To do a Bowie", "To do a Ferry", then "To do a furry boa round my neck and hang myself with it".
  • Three consecutive songs on the Paul and Storm album Gumbo Pants are "If James Taylor Were on Fire", "If Bob Dylan Were Hiding at the Bottom of a Well", and "If James Taylor Were on Fire at the Bottom of a Well".
  • The spoken intro of Star Bomb's Player Select has Danny Sexbang claiming that between the two albums, he and Egoraptor were "partying with supermodels, robots, robot supermodel robots, and occasionally writing music".
  • Pikotaro's "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" is all about this.
    I have a pen, I have a apple.
    (smashing motion) Ugh, apple pen!
    I have a pen, I have pineapple.
    (smashing motion) Ugh, pineapple pen!
  • Neil Cicierega's Bustin contains this line:
    Freaky ghost, baby!
    Freaky ghost, man!
    Freaky man baby!

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Beetle Bailey:
    • Zero observes that Beetle appears to be crying. Killer says that he must just have the flu, because he's too tough to be crying. Beetle says that anyone would cry if they had such a bad flu as his.
    • Sarge visits an eating place and has this exchange:
      Sarge: What-cha got?
      Waitress: We have pizza and beer, beer and pizza, and pizza soaked in beer.
      Sarge: Gee, I don't know. They all sound good.
  • Bloom County:
    • A strip has a salesman from the Universally United Writer's Bunch Syndicate offering comic strips to Opus, who was working at the Bloom Beacon:
    I got what you want! Strips about divorce! Strips about babies! Strips about plumbers! Strips about Divorced Baby Plumbers!
    • During an election arc;
      Portnoy: We should have gotten Jesse Jackson.
      Hodgepodge: Are you kidding? We'd alienate half of America!
      Portnoy: How about Jesse Helms?
      Hodgepodge: We'd alienate the other half!
      Portnoy: (Beat) Let's alienate everyone! Jesse and Jesse for '88!
      Hodgepodge: Oh, do shut up.
  • In Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin is talking about his difficulty in deciding on a hobby. He couldn't choose between collecting stamps or collecting bugs, so he decided to collect stamped bugs.
  • Used in a Curtis strip:
    Mom: I'm thinking about doing something different.
    Curtis: About baking a cake?
    Mom: No.
    Curtis: A pie?
    Mom: No, Curtis, I said something different!
    Curtis: Cake-pie? Or pie-cake?
  • Garfield
    • In one strip:
      Garfield: Oh no, a wrinkle! Oh no, a gray hair! OH NO, A WRINKLED GRAY HAIR!!!
    • Another:
      Jon: Good coffee... hot coffee... gooooooood hot coffee.
    • And a third, with TV channels:
      Drivel...Nonsense...Nonsensical Drivel
      Garfield: At last!
    • In yet another, Jon receives a care package from his mother. Jon hopes it's full of cookies, Garfield hopes it's a ham. It turns out to be ham-shaped cookies.
      Garfield: Mom shoots, Mom scores!
  • Dilbert:
    • One strip featured a professional UI designer who feels a "computer interface should hurt the user". He added some sounds to their product, including "sound of puking", "fingernails on blackboard" and "bird hitting window". And If the user does something wrong, "the sound of a puking bird hitting a blackboard." (It's "puke / screech / splat", apparently.)
    • Another strip involves an employee lunch. Everyone signed up to bring either salt or water. Wally offers to bring sparkling mineral water.
    • Another strip did a comparison between Prairie Dogs, Office Workers and Prairie Dog Office Workers.
  • One Zits strip has Jeremy said he would rather watch grass grow, or paint dry, or paint the grass and watch it dry as it grows.
  • Scary Gary:
    Leopold: What's your favorite food when you're a bat?
    Gary: Mosquitoes.
    Leopold: And when you're not?
    Gary: Bacon.
    Leopold: Now I'm craving bacon-flavored mosquitoes.

    Professional Wrestling 

     Puppet Shows 
  • Fozzie being heckled on The Muppet Show:
    Leo: Bring on the comic!
    Fozzie: I am the comic!
    Leo: Bring on the girls!
    Fozzie: This is not that kind of show.
    Leo: Bring on the girl comic!
  • In the Dinosaurs episode "A New Leaf", Earl Sinclair berates his son for having spikes on his head, stating that they make him look like a girl, a bum, and a girl bum.
  • In a skit from Crank Yankers, Karl Malone calls a collector's gallery asking about Beanie Babies, which they don't have and don't want. He then inquires about Barbie dolls, which they have, but he won't go into specifics about what he supposedly wants, instead beginning a rambling story about some Barbies that his little sister once had. After a while of this, he asks again if they have Beanie Babies and when is again told no asks "What about the Beanie Barbies?" at which point the owner hangs up.
    Karl: Don't hang up on Karl Malone!

  • The BBC Radio 4 satire show Bremner's One Question Quiz, in a spoof "Come to Britain!" advert that is actually trying to discourage visitors:
    Whatever you're looking to experience, be it a screaming, shaven-headed man punching you in a car park, a neglected dog snarling at you in a car park, or a screaming, shaven-headed man punching a neglected dog in a pram, in a car park...
  • David Quantick describes Game of Thrones on The Now Show:
    It's got everything: sex, violence, intrigue, wit, sex, violence, dragons, sex, violence, sexy violence and violent sex. Possibly with dragons.
  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!:
    • Citing a British study, Peter Sagal asks panelist Maz Jobrani what men talk about at a barnote :
    Maz: Sex?
    Peter: Not according to the study.
    Maz: Uh, sports!
    Peter: Not according to the study.
    Maz: Um, sexual sports?
    Peter: Again, not according to the study.
    Alonzo Bodden: So what is creepier, a hologram at your funeral or your yoga pants hugging you?
    Peter: How about a hologram of you at your funeral with your hugging pants on?

  • During an episode of Bill Simmons' podcast previewing the 2014-15 NBA season, Jalen Rosenote tells Bill that other than basketball, he wanted to learn how to speak Spanish and rollerblade. Bill then jokes about how he looks forward to the day Jalen goes "rollerblading in Spain".

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • On his album A Place for My Stuff, George Carlin gives us this in his "Ice Box Man" routine:
    Perhaps the worst thing that can happen is to reach into the refrigerator and come out with something that you cannot identify at all. You literally do not know what it is! Could be meat....could be cake! Usually at a time like that, i'll bluff. "Honey? Is this good?" "Well, what is it?" "I don't know! I've never seen anything like it! It looks like....MEATCAKE!"
  • BBC New Comedy Award 2016 winner Jethro Bradley:
    I noticed there seemed to be three basic types of kids at school. You had the cool kids, with real friends. Then you had the kids with imaginary friends. And then you had the children who hung around with the dinner lady. I was the only kid at my school who hung around with an imaginary dinner lady.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In one of the Babylon 5 RPG sourcebooks, a trader from the pacifistic and community-oriented Abbai race is explaining why she always checks the cargo she's hired to carry thoroughly: because there might be something "awful" in there..."Like weapons, or drugs. Or weapons and drugs!"
  • One Shadowrun sourcebook contains a section on "Armor and Clothing". The first sub-section in the next page is "Armored Clothing".
  • In an adventure for Deadlands, characters can drink water that's been filtered through ghost rock. Side-effects could include delusions where a character becomes convinced that fellow posse members are "harrowednote , transvestites in drag, or perhaps harrowed transvestites in drag."
  • In Paranoia, the players are Troubleshooters who hunt down Commies, unregistered mutants, traitors in general, and Commie Mutant Traitors.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
  • A number of Magic: The Gathering cards use this in the mechanics, but don't play it for comedy. Hull Breach is the standout here. As with the lawyer-ese in the Real Life examples below, the intent is to keep the rules unambiguous.
  • A storyline example in Magic: The Gathering happens in the story "Skies Over Ghirapur." The pirate captain Kari Zev tells the crew of her ship, the Dragon's Smile, that they are the sharp, fearsome teeth of that dragon. A few paragraphs later, she tells them to swarm their enemies like bees.
    Pirate: Bees? A moment ago we were teeth. Sharp teeth. If I may be so bold, which is it, Captain?
    Kari: What about bees with teeth? How does that sound?
  • A monster in Munchkin is described as having a bonus against Elves, a bonus against Wizards, and a (twice as big) bonus against Elf Wizards. Several others have similar bonuses that can stack.
  • The Atomic Robo RPG mentions the tried-and-tested means of accelerating play, the Big Damn Explosion, in which something explodes, like a car, a rocket-propelled grenade, or a car struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.
  • The GM advice section of Warbirds mentions that in a gonzo game, Azure's countless unexplored errant sky islands could well be inhabited by aliens, lizard people, or dinosaur-riding lizard aliens.
  • In the Tomb of Annihilation campaign for D&D 5th edition, players will face undead, dinosaurs, and undead dinosaurs.

  • Older Than Steam: A variation turns up in Hamlet:
    Polonius: The best actors in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral...
  • From A Year with Frog and Toad:
    There is a frog, a large and terrible frog
    He is terribly large and largely terrible!
    He's mean! And awful!
    And awful mean!
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead:
    • The traveling actors have a huge repertoire:
      "We can show you rapiers!" Cue a man and woman fencing "Or rape!" Cue the woman jumping on the man's crotch. "Or both!" (Cue the woman raping the man while fencing another man.)
    • A variation shortly afterwards, with an odd subversion:
      “We're more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see.”
  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
    Nick: It's got a...a...
    George: A quiet intensity?
    Nick: Well, no...a...
    George: Oh. Well, then, a certain noisy relaxed quality, maybe?
    Nick: No, what I meant was...
    George: How about...uh...a quietly noisy relaxed intensity.
  • Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament features six knights, including the Red Knight, the Yellow Knight, and the Red & Yellow Knight.
  • Starmites:
    Ack Ack: It's the killer.
    Dazzle: It's a Banshee!
    Ack Ack: It's Shak Graa in disguise!
    Herbie: It's Shak Graa disguised as a killer Banshee!

