Hate Fic

Simply put, Hate Fic is Revenge Fic on a series-wide scale. The author sets out to deliberately attack an entire show, either through simply mocking it and its characters or by the techniques of Deconstruction.

When done poorly, this often takes the form of a badly-done Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which attempts to discredit a show based on unfavorable comparison with another rather than by any serious examination of the target series's actual flaws; instead, they tend to abound with heinous characters (including the protagonists), Straw Losers, massive powerups, plotholes, long lectures of what sucks from the canon and why, torturing/mutating the characters into copies of how they "should be" (if not plain torturing/mutating the characters, period) and loads and loads of cynicism.

Invariably, this leads to cries of "If you hate the show so much, why bother writing about it?"

When this is done in commercially-published work, it's an extreme example of an External Retcon.

Note: It is a Hate Fic only if it covers an entire series. Examples that focus on a single character belong under Revenge Fic.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • One of the most famous examples is the Eyrie Productions Unlimited fanfic Neon Exodus Evangelion, written in response to Gryphon's disgust for what he felt was the pointless nihilism of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The man receives enough hatemail from enraged fanboys that if it were all paper, the rain forests would be screaming. He considers the fanfic a success.
    • These days, it's generally met with either admiration or derisive laughter.
    • There are even a few fanfics written that are hate fics against hate fics. An example includes Kyrie Eleison, which from the first paragraph states it was written to deconstruct fics like Neon Exodus Evangelion.
  • One day, an angry Voltes V fanboy decided to take Voltron and its characters, replace their canon heroic personalities with countless straw attributes, mostly the demonization kind; get Voltes V and countless other Super Robots plus Space Sheriff Shaider to always hand the Voltron Team's asses to them; repeat the same formula for the next 84 chapters; and the internet got Voltes V Versus Voltron: The Godaikin Wars.
  • The ones for Sailor Moon are the stuff of legend, especially Nav's work. Highlights include one where the Senshi have taken over the world with mind control and are all (about 5 dozen of them) killed by Samus Aran, most without even being mentioned by name, and repeated recurrences of Tuxedo Mask being the only one to put up a fight or the Sailors just giving up before the battle even starts because he's not there — despite these almost universally being based on the anime, where he doesn't even get any attacks, and can just throw roses and give speeches.

     Comic Books  

  • Three started as an open Hate Fic of Frank Miller's 300. Being aware of the existence of the Helots and the abuse they got from their Spartan masters (even by Ancient standards), writer Kieron Gillen was incensed by the glorified portrayal of the Spartan warriors in 300 while the Helots weren't even mentioned, and decided to do a comic series where the image of Sparta would be as over the top negative as the one Persia got in 300. However, while doing more research, Gillen realized that he actually found real history more interesting than this approach, and decided to go for a more neutral view, picturing the Spartan characters as flawed, three dimensional human beings, who were almost as much victims of their nation's militaristic culture and expectations as the Helots were of their slave condition.

     Fan Fiction  


     Live-Action TV  

     Video Games  

  • A fanfiction of the video game Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within had all the characters slaughtered by the characters from Clock Tower 1. The Struggle Within is probably the least popular of the Clock Tower games.

     Web Comics  

  • Pretty much all Sonichu fanfics are this, the most famous being Asperchu. Most portray the city of CWCville where the comic takes place as a totalitarian state with Author Avatar Christian Weston Chandler as its dictator, which actually isn't too far from canon.

     Western Animation  

     Multiple Media