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Malory: Most secret agents donít tell every harlot from here to Hanoi that they ARE secret agents!
Archer: ...Then why be one?

When Adam Reed, the creator of Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, went to [adult swim] with the idea for Archer—a show aptly described as "James Bond meets Arrested Development"—the network passed it over. The FX network saw potential in Archer, however, and greenlit the show, which began to air in September 2009.note  Comedy Central also airs it on Monday nights.

The show focuses on title protagonist Sterling Archer, an agent for the open-market spy agency, the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS; not to be confused with a certain real life Islamist militia), and his random misadventures both inside and outside of the office walls. Archer makes for a well-trained spy—but his Jerkass behavior and his tendency to remain oblivious to everything except himself often renders his competence in the field next-to-useless.

Archer's humor, much like Arrested Development (and spiritual predecessor Frisky Dingo), relies heavily on Call Backs and Running Gags alongside a large Ensemble Cast (including a cast member or two from Arrested Development) and Two Lines, No Waiting plots. A fan of either Arrested Development or Frisky Dingo will almost certainly enjoy Archer, whereas someone who found either show repetitive or too low-key probably won't.

Come Season 5, the show took a radical departure from its usual approach to prevent Seasonal Rot.Explanation (spoilers!)  From that point on, the season was dubbed Archer Vice. The Vice story finished in the season finale, with ISIS (no longer using that name because of the real life terrorist group) heading into Season 6 with a new direction: being subcontracted by the CIA. The show has also been renewed for a following, seventh season, which sees the cast moving to Los Angeles and starting a private detective agency.

This series has a character sheet, a Shout-Out page, a page listing tropes found on the characters' Twitter feeds, a page of episode summaries (which Needs Wiki Magic Love), and even a page examining the show's time period. You can vote for best episodes here.

Don't confuse this show with the BBC radio soap The Archers or the many other fictional characters who share Sterling's surname. It also has nothing to do with the Archer Archetype (that's about those guys with the bows and arrows).

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