    Theme Parks 
  • In the queuing/preshow area for Muppet Vision 3D at Disney's Hollywood Studios, there's a crate labeled "The Great Gonzo Stunt Props", with a list of contents reading:
    • Mold
    • Fungus
    • Helmets
    • Helmets covered with fungus & mold
    • Helmets with fungus ∙ no mold
    • Helmets with mold ∙ no fungus
    • Fungus & mold ∙ no helmets

    Video Games 
  • This exchange from Ace Attorney:
    Gumshoe: Any real detective would look at his bandana!
    Judge: Mmm, banana.
    Edgeworth: That's bandana, Your Honor.
    Judge: Right, his banana-scented bandana.
  • From Jade Empire:
    Kang the Mad: Next time I hide something, I'm packing explosives around it. Explosives shaped like silver bananas! Stops thieves, monkeys, and monkey thieves in one fell swoop.
  • In MadWorld, when it's time for a special event, the announcers say:
    Howard: It's my favorite time of day again!
    Kreese: Ooh, time to huff some paint?
    Howard: No.
    Kreese: Time to take a dump?
    Howard: No.
    Kreese: Well then I give up, what time is it?
    Howard: Time for another Bloodbath Challenge!
    Kreese: Whatever — if you need me, I'll be taking a dump while huffing some paint...
    Howard: So predictable.
  • A few in GLaDOS's Cake Recipe, usually involving fish or rhubarb. The obvious (fish-shaped rhubarb) is missing though.
  • In one scene in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner, Homestar is in Strong Bad's house trying to make some sweets as a token of apology to Marzipan.
    Strong Bad: Sounds like a plan. How's it going?
    Homestar: Not so good. Marzipan's vegan, and most of the food in here contains meat, milk, milky meat, or... meaty milk.
    Strong Bad: Hey, don't be dissin' my meaty milk!
    • Also from Homestar Ruiner, Strong Bad tries to eliminate Pom Pom as a competitor in the race by suggesting to Coach Z that Pom Pom's unusually amazing time is the result of him being on steroids, a robot, or a robot on steroids. Coach Z insists that there are no "'roided up androids" on his team.
  • Strong Bad also has lines in Poker Night at the Inventory that alternately play this straight and invert it:
    Strong Bad: That's not as good as the time I had a straight flush and a full house in the same hand! A FLUSH HOUSE! note 
    Strong Bad: Maybe you're, like, color and number blind. Er, or, just blind. Or just... number?
  • Big Head uses this trope to hilarious effect several times in about a thirty-second speech in Shivering Isles.
  • Pit People has as weapons that you can find bows, lasers and laser bows, amongst many others.
  • Generations II & III Pokémon family. Azurill, Marill, Azumarill. Unusually, Azurill was introduced after the other two.
    • Pokémon Black and White family. Klink, Klang, Klinklang.
    • Certain landmarks: Tojoh Falls (located in the route connecting Kanto and Johto) and Rusturf Tunnel (Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town).
    • Poképuff designs from Generation VI: after the basic types, there are Frosted (swirled icing) and Fancy (toppings). The type after Fancy, Deluxe, has both swirled icing and toppings.
  • From Final Fantasy V:
    Gilgamesh: Enough expository banter! Now, we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh... IT IS MORPHING TIME!
  • In Final Fantasy XIV, an employee at the Manderville Golden Saucer proclaims that the saucer's lounge offers Water, Wine, Watered Wine and a golden saucer special, Wined Water.
  • In Fallout 4, some higher level mods basically take two lower-level mods for the same slot and apply both effects at once. Take the Chinese Officer's Sword: With Blacksmith level 2, you can add a serrated blade. Add a level of Science, and you can replace the serration with a battery that makes it electrified. Add another level of Blacksmith, and you make it both serrated and electrified.
  • Chrono Trigger enemies encountered in a particular zone: Roli (a kind of wheel or ball), Poli (a kind of gnome), Rolipoli (a Poli balancing on a Roli).
  • In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Emil and Marta are going off about what they can do to Alice. Marta's suggestion is to tie her up in a sack and throw her into Lenore Harbor, and Emil says she's too soft and to tie her up to the peak of Mount Fugi. When Zelos comes around, his idea is to do both.
  • In SoulCalibur III, Nightmare's "Break Them by Talking" lecture to Sigfried is this, alongside his usual amounts of ham and narm.
    "You will never run away from your sin! You have no right to live! It is a sin for you to be alive!"
  • In Fable II, if your renown isn't high enough when you meet Reaver, he'll suggest you go "rescue some travelers, or slay some beasts, or slay some travelers... the details are unimportant."
  • In Insaniquarium, Stanley the sea Serpent is scared of nothing except badgers, aprons and badgers wearing aprons.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, during the Act 1 scene "Mind Your Step", Hisao and Lily run into Rin in the middle of town at night, and this thought occurs to Hisao:
    Hisao: [Rin] looks like a zombie. Or a statue. A statue of a zombie.
    • Later he compares Shizune and Misha to "Prison Guards. Or Bloodhounds. Or Prison Guards bred from Bloodhounds."
  • During their nightly maintenance, rather than letting you log in, Kingdom of Loathing encourages visitors to listen to Radio KoL - with a warning that it's "not intended for children or the easily offended. Or easily offended children."
    • The description of the Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich: "Perfect for the busy Adventurer on the go, this portable powerhouse is packed with everything you need to start your day: Grease, cheese, vitamins (probably,) and greasy cheese."
    • When you defeat the penultimate boss of (the Gladiator path of) the Sea Monkees Quest, Ringogeorge, the Colosseum announcer says, "may your name be celebrated in story, song, and story songs! You know, the kind of song that has a complete narrative?"
    • If you ask Grandpa Sea Monkee about eels, he'll go off on a Rambling Old Man Monologue about the time him and some of his friends went to a clambake, or possibly a shindig, or maybe even a shinbake.
    • Three of the combat skills Seal Clubbers can learn are Lunge Smack, Thrust-Smack, and Lunging Thrust-Smack.
    • The glass of "milk" you can purchase from a Clan Speakeasy is "a glass of perfectly innocent milk that absolutely does not have any vodka or rum or whiskey or a blend of vodka, rum and whiskey in it."
  • Makoto Sako from Devil Survivor 2 deactivating the seal on Shiva:
    Makoto: All right... what's going to come out? A monster? A snake? ...A monster snake?
  • In Persona 3 FES, during one of the recordings that can be viewed on the 4th floor of the dorm, Mitsuru reads from a fashion magazine:
    Mitsuru: "This one-piece is beloved by all, including friends, boyfriends, and boyfriends' friends..."
  • In The Secret of Monkey Island, when Guybrush Threepwood asks some pirates what they have in their barrel, they respond:
    Pirate 1: Jam / Pirate 2: Rum
    Pirate 1: Rum / Pirate 2: Jam
    Pirate 1: Er... rum and jam. It's an old pirate favorite, everybody knows that.
  • Inherit the Earth has a dim-witted talking bear at a country fair. When you ask him what he's selling at his stand, he replies,
    "Sweets. Fruit on a stick. Honey on a stick! Honeyed fruits on a stick. If it's sweet, and will fit on a stick, I'll sell it!"
  • In Kid Icarus: Uprising there are enemies shaped like eyes (Monoeye), like mouths with large tongues (Mick) and like large noses that spit bombs (Specknose). There's also an enemy that is a combination of all three forming a face, aptly named Monomiknose.
    • As noted on that page's Game-Breaker section, two completely overpowered factors in multiplayer mode are clubs and freezing mods. Palutena forbid you encounter the player who is dragging behind them a club with a freezing mod.
  • If there's two things Bayonetta hates in this world, it's cockroaches and crying babies.
    Bayonetta: Well, a crying baby cockroach would be truly terrible...
  • In Plants vs. Zombies, the almanac entry for the cherry bombs:
    "I wanna explode," says Cherry #1.
    "No, let's detonate instead!" says his brother, Cherry #2.
    After intense consultation they agree to explodonate.
  • The fire-elemental dragon spells in Breath of Fire IV are Hwa, Jeh, and Hwajeh.
  • In MOTHER 3, a group of presents in Chapter 4 contain "nice stuff", "rice stuff" and "nice rice stuff", respectively.
  • Minecraft has, among other enemies, skeletons, spiders, and skeletons RIDING spiders.
    • Also: zombies, chickens, and zombies riding chickens.
    • Also: zombies, villagers, and zombie villagers.
    • Mojang has been indicating it wants to add normal pigmen as a passive mob at some point, so we may someday have pigs, pigmen, zombies, and zombie pigmen.
      • Since they have a child form, they could theoretically be found riding chickens too.
      • Due to the way the code for zombie pigman is built on top of the code for normal zombies, zombie pigmen villagers riding chickens would not be completely impossible, just borderline impossible.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, the C-level support between Lissa and the Avatar has her sneak up on them while they're sleeping, causing them to cry out about Risen, wolves, and "Risen riding wolves".
    • The C-Level support between Olivia and Henry has the former refer to the latter as "that creepy kid who likes blood and magic and...blood magic!"
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • In Laslow and Saizo's Support conversations, the two participate in a charm-off as part of a Call-Back to Fire Emblem Awakening. Upon losing the charm-off, Laslow (aka Inigo from Awakening) recalls how he's lost girls to a scary guy and a masked man, and then comments that he had no chance against "a scary guy in a mask".
    • If Sakura is brought into Boo Camp (the Level Grinding DLC), she wonders if the Faceless are ghosts, monsters, or ghost monsters.
    • In Ignatius's supports with his mother, he'll ask her to come help him with something. She'll assume that he's trying to deal with a spider or a worm, to which he responds that it's a spider riding a worm.
  • In Tony Hawk's Underground 2, when arriving in New Orleans, Tony Hawk describes the types of people in New Orleans as "Drunks, idiots and drunk idiots".
  • In Asura's Wrath, Augus has this piece of wisdom to dispense to Asura.
    "Relax son. Enjoy every moment. You fight, then you eat good food. You fight, then you drink fine wine. You fight, then you sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That's what it means to live."
  • The "British Tea Biscuit" series of flavored cookie upgrades in Cookie Clicker exhibit this. In order, there are: British Tea Biscuits, Chocolate British Tea Biscuits, Round British Tea Biscuits, Round Chocolate British Tea Biscuits, Round British Tea Biscuits with Heart Motif, and finally, Round Chocolate British Tea Biscuits with Heart Motif.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the description for the vehicle theft mission involving the Stork helicopter has Rigg say that it's good for carrying smuggled goods, smuggled people or smuggled people with smuggled goods in them.
  • Guild Wars 2:
    • Dierdre, the only NPC in a hidden area of the map, says to players who reach her: "What brings you to my glade? It's unusual to see travelers out here, unless they're lost. Or cartographers. Or lost cartographers."
    • One version of the second chapter of the Sylvari personal story includes a sarcastic Asura engineer.
    Larra: These golems are barely functional. We'll be lucky if they don't tip over, explode, or tip over and explode.
  • Myst received an Updated Re-release in May 2000 called Myst: Masterpiece Edition. Later that year, it was remade as realMyst. Then, in 2014, it was remade again as realMyst: Masterpiece Edition.
  • The Medic in Team Fortress 2 when the player equips the Medimedes, which turns his head into a dove's:
    "It's a bird! It's a head! It's a bird head!" (laughs)
    • In the video for the End of the Line update, Soldier sees that if the BLU team's runaway train collides into the massive stockpile of Exploding Barrels in the RED team's base, the explosion will destroy a kitten kennel, an orphanage and a kitten orphanage.
  • From the intro of Battleblock Theater:
    "Now one fine morning Hatty and pals set out for a new and exciting adventure! What fantastic wonders would they discover this time? Perhaps they would come across a scary ghost ship! Perhaps they would find an island made entirely of candy! Perhaps they would meet a band of swash-buckling pirates! And join forces to find an island made entirely of candy!"
  • From the intro to Fantasy Life:
    "A hero may forge legendary weapons, wield an epic blade, or brew magical potions. The choices are many... Perhaps this hero will sew. Or saw. Perhaps the hero will sew and saw while on a seesaw."
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, we hear this on V-Rock:
    Lazlow: If you wanna get a great new hairstyle, Sissy Spritz is probably the way to go. Either that or a perm...or both. Sissy Spritz your perm!
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, in a radio ad for a psychic:
    Find out if you will die. Or make love. Or die making love to a horse.
  • Undertale
  • In Talismania an elderly couple thank King Midas for replacing their destroyed cottage with one made from precious metals.
    Couple: Thank you! Our new cottage is WONDERFUL! It's SHINY! It's WONDERFULLY SHINY!
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles X when Elma is looking for something to cook and says she'd like something that tastes like chicken, Tatsu says "Tatsu no taste like chicken! Tatsu taste like poop! And poison! Tatsu taste like poison poop!"
  • In Stay Tooned!, this is one of the questions in the Schlepardy mini-game:
    Qiviut can be found
    A. in the kitchen
    B. on a yak
    C. in a yak's kitchen
  • Neko Atsume features cats with a wide variety of fur coats, including calicoes, tabbies, and a calico tabby.
  • We have ClockUp's Team Anise's Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games.
  • In Fairy Fencer F, a little girl wonders if Fang is slacking off on his duties. Fang, of course, denies it:
    Fang: "I'm patrolling the town to keep the peace. It's not like I'm loitering or anything."
    Girl: "I got it! You're patroloitering!"
  • In Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, Fuuko stays behind to clean the academy's pool when she thinks she sees a ghost. She then tells the main character she's deathly afraid of ghosts, and bugs, and ghost bugs.
  • The final level of Max Payne 3 brings us this monologue courtesy of the titular character, after reactivating the tram system at the aiport.
    Max: It worked. The trams were running again. Maybe they'd take me to my gate. Maybe they'd bring more guys wanting to whack me. Maybe both.
  • In LEGO City Undercover, fixing the gas pumps will prompt the gas station attendant to offer Chase some ice cream, hot dogs, or ice cream hot dogs as a reward.
  • In Fallen London, your character can make booby-trapped fake cats to discourage cat-chasers.
    "See? This one explodes, this one actually bites, and this one bites and then explodes."
  • The final Sequential Boss in Final Fantasy VIII. The first is Ultimecia, then the GF she created on a whim, Griever. The third battle has Ultimecia Junctioning herself to Griever. However, Ultimecia has a third, final Eldritch Abomination form after the hybrid is defeated.
  • A partial listing of the music in Donkey Kong '94 puts the trope inside itself:
    Big Battle
    In the Air
    Battle in the Air
    Big Battle in the Air
  • 3D The Legend of Zelda games use a targeting system mapped to a certain button. Some systems have Z-targeting, some systems have L-targeting. The Wii U has ZL-targeting.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: Faye mentions that her interests include sewing, flowers, and sewing flowers.
  • Mary Le Chef: Cooking Passion:
    James: How about that dinner?
    Mary: I thought it was coffee?
    James: How about coffee, then dinner?
  • In Jazzpunk, after completing your side quest to uncover and "retire" three "realplicants", Da Chief will get angry at the results (you were actually supposed to kill them, but finding them causes a retirement party to spontaneously appear around them) and tell you to Turn in Your Badge... and your gun... and your other gun... and your other badge... and your badge gun... and your gun badge. And yes, you get to see all of them dropped onto his desk, and it's just as funny as it sounds.
  • The current (as of 1 August 2017) tags for 1812: The Invasion of Canada on Steam are Strategy, Turn-Based, and Turn-Based Strategy.
  • In The Elder Scrolls series, Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of Debauchery and Hedonism. His most common symbol is a rose and his most famous artifact is Sanguine's Rose, which can take on many forms, including that of an actual rose, a wooden staff carved like a rose, or a staff-sized rose.
  • A supermarket in River City Ransom: Underground advertises that it sells "grapes", "apples", and a hybrid fruit called "grapples".

