Creator: Gordon Ramsay

"'Gordon Ramsay' is an anagram for 'my gonads roar'."
— The Truth About Gordon Ramsay Documentary

"It's RAAAAW!"

Gordon James Ramsay, OBE (born 8 November 1966) is a British multiple Michelin star awarded chef, television personality and restaurateur known for his ferocious temperament, colorful vocabulary, and no-nonsense attitude.

Born in Scotland, Ramsay originally dreamed of becoming a football player for his childhood team Rangers, but a leg injury left him with crushed hopes and the inability to sit cross-legged. Instead, he began a career in the culinary arts and landed a chef's job in the famous Harvey's Restaurant in London, where the tough training regime and unreasonably high standards set by head chef Marco Pierre White fostered Ramsay's constant swearing and temperamental condescending attitude. However, from several accounts, he's a much nicer person on British TV, on Master Chef (especially the Junior version of MasterChef), and in interviews.

He first came to the notice of television audiences with 1998's Ramsay's Boiling Point, which documented the opening and first few months operation of his first restaurant in Chelsea. Until that point chefs on British TV had generally tended to fall into one of three moulds: cultured and upper-class British, sophisticated European (usually Italian or French), or perpetually cheerful and upbeat. While Ramsay wasn't the first example of a bad-tempered, foul-mouthed TV chef, he was definitely the first one to achieve major fame.

Surprisingly, Ramsay himself has said in multiple interviews that he's not as talented a chef as people perceive him to be, and that his real strength isn't his cooking skills (which, have no doubt at all, are rather formidable), but rather his managerial skills. He says that his ability to run a successful business is the true secret to his success.

He has starred in main roles in successful television shows The F Word, Ramsay's Best Restaurant, and both British and American versions of Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, and Hotel Hell.

Tropes related to Gordon Ramsay:

  • The Ace:
    • Occasionally on Hell's Kitchen, he will kick out both teams and complete the service with himself and his sous-chefs, successfully doing the work of two full brigades by themselves.
    • He once participated in a Mystery Box challenge on Master Chef and spent half the time talking to his co-hosts, observing the contestants, and kicking back with a mug of tea before whipping up a restaurant-class dish without breaking a sweat.
    • In a later season he did so yet again and filleted a salmon like it was nothing. It took the contestants a moment to realize that he was already done.
    • To put an example of just how formidable he is, he once went head-to-head against the current salmon cutting Guinness world record holder. He lost by only one piece and a handful of seconds.
    • That's not to say he's an Insufferable Genius. For example, in an episode of The F Word where he's learning to make sushi, he's absolutely amazed by how fast and precise the japanese chefs are while he very clearly struggles to make his own roll, and admits it.
      Ramsay: "I'm feeling slightly nervous because I feel for the first time in my cooking career, after twenty-one years in the kitchen, I'm out of my depth."
  • Adam Westing: He recently starred in an AT&T commercial where he gets exactly what he wants...and doesn't know what to do.
    "I'm not too sure what to do with my arms right now, because this is where I usually start throwing things."
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: In the kitchen he is one of the most brutal taskmasters around. Outside of it, he is a big goof who loves nothing more than to hug and kiss his children as they try to squirm away.
    • Case in point, take his interactions with his youngest daughter Tilly (short for Matilda) in the fifth episode of Masterchef Junior's third season. In response to Tilly pronouncing basil the American way (baa-sil as opposed to the British bay-sil), he tries to set up a date between her and Andrew.
  • Berserk Button: Bad cooking, of course, and poor hygiene, especially if it involves ingredients that can cause illness or death if handled improperly. Even more than that, though, he detests dishonesty from chefs because they're misrepresenting a product customers are paying good money for. He is actually quite willing to forgive a chef's mistakes, if they are honestly admitted..
    • He also hates when chefs don't work together since they all have to put their orders up at the same time and will often yell "WORK TOGETHER!" at them.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He's normally friendly and polite (albeit with a salty mouth) and will give friendly reminders when mistakes first start appearing. When he hits his limit, however, that's when the yelling, swearing, and throwing of kitchen implements starts.
  • Billy Elliot Plot: In one of his books, he admitted feeling a personal connection to the play in question, because he lived a version of that plot himself. In Britain when he was growing up, 'cooking was for poofs', and his father even accused him of being gay.
  • Brutal Honesty: Most of what he says when it comes to food is this, Gordon doesn't mince words at all when it comes to what needs to be said.
  • Catch Phrase: "Absolutely delicious!"
    • "What a shame..."
    • "YOU DONKEY!"
      • "THIS COULD KILL SOMEONE!" typically follows on from this.
    • "Oh, fuck me..."
    • "I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass."
    • Some variant of "It's fucking delicious". In one case his host was actually anticipating it, saying nothing else could make her happier than to hear someone say that while eating.
  • Cluster F-Bomb:
    • Mostly in the kitchen when things are going really horribly. He peppers his casual speech with plenty of curses as well, only watching his language if children or his mother are within earshot.
    • Half of the pun of "The F Word" is based on the fact that F Bombs are basically a catchphrase for him. He frequently clarifies that the "F" stands for Food, despite frequently engaging in tongue-in-cheek nods about why the name was really chosen.
  • Consummate Professional: One of his biggest berserk buttons is seeing someone doing something unprofessionally. This is justified in most cases; one piece of raw meat or contaminated food can cause a serious illness or death and there are no do-overs. God help you if he finds rotten or expired foodstuffs anywhere on your property.
  • Cruel to Be Kind: He knows from experience that the culinary industry is cutthroat and quickly takes a toll and will try and force out those he thinks aren't capable of handling the pressure out of a sincere belief that it's the best thing to do.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His life growing up was legitimately terrible. His father was a violent, abusive drunk who couldn't hold down a job for very long at all and who beat his wife and children. The family was forced to move frequently, either being evicted, or avoid creditors or the police and eventually his father abandoned them and started a new life and family. Additionally, his brother was a heroin addict as an adult and has betrayed his and his mother's trust so many times.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He has a sharp wit and doesn't hesitate to use it. He revealed in a Reddit AMA that he comes up with his snarky comments as he says them and some of them surprise even him after he says it.
  • Disappeared Dad: His father had pretensions of being a country music star and was often away from home for long periods without explanation, leaving his mother to care for the children and earn the wages. Gordon revealed in his biography Humble Pie that his father eventually abandoned them altogether and started a new life and family under a new name.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: The trigger for many of his most famous lines.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Absolutely devoted to his mother. He constantly sings her praises and unceasingly talks about how she was able to feed their family with little money and says that her macaroni and cheese will always be his favourite dish. He'll watch his language when she's around and treats older women with extreme respect.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • The main drive behind his campaign against shark fin soup. He admits early on that he supports the use of meat if it tastes delicious. But he's very much against the idea of killing animals for meat when it doesn't even taste good.
