Rage Breaking Point

When anger needs a "contents under pressure" label.

"Don't tell me to calm down. Calm was killing me."
Stuart, Small Soldiers

A character holds back anger until it can no longer be held back, and then the rage comes pouring through.

Sometimes characters have every reason to be angry, but they try to hold it back for various reasons. Sometimes, the reasons are selfish; sometimes, they are because they know it would be wrong to get angry or that blowing their top would have bad consequences (such as losing their job, or getting arrested, or even getting themselves or others killed); and sometimes, the reason is just for the sake of appearances.

Eventually, there will be a last straw. It could range from a minor thing, to out-and-out hitting the character's Berserk Button. But, now, the flood of anger comes pouring out like water from a burst dam. It usually involves Unstoppable Rage, but in some cases, it can even be Tranquil Fury. Some stories might even have this trigger a Heroic Second Wind. Also, if the character's Berserk Button is hit, this character might even be twice as berserk as usual.

Suddenly Shouting often goes hand-in-hand with this.


A Sub-Trope of OOC Is Serious Business, You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry.

A Super Trope to Rant Inducing Slight (in that the trigger is very minor).

A Sister Trope to Trying Not to Cry (a tears breaking point), Beware the Nice Ones (characters who often try not to get angry).

Compare Not So Stoic, Teach Him Anger, Break the Cutie, Sudden Principled Stand (principle is handled similarly), and Moment of Weakness (which the Rage Breaking Point can provoke).

Contrast Hair-Trigger Temper, The Stoic, Passive-Aggressive Kombat.

See also Villainous Breakdown, which is very similar, where a normally calm and collected villainous character suddenly snaps and goes on a tantrum-filled rampage when things happen that don't go as they planned.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Minoru Shiraishi from Lucky Star. He put up with his co-star's abuse for so many episodes until he finally snapped. His moment was even made the page image for Beware the Nice Ones.
  • When Naruto learned of the harm he caused by using the Nine-Tail's power to the point where he can't even control himself, he restrains his anger to avoid transforming again. After what seems like a month or so, his beloved mentor Jiraiya is killed, his village is destroyed while he is away, and his teacher Kakashi has died from overuse of chakra. All have been caused by one guy, Pain. Naruto goes to defeat Pain with his new power, but is quickly brought down. Of all times, Hinata decides try to be brave enough to attack Pain, but she is thrown around and then stabbed. Naruto, now an over-pressured boiler filled with rage, gives himself to the very power that harmed his comrades before... but it also, for the first time, scared Pain because he suddenly found that even his vaunted power was No Sell against the power of Nine-Tails. By the time Naruto finally came back out of it, Pain was not as confident as before.
  • Bleach: Having been in a state of Tranquil Fury for many chapters ever since his Number Two Choujirou Sasakibe was killed, Yamamoto finally hits his Rage Breaking Point in Chapters 503-505. In the story's most epic It's Personal Berserk Button moment to date, the entire shinigami city feels his rage explode like a volcano triggering an Heroic Second Wind in the captains that had been struggling until that point.
  • Possibly the most tear jerking example happens to Gohan in Dragon Ball Z. First off, he and all his friends (and family) are fighting against the super powerful Cell, and one after another, they all fall. Eventually, Android #16 decides to try and perform a Taking You with Me Attack that doesn't work, because the bomb inside him was removed by Dr. Briefs. Cell then completely destroys him, save for his still-alive head, which Mr Satan tosses to Gohan. #16 then proceeds to tell Gohan to unleash his rage, as it's for the greater good. Then Cell crushes his head. Let's just say things didn't go well for Cell.
    • An earlier and particularly iconic example would be when Frieza killed Krillin on Namek, finally infuriating Goku enough to trigger his first Super Saiyan transformation.
  • In Now and Then, Here and There, Shuzo Matsutani accidentally gets taken from his happy go lucky life and forced to become a child soldier. He constantly refuses to be the killer his commanders want him to be. He carries his Kendo Stick as a mark of defiance against his gun carrying comrades and constantly gets in trouble because of his nature. However after Lalaru and the entire population of Zaribars is taken and he watches the deaths of so many people when he finally meets the evil king Hamdo again he proceeds to try to beat Hamdo to death with the kendo stick even as pieces snap off of it he beats the dictator till theres nothing left of it.
  • Played for Laughs with Ryouko Kusakabe in the sixth episode of Date A Live. She regularly keeps a professional attitude about everything, but when she's finally had enough of the obstacles in the way of her squad's trip to the hot springs, in addition of the previous stress built up due to her superiors' rantings, she snaps and comically goes on a rampage to destroy Ratatoskr's traps, all while ranting on like a raving lunatic.
  • Wave of Akame ga Kiru! has a very memorable moment of this. Already is he bothered by the dirty sides of the empire, but he follows his duties for the good they do and tries to be the best man he can. However, certain incidents like seeing the team of the Prime Minister's son raping and murdering a deceased comrade's innocent wife and child, brutally flaying people in town are enough to leave him seething with anger yet still able to hold it in for the best, but having the PM's son threatening to rape his beloved Kurome right in front of him snaps him so much he delivers a punch so hard and deserved right to his face it's heralded as one of the best moments of the manga.

