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Red Eyes, Take Warning

"It's the red beady eyes that's a dead giveaway for the evil fellas."

An easy way to tell a villainous (or sinister) character apart from the protagonists, other than giving him/her a Red Right Hand, is making their eyes red. If they don't start out evil, there's a chance they become so over time or perform full-blown Face-Heel Turn. It's not the same thing as the "red eye" phenomenon in photos, but if cameras could detect evil, or danger these would be the first people they'd catch.

Even those who aren't truly evil or dangerous are often thought to be so by characters In-Universe.

In the progressive algorithm of Uh-Oh Eyes we have:

Supernatural Gold Eyes < Red Eyes, Take Warning < Hellish Pupils < Glowing Eyes of Doom

Those with glowing red eyes are almost without exception thoroughly evil or, at least, very dangerous. The "almost" section goes to those whose red eyes serve as a marker for their Elemental Powers, typically fire.

A subtrope of Technicolor Eyes. May be part of Evil Albino, or averted/subverted by the Heroic Albino, although most humans with albinism in Real Life have pale gray or blue eyes.

Compare Glamour Failure. Contrast Red Is Heroic.

Not to be confused with the film Red Eye or the liquor. Sometimes a part of Burning with Anger.

It should be noted that trope is NOT just for characters who have eyes of this colour, but when the colour actually indicates the character is evil or dangerous, or presumed to be because of their eye colour. Please do not add characters who just happen to have eyes of this colour without the proper reason behind it.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Briefly in episode 22 of Attack on Titan Levi's eyes become red when attacking the Female Titan for killing his squad. Take warning, indeed.
  • Claire Stanfield from Baccano! has reddish-brown eyes, rather than straight-up red, but they sure as hell look blood red when he's revealed to be the Rail Tracer, and he's prone to combining these with Glowing Eyes of Doom and Slasher Smiles. The Light Novels also bring in Christopher Shouldered, whose defining features are his permanently and severely bloodshot eyes that appear to be almost entirely red, save the iris.
  • In season 1 Beyblade, the antagonist Kai, who betrays his team and steal bitbeasts, has red eyes. Also in season 3, when he is just about to go nuts, we see his eyes glowing red.
  • The Big O
    • The giant construction robot that goes berserk has a single glowing red eye that moves back and forth in its head like a 1970's Battlestar Galactica Cylon.
    • "Hydra". The giant three-headed electrical monster has many red eyes in lines along its head and body.
  • Black Butler's Sebastian Michaelis has red eyes that are sometimes paired with glowing Hellish Pupils. Despite being a loyal butler to his young master Ciel, he's basically just tenderizing his soul until he's ready to devour it. Sebastian is very much a demon. Literally.
    • Subverted with the Undertaker. His eyes are green / gold instead of red, but in this context much the same. That is, a very, very bad sign.
  • Bleach. Hollows are extremely dangerous spirit creatures.
    • Anime episodes 2 and 3. The Hollow form of Orihime's brother had red eyes.
    • Anime episode 9. The hollow Grand Fisher had glowing red eyes.
    • Anime episode 210. After Captain Kensei Muguruma underwent hollowfication, he had glowing red eyes under his mask.
    • Anime episode 214. The hollow that attacks Don Kanonji and Kisuke Urahara and the giant hollow fortress have red eyes.
    • Anime episode 220. Captain Komamura's bankai, a giant samurai warrior, has glowing red eyes.
    • Anime episode 260. A "sword beast" (rogue zanpakuto spirit) has red eyes.
  • Cowboy Bebop
    • The assassin Tongpu in the episode "Pierrot le Fou".
    • Anyone under the effects of the "red eye" drug, as seen in the first episode.
  • In Crepuscule, having red eyes automatically makes you a vampire (though not all vampires are violent). The main character Lark proves an exception to the rule.
  • Crest of the Stars and its sequels have Admiral Spoor, a particularly volatile Blood Knight, who's marked as dangerous by her blood-red eyes. (Her personal flagship is of the same color.)
  • Punie's mother, Esmerelda, from Dai Mahou Touge has red eyes. She's as evil as her daughter.
  • Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund has the blood-red eyes and Undeathly Pallor approprate to a centuries old Vampire Monarch that slaughters assassins with her own hands and plays chess with the lives of hundreds. However, she is at heart a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who privately tortures herself whenever she is forced to endanger or sacrifice innocents for the greater good.
  • Contractors in Darker Than Black are usually completely indistinguishable from normal people, but when they use their powers, their eyes glow red.
  • Shiro in Deadman Wonderland, though it's semi-justified because she's an albino. She's not evil, but she's definitely dangerous.
    • Played straight with Chan and En, as well as Wretched Egg, who are also albinos.
  • In Death Note:
    • Misa gets these after she receives the Shinigami eyes. The red eyes also show up for other characters who make this "trade", like Kyosuke Higuchi, Teru Mikami, and Soichiro Yagami. In these cases, the red eyes are a stylistic representation of the power for the audience, but it's implied that there's no visual change in-universe. The Live-Action Adaptation instead uses Supernatural Gold Eyes.
    • Red eyes are also used metaphorically for Light when his Kira persona shines through (i.e. when he's acting particularly diabolical).
  • Demon City Shinjuku. In the 1988 OVA based on the novel:
    • The Young Man has a two-headed mutant Doberman named Kuro with shining red eyes. Kuro is incredibly vicious and threatens Kyouya Izayoi and Sayaka Ram.
    • When Kyouya Izayoi first meets the Big Bad Levih Rah, he slices him in half with his sword and Levih Rah changes into a flock of bats with glowing red eyes.
  • An inversion in D.Gray-Man: If Allen's cursed left eye turns black with red concentric rings, you should probably start running. However, it's not a matter of running from him - it's because he just spotted an Akuma and you really don't want to be around when there's bullets flying through the air that can make you dissolve.
  • Digimon Tamers:
    • Green-eyed trickster Impmon is upgraded into red-eyed killer Beelzemon. After he finally leaves The Dark Side, his eyes become green as Beelzemon as well.
  • Dogs: Bullets & Carnage gives us Heine. He's not exactly evil, just extremely Ax-Crazy.
  • Dragon Ball Z
    • Frieza and his family all have red eyes, with the older brother, Cooler, combining this with Glowing Eyes of Doom for his Ultimate Form.
    • The Oozaru transformation of the Saiyans, wherein they also get red Glowing Eyes of Doom and go completely berserk.
    • Majin Buu has reddish-orange irises in his second and third forms (in this case, combined with Black Eyes of Crazy).
    • In Dragon Ball Online; Characters possessed by the Evil Time Breakers were portrayed with Glowing Red Eyes.
    • Characters possessed by Baby in GT also have flashing red eyes.
  • Elfen Lied.
    • Lucy has red eyes, is cute, and extremely deadly. Thinks almost all Humans Are Bastards.
    • All the other Diclonii, too, at least in the anime. Well, definitely Mariko. Nana is more debatable — she's certainly dangerous, being a Diclonius and all, but doesn't seem particularly fond of killing people unless she thinks it's right.
  • TheEnd from Eureka Seven has red pupils - though its eyes are more disturbing because of the way they roll around in their sockets. But, of course, its eyes turn green after it makes a Heel-Face Turn.
  • Zeref from Fairy Tail usually has black eyes, but once he's sufficiently pissed off his irises will turn red. Since he's just about the only character in Fairy Tail who can successfully kill people, intentionally of otherwise, this is a sign that you should run.
  • The demonic nobleman in The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico has reddish eyes in human form. The eyes of any creature that he corrupts or manipulates seem to turn red as well.
  • Whilst far from evil, Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star is a very dangerous man who will sometimes gain Glowing Red Eyes of Doom when his sense of moral outrage is particularly provoked, such as when he confronted Ambia. Usually, those whose actions cause him to manifest said eyes tend to die very messily afterwards.
  • FLCL:
    • Ninamori has glowing red eyes while possessed by an alien monster in episode 3 "Marquis de Carabas".
    • The giant hand monster in episode 5 "Brittle Bullet" has red "eyes" in its head.
    • Mamimi has glowing red eyes twice while feeding the robot electronic parts and vehicles in episode 6 "FLCLimax".
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure has Jaaku King, Illkubo when he fuses with a Zakenna, Regine, Viblis and Baldez.
  • Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star has Moerumba, Michiru Kiryuu and Gohyan who eyes becomes a bit orange when he transforms; he's also the real Big Bad. Michiru subverts this after her Heel-Face Turn.
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5 has the Dragon-in-Chief Kawarino when he is sometimes mad. Averted with Rin/Cure Rouge and Milk/Kurumi/Milky Rose.
  • Fresh Pretty Cure! plays this straight initially and subverts it later. Setsuna Higashi/Eas, a member of the evil world Labyrinth, has dark crimson eyes in human form and bright red eyes when transformed. Then she undergoes a Heel-Face Turn thanks to The Power of Friendship and becomes the decidedly not antagonistic Cure Passion.
  • HeartCatch Pretty Cure! has Sabaaku (a little bit pink) and Kumojacky.
  • Suite Pretty Cure ♪ has Noise in his grown-up form and humanoid form.
  • Smile Pretty Cure! has Pierrot. Sometimes, Joker's eye glow red when he's angry or acts creepily. Wolfrun's eyes grow red when he Let's Get Dangerous. Averted with Akane/Cure Sunny
  • Doki Doki Pretty Cure has King Jikochuu and his Regina. Actually, Regina's eyes are blue, but when she's Not Herself she becomes really evil. After being brainwashed by her father, her eyes are permanently red. Averted with Aguri/Cure Ace.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Played straight with Scar, then later subverted with other Ishvalans who are, for the most part, victims and refugees of the Ishvalan War. Also subverted when Scar becomes a good guy later on.
    • Inverted when Al uses a Philosopher's Stone to fight, and his eyes take on a noticeably darker (and incredibly awesome) tone.
  • Natsume from Gakuen Alice has red eyes in the manga, almost as a warning to the fact that he's a flame-caster (and will most likely try to burn you when he's angry at you). Though, in the anime, his eyes are brown.
  • In the first Galaxy Angel, Noah (or so we think) gets these once she performs the Villain Override.
  • Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell not only has bright red eyes, but chose the color herself. She's a very scary lady, to the point of remarking casually she's familiar with how to perform dental torture. Later on, it's revealed that she chose the red eyes when she was cyberized at a very early age, and chose them along with her purple hair for no real reason other than the fact that kids like bright colors, then stuck with them because the hair and eye colors had become a part of her identity. But the "dangerous red eyes" trope still very much applies to her present day self.
  • Shinn Asuka, the (initial) protagonist of Gundam SEED Destiny, has red eyes. He's not evil, per se, but has definite anger issues.
  • A mecha example in this one, Gundam 00 features this in the Gundams. The primary celestial being units feature green particles, eyes, and clear pieces. The units that are not using the true GN drives feature the same pieces in red. Guess which ones are evil?
    • However, this gets subverted later on in the movie, which features the Gundam Raphael, which also has red eyes and particles, but is most definitely a good guy! And the same can be said of the Sol Braves team, and in fact all of humanity.
  • The Gundam franchise is full with these, actually; a number of Zeonic mobile suits are shown as red-eyed Cyber Cyclops, and due to the franchise's love for referencing itself, a large number of suits in non-Universal Century timelines which are inspired by Zeonic ones (mostly the Zaku) have red optics. As a result, more than a few villainous suits have the glowing red 'eye' to warn viewers that they're not good guys. A few Gundam-like units have more human eye arrangements but are also red; this is most noticeable on the Delta Plus from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, which is otherwise mostly shades of blue. This suggests Riddhe's place in the story and his intents, or the type of danger he might pose and that later he'll actually act on his crazed jealousy, enough to try and hunt down Banagher and the Unicorn.
  • Hajime No Ippo: whenever Bryan Hawk lapses into the deepest pits of his Ax-Crazy, his eyes, excluding the pupils, become completely, bloody red. They even border on glowing. It definitely helps making his batshit insane personality much more terrifying. In the manga (probably due to a lack of colors, duh), the eyes are black.
  • Hakuōki: glowing red eyes are one of the easiest ways to identify the Rasetsu. Aside from them, there's also Kazama Chikage, who has naturally red eyes and is the most dangerous villain of the series.
