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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Very blatant in "Fugue and Rifts." The episode opens with an amnesiac Archer living the life of Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers (complete with Archer-ized versions of the entire Belcher family). Both Archer and Bob are voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. John Roberts even has a cameo voicing Linda.
    • In "The Papal Chase", Archer mentions that he prepared for a mission to save the Pope by watching episodes of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil, which features H. Jon Benjamin as the voice of one member of a group of secret agent-like clergy workers (as well as the Devil himself).
    • Captain Murphy gets crushed to death by a Goz brand soda machine, the last name of his late voice actor from Sealab 2021, Harry Goz, whose character once spent in-episode months trapped by a fallen soda machine.
      • More of a Creator Allusion, but there are a few more allusions to Sealab 2021, including a character opening up his own chest to show that he's a cyborg and space station having problems in Pod 6.
    • A possible one when Archer says to Malory, "Wow you just don't get along with your neighbors anywhere." Jessica Walter, who voices Malory, plays Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development. Lucille is known for never getting along with her neighbor, Lucille Austero.
    • Gary Cole playing someone heavily involved in the law and much of his second appearance involving him spouting off legal regulations.
    • Matthew Rhys's character conceals his identity by wearing a wig and glasses.
    • The whole Archer, P.I. parody can be seen as one for Jessica Walter, given that she appeared in a two-part crossover between Magnum, P.I. and Murder, She Wrote.
    • Jeffrey Tambor as the head of ODIN, who's in a somewhat tumultuous romance with Jessica Walter's Malory. The two voice actors had a similar dynamic in Arrested Development. His character is also the potential father of Jessica Walter's character's son, similar to Tambor's other character on Arrested Development, Oscar Bluth.
    • Malory, voiced by Jessica Walter, is a wealthy, hard-drinking, Jerkass mother with a long sexual past and a codependent son, very similar to her character in Arrested Development.
    • Malory also (incorrectly) claims that a husband and wife can't be made to testify against each other in court, which was part of the plot of the first episode of Arrested Development
    • Although differently crazy between series, Judy Greer is a crazy Plucky Office Girl in Arrested Development and plays a similar role as Cheryl in this series.
    • When Archer is identified as a fake homosexual by Charles, he is dressed very similarly to a gay prostitute who is always getting caught by the police on Reno 911!, in which Thomas Lennon (who voices Charles) stars.
    • Turns out Burt Reynolds is every bit as much a crazy badass in real life as the characters he plays.
    • At the start of Season 4, Malory marries car dealership owner Ron Cadillac. He is voiced by Ron Leibman, Walter's real life husband.
  • Author Existence Failure: George Coe, Woodhouse's original actor, fell seriously ill before Archer Vice (forcing Tom Kane to replace him in the role) and would later die after Season 6 finished airing. Woodhouse then went missing in Season 7 before being confirmed dead in the Season 8 premiere.
  • Casting Gag: Lana is voiced by comedian Aisha Taylor. In season eight, the Dreamland version of Lana attempts standup comedy and is simply dreadful (highlights include a half-hour set on syphilis).
  • The Danza
    • Ron Cadillac, Malory's husband, is voiced by Ron Liebman.
    • Christian Slater plays a drug dealer/CIA operative named Slater.
  • Development Gag: According to Word of God, a discarded plot thread from the first season would have had Cheryl get pregnant via Archer, only to have Malory give her Laser-Guided Amnesia and dump her in a local hospital, with the implication that this was a regular occurrence. Season 3 had this conversation:
    Malory: So help me God if you throw that computer on the floor again you are going to wake up in a hospital with total amnesia under someone else's name! (leaves)
    Pam: That's actually kind of scary.
    Cheryl: Eh. Wouldn't be the first time.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Anka, the German heiress from the Season 2 premiere, was originally planned to be 14, which is the age of consent in Germany (sort of; both parties must be under 18), but FX shot it down and made her 16.
    • "The Double Deuce" originally had Archer disarming Lieutenant Stripes by throwing the Wee Baby Seamus at him.
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  • Jossed: After the penultimate episode of Archer Dreamland had Trexler reluctantly say that Mother killed Woodhouse, a fan theory popped up saying that Trexler was lying, due to his reluctance to tell him. Semi-Jossed: Mother didn't kill Woodhouse, it was Barry, but Trexler genuinely thought she did and had no idea that it was Barry.