    Comic Books 
  • In Sex Criminals, middle-school girl Suzie's father is murdered and her mother drifts into an uncommunicative alcoholic haze. Some time later, Suzie finds out that time freezes for the world and everyone in it each time she has an orgasm. A few months after this, Suzie finally snaps and takes the opportunity to angrily scream out her feelings at her time-frozen mother. The narrating older Suzie notes this isn't the last time this happens.
  • The climax of Kingdom Come has this happen with Superman. Be afraid. Thankfully, Norman McKay manages to talk him down from it.
  • In Seconds, Max puts up with a lot throughout the story. When he finds out about Katie and Andrew's relationship in one reality, he lashes out at her with extreme prejudice.

    Fan Works 
  • In A Different Medius, this is the reason Azurai murdered Buwaro's birth parents, and the people at the 'troubled youth' camp Azurai was sent to as a teenager.
  • In the Arcos special Chapter of Honor Trip, Kaji's story begins with a flashback to another soldier egging him on and insulting him. He wouldn't have succeeded in getting to Kaji, if he hadn't first implied that Kaji didn't deserve his rank, and then attacked his weak points. Also, Kaji probably wouldn't have beaten him to death.
  • In the Pony POV Series, Dark World!Derpy's life has basically been a living hell not including the last thousand years she's lived in a Dystopia. But she's still a cheerful ditz most of the time (despite being the new Element of Loyalty and one of the group's main fighters). Then the Valeyard decides to basically tap-dance on her Berserk Buttons as he tries to painfully kill the group. She finally takes her entire life out on him in a moment of Tranquil Fury, beating him to death after his regeneration template is destroyed, killing the Valeyard incarnation of the Doctor for good.
  • Shinji in The Second Try. Having been sent back in time, Shinji has been suppressing rage at his asshole father and SEELE for the stuff that went down in End of Evangelion. He also keeps calm even though him and Asuka resolved their issues, got married and had a child after Third Impact but lost that when both went back in time. Shinji then watches Eva-02 (piloted by Asuka, again) blow up. Shinji becomes Death incarnate and mows down an army of Evas before almost causing Third Impact. He snaps out of it, barely, when Asuka finally draws his attention to the fact she bailed out in time.
  • Inevitably happens in the Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning with Career tribute Deuteragonist Obsidian. He is willing to put up with the other Careers' indifference to the death of one of their own. He's even willing to keep his mouth shut when they maliciously joke about killing Vale next, just after the death of her district partner, Kit. But when they kill a defenseless fawn for the fun of it, that's going too far for him.
  • In Mass Effect Human Revolution, Adam has a Tranquil Fury-fueled Heroic Second Wind when Toombs calls him an Illuminatus.
  • During one Naruto fic, Hinata reaches her breaking point while fighting Neji. Rather than give up or fight a losing battle, she activates his seal.
    Hinata: "Enough! You forget your place slave. Cease your squawking and return to your cage!"
  • After managing to contain his anger for most of the story, Nav completely snaps in Diaries of a Madman, upon being trapped in female form after his gender-switching artifact stops working.
