Evil Doppelgänger

The Evil Doppelgänger is traditionally a Mirror Universe counterpart. The double can also be the equivalent of For Want of a Nail: he/they represents what the hero or heroes could become, or may become.

Sometimes the evil double is a clone and may brood about how he's not a "real" person, just a hollow imitation of the original. If that happens, the clone tends to go mad and try to murder the original to take his place.

The evil doppelgänger is not to be confused with the original doppelgänger. This character is more like the Evil Twin. See also Criminal Doppelgänger and Evil Counterpart.

Types of evil doppelgangers include:

Anime & Manga
  • The Copy Rockman/Copy Robot from Mega Man Megamix is a good example. He's a copy of Mega Man that believes himself to be the real one and has his memories, but then he goes and tries to kill Dr. Wily. This helps to prove that he's not the original, due to the whole Thou Shall Not Kill thing. He's more powerful than the original, but has a defect that can overload and destroy him, guess what happens in the end. When Copy Rockman finds out he's a copy created by Wily, in the end he commits a Heroic Sacrifice to save everyone from Bass and his own destruction.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie had Metal Sonic act like this, that is until his final moments.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth had Nova, who apart from Pointy Ears (and a Slasher Smile...) looks a lot like Hikaru. She's actually the personification of Hikaru's guilt and despair.
  • Mewtwo from Pokémon: The First Movie franchise may count. He does eventually do a Heel–Face Turn of sorts.

Comic Books
  • Superman
    • Bizarro is an imperfect clone of Superman, but Bizarro may be considered as more of a victim himself as he's lacking in the intelligence department.
    • Superman's actually evil counterpart is his Mirror Universe double, Ultraman (no relation).
    • Supes seems to collect these. There's also Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, whose body was destroyed by a solar flare, and rebuilt using Kryptonian technology. He blames Superman for the flare, and actually posed as the original Man of Steel for a time, going so far as to recreate Superman's own genetic makeup.



Live-Action TV
  • Star Trek, of course, has the Mirror Universe, with evil beards and everything.
  • Several characters of The Flash (2014) have villain counterparts on Earth 2. This includes Cisco (Reverb), Caitlin (Killer Frost), Ronnie (Deathstorm), and Cisco's brother Dante (Rupture).

Video Games
  • In Saints Row IV you have to face your character's evil doppelganger, who has an evil eyepatch and a goatee (even if your character is female).
  • In Stranded Dreamscapes 2: The Doppleganger Alex's mirror twin Xela traps her in the mirror world and tries to take over her life.

Web Comics
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Galatea is an emotionally unstable, sometimes dangerous clone of Molly, but it would be unfair to call her evil. "Chaotic" though? Sure.
  • In Whither Frost takes Emelind's form for a while. How evil his motives were remains to be seen.
  • Bruno the Bandit has a variety called Dopplegangsters which are shapeshifters that can impersonate even non-humans like Bruno's micro-dragon sidekick.
Western Animation
  • Negaduck is Darkwing Duck's evil double from a Mirror Universe.