    Web Animation 
  • Dr. Havoc's Diary: In Episode 6, when Dr. Havoc wonder where the other supervillains are.
    Dr. Havoc: What about Professor Dark Heart?
    General Plague: He's dead.
    Dr. Havoc: Aw, Jesus. Evil Eddie?
    Matt: He's in prison.
    Dr. Havoc: Damn! BluntForce?
    General Plague: He died...
    Matt: ...While in prison.
  • A video called What Is Love has the narrator try and identify love as fruit. Then bread. Then fruit AND bread.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • In "The House That Gave Sucky Treats", Strong Bad gives this insult if you give him an apple while trick-or-treating: "What are you, a dentist? Or a hippie? Or some kind of hippie dentist?"
    • In the Strong Bad Email "bedtime story", Strong Bad combines this with a Portmanteau: "I'm not your freakin' babysitter! Or your dad. Or your... dadbysitter."
    • In the email "time capsule," Strong Bad explains that time capsules should be capsule-shaped and not made from shoe boxes or tennis ball cans which are "different, and lame, and differently lame"
    • In the email "what I want", Strong Bad lists such terrible gift ideas as ornaments, home-made gifts, and home-made ornaments ("That thing is an anti-gift!")
    • In the email "web comics", Strong Bad describes most web comics as being "all about video games, gamernerds, webgeeks, dorknerds, gamewads, nerdgames, webwebs, and elves."
    • While critiquing fan-made Halloween costumes in "Fan Costumes '09", Strong Bad describes a particularly obscure onenote  with "that is A, amazing; B, depressing; and C, amazingly depressing."
    • In the email "sbemail206", Strong Bad tricks Homestar into running into a mirror, Marzipan into eating The Cheat, and the King of Town into eating a mirror.
      • With the video game examples from SBCG4AP and PNatI, it's safe to assume the Brothers Chaps love this gag.
  • From Ultra Fast Pony:
    Twilight: I hope you get crabs!
    Night Moon Mare: Well, that's kind of a mean thing to say.
    Twilight: And the crabs give you cancer.
    Night Moon Mare: What?
    Twilight: Crabancer!
  • In Pimp Lando's Courtroom Episode, testimonies against Bruce include, "He stole my puppy!", "He stole my baby!", and "He stole my puppy's baby!"
    Lawyer: Don't you mean a puppy's puppy?
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, the Emperor's description of the Warp is "dangerous, stupid, dangerously stupid and stupidly dangerous".
  • Extra Credits: Extra Credits: Mailbag #1 3m35s: "If you love games, music and game music,"