  • In Heaven's Lost Property, Ikaros' eyes turning red means she has entered battle mode.
  • In the Hellsing OAV, when Seras Victoria's eyes shift from blue to red (often glowing), expect bodies to hit the floor in numerous pieces. The first Hellsing anime had Victoria's eyes change from blue to red permanently when she first became a vampire.
    • But the character who really takes the cake with this trope is Alucard himself. Especially when he makes his Nightmare Faces. Oh, and if two red eyes aren't scary enough, how about a thousand of them?
  • Satoko and her older brother Satoshi, from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, have red eyes. They subvert this, most of the time, by being very friendly. However, Satoshi did kill his aunt and Satoko killed her parents due to the Hate Plague.
  • Kurapika from Hunter × Hunter falls into the "dangerous" (though not evil) category...normally polite and reserved, but if his eyes turn red, you'd better hope he's not looking at you.
  • InuYasha:
    • Subverted with Kirara who was first introduced as a snarling beast with glowing red eyes. Then it's revealed she's a friend of Myouga's and was just trying to protect the bodies of the villagers who had cared for her. She becomes a friend and ally after that.
    • Naraku's eyes are naturally red. As the Big Bad, this is not good from the outset. When they begin to glow, however, true nastiness is about to happen.
    • Subverted with Kagura. Her eyes are a solid red without pupils. Although introduced as a villain, Character Development makes her an Anti-Villain who tries to help Inuyasha's group, supports Sesshoumaru, and who ends up having an Heroic Sacrifice to save Kohaku's life.
    • Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru both have gold eyes, but when their sclera turn solid red, very bad things are about to happen to someone.
  • In the Iron Man anime, Dio's eyes briefly turn red when it goes berserk.
  • In an odd twist, Guu from Haré+Guu has red eyes in her "normal" form, but considering that she's that world's rough equivalent of Cthulhu, it makes sense.
  • Evil Prince Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! has vicious bright red eyes to go with his nasty temper. Seriously, you do not want to piss him off.
  • Lyrical Nanoha
  • Played straight with Ardi from Magical X Miracle, but partially subverted with Yue, whose one red eye doesn't seem to mark him as any more evil or dangerous than any other high-caliber wizard/politician/scientist (although his Sleazy Politician enemies may beg to differ).
  • Evangeline occasionally did this in Negima!?. In the actual Manga, the author prefers Black Eyes for scary characters; black and white isn't quite up to portraying eye colour.
  • Mai-HiME: trickster villain Nagi, who's an Enigmatic Minion and one of the Big Bad's sidekicks in Mai-HiME, and the Big Bad himself in Mai-Otome.
  • In Mekakucity Actors (the anime adaption of the Kagerou Project), all of the members of the Mekakushi Dan's eyes glow red when they use their powers.
  • Mirai Nikki: Yuno sports red eyes, and she's a Yandere.
  • Silas Edwards in Mother Keeper has red eyes and he spends his time buying slaves, drugging them and then forcing them into an arena to fight to the death for entertainment and betting.
  • Double subverted in Murder Princess. Alita and the rest of her family have red eyes, which no one comments on and are presumably normal. When Falis and Alita switch bodies, however, red eyes are the only warning you'll get.
  • Naruto:
    • The Uchiha clan might as well be built around this trope. Every Uchiha's eyes turn red when using the Sharingan, and Itachi and Obito pretty much always have them on.
    • Used to some degree whenever Naruto used Kurama's chakra and his eyes turn red (with the added bonus of Hellish Pupils), though he is still aware of whose side he's on. When he reaches four tails and above, his eyes turn into glowing holes, and that's when everyone knows they're screwed.
      • His eyes turn Orange Red and later pure red with his human pupil when he uses Nine-tailed Chakra Mode and Biju Mode.
    • Filler character Ranmaru has red eyes when he's using his unnamed eye jutsu. He's technically not evil, just willing to assist Raiga even if it involves helping him kill people, until he sees the error of his ways.
  • In Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, the gargantuan, pillbug-like Ohmus' rows and rows and rows of blue eyes shine bright red when they're enraged. Everything in their path is devastated afterwards, and the spores that collect on their bodies expand the Sea of Corruption a little bit more with each stampede.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Angels tend to have red eyes (when they have them at all).
    • Rei Ayanami and Kaworu Nagisa. Rei and Kaworu are part Angels themselves.
    • In episode 18, EVA-01's eyes glow red when the Dummy Plug is activated.
  • One Piece: Sort of, but if you ever see Luffy looking at you with his pupils not fully black, RUN.
  • In Pandora Hearts:
    • Break also has reddish eye(s) and it turns out that, back when he was the illegal contractor Kevin Regnard, he was also known as the Red Eyed Ghost.
    • Oz gets these when using B-Rabbit's power.
    • This trope is combined with Apocalypse Maiden for the in-universe concept of the Children of Misfortune. It is believed that children born with red eyes are inherently dangerous, causing tragedy simply by existing. Glen Baskerville was responsible for making them Deader Than Dead, since their red eyes are a sign of their ability to influence the core of the Abyss.The recent informations reveals that everything about the Childern of misfortune were lies and that it's the Jurors that they were a threat to not the world because they were created by the core and because of this they were able to bypass their control and harm them which is why they wanted them to be destroyed.Oswald knew of this and used Vincent to scare them.
  • Princess Tutu:
    • Rue / Princess Kraehethough she's more of a Tyke Bomb tragic heroine than a straight villain.
    • Also, Mytho, when he's possessed by Raven's blood in the second season...although they're almost more of a pink than a red. Considering the Monster Raven and his servants also have red eyes, it's probably a sign of Raven's blood.
  • Subverted with Psychic Detective Yakumo. The hero has one red eye, which means he can see the dead. However, it's normally hidden with a contact lens. However, the main villain and Yakumo's blood father has two red eyes.
  • Kyubey of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The end of episode 8 combines this with Glowing Eyes of Doom.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion: Has Rei and Kaworu retaining the red eyes. Then in 2.0 Shinji gets them... by sheer force of will no less it seems.
  • Inner Moka from Rosario + Vampire is an Action Girl who can Curb-Stomp Battle just about any monster she meets. Sharp contrast to Outer Moka, who has green eyes and is basically harmless.
    • If Tsukune EVER gains these, run. No if and/or buts about it. It either means he's angry or worse...
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Makoto Shishio has narrow red eyes. His intro episode is appropriately titled "Devil of Vengeance". Earlier on, though, protagonist Kenshin Himura himself was exhibiting the trope as Hitokiri Battousai until his battle with Saitou Hajime gave him gold eyes, probably to match the prescribed manga coloring.
  • Sailor Moon: Played straight by Black Lady and Galaxia before Sailor Moon 'befriended' her. Beryl's eyes were also red.
    • The Seven Shadows in the series have them to the extremes. The ENTIRE eye is red. Sclera, iris, AND pupil.
    • Fiore gets these when merges with the Kisenian flower. After his defeat, he gets these when he tries to pull an If I Can't Have You situation on the Senshi by crashing the asteroid they're all on into the Earth. Love Makes You Evil indeed.
  • In Act 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal, Monster Of The Day Morga has light red sclera, and her Brainwashed and Crazy human minions have red glowing Mind-Control Eyes until knocked unconscious by Sailor Moon.
  • Saint Seiya. Gemini Saga's eyes turn from a pleasant blue/green to bright red and glowing whenever his evil side takes over. When this happens, it's a good idea to run away very, very fast...unless you have a death wish, are The Hero, or both. His hair changes colour too.
  • Inverted, discussed, and ultimately deconstructed for Gojyo in Saiyuki: his red eyes are considered a bad omen because they mark him as a half-breed when paired with his identically-red hair, but this really only turns out to be unlucky for Gojyo himself, as he keeps getting treated as an outcast because of them.
  • Demon Eyes Kyo from Samurai Deeper Kyo is the living incarnation of this trope. Even more impressively, he manages to do this and Glowing Eyes of Doom simultaneously. In an interesting subversion, the nature of Kyo's eyes and his connection to the enigmatic Mibu clan become central points to the plot.
  • Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo, the supreme demon lord and Sealed Evil in a Can from the first season of Slayers. Lina herself has them too, but while she's not a vilain, her record with property destruction certainly makes her dangerous.
  • Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Ika Musume does this in the anime when she gets angry and unleashes her full power. Watch a brief example here.
  • Ralph Werec from Soukou no Strain takes a different approach: he may not have red pupils, but the whites of his eyes turn pink when he goes crazier than he usually is. The result is very creepy.
  • Tekkaman Blade
    • All of the enemy tekkamen had red eyes and red crystals. When Blade exceeds his time limit and goes crazy, his eyes turn red as well.
    • Present in the sequel too. Dead End had red eyes before his Heel-Face Turn.
  • Silky from Tenshi Ni Narumon has red eyes. In the first season, it is a subversion, but in the second one, it is played straight because she is a villain - of a raging psycho bitch variety. At the end, it is subverted yet again, because it turned out she really is a Woobie.
  • Kurogane from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle has red eyes and appears to be a rather dark at the beginning, given his apparent bloodlust and over-enthusiasm for killing people who go after his Princess. Subverted though when it's established that he is indeed a pretty good guy and probably the only one who is completely there amongst the main characters.
  • In Umi Monogatari, this is averted with Kanon and the shrine maiden, but played straight with a corrupted Urin.
  • Mutsumi from Utawarerumono has red eyes (as does Kamyu when she goes into vampire mode).
  • Vampire Hunter D
    • Most vampires when they're angry, if they don't have it all the time. If D gets Red Eyes, it's time to run. No, wait, too late. You're dead already.
    • The 1985 movie
      • In the first few minutes Doris Lang encounters three opponent with red eyes: the monster she's hunting, a werewolf that tears off her crucifix, and the vampire leader Count Magnus Lee.
      • Later on, at Count Magnus Lee's castle D meets a giant, a mutant who can summon up a ghostly wolf and the three Snake Women of Midwich, all of whom are Lee's evil servants and who have red eyes.
    • The 2000 movie "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust''
      • The horses pulling the vampire's coach near the beginning have glowing red eyes. And if that isn't enough to tell you they're evil, they have fangs as well - apparently they're vampire horses.
      • Some evil vampire bats that appear later also have red eyes.
  • In Vampire Knight, the vampires' eyes turn red when they are suffering from blood lust. And Kaname's eyes are just red in general, and he's not exactly the most benign person...
  • Dilandau in Vision of Escaflowne has garnet-colored eyes and platinum hair, and he's totally crazy and bloodthirsty. Turns out, his true form is a blond haired and blue eyed girl, so the hair and eyes are a side effect of the experiments performed on him.
  • Sastre, a one-episode (but still formidable) Witch Hunter Robin villain, has red eyes.
  • The Wizard of Oz: Wicked Witch of the West's eyes glow red every time she uses her magic in the 1986 series.
  • Cheza in Wolf's Rain.
  • Fuuma's eyes in the X1999 anime series are dark red, in contrast to his manga counterpart, whose eyes can best be described as gold-hazel (giving him something of a cat-like appearance). The change in eye color probably has to do with the taken-for-granted aspect of his true nature in the anime series, while the manga builds up much more subtly towards the Wham Episode and his Face-Heel Turn.
  • Hatsumi/Eve from Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito is a subversion. She has red eyes but is one of the more innocent and benevolent characters in the series.
  • In the Toei-produced "Season Zero" of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami's eyes were red. And bad guys really should take warning, because not only was Yami completely psychotic originally, but anyone who messed with his friends either ended up dead or even crazier than he was.
  • Zig-Zagged with Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!:
  • YuYu Hakusho: Some of the demons. Though many demons appear to have this trait not as a default eye color, but whenever it appears that they've tapped into their demonic nature overlapping with Glowing Eyes of Doom. Reminding you of their nature.

