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Drinking Game: Archer
From YourPopFilter: Archer Drinking Game

  • Every time Archer's full name is said, Sterling Malory Archer.
  • Lana’s large hands are referenced
  • Cyril has sex
  • The threat of ants are mentioned
  • Cheryl alludes to wanting to get strangled
    • Also drink if she is trying to cover up strangulation marks.
  • Anytime Archer speaks highly of his turtleneck
    • Take two if he goes on a rampage about it.
  • Pam propositions sex
    • 3x bonus if they go through with it!
  • Anyone is drinking on the job
  • “I had something for this”
  • “yuuuup!” and “nooooooooope!”- lana
  • If Malory has slept with the person she is talking to on her big screen.
  • Archer shoots one of his coworkers
  • Archer pukes as a response to his mother's sex life
  • Budget cutbacks are causing a problem
  • Finish your drink if “Dangerzone” - Goose would want you to.
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