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Little Stowaway
In fiction, children have a habit of hiding on ships, airplanes, spaceships, etc., whenever they decide to go on an adventure.

When they are discovered, the adults are frequently unable to leave them behind, for some reason or other.


Anime & Manga

Fan Fics


  • Arthur C. Clarke's Dolphin Island: A cargo hover ship makes an emergency landing in the United States and a teenager named Johnny Clinton stows away aboard it. A few hours later it crashes into the Pacific Ocean and Johnny is rescued by dolphins, who take him to safety on an inhabited island.
  • Arkady Darell in Second Foundation.
  • Deconstructed in The Cold Equations. Marilyn is a twenty-something year old girl who wants to join her brother in creating new space colonies. When the ship she's stationed on makes a stop by the planet he's on, she hides on the ship that's sent to land. The pilot is forced to send her out the airlock, because they don't have enough fuel to land with an extra person on board.
  • The boy in My Father's Dragon does this to get to the island of the animals.
  • Esk in Equal Rites.
  • Joan Nixon's 1968 children's book The Mystery of the Secret Stowaway centers around one of these.

Live-Action TV
  • This is how Adric got on the TARDIS in Doctor Who. Many fans would not have objected to him being Thrown Out the Airlock, though.
  • Lupus is a stowaway on Marcus Flavius's ship on the TV adaption of The Secrets of Vesuvius.
  • The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode "Homesick" features a young Child Prodigy named Matthew, who stowed away on board of Terra Venture, but got home sick and tries to hack the ship's controls to make it fly back to Earth. When he is caught, he is told that going home is no option and he is put in the care of Damon (the Green Ranger). When Matthew helps stop Furio from accessing Terra Venture's control base, the gratefull rangers give him a ride back to Earth in the Astro Megaship.
  • In the Thunderbirds episode "Security Hazard", a young boy named Chip stows away on Thunderbird 2.

Video Games
  • This is how Sothe originally joins your party in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He's stowed away on your party's ship when they sail to Begnion.
  • A sidequest in Knights of the Old Republic involves a girl who had been kidnapped by the Mandalorians, escaped, and stowed away on the Ebon Hawk. Your options are to tell her to leave, learn to communicate with her (she speaks a garbled form of Mandalorian which appears to consist of one line over and over) and reunite her with her family, or wait until she leaves on her own.
  • In Sam & Max: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, Sam and Max's great-grandfathers Sameth and Maximus discover that Baby Amelia Earhart has stowed away in their luggage on the Disorient Express.
  • A 17 year old Lara Croft does this in Tomb Raider: Chronicles.
  • In Skies of Arcadia, Marco stows away on the Delphinus because he's tired of living in Lower Valua. He winds up becoming the first official non-playable member of Vyse's crew.
  • Maribel attempts to stow away on her father's fishing boat at the start of Dragon Quest VII. The Hero has to blow her cover and get her kicked off the boat, setting the scene for her to join the real adventure later.
  • In Infinite Space, Katida Lanco sneaks onboard the player's ship after being rescued. Unfortunately, she suffers from a medical condition that makes long-term space travel almost impossible.
  • Meracle of Star Ocean The Last Hope is one in her Back Story. She is from a primitive world, and snuck on board a visiting space ship because it smelled good. That is the start to the chain of events that leads her to join the party.
  • Kira Carsen's backstory in Star Wars: The Old Republic has her escaping Korriban by stowing away on a slave transport when she was 10.

Web Comics

Web Original
  • In Project Million, Mikey Insanity stows away in LC's suitcase in order to get to Florida.

Western Animation
  • Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures does this. A lot.
  • As does Penny in Inspector Gadget, though she always hides herself from her Uncle (and often gets caught by the villains instead).
  • Lampshaded in the Jonny Quest TOS episode "Terror Island". When Race Bannon arrives at the island by boat, he says that the boys (Jonny and Hadji) can come out now. When they ask how he knew they were there, Race says that they've pulled the "stowaway bit" so often that he's come to expect it.
  • In one episode of The Simpsons, Bart hides in a fishing boat that gets in a storm and Homer discovers him just before the Giant Wall of Watery Doom gets in the ship.
  • Iceman (who is around 14 in this continuity), in an episode of X-Men: Evolution, stows away in the X-Jet so he can fight with the X-Men vets. It works partially - he managed to hitch his ride, but Professor X knew he was there all along.
    • It was also an excuse to have a team made up of the Original Five X-Men from the comic books for an episode. Mythology Gag for the win!
    • Another episode Grim Reminder, have Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, worried about Wolverine, stow away on the X-Jet when he goes back to the site of Weapon X.
      • That's not as much stowing away as being taken accidentally - Kitty was looking for a quiet place to write her parents an e-mail, and Kurt just showed up to mess about with her.
  • Adult version (well... Man Child version) on Archer; Pam and Cheryl stow away on a space flight, largely as an excuse to put the comic relief characters in the episode even though it's implausible enough that the main cast are there...
  • In the four-part Smurfs episode "Smurfquest", Sassette stows away while Papa, Grandpa, Handy, Hefty and Greedy Smurf go on a quest to recover elements in order to renew their long-life stone. They're none too pleased, but she comes in handy after all.
  • Bernice from Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose.

Real Life
  • In 1999 a 17 year old boy stowed away on flight from Boston to London, allegedly because he wanted to impress the Israeli intelligence service, resulting in a huge embarrassment for Airport Security and British Airways. There was no official word on whether the Mosad was impressed or not.
  • In 2010 a 16 year stowaway fell out of the wheel well of a US Airways jet as it made its final approach into Boston (what is it about Boston?) The exact cause of death was never determined, but he would have died from hypoxia even if the landing gear hadn't crushed him.
  • The Shackleton Arctic expedition (1914-17) saw a young, unqualified friend of one of the crew stow away. He ultimately proved his worth, hanging on a lot better than several of the trained sailors; he survived along with the rest, although he lost all of his toes to frostbite.

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