    Comic Books 
  • The original version of the Marvel Universe supervillain The Basilisk.
  • In The Brute #1 (Atlas Comics, February 1975), the eponymous creature's eyes glow red when a man knocks his friend, Dr. Turner, unconscious. He then kills the man by throwing him against a wall.
  • Captain America had these at the end of a What If issue. He was pretty pissed at that moment.
  • In the DC Universe the Demon Etrigan is extremely evil and cruel and has fiery red eyes.
  • It depends on the artist, but The Joker sometimes has red eyes.
  • Donald Duck and his uncle Scrooge McDuck get the red eyes and very scary expressions whenever they get really angry.
  • The Copy Robot in Mega Man issue 4.
    • Mega Man himself as he was infected by Wily's malware.
  • One of the first signs that something is up in Flashpoint and its cartoon adaptation is that Batman's got red eyes/visor lenses instead of white... because Bruce died that night in Crime Alley, the Batman in Flashpoint is his father Thomas.
  • Lampshaded in the second story-arc of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW); when Applejack spots a group of cute Nightmare creatures, the nearest of which have sparkly red eyes, she asks Fluttershy for her opinion on their significance:
    Fluttershy: Possible inherent evil?
  • Jesse Custer of Preacher gets red eyes when using The Word.
  • The New52 version of Superboy, when using his telekinetic abilities.
  • Superman, big time. Granted, his eyes nearly always glow red just before he uses his heat vision in any context, but Superman with BIG glowy red eyes and an angry expression fits this trope and means that someone's about to get seriously hurt. Notable examples include For the Man Who Has Everything (to Mongul: "Burn"), "JLA/Avengers" (in his fight against Thor), and "Kingdom Come", where he had to be talked down from murdering the entire UN Assembly in the final chapter. But perhaps his best display is when Darkseid apparently killed Supergirl in the Superman/Batman arc, and Superman, after shedding some tears for his cousin, donned his red eyes of doom and gave Darkseid the beatdown of a lifetime.
    • An example from
    • Subverted in Lex Luthor: Man of Steel. Superman is always presented with red eyes, but it's due to Luthor's Unreliable Narrator perspective. And the fact that whenever Superman and Lex Luthor are face-to-face with each other, the reason behind Superman's glowing, angry red eyes is usually because Luthor's just done something utterly monstrous and gotten away with it.
  • According to the Marvel handbook, this should be the case for Werewolf by Night: his eyes are yellow when he is transformed and fully in control of himself; when he transforms involuntarily and becomes a dangerous, wild animal, they are red. Unfortunately the colorists don't quite adhere to this and the two often get switched around.
  • If X-23's eyes turn red, run. Run away very fast. It means she's under the effects of the trigger scent and you're about to die a horrible, meat confetti death.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A rare yellow colored variation of this trope happens at the end of Angel Heart when Louis Cypher is telling Harry Angel that he was the missing cannibal serial killer Johnny Favorite and that Johnny's (And therefore, Harry's) soul is his, for a brief couple seconds, his eyes turn yellow.
  • Freddy Krueger had them in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge. Subsequent films gave him normal looking ones, though.
  • In Apollo 18, one of the symptoms of the parasite infection is a red ring around the host's irises.
  • The demonic halfbreeds in Constantine.
  • "Do it, Russell! Make sacrifice! Look into the red eye of your god!"
  • In Dreamscape, the Savage Wolves chasing the heroes in the final dream sequence.
  • The Fog (1980). Blake, the leader of the zombie ghosts, has glowing red eyes.
  • Vampires in Fright Night (1985). Jerry Dandridge and Amy Peterson in their humanoid forms, Jerry Dandridge in bat form, and "Evil" Ed Thompson in wolf form all have red eyes. Hammer Horror vampires often have red — or rather, very bloodshot — eyes.
  • Ghostbusters.
    • Gozer's dog demons Zuul and Vinz Clortho both have glowing red eyes.
    • After Tully is possessed by one of the dog demons, his eyes flash red when he becomes angry. Dana Barrett's eyes also become red after she is possessed.
  • Voldemort in the first Harry Potter film, staying true to the original story. Later films were much less accurate, giving him blue eyes for no real reason.
  • Monster X in both forms in Godzilla Final Wars.
    • In Godzilla Tokyo SOS, the title character tries to charbroil Mothra's newly borne twin larvae with his atomic breath. Mothra jumps in front of her children to save them and is promptly set alight for her troubles. She explodes and, at that point, her children's eyes turn from a benevolent blue to a hellish red and they proceed to team-up with Mechagodzilla to beat the hell out of Godzilla.
    • Space-Godzilla has glowing, red, eyes with cat-like slits as opposed to Godzilla's fiery, human-like ones.
    • Others include Battra, Hedorah, Gigan and King Ghidorah.
    • The Mutos from Godzilla (2014) have red glowing slits for eyes, which lack any kind of pupils. They may be heat sensors or compound eyes.
  • Mogwai in the Gremlins series when they've eaten after midnight and become evil.
  • In I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle, the demon-possessed killer motorbike's headlight glows red when it's active.
  • It's not the eyes, but the robots in I Robot turn on a red chest light when being controlled by the villain. Justified: it's explained that the red light indicates when a robot is downloading a firmware update from US Robotics. VIKI uses this connection to upload her (twisted) logic and understanding of the Three Laws into the consumer-model NS-5's.
  • In Iron Man 2 The Mk II eyes light up blue like all Iron Man suits—as War Machine, they are red.
  • In Judge Dredd, the deadly ABC robot controlled by Rico has glowing red eyes.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Mina Harker gains red eyes when she lets her inner vampire out.
  • As well as Sauron in The Lord of the Rings, being a flaming red eyeball himself, the black horses of the Ringwraiths have glowing red eyes.
  • Man of Steel
    • Zod in the final battle, when he cuts loose with his full set of Superman-like powers — including heat vision.
    • Inverted, as when Lois first sees Clark in the cave, his eyes are glowing red as well. He soon cauterizes her injury with his heat vision.
  • The Matrix. The Sentinel "search and destroy" robots (which threaten the humans in the real world throughout the trilogy) have multiple glowing red eyes.
  • Although we never actually get to see their real eyes, the glowing red goggles of the Red Eyes gang in Mystery Men seem to reflect this trope.
  • This happens to Falcor in The NeverEnding Story 2, when he refuses to carry the sorceress Xayide.
  • Oblivion (2013) : You didn't expect the HAL 9000-eyed drones to be up to any good, did you?
  • One Hour Photo has Robin Williams in a calm dream sequence, but when he opens his eyes, they are blood red and some blood trickles out of one. He then puts his hands on his eyes, screaming out "AAAAHHHHHHH!" while blood flies all over the place from his eyes.
  • Popeye and a very late Olive Oyl in The Movie carrying the newly discovered Swee'Pea at the door of Olive's house after being late for a date with Bluto=big trouble. Bluto, seething with anger, sees Popeye, Olive, and the baby through red eyes, pummels Popeye into the ocean below, and, in the next scene, persuades the taxman to tax the prestigious Oyl family into bankruptcy as revenge.
  • Subverted in Spaceballs. When the baby xenomorph bursts out of John Hurt's chest, it has red eyes, but it immediately goes into its "Michigan J. Frog" number and dances away.
  • Star Wars: the "Sith eyes" seen on Darth Sidious, and later Darths Maul and Vader in the prequels (technically gold rimmed and flecked with red, but it still counts) Maul is shown to have them all the time, but he's not human and his eye color is never seen while he's doing anything but hunting the heroes and fighting. Vader is only seen with them when he's feeling particularly "eeevil." Sidious' eye color, on the other hand, switches between Sith gold and their original blue depending on whether he is being his evil self or masquerading as a benevolent politician. Ultimately, his eyes become gold-red permanently after his gruelling duel with Mace Windu.
    • This trope is subverted with Darth Tyranus, who is never seen with Sith eyes.
    • The eyes of Cad Bane from "Clone Wars", the Nemoidians and Grand Admiral Thrawn may fit this trope better on a superficial level (being pure red), but this is only because that's the natural eye color of their respective races - not Sith sorcery.
    • In the theatrical version of A New Hope, Vader's eye lenses had a dull reddish tint to them due to the materials used. It probably wasn't intentional, due to the fact that later edits removed the reddishness in order to hide David Prowse's eyes.
  • In Teen Wolf (1985), Scott's eyes flash red and his voice drops to an evil growl to intimidate the hard-ass old man into selling him a keg of beer.
  • Most of the Terminators from, well, the Terminator franchise have glowing red eyes, which become even more obvious when only their endoskeletons are showing.
    • It is probably not coincidental that Cameron has blue eyes under the meat...although the third movie features another quite malevolent Terminator similarly equipped.
      • Actually, Cameron's endoskeleton has red eyes. The blue light we saw in some episodes was explained by Josh Friedman: "It's red because at the core, she's a Terminator. Plain and simple. The lens itself is red. There'd never be a reason to change the lens color. I made [the flash] blue in the pilot to indicate she was different but that wasn't to suggest the hardware was blue. No reason for it." Some theorized that the blue eyes were some sort of Resistance Security Encryption Key, considering its use in unlocking access to both the TDE station in the vault (for the Connors) and the TDE complex in the future (for Derek).
  • The Hood, the villain of the live action Thunderbirds film, has these when he uses his psychic powers. His heroic niece, Tintin, has Supernatural Gold Eyes in contrast, when she uses her powers.
  • The Infected in 28 Days Later have red eyes. They're also very aggressive.
  • The HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey uses cameras with glowing red lenses to watch the crew of the Discovery.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant remembers that the toon who killed his brother had "burning red eyes". That toon is later revealed to be Judge Doom.
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939). In the Haunted Forest, Dorothy and her companions see two evil owls and two vultures. All of these birds have glowing red eyes.
  • Bishop in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • Young Sherlock Holmes. When the gargoyle in the shop starts to animate, its eyes glow red.
  • In the 1994 film The Mask, Dorian Tyrell is this when he puts on the mask that brings his hidden dark side to light.