    Web Comics 
  • In one page of 8-Bit Theater, Red Mage is freaking out about the security of their barracks; that is, their tents.
    We're defenseless! We could be wiped out by a horde of orcs or a legion of undead! Or, terror of terrors, a legion of hordes of undead orcs!
    Fighter: We could be on fire.
    Black Mage: On fire...
    Thief: Or drowning.
    Fighter: Or drowning in fire.
  • In Monster of the Week Mulder and Scully's argument on what this week's monster is ends like that.
    Scully: Mutants!
    Mulder: Aliens!
    Both: Mutant aliens!
  • Narbonic: When Helen's considering the best way to destroy everyone at her high school reunion...
    Helen: The only question is the method. Poison? Explosives? Acid?
    Dave: Poisonous exploding acid.
    Helen: Of course!
  • This Penny Arcade strip.
    Tycho: No, seriously... What are you doing in there?
    Hobo: Touching myself. Touching the rats. Touching myself with the rats.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del has Ethan debating on whether to drink beer or soda, and promptly invented Beersoda.
  • .Memoria, here: diamonds and strippers and diamond strippers and stripper diamonds.
  • Times Like This: "What would you like... Pizza? Barbeque? Chicken? Barbeque Chicken Pizza?"
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • In strip #125 Belkar lists several halfling games: "Throw the Rock, Throw the Stick, Throw the Rock and then the Stick Shortly Thereafter..."
    • This exchange between Roy and the polearm shopkeeper in strip 136
    "Glaive? Guisarne? Glaive-Guisarne? Guisarne-Glaive? Glaive-Guisarne-Glaive? Glaive-Glaive-Glaive-Guisarne-Glaive?"
    • (The shopkeeper answers "No" to the first 5 and closes with "I think you're drifting into another sketch, sir" - the strip's title acknowledges the whole thing as a Monty Python shout-out)
    AHHH! It's the grim reaper! The lizard grim reaper! The lizgreaper!!
    Elan: With clowns?
    Tarquin: And jugglers!
    Elan: And clown-jugglers, who juggle tiny clowns?
    Tarquin: Of course!
    • Warning: link leads to spoilery strip.
    • After Belkar's pet allosaurus is hit by a Baleful Polymorph spell that turns it into a common lizard, he refers to it as "The dinosaur! The lizard! The lizard that used to be a dinosaur!".
    • When Roy says most of the things Elan says pass straight through his head, Elan illustrates the point with "Like a ghost! Or a phase spider! Or the ghost of a phase spider!"
  • From the Basic Instructions on how to eliminate clutter:
    Missy: "It's like living in a thrift store."
    Scott: "Yeah, or a Russian sub."
    Missy: "NO, wait! It's like a thrift store built in a Russian sub!"
    Good Angel: You should give that kid some candy.
    Bad Angel: Yes! Throw the candy at his head!
  • Jake from Homestuck likes movies, skulls, and movies with skulls in them.
    • One fan roleplay resulted in a Dave roleplayer trolling an obnoxious fan-character, culminating in "what if im gay/what if im into sheep/what if im into gay sheep".
  • In this Scenes From A Multiverse, when discussing the perks of interdimensional rock stardom:
    Interviewer: You had it all! Money! Groupies! Moupies!
  • Hiimdaisy: "Knife. Gun. KNIFEGUN."
  • Something*Positive: "What should we do first? Strip club? M.M.A.? The zoo? Stripper M.M.A. cage matches at the zoo?"
  • Tweep: "There are no cannibals or psychos or psycho cannibals in town."
  • Wondermark gives us this:
    I'm defending my thesis tomorrow. I have to prepare.
    Defending it from whom? Communists? Bears? Communist bears? Ninjas? Ninjas on unicycles?
    • ... and also this:
    Imagine watching the world's finest talents at inventing a game. That's an Olympics I'd like to see. Nation against nation. Athletes, nerds, and nerd-athletes alike take the field to create something marvelous.
  • The sequence "Robots? Clones? Robot clones?" has come up multiple times in Sam & Fuzzy.
  • Girl Genius:
    • "What now?! More Jaegers? Orphans? Jaeger orphans?"
    • The Fashion Clank describing his vision for Jaegar costuming:
    Fashion Clank: I see armor! Spikes! Spiked armor! Spikes on armor on spikes!
    And skulls everywhere! Yes! Skulls on spikes! Spikes on skulls — on spikes!
  • Fletcher of Antics is not afraid of lions, or sharks, or guns, or lions with guns that shoot sharks out of them.
  • In Scary Go Round, after the mayor has learned that Tackleford is going to be visited by brutal communist robots:
    Shelly: You don't look very happy, Mr. Mayor.
    Mayor: That's because when I close my eyes, all I can see is flame. And skeletons. And skeletons on fire.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Elliot tries to warn a movie rental customer that the movie he wants to rent is really bad, but the customer dismisses his advice completely and rents it anyway.
    Elliot: He's doomed.
    Susan: He's an ass.
    Elliot: He's a doomed ass.
    • In a short Fallout parody story, the Writer's Block's robot butler tries to talk him out of specializing in unarmed combat.
    Clodsworth: FISTCUFFS?! Are you sure? You do realize that there are guns, mutants, and mutants with guns out there, don't you?
  • In Rusty and Co., Plaidbeard complains of his opponents:
    Plaidbeard: ...razzafrazzin' heroes...
    ...razzafrazzin' mimics...
    ...razzafrazzin' mimic heroes...
  • In Academia, after Stephen tells his professor that his roommate owns a pet octopus.
    Prof. Sun: Kids today with their rap music and their iPods and their cephalopods and their... cephaloiPods...
  • In Questionable Content, Faye's list of bad reasons to love someone.
    Faye: If you loved them because you were both racist in the same way. Or because of all their murders. Or because you were in their cult. Their racist murdercult.
  • Adolescent Matt, in a Dork Tower strip, to his future fairy: "Will my future be full of sex? And robots? And hot future sex robots?" Yes, in the form of sex spambots.
  • The Garfield parody Square Root of Minus Garfield does it as well in #1452 "Names".
    Jon: {reading from book} Jon Arbuckle: idiot, moron, idiotic moron, dork. @#$%?!
  • Bonnie of Allen The Alien says she's "unironic, vain, unironivain, vainunironic".
  • In Dragon Mango, when the The Professor visits an ancient library, one shelf has "Book of Evil", "Book of Magic", and "Book of Evil Magic".
  • In The Trenches, when Isaac saws through the lunch room floor, Cora tells him he could cut into "wires, pipes, [or] conduits, which are basically wire pipes".
  • This xkcd strip. "Bees!" "Tires." "Bees with tires!" "Whatever."
  • Sequential Art: Art's PC has literally exploded after he tried playing Far Cry on it. When the PC clinic rep assesses the damage, he refers to what's left as "charcoal or dust or dusty charcoal".
  • From Slice of Life, while trying to find a magic tutor for Pumpkin Cake, Pinkie Pie asks around for ideas for a Nightmare Night costume. She ends up combining all the ideas she gets into one.
    Pinkie Pie: I'm the ghost of a fairy princess pumpkin! Who was also a witch.
  • From Wilde Life: "Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Oh, shit-fuck."
  • Brawl in the Family: Oh no, Fake Kraid! Oh no, Real Kraid! Oh no, Real Fake Kraid!
  • Blank It: "We'll be the rulers! The kings! The rulers of kings!"
  • An Arthur, King of Time and Space strip where Merlin is outlining his radical politics: "Everyone deserves self-determination. Even the commons. Even women. Even common women!"
  • Ménage à 3 has some confusion over whether Kiley is Matt's "therapist" or "fuckbuddy".
    Matt: My fuckapist!
    Kiley: "Therabuddy" sounds a little less unprofessional...
  • Axe Cop: At the end of "The Songster", Flute Cop sees the Songster singing in a commercial on television and looking secretly very sad about it. He muses that he's kind of glad that Axe Cop didn't chop off the Songster's head, because he sold out and that's worse than dying. Axe Cop lifts up the Songster's severed head and explains that he chopped his head off after he sold out.

