YMMV: Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Forever Young", the end credits song, sung by the late Carol Parks.
  • Evil Is Cool: Why some viewers end up rooting for Dark Heart and Christy.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Yes, Dark Heart has a Fangirl following.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Christy becomes a Jerk Ass when Dark Heart makes her good at sports, but beforehand the poor girl didn't think she was good at anything. This is why she ends up assisting Dark Heart in his plan, 'cause if she doesn't she'll go back to how she used to be.
  • Padding: It had a musical number at the end that was pretty much just there to make sure it fulfilled the bare minimum for screentime. The song itself was over six minutes long and over half of it consisted of endlessly-repeated chorus (obstensibly to cover the end credits).
  • Tear Jerker: The ending musical number.
    Dark Heart: No...what have I done!?
  • Wangst: If you didn't think Christy's woes over being bad at sports were understandable.
    • In all fairness, it's not just sports, she doesn't think she's good at ANYTHING. Sports are just the focus since she's at camp
    • Also, keep in mind that Christy's peers kept looking down on her and making fun of her for not being good at sports. It was as much the result of not being good at sports that drove Christy over the edge, not the mere fact that she wasn't good at sports.