  • The Amityville Horror. The youngest child, 5 year-old Missy, had repeated encounters with a pig-like demonic creature with red glowing eyes whom she called Jodie.
  • Melisandre from A Song of Ice and Fire is an Evil Redhead as well.
    • The direwolves have red eyes. The ones the Stark children have are not evil, but dangerous indeed.
      • Only Ghost has red eyes, and that's because he's an albino. The other Stark direwolves have yellow, gold, or green eyes.
  • One of the villains from Madeline L'engle's A Wrinkle in Time is called simply...The Man With Red Eyes.
  • Older Than Print: the monster Grendel from the Old English poem Beowulf is described as having glowing red eyes: "on fagne flor feond treddode,/eode yrremod; him of eagum stod/ligge gelicost leoht unfćger" ("Across the decorated floor the fiend trod, went enraged in mind; there stood in his eyes a foul light most like to flame").
  • Bored of the Rings, a parody of The Lord of the Rings: the Black Riders have "perfectly normal red glowing fires" where their eyes should have been.
  • Mayor Oculon of City of Devils has... well, is a giant red eye. With tentacles.
  • In Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian stories "Shadows In Zamboula" and "Queen of the Black Coast", villainous Evil Sorcerers have red eyes.
  • Michael Moorcock's The Queen of the Swords. Prince Gaynor the Damned, an evil champion of Chaos, has dead red eyes that blaze in terror and agony.
  • Subverted in the web-novel Domina. A lot of the demons have red eyes, but since it's optional, they almost certainly chose them to invoke this trope for intimidation.
  • Dracula has red eyes. His houseguest, Jonathan, being British, does not comment on this.
  • Dragontales, a collection of Dungeons & Dragons-related stories.
    • In "Out of the Eons'', a Gardner F. Fox "Niall of the Far Travels" short story, the evil deity Adonair has wide fire-red eyes.
    • "Black Lotus Moon". The huge guardian monster in Garilon's tower has large, saucer-shaped eyes with red irises like clots of blood.
  • The villainous Steerpike of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast series has dark red eyes.
  • Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books (although not in The Films of the Books, except the first, which actually gets it right).
    • Red eyes seem to imply evil thoughts/feelings. Young Tom Riddle's eyes gleam red briefly at a moment when he is extremely greedy, and later, when he has started turning into Voldemort, his eyes become bloody-looking - they ultimately end up staying pure red after he splits his soul seven times. Also, when Ron is being psychologically tortured by Riddle!Harry-and-Hermione from the horcrux, his eyes flash red for just a second...before he ignores them and shuts them up for good.
    • Notice the formidable chiasmus at the end of Goblet of Fire. Voldemort has red eyes and uses a green Death Ray. Harry Potter has good green eyes, and uses the good red ray (remember the color-coding of laser beams in the original Star Wars trilogy).
  • HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos story The Haunter of the Dark. The titular monster has a red, three-lobed, burning eye.
  • Mentioned a lot in The House of Night. The Red Fledglings and Vampires have red eyes when they've just fed from a human or when they're seriously pissed off. The Raven Mockers also have red eyes.
  • In the League Of Magi stories, Rose Cross has red eyes as a symptom of her albinism. She's not quite evil, but she's definitely scary.
  • In R. A. Salvatore's The Legend of Drizzt, the drow have deep red eyes. This trope is carried even further in that Drizzt, one of only two good drow seen in the series, has lavender eyes.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
    • The villain Sauron, while not red-eyed himself, uses a red eye on black as his symbol.
    • In The Two Towers, the Műmak (giant elephant) who tramples the Ithilien Rangers and men of Harad is said to have raging small red eyes.
    • In The Return of the King chapter "The Scouring of the Shire" it says that Saruman's evil agent Wormtongue has red eyes.
  • In the original picture book of Mars Needs Moms, Milo's mom (and I think Milo himself) have bright orange-red eyes. It doesn't mean anything but it does make The Reveal of Mom's face a little unnerving.
  • Ares from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books actually has fire where his eyes should be. Hestia is an aversion (as mentioned below).
  • Captain Hook had light blue eyes, but when he was angry, they would flash red.
  • Dean Koontz's Phantoms. When appearing to Jeeter and Kale in the cave, several of the monstrous forms that the incredibly evil Ancient Enemy takes have red eyes.
  • In The Price by Neil Gaiman, the main character realizes that the creature coming for them is the Devil because it has red eyes. While he's looking through night vision goggles.
  • The Chronicles of Prydain novel The High King. Gwythaints, the bird servants of the Dark Lord Arawn, have blood-red eyes.
  • In the Rainbow Magic series, Storm the Lightning Fairy's book has an extra-mean goblin with red eyes. He shoots lightning at the girls with the power of the Lightning Feather.
  • Hannibal Lecter of The Silence of the Lambs is depicted with maroon (brownish-red) eyes in the books.
  • The Star Trek: The Next Generation novel The Devil's Heart depicts Captain Picard with red eyes while holding the titular Artifact of Doom on the cover.
  • Lung Tien Lien from the Temeraire series is an aristocratic Evil Albino Dragon Lady with blood red eyes. She also happens to be a twenty-odd ton Lady Dragon with a fearsome sonic attack for a breath weapon.
  • Lin Carter's "Thongor of Lemuria" stories.
    • The Grakk, a scaly flying lizard-like monster of the jungles of Chush, has cruel, scarlet eyes.
    • The Dragon-Kings, who were the previous rulers of Lemuria before the humans came, have slitted red eyes. They were extremely evil and had great knowledge of sorcery and necromancy.
    • The Gunth, extremely strong beastmen who lived in jungles, had gleaming red eyes.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn, a nonhuman Chiss who also had blue skin, had solid red eyes that were often said to be glowing. Even when he's solidly the antagonist, he is less evil and more ruthless.
  • George RR Martin's Haviland Tuf short story "A Beast for Norn". The ironfangs of the planet Lyronica are giant vicious wolf-like creatures with huge teeth and sunken red eyes.
  • In the Twilight novel series, the vampires who drink only human blood have red eyes.
  • The monstrous alien in John W. Campbell's novella "Who Goes There?" has three red eyes.
  • Michael Stackpole's Wolf & Raven short story "Fair Game". The cyberdog that Selene Reece sends after Wolfgang Kies has eyes that look like red starbursts.
  • Voidbringers in The Stormlight Archive are alleged to have red eyes, and we see at least one form of Voidbringer, a thunderclast, with glowing red eyes. Furthermore, in Words Of Radiance, the Parshendi's eyes turn red when they transform into Voidbringers.
  • The plus-sized Tyrannosaurus rex in Dinoverse, who Mike names "Moriarty", is first seen with eyes that seem to glow red, though Mike thinks it's a trick of the sunset or a reflection of the blood at the dinosaur's feet.

    Live Action TV 
  • Angel: Lorne's got red eyes because he's a demon, but he's a gentle soul who's pretty sweet and fun company.
  • The second Vorlon Ambassador in Babylon 5 has a red light in the "head" of his encounter suit, compared to the original Kosh's green. He's a much, much nastier person.
  • Battlestar Galactica: Cylons. The single red flashing eye makes up a great deal of the Centurions' and Raiders' intimidation factor. Strangely, the only time we see a humanoid Cylon with red eyes, it's Sam Anders, one of the good ones.
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode "Space Vampire". The Vorvon's eyes glow red when it's using its Mind Control powers on a victim.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • After Tara is killed, Willow looks up, and her eyes are glowing red. It's even lampshaded/foreshadowed by the episode's title, "Seeing Red".
    • Red eyes are possessed by the First Evil's briefly-seen true form.
  • Charmed: Used on Inspector Rodriguez to confirm him as an upper-level demon.
  • When the placid "servant race" of Ood in Doctor Who get red eyes, it's a sign that they've either been posessed by a Satan-like being from before the universe began or simply overwhelmed by anger at the way they've been treated. Either way, it's bad news.
    • Meanwhile, the only human that "Satan" managed to possess also gained blood-red eyes while the Beast was in control.
    • Far earlier, those possessed by the similarly diabolical Fenric gained blood-red eyes, but only after they had faded from their initial shade of dark green.
    • In the serial Robots of Death, the eponymous robots' eyes are filled with red static when they prepare to kill.
    • Similarly, the Siren from The Curse of the Black Spot turned not only her eyes, but the rest of her projected body from blue to red when anyone got between her and her victims.
  • On Farscape, if a Delvian's eyes turn red, be moving in the other direction. It means they're going insane.
  • On Grimm, we've seen Monroe's eyes turn red when he's upset, but not ready to go full Game Face in that situation.
  • In House of Anubisonce someone becomes a sinner, they obtain red eyes.
    • It's worth mentioning that much of the time the person's eyes are normal color. It's only when they are feeling particularly evil that their eyes turn red, and even then it's merely for a second.
  • Darien Fawkes of The Invisible Man isn't evil, but he's prone to states of psychosis induced by the invisibility-causing gland in his brain; when he starts to flip out, his eyes go red. But when he gets to the point of no return, his eyes turn silver.
  • Mituaki Gamou, the Big Bad of Kamen Rider Fourze, has eyes that often glow red and was initially known as "The Red-Eyed Man" in promotional materials.
    • Inverted with Kamen Rider Kuuga. Red Eyes Ultimate Kuuga is a GOOD thing as it shows Godai's good nature is shining through.
  • In Merlin, Gaius realises that two visiting nobles are actually evil enchanters as he sees one's eyes flash red in a fit of anger. He really does take warning at the red eyes.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Goldar's eyes are red and kinda glowy, Lord Zedd's visor is red, and the occasional monster has had red eyes.
  • In an episode of the second Mission: Impossible series (1988), Mr. Phelps uses contact lenses that can glow red on command as part of a plan to convince his mark that he is the Devil.
  • Davis Bloome on Smallville gets these when he's transforming into Doomsday.
    • Warrior Angel/Stephan Swift when a curse turns him into Devilicus.
  • Randall Flagg in The Stand miniseries.
  • Star Trek:
    • In Star Trek: Enterprise, the Na'kuhl (or, as they are better known, the "Red Eye Aliens" or "Evil Alien Nazis") all have red eyes, clinching them as candidates for the most evil-looking aliens in the history of fiction.
    • Jake Sisko and, later, Dukat temporarily develop glowing red eyes while possessed by the Pagh Wraiths in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
    • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called "Imaginary Friends" the titular girl, Isabella, gets red glowing eyes when she is upset when Clara leaves her at Troi's suggestion.
  • Supernatural: Crossroads Demons. Other demons have similarly evil shades of white, yellow, or black.
  • Teen Wolf, Alpha werewolves' eyes turn red when they feel angry or predatory, even in human form. Once they shift, their eyes may glow outright. Also, Scott's yellow/gold eyes whenever he transforms.
  • In the original V series, the Visitors' true reptilian forms had red eyes.
  • The X-Files, episode "Detour": MOTW creatures Moth Men had glowing red eyes. Very scary.

  • The Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" mentions this about the man in back. "As a matter of fact, his eyes are as red as a sun." He's responsible for it turning into the titular ballroom blitz.
  • David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)", written for the 1982 film, has a lovelorn man singing to an object of desire, warning her of the intensity of his need. The first verse establishes that his eyes are usually green, but they become red in the second verse:
    See these eyes so red
    Red like jungle burning bright
    Those who feel me near
    Pull the blinds and change their minds


  • Lilo I, and probably every other vampire, in Bloodline gets this once they drink someone's blood. This gives the showing that she's about to kick ass.

    Music Videos 
  • Gorillaz bassist and Magnificent Bastard Murdoc Niccals used to have one red eye and one black eye. The red eye appears to have turned black in recent pics, which may mean anything or nothing story-wise.

  • The eyes of cemetery statue "Black Aggie" are said to glow bright red in the middle of the night, either blinding or killing anyone who looks into them (source). One Urban Legend/Creepy Pasta talks about a man who stays at a hotel but is told to stay away from a certain room. Out of curiosity, he peeps through a keyhole and sees an apparently normal room, with a woman sitting against a wall. When she moves, he backs away and returns to his room. Later, he tries looking in again, but he can only see something red through the keyhole. Not able to stand the questions any longer, he asks the hotel clerk what's wrong with the room. She tells him that, years ago, a couple died inside, and they tended not to mention it to avoid upsetting guests. She also mentions that the couple had unusually red eyes.
  • The Urban Legends creature known as Mothman is said to have glowing red eyes.
  • Most people associate red eyes with Demonic Possession and The Devil.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • These aren't a constant for any character in Candorville, but most vampires can activate and deactivate them at will. The only exception so far is Saxon, who gets Milky White Eyes either because of his Dhampyr status or because he's a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire.
  • Garfield's art style usually doesn't allow for eye colors at all, but the infamous "abandoned house" sequence (beginning here) has a close-up of one of Garfield's eyes in the final strip, red like blood, with the pupil contorted into a spiral as he refuses to accept what he sees.
    • Another very early strip around Halloween, Garfield explains that around that time cats become bewitched. His eyes began to turn red among other things... that is until he saw himself in the mirror, screamed turned white and passed out.
  • Al Capp's Lil Abner strip had the Nogoodniks, which were the evil version of the Shmoos. They were a sickly shade of green and had "li'l red eyes". They devoured "good" Shmoos, were the sworn enemies of "hoomanity," and wreaked havoc on Dogpatch.

    Other Sites 
  • SCP Foundation, SCP-1111 ("The White Dog"). The title ghostly animal has red eyes that glow more brightly the closer it is to its point of origin. It savagely attacks all human being that approach it.

  • The antagonist in Centaur has small red eyes, as if his bestial face, inhuman form, and dominatrix-inspired design didn't raise enough warning flags.
  • Similarly, the monstrous Varkon has round red eyes, which combine with his small fangs and rounded, brutish face to complete his Monstrous Humanoid appearance.