    Web Original 
  • The Nostalgia Critic did this several times.
    Critic: He was like THE voice, and then he got lost to this slapstick-inspired shit... Or “slapshit” as I like to call it.
    Some say he's mad, some say he'a a genius, I say he's a mad genius.
  • Happens in part 14 of the Persona 4 Endurance Run
    Vinny: Okay, I kinda want either the hot pixie, the hot bondage chick, or the hot pixie bondage chick.
  • Demo Reel: "We have directors, actresses, directors, writers, directors, cinematographers, directors, caterers, and writer-cinematographer-director-actress-caterers."
  • The Nostalgia Chick:
    • From the review of Anastasia:
      "Russia has one of the most complex, painful and painfully complex political histories in all the world."
    • Part 1 of the "Roland Emmerich Disaster Movie" review:
      Dr. Tease: Oh, that wasn't me, that was a robot-clone.
      Nostalgia Chick: Wait, so was it a robot or was it a clone?
      Dr. Tease: Exactly!
  • Bad Movie Beatdown: Mathew states that the humor in Craig Moss's Breaking Dawn "parody" Breaking Wind consists of "the three F's: farts, fucking, and more fucking farting!"
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: In his review of Nightcat, Linkara used "You're an embarrassment to singers, superheroes, and singing superheroes!"
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is prone to this as well.
    'AVGN'': It sucks, it fucks... it fuckin' sucks and it suckin' fucks!
  • The Isle of Rangoon has this exchange near the end of their review of Mockbuster "Ratatoing":
    Sunny Jim: What's the rat economy based on?
    Starchibald: I don't know. Cheese! Or hate! Or cheese MADE of hate!
  • Bastard Operator from Hell:
    Boss: Excellent, ten days since the last accident.
    PFY: I think you'll find that's a binary number.
    BOFH: And that's only because we don't count disappearances as accidents.
    PFY: Or people who don't work here.
    BOFH: Or disappearances of people who don't work here.
  • A review of the PS2 game Ring of Red on the website RPGfan had the following to say about the game's troop mechanics:
    Sending them out a second too early might convince the computer to spray them with shrapnel, flammable liquids, or even the dreaded shrapnel drenched in flammable liquids!
    • He's not kidding. Your mechs can in fact be armed with Incendiary shells (burninate a single squad), Shrapnel shells (hit both squads), or Incendiary Shrapnel (burninate both squads).
  • One review of Versus described it as "the only movie that successfully combines yakuza, swords, guns, yakuza with guns and swords, zombies, zombies with guns, zombie yakuza, and zombie yakuza with guns and swords."
  • In the Friendship is Witchcraft episode "Dragone Baby Gone", Fluttershy's stats are:
    Skills: Clubs, Spikes, Clubbing Spike
    Item: Spiked Club
    Dislikes: Clubbing, Spike
  • When Allie from Hyperbole and a Half proves that her boyfriend is either a serial killer or an alien:
    "Yesterday, you bought me Haagen Dazs milk chocolate ice cream bars for no reason. I interpreted this to mean either a) you are fattening me up so that you can kill me and eat me or b) you are covering something up. You are probably covering up the fact that you are trying to fatten me up to kill me and eat me. "
  • The patriotic items Green Lantern brings to the I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC video featuring him and Captain America include an apple pie, an American flag, and an "apple flag pie" (which has a crust resembling the flag).
    • In one of the movie trailer parodies, this one parodying Inglourious Basterds, Deadpool plays the sergeant. He gives us "And the skrull will grow to fear the pain they will feel at our hands, and at the edge of our knives, [camera switch to Wolverine] and the edge of the knives that come from our hands."
  • This Memebase picture (read from bottom to top).
  • Rifftrax:
    • On Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we get
      "OK, what has Draco sent them this time? A bird? An apple? A horrible bird apple that pecks your eyes out with each delicious bite?!?"
    • In the RiffTrax for Twilight we get this gem as Edward is reading people's minds: "Sex...cats..." "Cat sex..."
  • Zero Punctuation:
    • On Team Fortress 2: "If I did have to criticize it, and I do, I'd say there isn't much variety in the maps. You get to decide between territory control in a desert environment, territory control in an industrial environment, or, just to mix things up, capture the flag... in a desert-industrial environment."
    • Yahtzee also describes the subject matter of every rap song as, "guns, whores, and whores getting shot with guns."
    • His list of ways one can kill enemy mooks in the second video game installment of The Force Unleashed: you can hit them with a lightsaber, reflect their blaster shots back at them, throw your lightsaber at them, microwave them with force lightning, force push them into walls, throw them at their mates, or "lift them up, throw your lightsaber at them, microwave them with force lightning, then throw whatever mess remains at their mates."
    • He also mentiones Super Mario Maker's random level selection mostly falling into three categories: a level with 10 million of something, the kind of obnoxious difficulty a Roald Dahl villain would come up with, or 10 million of something being obnoxiously difficult.
  • From Phelous and Allison Pregler:
    • Their review of Julie & Jack:
      Phelous: watching the opening credits And what is this music with it? Makes it seem like a wedding video intro.
      Allison: Or some kind of pet memorial video.
      Both: Or a pet wedding video!
      *cut to a wedding announcement for their cats*
    • In Phelous's review of Octopus 2:
    "The chief isn't hearing any of this octopus story. It was either a squid or a terrorist. Or a terrorist squid! Ooooh!"
  • Diamanda Hagan 's fourth Emanuelle review has this about what women are interested in;
    "Love! And PINK things! And babies! And pink babies! Made from love!"
  • Christopher Torres, who designed the web animation Nyan Cat, said that after one person requested him to draw a Pop-Tart, and another requested a cat, he created a cat with a Pop-Tart for a body.
  • The Pimp My Ride Xzibit meme in general, ("Yo Dawg, I herd you like [noun X], so I put an [noun X] in your [noun Y] so you can [verb Z] while you [verb Z]) though this may be the Most Triumphant Example.
  • Describing Hogwarts' Halloween feast, the narrator of Wizard People, Dear Reader lists off "Apples, candied apples, appled candies, candied whiskey, apple fritters, anything you could ever want!"
    • Hagar the Horrible speculates that Valmart may be "dead, or hiding, or hiding as someone dead".
  • Red vs. Blue:
    Caboose: Maybe she's captured. Or dead. Captured or dead. (beat) Or captured AND dead!
    • And in an earlier season:
    Sarge: I smell a trap... or a rat. Or a rat in a trap.
  • The Annoying Orange episode, "Mac & Cheese".
    Mac: We're here to discuss the mysterious disappearances that have plagued this kitchen.
    Cheese: My money's on UFOs.
    Mac: Yeah, but the smart money's on a Gypsy Curse.
    Cheese: Alien gypsies?
    Mac: Now you're talkin'.
  • This page at LOLCats.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • In the special "Episode of Bardock": "Am I in a bed? Does hell have beds? You'd think they'd have beds of spikes. Or spiders! Or spiky spiders...spikers."
    • In episode 27, Freeza considers what to send the (dead) Ginyu Force's families while effortlessly dodging Vegeta's attacks. Gift baskets? Wine? Gift baskets with wine?
    • In episode 31 Maron is introduced to Korin and Yajirobe and wonders if they would have fat men or kitties for kids. Korin concludes they'd have fat kitties.
    • Episode 33:
    Trunks: You're probably wondering why I brought you here.
    Krillin: Snacks!
    Yamcha: To kill us!
    Vegeta: To kill snacks!
    • In episode 43:
    Cell: Faster than me. That could be a slight pain in the ass. But...
    Cell gets kicked by Piccolo
    Cell: Ow, my ass-butt!
  • Toothpaste For Dinner: Someone thinks they have a computer virus. Their search history contains "clown butt", "clown butthole", "mime starfish", and "clown mime butt".
  • In The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Mrs Bennet tries to pair Bing Lee with one of her daughters before she has even met him. Lizzie finds this silly, because they know nothing about him:
    Lizzie: What if he's gay? What if he's a serial killer? What if he's a gay serial killer?
  • In Cracked:
    [The Last House on the Left] is known for its intense scenes of rape, chainsaw murder, and we don't need a third example because we already have rape and chainsaw murder.
    Back in the 18th century, when many folks still thought scientific phenomena were caused by ghosts or witches or the ghosts of witches, scientists used this effect to prank "simple people"
    For example, if someone's messed with your computer, you respond by setting up a bomb-making/animal-husbandry/bomb-husbandry darknet site on their computer.
  • CinemaSins does this in its sins video for Green Lantern.
    How do we know this is the bedroom of a typical little boy? Well, there's an orgy of evidence. We've got sports, cars, sports cars...
  • In the penultimate episode of Sailor Moon Abridged has Serena suggests that Anne is "doing drugs, performing a voodoo ritual or doing drugs while performing a voodoo ritual". When pointed out that Anne is praying, she takes it Up to Eleven and suggests that Anne is "praying to the voodoo gods for more drugs".
  • On (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic roleplaying website) the front page has a disclaimer below the introduction that the "portal that looks just like a website" to Equestria is in fact "Not an actual portal, Batteries not included, May contain Ponies, Nuts and nutty Ponies."
  • The Onion's news video USA Renews 'Burn Notice,' 'Royal Pains,' 'Burn Collar,' 'Covert Notice,' 'Royal Affairs,' 'Legal Burns' says that this announcement is good news "for fans of interchangable sun-soaked shows about cops, lawyers, doctors, doctor-cops, spy-lawyers and cop-psychics."
  • YouTube user DaThings1 posted a YTP called Wow! I'm Hungry! (Wow! It's Made! 3). It contains this line:
Narrator: They'll be used to make cereal or beer. Or beereal.
  • Lelouch comes up with one of these in Code Ment when expressing his disappointment with the new Knightmares:
    One: I dunno. They coulda made them look cooler. Like with more guns and shit. Or put, like, a chainsaw on them—HOLY MARMALADE OF SWEET SUGARY GOODNESS! They should have guns that shoot chainsaws! Someone get on that already!
    Ohgi: How about like, a gun that shoots another gun?
    One: Okay, okay, I'm liking it, but it's missing something.
    Kallen: How about a gun that shoots another gun that shoots chainsaw bullets?
    One: Kallen gets the robot.
  • Japanese emoticons:
    • Flipping over a table in anger: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    • Putting the table back nicely: ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)
    • Throwing the guy who put the table back nicely: (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)
  • In the My Little Pony Mystery Bags video, Ashens describes his friend Andy as "very keen on chemicals, fire and chemical fires". No points for guessing what happens to the items featured in said video.
  • In Ben Yahtzee Croshaw 'Let's Drown Out The Sims 3', his commentary partner Gabriel Mortom believes that one of the NPC of the game 'Jack Bench' would have loads of jokes about Asians and women... and Asian women.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb Character Blog Doofenshmirtz's Daily Dirt, Doofenshmirtz complains about kids' bake sales.
    "I guess they're raising funds to, like, put on a musical, or take a field trip to Greenland, or put a musical on about Greenland, to which I strenuously object to on the grounds that so-called 'Greenland' is actually covered in ice, making it white. Ironically it's Iceland which is very green, and musicals must be written from a place of truth, not lies and deception."
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • Zig-zagged in World of Warcraft BEATDOWN. Matt is surprised to learn that someone in the Congo had successfully smuggled a crocodile on a plane. He says that the security should have bothered to check his bag, because he could have been smuggling drugs, or a bomb, or a midget stuffed with a bomb and drugs.
    • In Q&A With Matt #3, Matt is asked by a fan if he prefers ice cream or salad, and he says ice cream salads.
  • SF Debris:
    • In Godzilla 1985, Godzilla destroys Super-X and thus the heroes have few options left.
      "We have Steve Martin at the Pentagon, we have bird calls...we have Steve Martin making bird calls..."
    • In Twilight Zone review, there are monsters who might be aliens, commies or alien commies.
  • In Brows Held High's Blue review, describing Yves Klein's development of his trademark blue pigment.
    "Klein did all sorts of things with it. He painted canvases...statues of naked bodies...actual naked bodies...canvases with painted naked bodies..."
  • Welcome to Night Vale:
    Hiram McDaniels: "And what you haven’t heard is that I care about small business owners. What you haven’t heard is that I care about the future of our children. What you haven’t heard is that I care about the future of our small children business owners."
  • Inverted in "This Video Will Hurt" by CGP Grey.
    ...people get sick from WiFi or windfarms or windfarms with WiFi...
  • The Honest Trailer for Pacific Rim features a "Starring" list of "things your inner 9-year-old will love", including "Giant Robots, Giant Monsters," and "Giant Robots Punching Giant Monsters".
  • Inverted order: In his How The Race Was Won series, Cosmo Catalano describes Peter Sagans save during the 2016 edition of Paris-Roubaix as "what might have been the greatest bikesave in the history of bikes. Or saves."
  • This semi-humorous "Personality Defect Test" on Hello Quizzy. The creator says the quiz "will also be filled with much of my inane ramblings, which shall help lead you through the forest of boredom and into a land of honey, and suckles, and honeysuckles, and me."
  • In Cooking Show parody The Katering Show, the list of foods that lactose-intolerant Kate McCartney cannot eat includes "cream, cheese, cream cheese".
  • The Cinema Snob used this in his review of Mommie Dearest:
    "You know what, I don't care. Joan Crawford is hot, Faye Dunaway is hot, Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford is fucking hot."