    • When he found out the absolute horrible conditions of some factory-farmed animals, he noted that it almost made him into a Vegetarian (note that prior to this, vegetarianism is a small berserk button for him) since no matter how good the meat taste, there's no way to justify the horrible conditions the animals live through.
  • Father to His Men: He has a spectacular temper and doesn't hesitate to rip someone a new one. At the same time, he doesn't do so without reason and he is also regarded as an excellent teacher and is extremely protective of those who work for him. It's telling that his restaurants have a high staff retention rate.
  • Friend to All Children: He's much more professional and in control of his temper on Master Chef Junior than the shows where he's critiquing adult professional cooks.
    • Which becomes Fridge Brilliance when you realize that his impatience with adults is because adults should know better.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He generally wants to help bad hotels reach to the top and help revive dying resturants, but that doesn't mean he's going to be nice and friendly about it when brutal honesty and calling people out will fix it more efficientally.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He gets annoyed by chefs who make rookie mistakes on dishes like risotto or spaghetti dishes and then when it gets worse, he gets really pissed and then it goes downhill from there.
  • Happily Married: To Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson (a.k.a. Tana) since 1996.
    • He is a believer in True Love and encourages people to get married and start families, sincerely believing that everyone should have the sort of happiness he gets from his own wife and kids.
  • Humble Hero: The man has an enormous ego when he's in his element but he'll shut up and listen when learning something new and show enormous respect to his teachers.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Foul mouthed and suffers no fools in his kitchen when they screw up, but watch any scene where he praises a cooking student or works with kids and it's clear he's a great big ol' softie underneath all the swearing.
    • The Heart of Gold part shows mostly in both versions of Kitchen Nightmares where he helps fix the problems of the restaurant and in the US version will help everyone involved air out their problems and do his best to save the business.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: He's usually seen on TV having to deal with restaurants, kitchens, and staff who have no idea what they're doing and quickly push him to the boiling point. Observe him in one of his own restaurants, or in a kitchen where the brigade is trained to his standards, and the only things being said will be orders being called out and the brigade's acknowledgement.
    • Make no mistake, though, Gordon Ramsay genuinely has a fiery temper and spectacularly foul mouth. But his American shows immediately cut to and play up his outbursts for the sake of drama in contrast to his British shows, which tend to show how his temper reaches the boiling point. Also, he's usually seen on TV having to deal with restaurants, kitchens, and staff who have no idea what they're doing.
    • He is also a quite a friendly person and can be an extremely patient teacher as long as whomever he's teaching is honest about whether or not they understand what's going on.
    • In his Gordon's Great Escape series, he's extremely humble and mellow. Whether dealing with the country's greatest chef or a poor fisherman making a midnight snack, he never gets heated with whoever's teaching him, even when they harshly criticize him. He also never pulls rank; most of his guides and teachers never even learn he's a chef. It's hard to imagine this is the same man who would explode at someone for undercooking fish.
  • Momma's Boy: Gordon loves his mother and never ever hides it and thinks her macaroni and cheese is the best dish he's ever eaten. In fact, he does his best to make sure he reins in his language around her and when she appears in Season 3 of Hell's Kitchen, outright tells Rock "Never swear in front of your mum."
  • Mrs. Robinson: Mentions in an interview how when he was 19 he had an affair with his boss's much older wife. The only part of it he regrets is that it cost him his job there.
  • Nice Guy: Whenever he's not running a kitchen, Gordon is very polite and affable, though he does lose his temper occasionally on Kitchen Nightmares US, he is there to help and seems to genuinely care about what's going on.
  • The Mean Brit: When he's in the kitchen, he is tough with his criticism and has little patience for mistakes after the first couple. Outside of the kitchen, he's brutally honest, but fair.
  • Odd Friendship: He's best friends with Michel Roux, Jr. who is even-tempered and perpetually affable in the kitchen in direct comparison to Ramsay's spectacular temper. They've been friends since they were both apprentices at Le Gavroche (part of the Roux empire and Michel's current restaurant).
  • Self-Made Man: He worked his way up to the top and made many mistakes over his career and had a lot of difficulties, but he made himself the world famous chef he is today through years of hard work.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Par for the course for a Mean Brit. If you know about British swears and customs, he's swearing even more than you think! He does tone it down around children, and on MasterChef Jr only slipped up one time when he had a bowl of whipped cream dumped on his head and quickly tried to cover himself by saying he meant "sugar."
  • Supreme Chef: Anytime he cooks for someone, the reaction is always positive with comments that the food's fantastic.
  • Tranquil Fury: While Gordon Ramsay is usually known for his angry shouting, when he is truly insulted he will resort to this. It's far more terrifying than any of his outbursts.
  • Violent Glaswegian: While he doesn't have a Scottish accent, the town where he was born, Johnstone, is near Glasgow, and no one can deny that screaming, swearing and throwing falls under "violence."