    Tabletop Games 
  • All the Worlds' Monsters supplement by Chaosium.
    • The Chaotic Evil Coachman of Death and his horse have glowing red eyes.
    • The Lesser Demon has glowing red eyes.
    • The Night Hound, which hunts down and kills all Lawful beings, has red eyes.
    • The Evil undead Lemure monster has glowing red eyes.
    • The powerful and dangerous Three Horsemen of Doom all have flame red eyes.
  • Arduin Dungeon #2 The Howling Tower has a deadly steel tiger monster with red eyes.
  • Ars Magica. Brude Deathless, the oldest and most powerful gruagachan in all Scotland, has a terrible temper and loves to put curses on anyone who annoys him. His eyes turn red when he gets angry.
  • Atlantis: The Lost World generic RPG setting. Wraiths (which are based on J. R. R. Tolkien's Ringwraiths/Nazgűl) have two glowing red eyes that are hidden in shadow. Bat Horins are lesser devils whose eyes radiate an eerie crimson luminescence.
  • Blood Of Heroes. Both the supervillain Lord Bane and his horse Hell's Mount have glowing red eyes.
  • Call of Cthulhu:
    • Deities: Atlach-Nacha (Great Old One), the Haunter of the Dark (avatar of Nyarlathotep), Ithaqua.
    • Monsters: Black Unicorn of Averoigne (Worlds of Cthulhu #3, "Dark Ages Averoigne"), Bunyip (Terror Australis), ghouls (glowing red, Shadows of Yog-Sothoth adventure "The Warren"), Necromantic Skeleton (The Asylum and Other Tales - "Black Devil Mountain"), Proto-Shoggoth (The Asylum and Other Tales, "The Asylum"), rats (Masks of Nyarlathotep - Kenya section), Spectral Hunters, The Thing from Between the Planes (The Fungi from Yuggoth), Undead Sorceress (Dreamlands adventure "Pickman's Student"), Werewolves (Worlds of Cthulhu magazine #3, adventure "Malevolence").
    • Supplement Dark Designs, adventure "The Menace from Sumatra". Vibur (AKA The Thing from Beyond) has three triple lobed burning red eyes.
  • Carcosa: Weird Science-Fantasy Horror Setting. In hex 0814 is a Spawn of Shub-Niggurath of Chaotic alignment (worships and serves the extremely evil deities of the Cthulhu Mythos). It has a single red eye.
  • Champions.
    • In the supplement Enemies II the supervillain The Monster has glowing red eyes.
    • In the adventure Deathstroke, the supervillain Doctor Death wears an armor suit with a deep red light coming from his eye sockets.
  • Mayfair's Chill. Evil game monsters that have red eyes: Barghest, Ghoul, Hook Thaggis, Spectral Hound, Werewolf (wolf form).
  • Chivalry & Sorcery 3rd Edition adventure Stormwatch. Kobolds living in a copper mine have been kidnapping, killing and eating human miners and other villagers. They have ruby red demon eyes, red as sparks and hellfire.
  • Dangerous Journeys/Mythus, Journeys magazine issue #2. In the adventure "It's Never a Good Day to Die", the evil necromancer Horace Quintell has eyes that burn with an intense redness.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Most versions of drow or dark elves have red eyes. They are Always Chaotic Evil and the exceptions inevitably have other eye colors such as violet or yellow. They all have red eyes in deep darkness, however. It's part of their darkvision.

      Interestingly, the original incarnation of drow as presented in the modules in which they made their first appearance were described as having amber or yellow eyes. It was only in later developments that they were described as red-eyed, possible a case of Fanon due to the misconception that the heat radiance of thermal imaging organs (or ultraviolet imaging organs) appear red to normal vision.
    • Some 1st/2nd Edition evil monsters with red eyes: babau demon (Chaotic Evil), cloaker (attacks and kills victims), cockatrice (turns victim to stone), giant strider (Neutral Evil), guardian daemon (kills anyone who approaches), harginn grue (Neutral Evil, "glow dark red"), hellcat (Lawful Evil), ildriss grue (Neutral Evil, "faintly gleaming red"), kobold (Lawful Evil), medusa (Lawful Evil), night hag (Neutral Evil), nightmare (Neutral Evil), tasked slayer genie (Neutral Evil), yeth hound (Neutral Evil), the demon lord Juiblex (Chaotic Evil), and the Nehwon god called Hate (Chaotic Evil). Mystaran examples include the gator men (Chaotic Evil), iron gargoyles (extremely dangerous), saberclaws (Lawful Evil), werejaguars (in jaguar form, Chaotic Evil), and yowlers (Chaotic Evil).
    • 3rd Edition:
      • Monster Manual: nalfeshnee (Type IV) demon, drow, gorgon, hell hound, salt mephit, skeleton, wraith, half fiend, lich, lycanthrope in animal form.
      • Creature Collection: Ratmen/Slitheren (all types have red, beady eyes)
    • Kara Tur (Oriental Adventures) modules
      • OA5 Mad Monkey vs. Dragon Claw. The Chaotic Evil vampiric ningyo (mermaids), two Dragon Claw warriors the PCs kill, and the giant Dragon Claw statue after it's animated.
      • OA6 Ronin Challenge. The powerful Lawful Evil Earth Spider and its minions (goblin spiders, giant spiders, and bakemono) all have red eyes.
      • OA7 Test of the Samurai. Bokika Hokio, the Lawful Evil 16th level samurai daimyo of Fochu province, has fiery red eyes and an explosive temper. The krakentua monster is Chaotic Evil, 80-100 feet tall, looks a lot like Cthulhu and has red eyes.
    • Module X2 Castle Amber. In the Indoor Forest, the master of the Wild Hunt (Andrew David Amber) has glowing red eyes.
    • Basic D&D
      • Module O2 Blade of Vengeance. Gorkalk, the great grandfather of the Chaotic Evil red dragon Khordarg. It may be that all red dragons in Basic D&D had them.
      • Module B8 Journey to the Rock. The ghostly horsemen of the ruined city of Tuma have eyes that are dull red, like a dying fire.
    • 1st Edition module I12 Egg of the Phoenix. The Lawful Evil wererats in the "Crypt of Empyrea" adventure have red eyes. This was not stated in the 1st Edition Monster Manual entry on wererats.
    • Ravenloft module RA1 Feast of Goblyns
      • When the PCs encountered a barrier made of skeletons, each skeleton had eyes that burned with a cold, red light.
      • A giant skeleton had pinpoints of red light in its eyes.
      • After Radaga's body was possessed by Daglan, she had cold, red light burning in her eyes.
      • Goblyns had glowing red eyes.
      • Greater wolfweres. In all forms except human, their eyes glowed red in the dark.
    • Ravenloft module Death Ascendant. After the creature known as Death is created, it has glowing red eyes.
    • Ravenloft campaign expansion Masque of the Red Death, adventure "Red Tide". Dracula has glowing red feral eyes.
    • Ravenloft RQ3 From the Shadows
      • The PCs are sent back in time to when Strahd von Zarovich was changed into a vampire. After the conversion the Chaotic Evil Strahd is stated to have glowing red eyes, a dead giveaway to the fact that he's now a supernatural creature.
      • Azalin's phylactery takes the form of a huge 200 pound gold-plated dragon skull. Its eyes are rubies and an ever-burning flame is in its mouth, giving the eyes a dull red glow similar to that of the Lawful Evil lich it is magically linked to.
    • Dark Sun boxed set DSE1 Dragon's Crown.
      • Booklet "Out of the Valley". The PCs' nemesis Avegro appears in dream form with eyes "like pits of crimson flame", and later on, the PCs encounter a ghast with glowing red eyes.
      • Booklet "The Road of Fire". A wraith (undead monster) the PCs meet has glowing red eyes.
    • Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix: Terrors of the Desert.
      • The dwarven banshee. The pupils of this dangerous undead creature's eyes flicker red as if a flame burns them from within.
      • Greater Fire Elemental. It can do up to 40 Hit Points of damage per combat round, and its eyes glow an intense bright red.
      • The Chaotic Evil Nightmare Beast, one of the most feared monsters on Athas. They have large red eyes that glow in the dark.
      • The Sand Bride is a Chaotic Evil monster that drains Life Energy and has glowing red eyes.
      • The Chaotic Evil So-ut (Rampager) has glowing red eyes.
      • The Neutral Evil T'Chowb has beady red eyes. It can permanently drain a creature's intelligence by touch.
    • Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix: Terrors Beyond Tyr.
      • The boneclaw baazrag has red eyes that glow in the dark.
      • The Dune Reaper has eerie, luminescent red eyes.
      • The Magma Paraelemental Beast has fiery red eyes.
      • The Obsidian Retriever has six red eyes.
    • Dragon magazine
      • Issue #25 article "Varieties of Vampires". The Ch’ing-Shih vampire from China has red, staring eyes.
      • Issue #51 story "A Part of the Game''. A monster that used its Your Heart's Desire ability to lure 12 men to their deaths has "two red eyes burning like coals in a brazier in the Hall of Pain."
      • Issue #93 article "Nine Hells Revisited". The powerful Lawful Evil greater devil Malarea has fiery red eyes.
      • Issue #142 "Ecology of the Kech". The Neutral Evil keches have blood-red, pupil-less eyes. They are extremely evil and rapacious, considering all other creatures (including humans) to be food. They love to set up traps to catch victims.
    • Al-Qadim boxed set A Dozen and One Adventures. The black idol in Al-Anwhar has two ruby eyes that glint malevolently. If the PCs touch the eyes, they can be Mind Controlled into sacrificing themselves to the idol.
    • The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album mentioned a Neutral Evil lich with "eye sockets gleaming fiery red".
    • World of Tabletop Game/Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting boxed set (1983) "Glossography" booklet, adventure "The Lost Passage of the Suloise". The title passage is guarded by a huge monster with glowing red eyes (which are actually gems) left by the Lawful Evil Suloise. If it catches a victim it will crush them flat.
    • Mayfair Games' Role Aids supplement Dark Folk
    • In the Deities & Demigods Cyclopedia, in the Cthulhu Mythos section the Lawful Evil Primordial Ones had five red-irised eyes.
  • GURPS:
    • Fantasy Folk. Minotaurs have the disadvantages Berserk, Bloodlust, Intolerance, and Savage. They're aggressively antisocial and eat other sentient creatures. They also have red eyes.
    • Conan: Moon of Blood. The swamp devils have eyes as red as coals of living fire, and the chaken (ape men) have flaming red eyes.
  • Knights of the Dinner Table #168 "Bait & Tackle" section (adventure seeds). In "Puppetmasters", the inhabitants of a small village develop red eyes when they're possessed by demons.
  • Lejendary Adventures
    • The hobgoblins known as Nis carry out raids: looting, pillaging and taking slaves. They have slanted red eyes.
    • Ulfs are the most vile type of Alfar, even more terrible than ogres. They like to cause misery, suffering, disaster and lingering death. They have glittering red eyes.
  • Magic The Gathering has Ink-Eyes, a rat ninja with Black Eyes of Evil that look like they're on fire; this is the result of her deal with Kuro to make her more powerful. Kuro also has three red eyes.
  • Paranoia adventure Send in the Clones. The rats in the Sewerworld adventure have beady red eyes.
  • Shadowrun supplements:
    • Paranormal Animals of North America:
      • The Firedrake and Icedrake (both dangerous carnivores) have red, malevolent-looking eyes.
      • The Gyre (Awakened form of the common turkey vulture) has red eyes. It will attack weak or wounded animals, including humans.
      • The Hell Hound has red-rimmed eyes, and the Awakenings sourcebook clarifies that their eyes are fiery red.
      • The Novopossum has red eyes and acidic saliva. It can fight ferociously when it needs to.
      • The Siren (looks like a small pterodactyl) has red eyes. It is a ferocious predator that attacks and kills humans.
      • The Snow Snake has red eyes that glow in the dark and a poison bite that can kill a human being in seconds.
    • Paranormal Animals of Europe:
      • The Kludde is a shapeshifter that uses its powers to weaken and terrify its prey (including humans) before killing them. It has red corneas in all of its forms.
      • The spirit horses ridden by members of the Wild Hunt have red eyes. They can breathe fire and expel a noxious breath that can render an opponent unconscious.
    • Sprawl Sites. An apparent vampire who attacks the PCs with spells has red eyes.
    • Native American Nations Volume 1:
      • When the (evil and insane) toxic Rat shaman Jesse Johns uses magic, his eyes take on a red tinge.
      • The decker Ram's icon in the Matrix is a huge, black-furred humanoid with glaring red eyes.
    • Critters. The chupacabras has large red eyes. It feeds on blood and Essence, attacking metahumans in remote areas with its paralyzing touch.
    • Denver: The City of Shadows boxed set. The decker named Bash has a Matrix icon with gleaming red eyes. He exists in a permanent state of barely suppressed rage.
  • Rolemaster Shadow World
    • The campaign setting: Wraiths, Wild Hunt hounds, Zephyr Hound - Fire (glowing red), Demons of the Sixth Pale (glowing red), the Dragonlord Oran Jatar, Black Unicorns (glowing red), the Heralds of Night (glowing red) and the Dark Gods Orgiana (glowing red), Z'taar (luminous red), and Scalar (luminous red).
    • Quellbourne: Land of the Silver Mist. Trolls have deep-set red eyes.
    • Demons of the Burning Night. The following monsters/opponents have red eyes: Flete Demons, the greater evoker demon Teroglustrod The Red Gate and the half-demon General Mortilas.
    • Journey to the Magic Isle. The lich Balizaar, the deadly and evil enemy of the University of Magical Arts, has glowing red eyes.
    • Jaiman: Land of Twilight. Black trolls (AKA War trolls) are dangerous, fearsome and cruel man-eaters that have evil red eyes.
  • Space Gamer Fantasy Gamer magazine #7:
    • Article "Villains Finish First!". The super villain Gloom has blood-red eyes.
    • Article "Barony - A Tale for a Bored Court". In Barony, dwarves are base, evil creatures which have strange red eyes.
  • Star Trek The RPG (FASA) adventure Orion Ruse:
    • The Big Bad Markos Keras has dark red eyes, unusual for an Orion. His servants think they give him supernatural powers. He has a fierce temper, is rash and impetuous, and is likely to try to have the PCs killed.
    • Alien animals called Slethi have teeth that inject a venom that causes intense, immobilizing pain and ultimately leads to death. They also have bright red eyes.
  • Stormbringer Companion supplement by Chaosium.
    • The Golden Icehound has eyes of red demon-fire.
    • Adventure "Hall of Risk". The demon lord Baaleer has burning-red eyes.
    • Adventure "The Crystal of Daerdaerdarth''. The demon guardian Trunchuss has red eyes.
  • TimeLords adventure Supertanker of Death. The genetically engineered man-eating walrus Fang has red eyes.
  • Tunnels And Trolls Solo Dungeon #4 Naked Doom. In one room the PC will be attacked without warning by a rock troll in a fight to the death. Rock trolls have piggish little red eyes.
  • Villains And Vigilantes adventure Devil's Domain:
    • On Easter Island a villain has 4 statues with eyes that "smolder evilly red''.
    • The Daven and Abomination demons have red eyes.
  • The entire ork race in Warhammer 40,000 has evil red eyes. The warning part however usually comes from a mountain of weapon wielding green muscle charging you. Besides, the eyes are quite sunken and difficult to see unless you're up close and suicidal.
    • Or unless it's dark. The 3rd edition Ork Codex featured cover art of a greenskin mob charging a trench during a thunderstorm. The Orks in the foreground were well-lit, while all the ones beyond were just hulking shadows with tiny glimmers of red glaring out at you.
  • Witch Hunter: The Invisible World.
    • The monstrous black hounds that roam the English countryside and attack travelers have glowing red eyes.
    • The vampires known as Apotamkin have blood red eyes.
  • It Came from the Late, Late Show II adventure "Bjorn on the Bayou, or Escape from Alkatrazz XII". Alkatrazz XII is a prison planet. Warden Skrank is corrupt, sadistic, and a cyborg with a blinking red robotic right eye.