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons:
    • Episode "Burns' Heir":
      Mr Burns: I suggest you leave immediately.
      Homer: Or what? You'll release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you?
    • This one from the episode "Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie":
      Homer: If you've been good, pizza. If you've been bad... uh... let's see... poison.
      Lisa: What if one of us has been good and one of us has been bad?
      Bart: Poison pizza.
      Homer: Oh no, I'm not making two stops.
    • After Homer's driver's license gets suspended.
      Homer: I am so screwed. I can't drive to work, I can't drive to the store, and I certainly can't drive to the store at work.
    • "Horseplay! Roughhousing! Horse-housing!!"
    • While flying first-class on an airplane, Homer is given the choice of ordering one steak or two steaks for dinner. He asks if he can order three steaks, and the stewardess cheerfully says "yes".
    • In the episode "The Color Yellow" while making a family tree for school, Lisa is horrified that she can't find a single good ancestor, and that she comes from "a long line of horse thieves, deadbeats, horse beats, dead thieves."
    • In "HOMЯ", research scientists discover Homer has a crayon lodged in his brain, and offer to remove it.
      Scientist: Removing could increase your thinking power. Or kill you.
      Homer: Increase my killing power, eh?
    • In the Treehouse of Horror episode spoofing The Shining, Homer refers to television's "warm, glowing, warming glow".
    • In the "Bartman Begins" segment of "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times", when Apu's newstand gets robbed he mentions that the thief stole his Heralds, Tribunes, and Herald-Tribunes.
    • From Pigmoelian:
      Moe: I've been called ugly, pug ugly, fugly, pug-fugly, but never ugly-ugly.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: When Nicole is trying to explain to Yuki why she was always jealous of her.
    Nicole: You always had the best hair and house and car and butler and ponies and pony butlers.
  • Animaniacs:
    • "Do you eat beans? Would you like to see a new movie starring George Wendt? Do you eat beans with George Wendt?" Thus begins a survey that goes on to add a few more unique questions and combine them all in every conceivable way.
    • Parodied in "Cookies for Einstein".
    Yakko: Don't worry, siblings. We'll sell that nice man a box of cookies, or die trying! Or try dying! Or do some tie-dying!
  • In a clearly fabricated report on murder statistics for Moonbeam City, Detective Dazzle Novak describes how many people are stabbed, how many are shot, how many fall into a bucket of knives and guns that stab and shoot them, and how many are "shabbed" (stabbed with a knife shot out of a gun).
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
    • This line from Buster in the short, "Buffed Bunny" (part of "The Buster Bunny Bunch"), when he pretends to fish:
    Buster: Whoa, it's a salmon! It's as big as a moose! Hey, maybe it's a salmon moose!
    • In the episode, "Hare Raising Night", Buster tricks Babs, Plucky, and Hamton into saving captive animals from Dr. Gene Splicer by telling them they're going to the Emmy awards. Plucky continues to believe this for the rest of the episode, and wonders which award he'll get; comedy, drama, or a combination of the two, "dramedy".
  • Garfield and Friends:
    • Garfield comes up with a Top Ten List of things he hates to find on the dinner table. Raisins are the Running Gag of the list, including serving as #3, #2 is Nermal, and #1 is "Nermal with raisins".
    • In "Wade, You're Afraid", while thinking that the bull is loose, Wade says "Oh, terror! Oh, danger! Oh, terror and danger!"
    • In "The Perils of Penelope", Garfield lists reasons why Penelope shouldn't date him: "I snore, I eat, I snore while I eat..."
  • Futurama:
    • In the pilot, Fry tells Bender that making one's own decisions is "what separates people and robots from animals... and animal robots."
    • While trying to get dirt on another presidential candidate:
      Richard Nixon's Head: Is he a draft dodger? Sex offender? Sex dodger!?
    • In "The Six Million Dollar Mon" when Scruffy describes his job:
      Scruffy: Toilets 'n boilers, boilers 'n toilets, plus that one boilin' toilet.
  • Family Guy: In the episode where Peter owes the Mafia a favor:
    Peter: What are you gonna make me do, whack a guy? Off a guy? Whack off a guy? 'Cause I'm married.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy:
    • Kitty tries to convince people not to eat the muffins the Big Bad has offered.
      Kitty: They could be poisoned! Or bombs! Or... Or poisonous bombs!
    • In "Dog Daze", Keswick, who falls for the hypnotism e-mails that Dudley fell for, ends up playing them all at once:
      Keswick: I'm a pretty pirate princess who's late for the woodpecker ball, HA-GI-GI!
  • Invader Zim:
    • In the first episode GIR says he wants to disguise himself as a mongoose, but Zim opts to make him a dog. "Can I be a mongoose-dog?"
    • This bit:
      Officer Squid: Please! I have a house, and children, and pets, and a toilet, and toilet children...
    • When GIR is denied taquitos and a clown with no head, he asks for clown taquitos.
  • Dave the Barbarian:
    • What is it!? A monstrous ogre!? An ogreous monster!?
    • "What is it? A spider? Is something burning? Is it on me? I don't see it! Is it invisible? Are invisible spiders crawling on me and burning!?"
  • King of the Hill, when Dale tries to figure out the new persona Bill adopts for his job at a hair salon.
    Dale: Pirate! Waiter! Pirate waiter!
    • Also from Dale:
    Dale: Objection! Conjecture! ... Objecture!
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic loves using this trope:
    • In the episode "A Bird in the Hoof", Twilight freaks out and wildly speculates about what could happen to Fluttershy if Princess Celestia finds out she took her royal pet. Apparentlynote  she could be banished from Equestria, thrown into a dungeon, or banished, and then thrown into a dungeon inside the place she's been banished to.
    • In "A Dog and Pony Show", Rarity objects to the Diamond Dogs addressing her as "pony" all the time:
      Rarity: I am a lady, and I wish to be addressed as such. So you may call me "Miss", or "Rarity", or "Miss Rarity".
    • In "Party of One", when Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash engage in some Stereo Fibbing.
      Pinkie Pie: (referring to a made-up bear that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have said that they're house sitting for) He's vacationing at the beach?
      Rainbow Dash: Yep! He loves to...
      Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy: Play beach volleyball!/Collect seashells! (Beat.)
      Collect seashells/Play beach volleyball! (Beat.)
      Play seashells!/Collect volleyballs!
    • Applejack provides one in the season two premiere in her attempts to wrap her head around the fact that it's raining chocolate milk:
      Applejack: Rainbow Dash, what's going on with this rain? I mean, chocolate milk? I mean, chocolate milk rain?
    • During the musical number in "May the Best Pet Win":
      Rainbow Dash: The bat would be awesome, but the wasp I'm digging too. Do you have something in a yellow-striped bat?
    • In Hot Topic's "Hot Minute with Twilight Sparkle" promo video, Twilight's favorite subject is "Magic. And reading. And reading about magic."
    • In "On Your Marks", the Cutie Mark Crusaders are making plans on what to do for the day, and consider square dancing (Sweetie Belle), mountain climbing (Scootaloo), and square dancing atop a mountain they'd climbed (Apple Bloom).
  • Histeria! Samuel Johnson is pitching his dictionary to a book publisher, who thinks a book full of words and their definitions would be incredibly boring. "People want swordfights! They want giants! They want horses! They want...giant horses having swordfights!"
  • In an episode of Almost Naked Animals, Octo says that he's never seen hotel owner Howie check in a guest, clean the hotel, or clean a guest who was checking in.
  • In The Looney Tunes Show when Bugs finds his personal items destroyed.
    Bugs Bunny: AHH! My glamour shot! AHH! My tennis trophy! AHH! My glamour shot of my tennis trophy! NOOOO!
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Doofenshmirtz's invention of the week in "The Chronicles of Meap" was a static electricity generator that could steal balloons. His targets were children, clowns, and clown children.
    • Another from Doof, regarding his solar-powered Evaporator-inator in "De Plane! De Plane!": "It's green and evil! I call it 'greevil'."
    • Candace says there's been a lot of talk about diving, snakes, and diving with snakes.
    • In "Excaliferb", Malifishmirtz says that he's not scared of anything except unicorns, whales, squids, and pegasi. Down comes the pegawhalesquidicorn girl.
      Malifishmirtz: Oh, what do you know, it's a uni-whale-scorpio-pega-squid-icorn-girl. What are the odds. You know, taken all together, it's more ridiculous than scary. I guess it doesn't have a cumulative effect.
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law:
    • Phil has just been killed, and Harvey wants to avoid telling his daughter Judy. He looks out the window for an excuse and sees a billboard about taking a vacation. Which partially peels away to reveal one about going on honeymoon. So Harvey tells Judy her father is on a Vacaneymoon.
    • In "Sebben & Sebben Employee Orientation", Sebben & Sebben affiliates make, among other things, "flavored breastmilk, LSD, breastmilk-flavored LSD [...] textiles, tiles, text."
  • In a first season episode of Code Lyoko, Jeremie is angry at Odd for dropping candy on his computer, until he finds out the candy has rebooted and somehow fixed the materialization program:
    Jeremie: Odd, you're a genius!
    Odd: So what am I, a genius or a creep?
    Jeremie: You're a creepy genius!
  • From the Pound Puppies episode "Dog on a Wire":
    McLeish: I hate conventions, and I hate the circus, but most of all, I hate conventions where they take you to the circus.
  • Happens twice in one episode of Rugrats ("When Wishes Come True"):
    Lil: [about Angelica] She should turn into mashed peas!
    Phil: Or bat drool!
    Both: Or mashed peas and bat drool!
    • And when the babies think twice about making a wish that may end up turning someone they know into a rock:
      Lil: Or eyeballs!
      Phil: Or worm guts!
      Both: Or eyeballs and worm guts!
    • From "The Blizzard", when the babies take shelter in an igloo:
    Lil: "I'm cold!"
    Chuckie: "I'm hungry!"
    Phil: "I'm cold and hungry, and I think I need a new diaper!"
    • In "The Box", when Phil and Lil find Stu's empty box, Phil wants to pretend the box is a house, while Lil wants to pretend the box is a cave. The twins argue with each other for a while, until they settle on pretending the box is a house and a cave.
    • From "Club Fred", when the babies observe the "Kid Fred" club:
    Phil: This really is the bestest place in the whole wide world!
    Lil: Betterer than a mud puddle!
    Phil: Or under the couch!
    Phil and Lil: Or a mud puddle under the couch!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: As Squidward is justifying quitting his job...
    Squidward: I can be anything I set my mind to! I can be a football player! Or a king! Or a spaceman!
    Spongebob: Or a football playing king in space! ...With a mustache!
    • In "Bubble Buddy Returns", SpongeBob is looking for Shiny (Bubble Buddy's son) in Squidward's kitchen, all while trying to avoid objects that are sharp or pointed. Going through Squidward's kitchen cabinets, he sees one full of cactuses, followed by barbed wire, followed by cactuses that are protected with barbed wire.
    • In "Tunnel of Glove", SpongeBob is trapped in a tunnel ride with Pearl. After the power goes out he lists scary things that could be found in the dark. Among the things are clowns, crawly things, and crawly clowns.
  • In a Sheep in the Big City commercial about a literal family restaurant:
    Waitress: You never call! You never write! You never call saying that you're gonna write about calling.
  • Ron in Kim Possible: "This is beyond sick and wrong! It's wrong-sick!"
  • Done indirectly in an episode of American Dad!, where Stan is afraid that the terrorists are in league with another group, possibly the vampires or gays. He then tells Hayley to plug her butt with a clove of garlic.
    • A visual version happens in another episode. Francine imagines an enraged Stan coming after her with a succession of deadly implements: first a chainsaw, then a leopard, then finally holding the leopard while it holds the chainsaw.
    • In "Dungeons and Wagons", the gravestone for Steve's dead MMORPG character reads "Here lies Agathor — Warrior, Friend, Warrior-Friend"
    • In "Cock of the Sleepwalk", Roger sees a dark stain on Stan's shirt and asks if it is poo. Stan notes that it's actually cake, and Roger then questions if it is poo-cake.
    • Played for Laughs in "Love, American Dad Style". Roger wants to talk to Hayley about AIDS or a baseball thrown by Randy Johnson. Klaus suggests that they talk about an AIDS-ball thrown by Randy Johnson.
    • In "Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold," Stan goes on a hunt for the titular gold while Greg and Terry document his descent into madness. When Stan actually does find the gold, Terry says they're sure to win an Oscar if there's no documentary about penguins or genocide, to which Greg adds "or penguin genocide."
  • In Johnny Test, when Hugh gets trapped in Johnny's Tinymon game, he says "I blame Johnny! No, the sisters! No, Johnny and the sisters!"
    • In an episode of season 1, when the girls' newest invention that previously made Johnny handsome backfires and leaves him disfigured and smelly, he worries that kids at school will call him Gross Boy, Stinky Boy or Gross Stinky Boy. Dukey doesn't help, pointing out that since he's also now bald, they might call him Bald, Stinky, Gross Boy.
  • In Codename: Kids Next Door, Numbuh 2 accuses Tommy, his younger brother, of stealing candy and soda from his room and demands an explanation:
    Tommy: I was thirsty! No, no, I was hungry! No, no, I was thirsty! No, I was hungry!
    Numbuh 2: I want the truth!
  • An episode of Johnny Bravo has him walking to the store repeating "loaf of bread, stick of butter, carton of milk...". Little Suzy tries to talk to Johnny, causing him to switch them up ("loaf of butter, stick of milk, carton of bread" etc.); eventually he declares that he's going to buy "a loaf of buttermilk."
  • In the Dexter's Laboratory episode "D&DD":
    Dee Dee: So, you're walking through the forest...
    Dexter: Dungeon! (the backdrop changes to a dungeon with gray stone walls and a chained-up skeleton)
    Dee Dee: OK, dungeon-forest, whatever. (trees spontaneously appear in the dungeon)
  • In an episode of Archer:
    Malory: You don't look like a whore. An idiot, maybe. Or both. Yes. A whorediot.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, when the Avengers hold a pizza party to celebrate the induction of Carol Danvers:
    Tony Stark: Okay, So, I'd like to make a toast. Well, less of a toast, more like a welcome. A "welcome toast."
    Clint Barton: Wow. You're really bad at this.
    Tony Stark: Well, I'm really good at "You just got fired" speeches, Hawkeye, if you catch my drift.
  • From Daria:
    Daria: Only Quinn could turn being smart into a fad.
    Jane: Don't worry. Today it's brains, tomorrow pierced tongues, then the next day, pierced brains.
  • On South Park, the boys are doing the school news and want to give it higher viewership. They realize they need to add lots of sex and lots of action, and wind up renaming it Sexy Action News.
  • In Duck Dodgers, during a discussion of the title characters favorite activities:
    I.Q. High: Playing video games, eating onion rings, playing video games while eating onion rings...
  • In The Fairly OddParents!, after Timmy wishes to look popular and a friend asks him where he got his clothes:
    Timmy: Internet? ...Inheritance? ...I inherited the Internet!
  • Robot Chicken:
    • One sketch has a fisherman catch a mermaid who angrily corrects him when he mistakes her for a genie. A few moments later, she reveals herself to be a mermaid who happens to be a genie.
    • Another sketch has the Disney Princesses raise the following issues at their summit:
      Rapunzel: Hairstyles!
      Cinderella: Talking pets!
      Tiana: Hairstyles for our talking pets!
  • In The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack holiday episode, during K'nuckles flashback of Low Tides Day, three kids receive a clock, a toy, and a toy clock.
  • Megas XLR:
    • In the episode "All I Wanted Was A Slushie":
    Coop: Nobody. No robot, no alien, no alien-robot does that to me and gets away with it.
    • In "Bad Guy":
    Coop: Piece of cake. Ooh, I could go for some cake. Or some ice cream. Or some ice cream cake!
  • Inverted in Aqua Teen Hunger Force when Master Shake neglected to pay the bills and the house's water and cable were shut off:
    Shake: Look on the bright side. We've got electricity and we've got each other. (The lights go off) We've got each other...
  • Dilbert: In one episode, Wally (after realising that engineers are actually in demand) negotiates for a well-paid job at a competing company. As part of his compensation package he asks for "a personal jet... And a llama... And a personal jet for my llama..."
    • When his potential employers ask if Wally would consider sharing a jet with a llama, he gets offended. Negotiations finally break down when he realises he would be expected to do actual work in return.
  • The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie had this line when Foxxy learned that they were no longer being censored:
    Foxxy: I said 'fuck!' And they didn't beep it! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuck! (gasp) What about 'shit?' What about 'cunt?' What about 'shit-cunt?'
  • In an episode of the Beetlejuice cartoon, BJ and Lydia must escape from the Vanishing Village of Brinkadoom by answering the Riddle of the Stinx: "What's black and white and red all over?" Beetlejuice and Lydia argue for a bit over whether the answer is supposed to be "a newspaper" or "an embarrassed zebra", and when the Stinx presses for them to settle on an answer, Beetlejuice blurts out "an embarrassed newspaper", which turns out to be correct.
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • From the episode "Lobsterfest".
    Gene: Gay... gay... mythical creature... gay mythical creature...
    • In "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks", Tina is freaking out over lying to an insurance agent. "This is all wrong, I'm going to jail! Or hell! Or hell-jail!" (fantasizes being in the lunch line at Hell Jail:)
    Tina: What's for lunch?
    Demon Lunch Lady: Your lies!!!
    Tina: NOOOOOOOO! That's what we had yesterday.
    • In "Paraders Of The Lost Float", Bob insists they get their parade float in front of Jimmy Pesto so they can get the cash prize for fifth place.
    Linda: It's not a race.
    Bob: You're right, it's not a race. It's a war.
    Gene: It's a race war!
    Bob: Gene.
  • In the Axe Cop episode "An American Story", the King of London England's execution methods include acid, sharks, and acid sharks.
  • Home Movies - the kids are at a hotel on a school field trip, and use it for location shooting:
    Jason: [as hotel clerk] Are you here for business or pleasure?
    Melissa: [as guest] Both!
    Jason: That would be bleasure. ...or plizness.
  • In the Lalaloopsy episode "March of the April Fools", Bea's library has guides on how to pull taffy, how to pull teeth, and how to pull taffy off your teeth.
  • Gravity Falls:
    Grunkle Stan: "I believe in things. America. Freedom. Amerifreedom."
  • In the KaBlam! episode, "Art + Science = Fun", after seeing the first part of the "Danger Society" episode of Action League Now, Henry worries about the Action League losing to the Danger Society.
    Henry: "They're dead meat! They're toast! They're dead meat on toast!"
  • While watching TV in one Clarence episode, Sumo lists the shows he'd rather be watching: Pawn Hoarders, Swamp Wives, Storage Hoarders, Angry Swamp Wives, Storage Swamp Hoarders...
  • A three-way example on Squidbillies:
    Sheriff: This here egg might someday grow up to be president, or find a cure for homosexuality, or hell.....even become the next Tom T. Hall!
    Early: So what you're saying here is that my grandbaby right here, might someday grow up to be the Gay President of Tom T. Hall? Outstandinger than hell.
  • On The Cleveland Show, Cleveland compares a shrimpy Christmas tree to "an Asian or a little boy or an Asian little boy."
  • In the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode "Mac Daddy", Mac and Bloo are making a soap box derby car and figuring out what to paint on it. Bloo suggests hot rod flames but Cheese, a bizarre friend Mac apparently created, suggests "Bunnies!" Bloo and Cheese argue over it, until it's revealed they ended up painting bunnies wreathed in hot rod flames.
    Bloo: I don't even know you anymore.
    Mac: Shut up. At least the bunnies are on fire.
  • The Monarch does this on one attack on Dr. Venture in The Venture Bros.
    Gary: She's coming in low and slow, it's classic Monarch 'look at my cool new thing' approach.
    Sgt. Hatred: Should I ready the extinguishers?
    Gary: Please! He only uses fire and lasers at night. I got my money on acid, or a magnet kind of thing.
    (scene change)
  • Dragons: Riders of Berk:
    • In "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", Hiccup asks what you need to trap a metal thief. Tuffnut's guesses include "A net?", "A rope?" and "A ropey net?"
    • In "Heather Report", Snotlout tries to make everyone guess what he just found (it's Heather), but the twins have their own ideas.
    Tuffnut: A severed head?
    Ruffnut: Our cousin Lars?
    Tuffnut: Our cousin Lars’ severed head?
    Fishlegs: Lars died?
    Tuffnut: Who said that?
  • Doctor Wasabi does this while planning evil traps in an episode of Chop Socky Chooks, deliberating between a "shark pit...secret catapault...secret shark catapault..."
  • Sofia the First:
    • While brainstorming ideas for their "dream castle," Vivian suggests having mermaids in the moat, then hippos, then mermaid-hippos.
    • "King For a Day" has a visual example: The royal scribes can't decide on a logo, and bring mock ups of their ideas: a dragon holding a pen and a dragon holding a scroll. Sofia tears both in half and puts them together to make two dragons holding a scroll and a pen.
    • During a flashback in Through the Looking Back Glass, young Cordelia looks for a potion to make her dress glow, sparkle, or glow and sparkle.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • Arnold's grandpa, from "The Locket": "A picture of Hedy Lamarr! No, a roast beef sandwich! No, a picture of Hedy Lamarr eating a roast beef sandwich!"
    • The infamous bit in the go-kart race episode, when Arnold's friends can't agree on what to name their kart.
      Sid: (after giving into Eugene's demand to paint it purple) We're still calling it the Dark Avenger.
      Eugene: But, Sid, look at it! It's the Mauve Storm.
      Sid: The Dark Avenger.
      Eugene: The Mauve Storm.
      Sid: The Dark Avenger!
      Stinky: I got it! How 'bout the Mauve Avenger...?
      Arnold: (one flabbergasted pause later) Stinky, we are not calling our go-kart the Mauve Avenger. (Gilligan Cut) I cannot believe we called our go-kart the Mauve Avenger.
  • Camp Lakebottom: In "Clockwork Slime", McGee is looking for treasure and says they're going to find "Gold! Diamonds! Maybe even gold diamonds!"
  • Arthur: In "I Owe You One", Buster says that he has lots of interests:
    Video games. Aliens. Video games about aliens.
  • My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure:
    Starsong: I love to sing on stage!
    Cheerilee: And I'd rather sing in the bathtub.
    Pinkie Pie: But there's one thing that friends never, ever do, and that's—
    Whimsy: Sing on stage in a bathtub?
  • In one episode of The 7D, Grim and Grumpy are contestants on a game show, and have to answer what a goblin's favorite food is. They argue over whether the answer is fishsticks or goober peas, and Grim buzzes in with "Fish peas!" Hearing this is the wrong answer, he quickly adds "Goober sticks?"
  • Steven Universe:
    • When Steven and Connie fuse in "Alone Together", and Amethyst momentarily struggles with how to address them and makes up the Portmanteau their fusion would go by from then on.
    Amethyst: How's it feel, Steven? Connie? ... Stevonnie?
    • In "Too Far", Peridot snarks about Pearl's habits, such as crying, singing, and crying while singing.
  • From the CGI reboot of Maya the Bee:
    Maya: You're not only going to be beautiful, you're going to be magnificent!
    Willy: I would even say beautifully magnificent.
  • Harvey Beaks:
    Dade: Those good-for-nothing twins have got to go! But how? Poison? Giant bees? More poison? Poison bees?
  • In the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Cabin Fever", Ed Bighead does some Impossible Shadow Puppets of a running deer and the Eiffel Tower, but no one else is able to guess them. One of Heffer's guesses before Ed gives up in frustration is "It's either a radiator, or a hose, or a piece of radiator hose."
  • In Shanks' first appearance on Sealab 2021, he apparently accused another coach of raping his parents, killing his dog, and making his dog rape his parents.
  • In the Mixels special "A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig", a bunch of Mixels find a capsule underground, and we are given this exchange:
    Slusho: What is it?
    Chilbo: It's a rock!
    Snax: It's an egg!
    Dribbal: It's an eggrock!
  • Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!: The episode "If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime" had an inescapable prison called the Vault. It's guarded by sharks. And laser cannons. And sharks with laser cannons.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors: When Spider-Man returns to his own dimension after chasing Goblin across the multiverse, he sees Jameson ranting about him and expresses relief that he's not a funny animal, a woman, or a funny animal woman.
  • Wander over Yonder: The episode "The Catastrophe" when Sylvia is forced to insert a mass amount of coins into a cellphone vending machine that Wander got put in:
    Sylvia: Rassafrassin' thingamahoozit, rassafrassin' cat videos, rassafrassin' thingamahoozit with cat videos...
  • In the 3-2-1 Penguins! episode "Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn", this is how the Penguins describe how hot it is on the planet.
    Fidgel: Like a sauna.
    Midgel: Like a barbecue.
    Zidgel: Like someone's barbecuing in a sauna.
  • Frequently used on Turbo FAST:
    • "Curse of the Cicadas":
    Smoove Move: Whoa. What do you think is down there?
    Skidmark: Haunted gold mine! No! Hole to China! No! Haunted gold mine to China, full of mole people!
    • In "The Packet Racket" Captain Dirtbeard asks Turbo if he wants to be killed using a salt packet, a spork, or a salted spork.
    • In "Smoovin' on Up", Kim-Ly tells two would-be customers that the only options for her nails are smiley face, cat, and smiley face cat.
    • In "C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.", Mr. Tinfoil tells everyone present at the meeting to silence their phones, cameras, and camera phones.
  • Shimmer and Shine:
    • In "Game On", Shimmer wonders which prizes one can win at a pirate-themed arcade. Her guesses are: treasure chest, pirate ship, and a treasure chest in a pirate ship.
    • In "Backyard Ballet", Zac compares ballet dancers to grasshoppers, basketball players and basketball-playing grasshoppers.
  • On DuckTales (1987), after her grandmother is first hired to work for Scrooge McDuck, Webby initially calls him "Mr. Scrooge." When Scrooge first tells her to call him "Uncle Scrooge," she then says, "Mr. Uncle Scrooge."
  • Happens indirectly on an episode of Kaeloo when Quack Quack (who can only say "Quack") goes up to Kaeloo, who is selling apples, and asks for yogurt.
    Quack Quack: Quack.
    Kaeloo: I'm sorry, we only sell apples! We don't sell yogurt.
    Quack Quack: Quack.
    Kaeloo: No, not even apple-flavored yogurt.
  • In the Hanazuki: Full of Treasures episode "Baby Chicken Plant", Hanazuki can't understand why everyone is so afraid of a baby, so Dazzlessence Jones and Sleepy Unicorn describe past baby chicken plants:
    Dazzlessence Jones: Sometimes they have claws! Sometimes they have fangs! Sometimes they have fangs for claws!
    Sleepy Unicorn: And claws for fangs.
  • In the second episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender, the following exchange occurs after Shiro asks Allura to give the pilots a break from their training:
    Keith: Yeah! We're not some prisoners for you to toy with like... like...
    Lance: Like a bunch of toy prisoners!
    Keith: Yes! Thank you, Lance!
  • From the first episode of Welcome to the Wayne:
    Olly: This mission's gonna be fun. And dangerous. And fungerous, which I think they can treat with a powder.
  • In one episode of Time Squad, an alarm goes off and Larry believes that the base is under attack by meteors, asteroids, or meteoroids.
  • In the Sunny Day episode "Sunny and the Princess", a visiting princess complains about her royal duties, which include boring dinners, meeting stuffy people, and meeting stuffy people at boring dinners.
  • The Day My Butt Went Psycho!: In "Wacky Wednesday", Deuce grabs one of Silas' artifacts. Zack tells him to put it down as he doesn't know what it is:
    Zack: It could be a meteorite from Uranus! Or a paperweight! Or a paperweight shaped like a meteorite... from Uranus!
  • From the Sonic Boom episode, "Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots", when Sonic tries to guess what D-Fekt is saying;
    Sonic: It's a book! It's a movie! Oh, it's a movie based on a book!
  • In Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot, when Wonderheart Bear interviews Grumpy Bear, he tells her that he likes being alone and building stuff. And building stuff when he's alone.