  • Mean Time To Breakdown: Iwanako tends to 'deal' with her issues by bottling them all up and pretending nothing's bothering her. As her circumstances keep detoriating, she struggles to keep everything tamped down, even after recieving an ill-timed "The Reason You Suck" Speech from her teacher after being hospitalized by Emi's Crash-Into Hello. Then the one reponsible for sending her there shows up, admits she'd been warned about what caused the problem in the past... and Emi's mom pokes her head into the room. Seeing that Emi's mom is there for her when her own family is nowhere in sight pushes Iwanako past her breaking point, and she finally explodes.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act III: After a slew of bad happenings throughout the Act, including the deaths of Apoch and Astreal, the near-destruction of his Holy Lock, The Reveal that Hokuto and Jovian were Evil All Along and in fact orchestrated Kuyou's attack on Yokai Academy as a diversion so they could steal a dangerous artifact from the secured levels, and that Hokuto has found Felucia's Soul Jar and extorted her into working for him, Tsukune hits his breaking point big time and proceeds to blow Kuyou away in an Unstoppable Rage.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the movie Drive this pretty much describes the character of Driver. He is a quiet emotionless guy but after his Love Interest's husband comes home from prison, you start to see that he is holding back a lot of anger. As things start going to hell, he maintains his cool up until the elevator scene where he stomps on a mook's head so many times that it is nothing more than a bloody smear once he's finally done.
  • Star Wars: Luke Skywalker had already been through enough by the time the climactic battle in Return of the Jedi rolls around. But he knew that getting furious now would lead to The Dark Side. Vader and the Emperor taunt him, but he stays calm. But then Vader is about to threaten to do something terrible to the last family he has, Luke lets out a Big "NEVER!" cutting off Vader's sentence, and wails on him, coming very close to killing him.
  • At the start of Thor, Thor pays a "visit" to the frost giants, and Loki manages to talk him out of violence. Until one of the frost giants resorts to name calling...
  • The Avengers: It turns out that Bruce Banner is constantly dancing on the edge of this in order to stay calm and in control. It also allows him to transform into the Hulk at will without the requisite adrenaline-pumping event that usually triggers the change.
  • Small Soldiers: Stuart punches out resident Jerk Ass Larry near the ends of the movie, providing the page quote.
  • In the 2009 Star Trek Kirk is advised to do this to Spock, by Spock's alternate timeline self, in order to make his other self realize that he had been emotionally compromised due to seeing both his mother and his homeworld die.
  • Milton Waddams in Office Space finally has one after his desk is moved to the basement, and he sets the building on fire.
    Milton Waddams: Excuse me? Excuse me? Okay, that's... that's the last straw.
  • Harold in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, right after Neil Patrick Harris steals his car. You can actually see the point where he just snaps and completely loses his shit. And that's not even halfway through the night.
  • Spock's emotions are tested enough in Star Trek Into Darkness, and thinking Kirk is dead drives him to total rage.
  • During Saving Private Ryan The Medic Wade shows Nerves of Steel as he treats and operates on multiple fellow soldiers during the middle of the Omaha Beach invasion... up until a patient that he and several other medics were in the middle of saving gets hit by a stray bullet. At which points he snaps and begins launching a Cluster F-Bomb at the German gunners.