  • Zigzagged in BIONICLE. As a general rule, the color of the eyes can be used as an indication for "good or evil", but you have to ask yourself how the eyes fit with the armor.
    • In the movie Bionicle: Web of Shadows, Toa Vakama inverts this: he has red eyes until he goes over to The Dark Side, at which point, his eyes turn green. His toy, on the other hand, always had green eyes.
    • The evil Roodaka from the same movie had blue eyes as a standard, but when she got really angry, they turned bright orange/red.
    • And naturally, the original Big Bad, Makuta Teridax, also had his trademark red eyes (which he liked to project into shadowy corners), as did many of his brethren, as well as some other villains in the toyline (Krekka, Sidorak, Piraka, Keelerak spiders, etc.). Some, however, eventually substituted orange for red, when the eye colors became Color-Coded for Your Convenience. Generally speaking, though, the eye colors of the Bionicle characters were all over the place, especially in the earlier years.

    Video Games 
  • Shih-na has these in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.
  • In AdventureQuest Worlds, Chaos Dragonlord Vath's eyes are normally purple, but when his Berserk Button is pressed, causing him to lose his cool after he finds out that the hero freed the dwarves and they are winning against his army, guess what color they turn...
  • In Anarchy Reigns, Jack's eyes will turn red whenever he gets really angry (and he's already pretty bitter most of the time).
  • Jake's eyes change to red when he is being controlled by Specter in Ape Escape. Also, Specter's eyes change when he dons the Peak Point Helmet and uses his newly gained augmented intelligence to try and take over the world by changing history.
  • Lieselotte Achenbach, the Enfant Terrible from Arcana Heart, has red eyes and is nicknamed "The Crimson-Eyed Criminal", as she's an emotionally scarred assassin. She also has white hair. She'd fall under Evil Albino if she were just a bit more pale.
  • Asura from Asura's Wrath has natural brown eyes. But when he crawls out of Naraka for the first time, his eyes become glowing white orbs with red-white pupils, and he's pissed. At the very end of the final DLC chapter, when Chakravartin is slain and his wrath is finally gone, Asura's eyes revert to their original brown color before he fades away.
  • In both Bioshock games, the Big Daddies' eyes turn from yellow to red when they see an enemy. When you see those red eyes, you best get out of there. Same goes if you hear "HEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGH!"
  • Caleb, the undead asskicker and protagonist from the first-person shooter Blood, has permanent, glowing red eyes.
  • When Vivi is prepared for a Vampiric Draining of Lance in one death scene of Brain Dead 13.
  • Castlevania series usually depicts Dracula as having Red Eyes, and in Portrait of Ruin — the twins Loretta and Stella both have one red eye, and Brauner also has red eyes. The twins' heterochromatic eyes is to show that they are under Brauner's sway but they are still able to be turned back to humans, losing the red eye when they do. However, other vampires such as Elizabeth Bartelby, Carmilla, etc. aren't shown with red eyes, so it's not a guaranteed Vampiric trait.
  • The Praetorian Police in City of Heroes: Going Rogue occasionally say this, "Its eyes glowed red. That's all I need to take the safety off."
  • The Black Phantoms of Demon's Souls have red face orifices, which should tell you that they are much, much more powerful than your enemies up to that point and you should consider going back the way you came.
    • There's also a non-Black Phantom mook in the first non-tutorial level called the Red Eye Knight. Players that don't know what they're getting into often die within seconds of provoking him. Boss in Mook Clothing indeed.
    • If the eyes of the Dragon God boss turn red, start running and don't stop until you're behind a pillar or other large visual obstruction, unless you like the idea of a fist larger than you are smashing you through a granite wall.
  • Dante from Devil May Cry, before he goes to town on Mundus. Twice for Nero in DMC4, the first time when he gains his Devil Trigger, and the second when Angelo Agnus escapes with Kyrie and leaves Nero to vent his rage out on some Mooks.
  • Naoya in Devil Survivor has red eyes. He's about as nice as this trope suggests. They're extra-distinctive in that he's one of the few characters who doesn't invoke Curtains Match the Window.
  • Most of the protagonists in Disgaea thanks to being all demons. Angel trainee Flonne even gets red eyes when she falls from the ranks of the angels at the end.
  • Dread Kong and Karate Kong in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat sport this. In Ninja Kong and Sumo Kong's case, they're more orange.
  • Doom. The Spider Mastermind (AKA Spiderdemon) has glowing red eyes. It also has a chaingun that will chop you to pieces if you give it a clear shot at you.
  • Dragon Age II: despite the image above, Hawke never gets these. However, Meredith does, after taking possession of a certain Artifact of Doom stolen from the player and forging it into an Evil Weapon.
  • Psaro the Manslayer from Dragon Quest IV has red eyes, which give him his evil image.
    • In the official Dragon Quest arcade game, Monster Battle Road series, one of the special attacks which features him reveals him with glowing red eyes.
  • The Evil Army in Drakengard initially seems to have these, but, later on, cutscenes demonstrate that they are really Mind-Control Eyes. The trope is played straight with Manah, the Big Bad. There's a bit of Fridge Logic here in that her identical twin brother has green eyes.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Shadowmere in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The most badass Cool Horse in the game. Astrid, who gives you Shadowmere, never really tells you what the horse actually is, but Shadowmere is tougher and heals faster than all other horses, and is also extremely aggressive, and will happily take on dragons.
    • In The Elder Scrolls: Arena this is definitely part of Jagar Tharn's Evil Sorcerer-style, though in-universe the red eyes only marks him as suspect to racists (it marks him as having Dunmer somewhere recent in his ancestry).
    • The Dunmer themselves zigzag this. Individual dark elves can be as good or as evil as anyone else, but according to legend their coloring, including the red eyes, was a punishment by the Daedric Prince Azura for the Tribunal's betrayal of Nerevar.
  • In Fable, you can get glowing red eyes if you're evil enough.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IV:
    • Terra's (in-game) Esper form in Final Fantasy VI has these—though this trope is later subverted.
    • In its dormant state, Jenova from Final Fantasy VII resembles an albino woman with glowing red eyes, and a lifeless, fixed leer on its face.
    • Adelle from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 had these eyes when she was in Illua's influence. Illua herself has these eyes too, later in the game.
    • In the 2006 trailer forFinal Fantasy XV Noctis' eyes glow red when using his powers.
  • Fire Emblem has a lot of bad guys with glowing red eyes. Berserk Ashnard, Yurius, Hardain, and the feral ones, to name a few.
  • In the first F.E.A.R. game, Alma's eyes were hidden by shadows and her hair, but in Project Origin, they are visible, and glow a dull red.
  • The Jitterskull from Ghouls Vs Humans. "The eyes were blacked out and little red circles were added because we all know that red eyes are EVILLLL."
  • The Fire Clan in Golden Sun games, who show up consistently in the first two games as powerful and dangerous antagonists, even if they are actually trying to save the world. Blados in Dark Dawn is a Card-Carrying Villain with this trope in full effect.
  • In Half-Life, the Gargantuan's eyes would turn from yellow to red when they saw an enemy.
    • Not always red, but Combine soldiers in Half-Life 2 tend to have glowing eyes.
      • To specify, the Overwatch Elite soldiers have a large red eye, and Overwatch soldiers with shotguns sort of apply, with reddish-orange eyes.
      • They definitely apply; the shotgun wielding Overwatch soldiers are (some of) the most lethal enemies in the game if you stumble across them in close range, so you really should take warning when you see their red eyes bearing down on you.
    • Also, in Half-Life 2 Game Mod Dystopia, Corps have glowing blue eye. Punk heavies have red eyes. Pictures here.
  • Halo: 343 Guilty Spark's eye turns red when he becomes Rampant. His Eye Beams turn red as well.
    • When the Didact undergoes procedures to acquire Flood immunity, his eyes turn from grey to a hellish red-orange. He begins acting a little unhinged (possibly as a side affect of the failed procedures), culminating in attempting to harvest humanity into his personal Flood-fighting robotic army.
  • Evil Overlord Baron Praxis and Villainous Glutton Krew from Jak II: Renegade both have red eyes — or actually, one each. Subverted with the monk Seem, introduced in Jak 3: Wastelander, who is hostile at first, but turns out to be benevolent and becomes an ally.
  • This is your only warning before you are about to get mauled by a war machine in Journey.
  • Kun Lan in killer7, as part of being an Evil Albino.
  • In the Killzone series, the Helghast have a "Red eyes" appearance caused by their masks worn in battle, not too differently from the Combine in Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
  • Dark Matter from Kirby, with the prominent ones being their leader, Zero, who rips his own eye out in his debut, and Miracle Matter, who has 20 of them.
    • It's worth noting that, in all his forms, as well as his Mirror Land counterpart Dark Mind, Dark Matter is nothing but a giant red eye or some form of one.
  • In Left 4 Dead, the Witch is distinctive (and sometimes visible only) by her glowing red eyes. Startling her, thus invoking her wrath, is a really bad idea.
  • In The Legend of Zelda series:
    • Ganon usually has glowing, red eyes.
    • Vaati also has red eyes, and he's the Big Bad for three games.
    • Dark Link often has (glowy) red eyes and is always an antagonist.
  • Played with in Love And War. Lavender Regale is a bright, cheerful Girl Next Door, but she has also has a violent temper. When she's about to lose it, her eyes turn red. Ryan, the protagonist, lampshades the usual usage of this trope by jokingly referring to her as "the she-devil, Lavie" whom only "the Holy Paladin, Ryan Eramond" can defeat.
  • The goddess Althena develops a nice pair when she kicks off the end of the world in Lunar: Silver Star Story. Oh, and her eyes glow red too, I guess.
  • In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the Shroobs, including the Princess and her elder sister, have red eyes.
    • In ''Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, both the gardening robot Grobot and the later defence system boss Pi'illodium having ominous glowing red eyes. The former to indicate it's broken and gone insane, the latter just to show it's evil and currently at full power (its eyes temporarily turn blue whenever its wings are destroyed and its defences weakened).
  • Mass Effect 2 has Shepard, the protagonist, who - if you play him/her as a violent renegade - gets eyes that glow red. This is due to an aftereffect of the Lazarus project: at the start of the game, you are recently brought Back from the Dead and have scars on your face and cybernetic ocular implants. If you play as a Paragon, they heal over time; whereas if you play Renegade, the red glow in Shepard's eyes becomes more pronounced, along with the scarring. Regardless of the alignment, however, you have an option to purchase an expensive upgrade to you medical bay that permanently heals the scars, after which your Paragon/Renegade actions will stop affecting your face.
  • Forte from Mega Man (Classic) (Bass in the English version) has these.
  • In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance enemies quite literally have glowing red eyes before they attack, signaling danger. Also, Raiden has one red eye, particularly visible in the main menu of the game.
  • Some monsters in the Monster Hunter franchise have them. The most notable being the Nargacuga, whose eyes turn glowing red when in rage mode.
  • In the Sega Saturn game Mr Bones, skeletons reanimated with evil skeletism have red eyes, with the main character having blue eyes to signify that he's good. Big Bad DaGoullian also has red eyes, and losing all your health shows a cutscene of the title character's eyes turning red.