  • Non-Singing Voice: For Cherlene's songs, Judy Greer was replaced by Jessi Lynn Martins.
  • One of Us:
    • In spite of spending most of his time drinking, whoring, and killing, Archer has a surprisingly detailed pop culture reference pool that includes some pretty geeky topics. Few others seem to share his interests, and he's always getting annoyed when no one else gets his references.
    • Archer looks down on Bilbo, the The Lord of the Rings fanboy, despite knowing what an Entmoot is.
    • In "The Papal Chase" when Cardinal Morelli is surprised that the Pope and Woodhouse are Identical Strangers, Archer shows if not actually a troper himself, most likely is familiar with TV Tropes:
      Cardinal Giancarlo Morelli : Mio Dio!
      Archer: I Know, right? Trope alert!
    • Archer reveals that he has quite a detailed knowledge of comic books, listing his favorite character as Nightcrawler.
  • The Other Darrin: Woodhouse was originally voiced by George Coe, but by Archer Vice he was voiced by Tom Kane, due to Coe's falling seriously ill. Coe died before season 6.
  • Out of Order: "Coyote Lovely" was supposed to air second in production order, but it instead aired half way through the season. Fortunately, the only notable reference to this episode before it aired was in "Once Bitten", where Krieger made a passing reference to Bilbo's death. Well, that and the nerve gas in the ventilation system.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Ron Perlman as a gay Cuban spy in "Honeypot".
    • Jack McBrayer who's best known for roles as irritatingly nice guys is Ray's violent adulterous drug farmer brother
  • Promoted Fanboy: Anthony Bourdain was very excited to guest on the show, and he clearly had fun with the role.
  • Real Person Cameo: In "The Honeymooners" a drawing of a hot dog guy is of video game journalist Patrick Klepek.
  • Real-Life Relative: Malory's new husband, Ron Cadillac, is played by Ron Leibman, Jessica Walter's real life husband.
  • Too Soon: The showrunners decided to drop the name ISIS for season 6 because of the ongoing real-life events with the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before Judy Greer auditioned for the role, Adam Reed planned to write Cheryl out of the show in Season 1, as part of a running gag where Archer kept getting ISIS' secretaries pregnant. 1
    • The show was originally titled "Duchess".
    • Season 3 was meant to have 16 episodes, but due to a miscommunication note  ended up with 13 instead.
    • Season 6 was originally going to be about the characters' lives in prison, but these plans were scrapped as it was too similar to Orange Is the New Black.
  • The Wiki Rule: Archer Wiki.
  • You Look Familiar: Guest star Jeffrey Tambor voiced Torvald Utne and then went on to have a recurring role as Len Trexler.


  • This interview with Aisha Tyler and Adam Reed.
  • Onion AV Club interview with Adam Reed
  • Amber Nash, voice of Pam, is neighbours with the physical model of Pam.
  • Most characters, such as Archer and Lana, were based on Atlanta-area models, while Brett and Len Trexler were based on their voice actors, Neil Holman (also the art director) and Jeffrey Tambor. Lana, by sheer coincidence, looks strikingly like Aisha Tyler (the producers once said they intended to model Lana after Tyler herself, but mentioned that if they waited for a spot to open in Tyler's stand-up, TV hosting and podcasting schedule, they still wouldn't have the character design done.) Malory was designed with her voice actress (Jessica Walter) in mind, but is actually based on a model with a more "extreme" look. Finally, Ray is an interesting aversion of the Ink-Suit Actor: while his design is based on a member of the cast, his model is Lucky Yates - the voice of Krieger.
    • Additionally, while there's no indication it was intentional, Cyril looks alarmingly like serial killer Robert Hansen (with a little bit of his voice actor, Chris Parnell), though he was actually based on a friend of Adam Reed.
    • Cheryl's brother, Cecil and his girlfriend Tiffy are based on their voice actors, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal, and Captain Murphy is Jon Hamm with white hair.
    • Aisha Tyler has stated in interviews that if there was ever a live-action Archer project, she would personally beat up any actress who tried to take the Lana role away from her. Whether she was joking or not is open for debate.