  • In the novel The Bishop's Heir, after Morgan and Duncan fail to save Sidana's life when Llewell slashes her throat just after she exchanged wedding vows with Kelson, Morgan looks up and sees Llewell's triumphant expression, leaps to his feet, grabs Llewell by his tunic, yanks him downward and shouts, "On your knees before your king, Mearan excrement!" He wants to kill Llewell and says so. Cardiel has to grasp Morgan by the wrist and forbid him from acting.
  • In a form of Teach Him Anger, in Mercedes Lackey's Storm Breaking Karal has to bring An�desha past this point to prove to him that he can release his emotions without losing control of his powers.
  • In Small Favor, from The Dresden Files, Harry is tired, angry, scared (mostly for his friend who is being eyed intently by a Valkyrie) and being chased by fallen angels. When one of them shoots his friend with an AK-47, Harry flips out and blasts a massive hole in the shooters chest (the shooter being a 2000 years old, demon possessed and a heavy weight sorcerer to boot) with a fire blast that is described as so intense it was almost a solid object.
    Harry: Fuego. Pyrofuego! BURN!
    • Earlier, in Grave Peril, Harry quickly discovers that he's been manipulated into a losing position: if he acts, it's bad. If he doesn't act, it's bad. In addition, he's found out that his lover has been cursed, his friends are in peril, and his lack of forethought and planning might spell doom for the Knights of the Cross. On top of all that, his discovery was planned for all of this to have maximum psychological impact. He responds thusly:
    Harry: Fuego! Pyrofuego! Burn, you greasy bat-faced bastards! BURN!
    • In White Night we get a flashback to Harry at a Warden training camp. Some ghouls attack one morning, and take two of the trainees (who are teenagers) captive. Harry rushes to rescue them, but not only are they already dead they are being eaten as he finds them. His reaction is...chilling. He flies into Tranquil Fury and brutally slaughters some ghouls, maims another and sets it to run back to its superiors and horrifically tortures the last before executing him in front of the rest of the trainees and Wardens.
    Ramirez: What happened to not hating them?
    Harry: Things change.
    • And after the final execution...
    Harry: That's the only way to serve it up. Cold.
    • In Skin Game Harry induces this in Nicodemus first by hammering on about how Nicodemus condemned Deirdre to the worse fate possible (Hell is more or less non discriminatory, whereas Hades is specifically made to be as karmic as possible), pointing out how for all his power he had to sacrifice his daughter simply because no one else would be loyal enough. The final deal breaker is when Harry says "I don't know how you said it back in the day, but I'll bet you anything her first word was 'dada.'"
  • The Worlds of Power novelization for Ninja Gaiden explains the "art of the fire wheel" as a weapon Ryu was taught to create through his anger. He unleashes it when struggling against a difficult enemy gets heaped on top of the other issues currently plaguing him — becoming a CIA lackey, failing to protect his father's old associate, and having no leads on his father's whereabouts.
  • In the Dale Brown novel Tiger's Claw a Drill Sergeant Nasty has it in for Bradley, accusing him of nepotism and insulting Patrick to his face. Bradley tries to rein in his anger at having his father badmouthed, oh he tries, even swallowing his pride and apologising for near-assault even when the other guy stuffs in a bunch of deliberately humiliating extra conditions... but when the Drill Sergeant Nasty just refuses to let it go and sneaks in one last barb sotto voce, oh, it was on.
  • In BIONICLE: Dark Destiny, Kopaka finally snaps after being beaten and looted by a bunch of thugs, weakened due to his Mask of Power being stolen, just having barely escaped an exploding volcano, and being attacked by a group of innocent villagers who thought that his team were villains. This almost ends badly for said villagers.
  • In Pact, Blake Thorburn, after being hounded by the Corrupt Hick chronomancer Laird Behaim for several weeks, becomes a Cornered Rattlesnake when Laird forces him to experience a Pensieve Flashback to his most painful memories and shoves a wooden splinter into Laird's windpipe.

     Live Action Television 

  • One episode of Malcolm in the Middle had Malcolm deciding to keep his opinions to himself. However throughout the episode he constantly gets annoyed by his family and the idiocy of his basketball team that we hear his rage in his thoughts which gets more and more distorted. Eventually he holds it in so much that he gets sick with a peptic ulcer and has to be taken to the hospital. His mother demands to know what he's so stressed about at his age. Malcolm decides to just let loose right then and there.
  • A rather scary example occurs in season four of Merlin, when Arthur confronts Gwen about kissing Lancelot on the night before their wedding. He starts out speaking quietly and calmly, listing reasons for her behavior. When she doesn't agree with any of them he completely loses it, starts yelling, and grabs her by the shoulders. Almost immediately, though, the rage subsides and he apologizes.
  • In Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire, agent Van Alden (living under the alias of George Mueller), is trying to make a living as Chicago's least successful door-to-door salesman, and puts up with no end of abuse and humiliation from his coworkers. Then one of them brings up the subject of his wife. The result is this.
    • In Season 4 he is once again an Extreme Doormat for much of the season, until a combination of factors once again pushes him to violence, though this time he's aware of his breaking point coming, gives warnings, and when the warnings are ignored his reaction is much more controlled and focused than before.
  • Skins: Series 1, Episode 5 is a Humiliation Conga for the already Butt Monkey Sid. He's grounded by his Jerkass father due to being behind on his homework, ends up being on the receiving end of Tony's manipulations and Michelle's wrath for thinking he was in on it. He gets beat up by chavs, peed on by a bum, returns home to get re-grounded for sneaking out, and then immediately after finds Cassie, who yells at him for lying. The next day, he gets screwed over by Tony again, causes Cassie to attempt suicide because he likes Michelle more, and then gets yelled at by Jal for his supposed selfishness. After all this, he returns home and finds his mother has left the family due to Mr. Jenkins' Jerkassishness. Sid loses his shit, finally having the Grew a Spine moment the episode's been building to, and delivering an epic Calling the Old Man Out before finishing his late homework in one night.

