Western Animation: Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Stickin' together we can make it!
Nothing can stop us we can't go wrong!
We can be tough, yes, we can take it!
We care a lot and we will be strong

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation is the second theatrical film in the Care Bears franchise.

This film has a different continuity than the first movie and the specials. The Care Bears and Care Bears Cousins grew up together, but were pursued as children by a malevolent entity known as Dark Heart. He later finds a young, ambitious, and very bitter girl named Christy, and he promises to fulfill her wishes in return for help if he should ever ask. He then gets frustrated in pursuit of the Care Bears, but then uses Christy to have her pretend to need help from the Care Bears so that he can capture them. Eventually Christy's two best friends, John and Dawn who had been helping the Care Bears, talk Christy into joining them to stop Dark Heart, even if it costs them their lives.note 

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation provides examples of the following tropes:

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Care Bears Movie IIA New Generation