  • Subverted in Neverwinter Nights 2 with Neeshka. Her red eyes are courtesy of having a pit fiend for a grandfather, and tieflings such as her have a tendency towards evil because of their fiendish heritage. However, Neeshka is quite friendly and is at worst a Kleptomaniac Heroine, and can only turn against you because of a Geas placed on her by The Dragon when he captures her in the endgame. She can even break free of it if your Relationship Values are high enough.
  • In Days of Ruin, you have the Mad Scientist Evil Albino Caulder/Stolos.
  • In Sengoku Basara, the Demon King Nobunaga has glowing red eyes when tapping into the power of Hell. The anime made them permanently red, and the same for his successor Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Ishida Mitsunari is a similar case, as his pupils flash red when he's enraged.
  • Elena in Pandora's Tower has these, but it's a subversion; her eyes seem to be reddish normally, but turn blue whenever she's in the later stages of the curse turning her into a monster.
  • Inverted by Labrys in Persona 4 Arena. When her eyes are red, she's a friendly Class Representative. However, when her Shadow has Supernatural Gold Eyes, and when Labrys is mind-controlled, her eyes turn a dull gray. It's played straight though by the shadow selves of the heroes in Persona 2
  • Silver, your Pokémon Gold and Silver rival, gets these in the sequel to match his hair. Nevertheless, he's a Jerkass before his Heel-Face Turn.
    • Ariana, the Team Rocket Admin from the same games, also has these.
    • On the subject of Pokémon, we have Cipher Admin Nascour, who happens to be Master Albert's predecessor with the whole black sclera red iris schtick. He just happens to be the face of the most evil Pokémon crime syndicate.
    • Ghetsis, a member of Team Plasma from Pokémon Black and White, takes this trope to new extremes - he has one natural red eye, a glowing red monocle, and a red eye printed on each sleeve of his robe. It becomes fitting as more of his actions and intentions are revealed.
    • Beedrill, a giant, poisonous, territorial hornet.
    • Ninetails. It can control minds with said eyes. It's also extremely vindictive, going so far as to curse people for 1000 years for daring to grab one of its tails.
    • The Rhyhorn line. While it does not appear to be malicious, Rhyhorn is dumb and prone to charging and Rhydon is smarter, but still destructive.
    • Hydreigon. It's extremely destructive and will attack anything.
    • Mankey and Primeape. They are pretty much constantly in an Unstoppable Rage and will stop at nothing to beat up whatever angered them.
    • Houndoom. The pain caused by the burn from its pungent flame never stops hurting.
    • Murkrow is a thief and is considered a bad omen. Its evolution is pretty much a slothful, merciless, grudge-holding mafia-don.
    • Persian. It fits Cats Are Mean quite well and one of them appears in the anime as a Right-Hand Cat.
    • Gyarados. Huge, vicious, and very ill tempered, it has destroyed entire cities.
    • Quilava and Typhlosion. If Typhlosion's rage peaks, everything it touches bursts into flames
    • Sneasel is said to be extremely vicious. It drives Pidgey from their nests to eat their eggs. Its evolution, Weavile, is even more devious.
    • The Larvitar line. Larvitar eats an entire mountain to grow and Pupitar's thrashing can topple a mountain. Tyranitar, too, according to various close-up shots. It's a very dangerous and aggressive Tyrannosaurus rex that can destroy entire landscapes.
    • While Totodile does not appear to be malevolent, it does not realize the strength of its bite, which is bad because it has a tendency to bite or nip anything. Its first evolution, Croconaw, will not let go when it clamps down and its final evolution, Feraligatr, is surprisingly fast and savagely tears its victim up.
    • Cofagrigus is said to turn people into mummies.
    • Genesect. A prehistoric Pokemon. In its time, it was feared as the strongest of hunters. Apparently, Team Plasma makes it even stronger.
    • Zekrom, the legendary thunder dragon. Although it can be used for good or for evil (like most other species), it can be destructive and chaotic in the wrong handsnote .
    • Red Basculin.
    • Carvanha is a vicious Piranha that evolves into a still vicious, sly shark that can swim over 75 miles per hour and thoroughly tear apart a supertanker.
    • Primal Dialga. And Dialga, Palkia, and (especially) Giratina in general.
    • Gigalith is capable of blowing away a mountain.
    • Seismitoad shoots a paralyzing liquid from its head bumps. It can also smash boulders with one punch.
    • The Axew line. Haxorus is kind but can be relentless when defending territory.
    • In the anime, Mewtwo's eyes occasionally glow red when it uses its Psychic Powers.
    • One villain from Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, is actually named Red Eyes.
    • This trope is not universal, though. Exceptions include Flannery, Chili, Pike Queen Lucy, and Hall Matron Argenta.
  • The turrets in Portal and Portal 2 each have a singular red eye that emits a targeting laser.
  • Alex Mercer in the final boss fight in Prototype 2.
  • In Resident Evil 4, village leader Bitores Mendez has extremely bloodshot eyes that appear red. One of his eyes is a prosthetic, in fact. A straighter example is the cutscene where a Ganado's eyes glow red before the Plaga bursts out of its head.
  • In Robopon, in the second game it's revealed that Dr. Zero's visible eye is red.
  • Pretty much is a warning in "Shadow of the Colossus." The giants' eyes are blue when they're just moving along, but if you see them turn red, it means you either attacked them or they're about to attack you—so watch out!
  • The various human forms of Lucifer (Louis in his male incarnations) in the Shin Megami Tensei series should partially qualify. One of his eyes are red. And it really is just a warning, given Lucifer's status as more "chaos" than "evil", but it's a distinctive trait worth note.
    • Once you've earned the True Demon ending in Nocturne, your character's eyes turn red.
  • Possessed Cybil in Silent Hill.
  • The epynomous endboss of Skullgirls has these, in addition to markings on her irises that make her pupils appear like the eye sockets of skulls. Aside from her, the trope is played around with with the rest of the cast: Double's Eldritch Abomination form has red eyes befitting of her serving the Skullgirl, while Filia has red eyes, yet is mild-mannered. Painwheel has glowing red eyes as well, but that's largely an effect of her synthetic Skullgirl blood; she's less a villain and more a victim of mind control. In addition, Valentine has red eyes and cross-shaped pupils. Then there's Peacock, whose mechanical eyes are also red, and she's very much eager to Paint the Town Red.
  • Sly Cooper: Dimitri, as seen here: [1].
  • The Killer Bills in ''Something Else. They are faster than the usual Banzai Bill, but there are red coins that reveal their next locations.
  • Metal Sonic, the most famous Red Eyes in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • In the Soul Series, most notably the first installment, Soul Edge, Hwang in his "no-input " ending returns home, but with devilish red eyes due to prolonged exposure to Soul Edge itself, not forgetting to mention his possessed facial expression that accompanies them well...
  • In Splinter Cell Conviction, the new batch of Splinter Cells have red optics for their sonar goggles.
  • In Star Fox Adventures, the four dinosaurs that pace along each side of the Walled City's central structure and attack you if you draw near, and the one huge dinosaur underground that serves as the boss for that part of the mission, are known collectively as "RedEye".
  • Faize's eyes in Star Ocean: The Last Hope start glowing red to foreshadow his upcoming Roaring Rampage of Revenge...which doesn't end well as he unfortunately does it in a barely-armed shuttlecraft and promptly gets captured and possessed by the enemy.
  • Bowser, the main villain from most of the Super Mario Bros. games, has had sinister red eyes since Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • This is parodied in Tales of Monkey Island from Chapters 1-4 when pirates are so infected by the Pox of LeChuck, they go into Poxed rages and even shout out silly death threats.
  • Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia gains red eyes when she loses her soul as part of the World Regeneration. She's not so nice when she doesn't have a soul.
    • Kratos Aurion of the same game has them all the time. It could be because he's a Badass, it could be because he's The Mole to start with, or it might just be a case of Curtains Match the Window, since his hair is the exact same shade.
    • Emil Castagnier's eyes go from Green to Red when he activates his Superpowered Evil Side, Ratatosk Mode, in the sequel. However, this is a subversion, as Ratatosk Mode Emil is more of an Anti-Hero than anything. Until he remembers that he wants to kill all humanity.
    • Jade Curtiss in Tales of the Abyss. His eyes are clearly brown in the anime sequences, but he has his Scary Shiny Glasses to make up for it.
      • If you follow a (hard to find and easy to miss) sidequest, you learn that his eyes aren't naturally red - they turned red as a side-effect of using magical phlebotinum on himself to strongly boost the power of his spells, since his eyes were where his ability to use magic was concentrated. The Scary Shiny Glasses act as a limiting mechanism, preventing all the energy in his eyes from destroying himself and whatever happens to be around him. Red Eyes, Take Warning, indeed.
    • Another example is Duke from Tales of Vesperia. He really isn't evil, per se, but he is the Big Bad of the game. He is, however, a completely unhelpful and self-righteous jackass.
    • In Tales of Graces, it was more of a "Red eye take warning". (Note the singular) You'll notice that Richard has one red eye - Which is a sign that he's possessed by Lambda. This occasionally glows, but doesn't become pronounced until much later in the game when it's rather obvious that Richard is evil. However, during the events of Lineage, Asbel becomes "Possessed" by Lambda, but instead his other eye is purple - signifying that Lambda's become more of a symbiote than a possessor like he was to Richard.
  • ÜberCharged members of the BLU team in Team Fortress 2 will have glowing red eyes and be completely invulnerable to enemy fire for a brief period.
  • Tekken 6, Scenario Campaign: Alisa's eyes turn red when Jin disengages her Safe Mode. Main result: She's no longer able to disobey any command Jin wishes her to follow. Like kill Lars.
    • Devil Jin, the form that Jin transforms into whenever he is fully corrupted by the Devil gene, has glowing red eyes and is not a very nice guy.
    • Jin's father, Kazuya, has a glowing red left eye while his right eye is normal. His role varies from anti-hero to outright villain to anywhere inbetween at different points in the series.
  • Most youkai in Touhou have red eyes, ranging from the Darkness youkai Rumia, who's more likely to blind herself with her own powers and fly straight into a tree rather than actually harm anyone, to hugely overpowered oddball Yukari Yakumo, who is, while not actively evil, very bored and somewhat...playful with people (when she's not sleeping, that is). Also, other creatures, such as vampires like the Scarlet Sisters, sport them. Reisen Udongein Inaba's red eyes can even cause lunacy.
  • All vampires in Vampires Dawn gain red eyes upon transformation. The red part increases in size if they are possessed by Shadow Ghosts.
  • For the orcs in Warcraft, it's one of their defining traits. Drinking the blood of Mannoroth gave them red eyes that glow fiery red when they descend into demonic bloodlust. Grom Hellscream in particular had them for most of his life. When he gives his life to defeat Mannoroth (freeing himself and the rest of the orcs from the Burning Legion), his eyes become clear again.
  • In Wadanohara, there's an adorable fish with big red eyes. His name is Sal. While he seems innocent enough, he ends up being the main villain of the game who was behind everything.
  • In The World Ends with You, red eyes are an indication that the person is under the influence of Instrumentality. Only the Reapers actually attack, but still, that it's happening to ordinary people is a sign that something's definitely going wrong with Shibuya...
  • In Cave Story, Ravils (Rabid Mimiga) have red eyes. King is a subversion.
    • One of Ballos' eyes is red too, implying the red gem on the demon crown was his.