    Video Games 
  • In Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword, Nino defects from the Black Fang after they order her death, but she still tries to talk to her mother Sonia, hoping that Sonia will display some kind of motherly feeling. When Sonia cruelly reveals that she killed Nino's real parents and hated every moment she had to raise Nino, Nino snaps.
    Nino: Aaahhh!!! You're no perfect being! You're a monster in human form! No mercy! No forgiveness!!!
  • Bartz, the protagonist of Final Fantasy V, is a pretty even-tempered guy throughout the game. He supports his friends, rolls his eyes at their antics, and keeps up a steady determination to save the world from Exdeath despite numerous failures. Then Exdeath hurls Bartz's hometown into the Void for no reason but to demonstrate his power, and Bartz flips his lid, sending the airship careening across the world so fast he nearly destroys it.
  • In Office Jerk, if you hit the Jerk enough times with certain items, he'll throw the item back at you.
  • Paragon Shepard from the Mass Effect series gets a few of these moments.
    • During the Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2, Shepard will get a Paragon interrupt where s/he pistol whips a scientist who was using his own autistic brother as a test subject in a brutal experiment.
    • In the third game of the series, one mission has Shepard investigating an indoctrinated hanar diplomat. When the hanar justifies his actions with some Insane Troll Logic, Shepard snaps:
    Shepard: You... Big! Stupid!! Jellyfish!!!
  • During Chapter 4 of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, Makoto took Kagura to task about leaving them hungry in prison, but generally tried to restrain herself despite his lecherous tendencies, knowing fully well he was with another woman prior to their arrival. However, the revelation that he basically shirked his responsibilities due to violating Bros Before Hoes was enough for her to punch him in the liver or the kidneys with much more force than usual. To be fair, being left overnight in prison without food because the guy you're supposed to be reporting to was drunk off his ass with a floozy in his arms makes retribution very hard to resist.

  • In this strip of Hanna is Not a Boys Name, Lamont tries to shake hands with a ridiculously stressed out Conrad. It does not go down well.
    Conrad: Stop. Just Stop. I ran all the way here and I had to do it completely by memory because it's not like this dingy place has a f#cking listing. I got lost and a hooker tried to kiss me and you're damn lucky I no longer run out of breath. And I finally find this hack's hole in the wall that somehow passes off as a clinic, and whoa! Lucky me! Some shady greasy guy is dropping off organs like it's goddamn takeout. No I do not want to meet you. NO, I do not want to shake your hand.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl sees Mike eventually reach this point when he thinks Lucy is passive-aggressively Playing the Victim Card and trying to guilt him into feeling bad that his long distance girlfriend Sandy is visiting over winter holiday. Instead of lashing out physically, he lays out a devastating "The Reason You Suck" Speech, which takes her to task for ten years of abuse. Made all the more painful by the fact this calling-out comes while she's trying to improve and stop being such a hot-headed Tsundere.
  • Happened in Gunnerkrigg Court twice, to Antimony, who is usually nice and calm to the point of seeming emotionless. The second time was very unhealthy and prompted her to jump on the first proposal of teaching her some self-control.
  • Piro from the webcomic MegaTokyo. Normally the nicest guy you could ask for, wouldn't hurt a fly. But he's been shown to have a violent temper, so push him over the edge at your peril. See also Beware the Quiet Ones.
  • Aranea Serket from Homestuck is one of the most patient characters in the comic, dedicated to spreading knowledge to an almost unhealthy extent, but if you abridge something complicated down to one sentence or throw a gathering she's arranged into chaos for no reason, she will flip out - nonviolently, but spectacularly.
    • Jane is a cheerful kid, but when Jake talks about his dating life once too often having lost track of the time until her birthday, she completely loses it, delivers a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jake (who still remains a clue-free zone), revokes his invitation, tramples her computer headset into a thin film on the ground, and throws a table off a roof.
  • Billy Thatcher from Morphe has been kidnapped from his successful reality TV show while training for the oncoming Chess World Championship. He is forced to fight an idiot college kid in a battle to the death and is nearly killed by him before awakening as an Obrimos mage. His captor flirts with him relentlessly and downplays his objections to the situation. He barely sleeps because of a nightmare about his fingers being cut off and stuffed in his mouth. He cannot remember the last time he had anything to eat or drink... And then Amical refuses to let him read a newspaper.