    Real Life 
  • Boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs.
  • Counting in binary from zero upward.
    • Zero, One, One-Zero
    • Babylonian numerals probably count as well - while they used a base sixty system, their numerals were built from base ten and base twelve subglyphs.
    • Really, all numerical systems are like this. Binary is just the most obvious example because it only uses two digits.
    • In spoken French this is especially blatant. The teens past sixteen are ten-seven, etc. When you pass sixty-nine, suddenly there's no seventy, just sixty-ten, sixty-eleven... Then eighty becomes fourscore (lit: four-twenties), and then the nineties are fourscore-(and)-ten, fourscore-(and)-eleven... all the way up to fourscore-(and)-ten-(and)-nine (quatre-vignt-dix-neuf)!
      • Not counting Belgium and some areas in France, which use more reasonable numbering for 70s, 80s and 90s.
    • China is similar; the numbers after ten are ten-one, ten-two, ten-three, etc.
      • Japanese also (likely because its number system was imported from China - it uses the same kanji for numbers as Chinese), and possibly a better example than French or English because there are no separate words for multiples of ten, like how French uses "vingt" and English uses "twenty"; in Japanese, ten is juu, one is ichi, so eleven is juuichi (ten-one) - two is ni, so twenty one is nijuuichi (two-ten-one) - hundred is hyaku, so two hundred and twenty one is nihyakunijuuichi (two-hundred-two-ten-one).
    • Pashto is also like this. Eleven is one-ten, twelve is two-ten, and so on.
      • In some regards, English is like this as well — 13 = "three-ten," 14 = "four-ten," 15 = "five-ten," etc. — the pronunciation and spelling has just shifted somewhat over the years.
  • Listing compass directions: north, east, northeast, north-northeast, north by east, northeast by north...
  • The commonly combined Ninjas and Pirates into Ninjapirates. Or pirate-ninjas.
  • Venn diagrams.
  • The last decades of military aircraft development have brought us things like stealth planes, drones, and now stealth drones.
  • An old joke, boiled down to its essence: "Pretty or ugly?" "Pretty ugly." (Which works in multiple languages, including Mandarin Chinese and German.)
    • Interestingly, in Russian this joke would have to be inverted, "awfully" ("uzhasno") denoting basically the same thing (superlative of some adjective) in Russian as "pretty" does in English.
    • In Chinese, combining the word for "Spear" with the word for "Shield" makes the phrase for "Paradox" (as per the tale of the blacksmith who claimed to forge omni-penetrating spears and invincible shields). See it for yourself. Due to cultural osmosis it works in Vietnamese too.
  • There's an example in the description of this trope on This Very Wiki.
    "[K]nights have declined in popularity, but the Knight Errant is still around in full force — instead of knights, they are now often cowboys, samurai, or Samurai Cowboys."
  • In Jonathan Lethem's Pep Talk for NaNoWriMo 2011, he mentions "the epiphanies and pratfalls. The epiphanic pratfalls," in stories.
  • Wikipedia's list of morphine-like chemicals includes dextrorphan, methorphan, and dextromethorphan.
  • Laws are written this way to prevent Off on a Technicality.
  • One of the orientation videos at Boston University, when listing rules for dorm life, states: "No smoking. No gambling. No waterbeds. No smoking on waterbeds while gambling."
  • Bread. Eggs. Breaded eggs. And more breaded eggs.
  • Names of ionic compounds work this way. For instance, sodium chloride (table salt) is formed from a sodium ion and a chloride ion.
  • Tickets to a concert at Emirates Stadium, London, which stated that "no audio, visual or audiovisual equipment" would be allowed into the event.
  • Sex columnist Dan Savage lists his only Squicks as pedophilia, necrophilia, coprophilia, and zoophilia, and adds "I really have a beef with anyone out there fucking dead shit-covered puppies."
  • Spoons + forks = sporks.
  • Three popular forms of skiing are alpine (downhill), nordic (cross country), and norpine (telemarking).
  • Speaking of skiing, at some ski resorts (in particular a few in Colorado), there are blue trails (intermediate), black trails (advanced), and blue-black trails (advanced-intermediate, which is basically a spot in between the previous two designations).
  • Human blood types: A, B, AB (also O, which inverts this trope, as it is the ABSENCE of both A and B).
  • Poker:
    • A two of a kind? A three of a kind? How about a two of a kind and a three of a kind: a full house!
    • There is a straight (5 cards in consecutive value), a flush (all cards of the same suit), as well as a straight flush (both)!
  • A Japanese-German dictionary translates "Zaseki"note  as "Sitz, Platz, Sitzplatz."
  • Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White was formerly married to Giorgio San Pietro. One of their two children was named Giovanna (which, conveniently, is a relatively common Italian name roughly equivalent to "Joan" or "Jane").
  • Doritos and Mountain Dew are commonly seen as stereotypical gamer food and drink, respectively. The next logical step? Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. This is made possible thanks to PepsiCo (which produces Mountain Dew) owning the Frito-Lay company (which produces Doritos).
  • Some grammatical tenses work like this. "I will do it" is future tense. "I have done it" is perfect tense. "I will have done it" is future perfect tense.
  • The 2015 Razzie awards included a nomination under "Worst Screen Couple" for "Any Two Robots, Actors, or Robotic Actors" going to Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  • There is chlorine, a dangerous, toxic, oxidizing gas. There is fluorine, an even more dangerous, toxic, oxidizing gas. And then there is chlorine trifluoride, which is extraordinarily toxic and will set just about anything on fire.
    • Add together oxygen, a strong oxidizer, and the aforementioned fluorine, another strong oxidizer, and you get dioxygen difluoride, an oxidizer so powerful that mixing it with ice at subzero temperature causes explosive reaction.
  • A rental classified, wherein rental price includes "heat, water, and heating of your water."
  • Some couples name their children using a combination of a part, or if fitting, the whole given names of the parents. Sometimes, the names of either relatives, close friends, or famous people are added, thus resulting with the child having an Overly Long Name.
  • Mike Myers, delivering the opening address at the AFI Lifetime Achievement for Sean Connery, said, "Women want to be with him, men want to be him. And there are those men who want to be him and be with him. I'll admit it, I have a man-crush."
  • This Scala tutorial consists of "implicit conversions", "implicit parameters" and "implicit conversions as implicit parameters".
  • When Samurai Jack finished its original run, reruns of it aired on both Toonami and [adult swim]. When the series was brought back for a fifth and final season, it was put on Toonami, which had since been moved to [as].
  • Has a tendency to happen to companies' name when two companies merge. Squaresoft and Enix? Square Enix. NBC and Universal Studios? NBCUniversal. Exxon and Mobil? ExxonMobil.
  • There's TV Tropes. There's YouTube. There are TV Tropes videos on YouTube!!

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