Fridge: Archer

Fridge Brilliance
  • Everyone in the office hates and mistreats each other constantly. It's a very hostile work environment - because Pam is terrible at her job.
  • In "Once Bitten", Archer—coming out of a hallucination—appears to claim that his father is Buck Henry. In a meta sense, he's right, seeing as Buck Henry co-created the ur-spy-comedy Get Smart. —Wack'd
  • In "Once Bitten," it is revealed that Archer's father gave him a stuffed alligator for his 6th birthday. But "Pipeline Fever" reveals the alligator as Archer's biggest fear. The answer to the quandry lies in the numerous glimpses of Malory's parenting style. When she finally met her son at age five (per "The Double Deuce"), he was resistant to her, so she overcompensated to make him dependent. But then, the very next year, she missed his birthday and along comes Dad. When she returned home that time he was probably excited about his present, and seeing this, Malory did what Malory does. She created his fear of alligators, caused him to repress the memory of his father, and once again bound him to her in a state of dependence. Malory really is a Manipulative Bitch.
  • In "Legs", Krieger says "Me too!" to Ray's "I piss and shit in a bag". It's a lot less weird when you remember that Krieger's apartment has a communal bathroom that's a literal shithole and going in a bag is probably safer and more sanitary.
  • The title "White Elephant" refers to the cocaine: it is a valuable, but ultimately burdensome possession which the owners cannot easily get rid of.
    • Possibly a cleverly-constructed pun: the cocaine is the elephant in the room (and even named as such) that Malory is avoiding talking about, it's white, and there is a (literal) ton of it - the layman's estimation of how much an elephant weighs).
  • Archer is referred to as the "world's most dangerous spy", while failing constantly. He's the most dangerous spy, not the most competent.
  • Fridge Brilliance moment in the Season 5 Finale, to close a Fridge Logic moment from the season opener. How does the FBI fail to announce themselves when entering a raiding a building they know is armed and just go in guns blazing? Why is their gear so irregular that the people they've opened fire on can't tell that they're FBI? Answer: They're not the FBI, they're the CIA and this is an elaborate operation to get ISIS personnel to get them to sell cocaine on behalf of the CIA.
    • Although, not identifying themselves and wearing jackets that don't say their department on the front is a Real Life problem with no-knock raids.
  • Another moment from the Season 5 finale: Archer's old 'Mulatto Butts' ringtone gets funnier when it's revealed that since Archer is Lana's baby's father, Abbiejean actually does have a black ass mama and a white ass daddy.
    • And the fact that Lana decides to reveal this to him makes far more sense when you consider how tender and loving he'd been regarding her pregnancy throughout the season. He studied various complications that can arise during pregnancy, got himself certified as a midwife in case she went into labor at the wrong moment, and had the same crisis of confidence that she'd had during the birth itself.
    • And while most of Lana's confession at the end of the episode is drowned out by white noise, implying that Archer is having a mild Heroic BSOD, it's actually his tinnitus acting up.
  • Season 5 finds the group perplexed at Cheryl/Carol's decision to become a country music singer. They can't understand why she'd want to do it. The answer is simple: in her "dream the impossible dream world" she thinks it'll attract Archer to date her again. The key is in the lyrics to her songs. A good, clear example is the beginning of "Burn It Down," which starts off with "I saw you driving by in your El Camino Rio, Swagger never left your step. Trying to make me jealous with that blondie by your side, hey guess what, you did it again."
    • "Cherlene's Broken Hearts and Auto Parts" contains the lyrics: "It's been a long hard year, you know. And I spent it all out on the road, Downtown chasing a dream hoping he'd come chasing me. But in the end the whole thing turns around. You find a spirit, you find a cause. You sit right down, grab your guitar and write yourself a song" It seems like she actually admits it here.
    • She also sings "Eastbound and Down" on TV for his benefit. And there's the obvious "Baby Please Don't Go."
  • The season six opener has the team touring their rebuilt headquarters, now a sparkling and dazzling white. Malory is stunned, wondering aloud if she can even take her shoes off. She shouldn't, but not for the reason she's thinking — it's all a hologram covering a near-perfect restoration of the terrible, old office, including the legendarily disgusting carpet.
  • Isis in the Egyptian Mythology is a mother goddess who is often cunning and treacherous, who helps her son Horus to become king despite often mistreating him. Not unlike Malory Archer, head of ISIS.
    • Isis is also the Egyptian goddess of fertility. Just about everyone who works at ISIS Really Gets Around.
  • In "Sea Tunt Part 1", Malory orders ISIS to recover a Mk. 28 hydrogen bomb from a downed B-52 so she can ransom it back to the government, but the image she displays is a wire diagram of Little Boy, the gun-type fission bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This makes no sense until Cecil reveals there is no bomb or downed bomber, so it's understandable she would have an inaccurate image.
  • In "Palace Intrigue: Part Two" Mallory doesn't give Archer his gun back, saying she threw it away because he was being irresponsible in a delicate situation. The season finale shows that she didn't throw it away; she smuggled it onto the plane so she could threaten the CIA agents if they didn't go along with her plan to rebuild ISIS.
  • In the two-parter season 6 finale, Drastic Voyage, Ray is distressed over his rapidly decreasing number of natural limbs. However, his predicament may actually be karmic retribution, since in Season 2's "Movie Star" episode, he reveals to the group that he reported Randy Muckler's heterosexuality to the draft board, causing his loss of limbs, to be replaced by hooks.

Fridge Horror
  • Seamus, as a baby. He already has an implied addiction to alcohol, has a prostitute for a mother, doesn't know who his father is, has a tattoo of a man who frequently had sex with his mother on his shoulder (Of whom he can't be sure is his real father or not) before the age of one. This kid doesn't have a great start to a happy life already.
    • Which leads to Fridge Brilliance regarding his and Trinette's disappearance from the series: She doesn't want Archer causing any more harm to Seamus.
  • The Reveal in "The Kanes". The CIA is suppressing Lana's father's research into biofuel alternatives to continue US dependence on OPEC-sourced oil. Slater justifies this by stating "If you think the Middle East is messed up now, just wait 'till no one needs their oil." This is indeed a frightening thought.
  • Archer's fear of brain aneurysms makes a lot more sense beginning with Season 4, where the accumulated stress has him temporarily gain amnesia and according to Lana, display traits akin to an atypical autistic, not to mention his tinnitus causing a piercing ring in his ears. He's putting himself at risk of one every single episode because of all the crazy shit he has to go through.
  • So the FBI's raid on ISIS was actually pre-arranged with Mallory the whole time. That means Brett died in a shootout that was staged.

Fridge Logic
  • The " M, as in Mancy!" joke shouldn't have worked since Lana was there to hear what he'd said, but Rule of Funny presumably overrode it.