    Web Original 
  • Played for Laughs when Brows Held High reviewed A Serbian Film. Oancitizen kept insisting the film was art, and not deserving of the hate many reviewers gave it. He kept a Stepford Smiler attitude about it, right until the review was over, and then snapped and called NATO, asking them to bomb Serbia (fortunately they didn't).
  • Fred Clark, the author of the Slacktivist blog, has a distinct tendency to get pissed off when the Left Behind "books" trumpet their fidelity to Biblical literalism. Sixty pages into Tribulation Force, for example, there is actually a picture of a page of that novel torn out, screwed up and unfolded so you can see what it is, accompanied by a rant.
  • BrainScratch Commentaries: Part 5 of Johnny's Sonic Genesis playthrough. After spending hours suffering through the game's sporadic slowdown and horrendous collision detection, a surprise death on the last boss finally sets him off. The part is even titled "And now, RAGE."
  • Cracked listed this as #1 on 5 Nice Things You Do Daily (That Secretly Ruin the World).
    Politeness is like the cap on a bottle of kill-soda, and every single indiscretion, no matter how slight or innocent, shakes that bottle a little bit more.

    Western Animation 
  • In the American Dad! episode "Bullocks to Stan", Stan's boss has been mistreating him all through the episode, making him do lots of menial tasks, all to get his promotion. The also includes being quiet about sleeping with his grown daughter. But then after the two break up, Bullock calls her a slut. Stan goes berserk, with a few And This Is for... punches.
  • Invoked in Avatar: The Last Airbender when an Earth Kingdom general wants to utilize Aang's Avatar State. Aang doesn't want to do it, since it's so devastating. The general threatens his friends to make it happen, but sees what Aang meant when he finally got him to lose control.
  • In Sequel Series The Legend of Korra, whenever Korra gets frustrated with her Airbending training, out come the fireballs at whatever object incurs her wrath.
  • In the Samurai Jack episode, "Jack Vs Mad Jack," Jack has just fought off a small army of bounty hunters single-handed, but he manages to calm himself down... then his sandal strap breaks...
  • The Simpsons:
  • Family Guy:
    • Lois has one in a Christmas episode, after Peter lost all of the gifts, the house was severely damaged in a fire, and she says that everything's going to be all right. She tells Meg to get paper towels to clean up while she continues trying to calm the rest of the family, and:
      Meg: We're out of paper towels.
      Lois: No... paper... towels?! (screams in anger, throws chair through the window)
      Meg: Oh, here's the paper towels!
    • In "Road to Rupert", Meg is driving Peter and his drunk friends, who proceed to annoy her, set her hair on fire and make her crash into the car in front of her. When the driver comes out and yells at her, she finally loses it and beats the ever-loving crap out of him.
    • In the hurricane episode where the family has to stay inside, Peter makes lots of annoying sounds that greatly bother Meg, but she says nothing about it. However, the minute she makes a sound, Peter scolds her for it, causing her to snap and spill out all the pent up anger she held back from her family for years by giving them the biggest "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • In many an episode of Grojband, Trina Riffin writes in her diary when in anger mode whenever she reaches this.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Rarity is prone to this. Both "Sisterhooves Social" and "Rarity Takes Manehattan" have plot points centering around Rarity suffering a gradual buildup of frustration and stress only to eventually lash out at someone.
    • Sweetie Belle experiences this in "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" when the play she wrote, directed, and acted in gets overshadowed by the costumes she had Rarity make for the story. She's absolutely furious to the point she assumes Rarity did it on purpose and spends the entire rest of that day venting her frustrations.
  • In Animaniacs, the Warners who usually only retaliate after being attacked played the Screwy Squirrel role in "the international friendship song". The extremely good-natured obese professor took jokes about his long name and weight in stride, but then they went from curious children into full blown antagonists and took away most of his clothes and he gave the Warners the boot (literally) and after they landed Wakko said "gee, some international friendship song" and the cartoon ended right then and there, indicating that they knew they deserved it because of how they were acting.
  • Batman Beyond villain Derek Powers was transformed into the glowing skeletal Blight in the pilot episode. He conceals this with artificial skinsuits, but is exposed when protesters break into a corporate board meeting and trigger an angry flareup that burns away the material.