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Franchise: Dangan Ronpa

Danganronpanote  is a series of "high-speed mystery action adventure" visual novels, released by Spike for the PSP and PS Vita. The games combine mystery-solving with elements of shooting and even rhythm gameplay.

The premise of the two titles in the series thus far take the same formula; the player takes the role of a new student at Hope's Peak Academy, a prestigious high school in Japan which only accepts the cream of the crop for its classes. This mentality extends towards any sort of niche, including unconventional ones like otaku and gamers. Students with these extraordinary talents are given a "Super High School-Level X" titlenote .

Unfortunately, things start to go awry once the new kid steps inside the school itself, as they lose conciousness and wake up elsewhere, with no memory of the interim. They soon find that all the exits and windows are locked to prevent escape, and meet several other students in the same predicament. Before long, the thing who put them there reveals himself - Monokuma, a sadistic, sentient teddy bear.

He quickly reveals that the students will be forced into a "school life of mutual killing" - if a person murders a classmate, the rest of the student body will have a class trial to determine the killer's identity. If they get it right, the culprit is executed in a showy display tailor-made to their personality traits. If they get it wrong, however, the killer "graduates" and gets to leave the school, while the rest die in their place.

As the bodies begin to pile up and Monokuma starts introducing new motives to kill one another, the player must find the killer in each chapter to make sure the kids have a shot at escaping for themselves.

There have been several spinoffs to the games in various formats. They are listed below with the original works.

Works in the series include:

The Main Series
  • Dangan Ronpa: Trigger-Happy Havocnote 
  • Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye, Academy of Despair
  • Danganronpa 1&2 RELOAD - a Compilation Re-release for the PlayStation Vita, with touch screen controls, updated graphics, and an additional "School Mode" for the first game (which is the version released in North America).
  • An untitled third game has been announced - not much is known other than that it's in progress.
  • Danganronpa IF - a short story about a What If? scenario for the first game, unlocked by beating the second one
  • Danganronpa the Animation - an anime adaptation of the first game, which aired as part of the Summer 2013 Anime season
  • Absolute Despair Girls: Danganronpa Another Episode (trailer here) - a Third-Person Shooter starring Makoto Naegi's sister Komaru
  • Danganronpa Kirigiri - a prequel novel series based on the character Kyouko Kirigiri; the first book was released September 2013
  • Makoto Naegi's Worst Day Ever - a short story that came with the first BD of Danganronpa the Animation
  • Various manga adaptations of Danganronpa 1 and 2.

Tropes for the series as a wholenote  include:

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