    Visual Novels 
  • The dragonslayer's armor in Dra Koi has glowing red eyes, suitable for its role as the sort-of antagonist.
  • Gilgamesh from Fate/stay night is blond with red eyes, but considering that Gilgamesh is supposed to be from Mesopotamia, it speaks more of a Phenotype Stereotype and this trope than anything else. Also, in the "Heaven's Feel" route of the game, Sakura's Superpowered Evil Side has red eyes.
    • Not to mention Ilya, who uses Mystic Eyes to immobilize and kidnap the hero (ultimately, though, she's not evil).
    • Caster's use of Mind-Control Eyes is an interesting variant — the whites of the victim's eyes turn red.
    • Lancer has red eyes too, but he isn't evil in most of the storylines, although he initially appears as such.
      • Likewise, his master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, has naturally red eyes, and she's one of the good guys.
    • The primary theme regarding this appears to be that Servants who possess red eyes typically have varying levels of godhood. For example, Gilgamesh is 2/3 god and Lancer's true identity is a demigod as well. This also appears to apply to Berserker, who is heterochromatic, with one of his eyes being red. However, that may be the result of the Mad-Enhancement that is part and parcel to the berserker class. It is also worth mentioning that Berserker's true identity is also part-god.
    • In general, vampires in the Nasuverse tend to have red eyes. People who are turned, like Sion and Satsuki, had their eyes turn red.
  • Inverted in Suika. Shinigami have red eyes, but are exclusively the kindest and gentlest people who have died.
  • In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the Stakes of Purgatory always wear these eyes. Considering that they are Beatrice's furniture, one can guess what happens when they're around...

    Web Animation 
  • This trope gets a Lampshade Hanging in Death Battle when discussing the Robot Masters during the analysis section of Wily vs Eggman.
    Boomstick: Metal Man was specifically made for killing things. You could tell, 'cause he's got evil red eyes.
  • Maxwell Edison, in an almost disturbingly well-done Flash video of The Beatles' "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", is depicted with red eyes.
  • Yang Xiao Long of RWBY typically has light purple eyes, but in battle, her eyes turn red when she's in her Super Mode. Fittingly, she's also a fire user, meaning she can bring explosions when the trope comes into effect.


    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • Atomic Betty
    • In an episode when Rich Bitch Penelope is cloned, the clone has red eyes. It is probably less evil than the original.
    • Koreena, Betty's old rival turned villain, also has red eyes.
  • The Batman
    • The Joker has nearly completely red eyes (but yellow pupils). His Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker design (also used for Static Shock and Justice League) also has red pupils sometimes, if you look closely. The red eyes on the latter-day DCAU design, along with the slicked-back hair sported by the Future Joker design in Return of the Joker, were inspired by the novel's descriptions of Hannibal Lecter.
    • The Batman also gives red eyes to Mr. Freeze (who appropriately has Icy Blue Eyes in other incarnations, but usually hides them behind red goggles, justifying the change made in the cartoon).
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The eyes of Ultra-Humanite's army of mind-controlled dinosaurs glow red in "Four Star Spectacular!"
    • Inverted with the Blue Beetle, where when his eyes are red, he's friendly.
  • Bugs Bunny cartoon Hyde and Hare. When Dr. Jekyll turns into the evil Mr. Hyde his eyes turn red. After Bugs drinks the formula and turns into a giant green rabbit the same happens to him.
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
    • The Affably Evil Emperor Zurg.
    • Also, XR had red eyes during his brief stint as villain NOS-4-A2's vampire slave.
  • Danny Phantom
    • Several of Danny Phantom's enemies have red eyes, including his arch-rival, Vlad Plasmius (whose eyes are blue in human form and completely red and pupil-less in ghost-form), and his sociopathic alternate-future self, Dark Danny (AKA Dan Phantom). Red-eyed Dungeon Master Clockwork, on the other hand, despite being originally portrayed as a villain, is good-hearted but on the neutral side.
    • Danny's own red eyes when under the control of Freakshow in "Control Freaks".
  • Played With on Gargoyles; Demona, the evil gargoyle, has eyes that glow red when she's angry while our heroes' glow white. However, it was later established that it was a sex-linked trait; Angela, a hero, also has red-glowing eyes.
  • Odd variant: while Serpentor from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero was always evil, his eyes briefly turned red when he held the battleax of Vlad the Impaler, one of the many historical tyrants whose DNA he shared. This was presumably a hint that Vlad had really been a vampire in the show's universe and contact with one of his artifacts had evoked that trait in Serpentor.
  • Skeletor, nemesis of He-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002). His eye (sockets) function as a literal warning, as little red lights start growing in them when he gets angry or excited in evil ways.
  • The Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! has red pupils on yellow for most of the film. His eyes turn blue-on-white during his Heel-Face Turn, then switch back (by mistake?) for a few shots, then stay blue.
  • In Jackie Chan Adventures, the Shadowkhan, among others, have red eyes.
  • Jonny Quest TOS episodes
    • "Monster in the Monastery". The fake yeti (who are malicious enemy agents) have red eyes.
    • "The Robot Spy". The titular opponent - which was sent by the Diabolical Mastermind Doctor Zin - has one large red eye.
  • The Biskit twins in Littlest Pet Shop (2012) have reddish eyes, though they're not so much evil as they are sheltered and distant from those around them.
  • Dick Knubbler's robotic eyes turn red when he gets pissed off in Metalocalypse. Not so much "evil" as "Jerkass", but when one works for five Chaotic Neutral musicians that cause destruction wherever they go (by accident, sometimes, even!), it's hard to call oneself "good".
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the Alicorn Amulet makes the wearer's eyes go red. Trixie, who showcases the effect, becomes drunk with power and starts acting outright like a tyrant, as opposed to her moderate Jerkass tendencies.
    • In "Power Ponies", Fluttershy's eyes turn red when a firefly was flicked out of the crosshairs of the weapon as part of her Hulking Out.
    • Fluttershy gets red eyes again in "Bats", when she's turned into a vampire.
    • In Rainbow Rocks, the Dazzlings get completely red eyes in their anthro-siren forms.
  • The New Adventures of Superman: "The Japanese Sandman". The titular monster (who commits evil acts in return for a black pearl) has red eyes.
  • Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu. All the skeletons, Lord Garmadon and the Hypnobrai tribe have glowing red eyes.
  • In The Penguins of Madagascar special, "Dr. Blowhole's Revenge", Skipper activates a King Julien robot decoy.
    Skipper: Glowing red eyes. That's almost never good.
    (the robot explodes)
    • In "The Hoboken Surprise" all the animals are replaced with robots with red eyes.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (and its anime and comic counterpart) gives us Brick of the Rowdyruff Boys. True to this trope, Brick, while not necessarily evil, does love to cause destruction and hurt others (well, in the show and anime at least, the comic may avert this).
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts". The Gypsy Fortune Teller, who turns out to be the episode's villain in disguise.
  • Dr. Julian Robotnik from Sonic Sat AM has a pair of red cybernetic optics that shine like hellish spotlights in the dark.
  • Squidward, Plankton, and Man Ray from Spongebob Squarepants. Averted with Gary. Ironically, the former two are now the most sympathetic characters on the entire show.
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters before he transforms into his One-Winged Angel form, Ickis' eyes start turning red, complete with a sound effect that sounds like they're filling up with blood.
    • To a lesser extent The Gromble, whenever he's really ticked off his eyes start turning red much in the same manner as Ickis' eyes before he looms.
  • The Son in the Mortis episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3, combined with black sclera.
  • Superfriends
    • 1973/74 episode "Menace of the White Dwarf". The Big Bad, Raven (who acts more like a Comic Book supervillain than any other opponent the Superfriends faced during this season), has red eyes.
    • The evil Superman from the 1979 episode "Universe of Evil" has red eyes as well, and for bonus points, they're ringed in black, with freakin' huge demonic points. Evil!Batman and Evil!Robin also have red eyes in place of their good counterparts' plain white eyes.
  • Teen Titans
    • Trigon, very bad dude indeed.
    • Brother Blood, Big Bad of the third season, has eyes that glow red when he uses his Psychic Powers; in the fifth season, the mechanical eyes on the skull-"face" on the Brain's life-support pod also glow red when the Brain is interfacing with his computers or is just angry.
  • Nearly all the Decepticons of the original Transformers. Later versions had a bit more optical variety.
    • Transformers Animated has all red-eyed (or in the case of Soundwave, red-sunglassed) Decepticons like the original cartoon, with the exception of the technically-not-a-Decepticon Swindle, who has purple eyes. However, Sari Sumdac, a human child, also appears to have red eyes. They turned blue after she "upgraded" herself. Also, in Animated, Wreck-Gar's eyes turn red when he briefly became a Decepticon due to his Funny Schizophrenia and being incredibly suggestible. An interesting example occurs in Wasp. Originally, he had blue eyes, but after his stay in prison (and subsequent madness and desire to turn Bumblebee into iron filings), they become purple. And what color do you get when you mix red and blue?
      • The Autobots' eyes also turned red when they were brainwashed by Soundwave into being evil.
    • Silverbolt from Beast Wars' optics are normally gold, but when Blackarachnia was killed and he uttered Tarantula's name in a vengeful manner, they turned red.
    • False Convoy in Transformers Return Of Convoy is distinguished from Optimus Prime by having red eyes instead of blue.
    • Shattered Glass, of course, reverses this, with the Decepticons mostly having blue optics and the Autobots mostly having red ones. Though there are a fair number of green, yellow, and other oddball optic colors on both sides, and Heatwave strangely has red optics despite being a nice guy, even by his fellow Decepticons' standards. Turns out, it's because he's not actually from the SG universe at all.
  • The Duke from Gawayn
  • Trina Riffin from Grojband whenever she's writing in her diary in Anger or Fear mode.

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