Creator: Joe Quesada

Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics between 2000 and 2011, and a very polarising figure indeed. Started off as an artist, probably best known for his work on Daredevil. He took the editor job in 2000 and, while comic sales have risen since he took over, they are still a shadow of the sales in the Silver Age through the 1980s.

Currently holds the position of Marvel's Chief Creative Officer, tasked to "ensure that all portrayals of Marvel's characters and stories remain true to the essence of Marvel history."note 

His editorial decisions include:

  • Spider-Man's One More Day, which attempts to make Peter Parker Younger and Hipper by dissolving his marriage to Mary Jane Watson.
  • XMen: Jean Grey coming Back from the Dead was also corrected by having her killed off, despite her massive Character Development since then.
  • He evidently preferred Emma Frost being altered to more of a Heel-Face Turn and Spoiled Brat than even when she was a villain. So he "rewarded" Emma by sticking her into Jean's place, including being Scott Summers's Love Interest, which started with them kissing over Jean's grave.
  • He and Brian Michael Bendis had The Wasp killed off, again claiming that her now widowed husband, Hank Pym, is now "more interesting" without her.
  • Forced Wolverine and Nick Fury to drop their iconic cigars, which they'd had for roughly 30 and 40 years respectively. Killing, maiming and making deals with Satan stand-ins is okay otherwise. Smoking doesn't even harm Wolverine, due to his Healing Factor. When he temporarily lost it, he had to quit.
  • The Decimation of Mutants that happened after House of M, which reduced the number of mutants (hundred of thousands, though obviously only a tiny percentage were named characters) to just 198. Apparently, this was done to counter Quesada's perceived Uniqueness Decay of mutants.
  • Censoring trade paperbacks.
  • He likes big, big, BIG crossover events.