Anime / Variable Geo
Goddesses, descend on the field of battle!

Variable Geo is a three-episode OVA series produced in 1996 by KSS, which centers around a mixed martial arts tournament for combat waitresses, who're competing for the ultimate prize: 10 million yen, a piece of prime real estate, and a year's worth of free advertising for their establishment. Needless to say, that's a pretty sweet deal... but there's also a catch:

The loser of each match has to strip for the crowd and, at level-1, they've gotta put on a show.

Unfortunately, the potential for public humiliation is the least of their concerns, as the unsuspecting vixens are about learn that the competition isn't as friendly as it initially seems. A nefarious plot that involves kidnappings, unsanctioned matches, and inhumane experiments, unfolds behind the curtain of the tournament proceedings, and the ones behind it all are the very people sponsoring it: The Jahana Group.

Yuka Takeuichi gets drawn into the plot when her best friend and old sparring partner, Satomi Yajima, goes missing. And is eventually joined by Jun Kubota and Manami Kusunoki in trying to find her. At the same time, Reimi Jahana is also made aware of these events and learns that her company is involved, prompting her to investigate the matter personally. How do these pieces fit together, and what is The Jahana Group's purpose?

Based on the Eroge series of the same name, though it loosely adapts the plot of Advanced V.G. instead. So while the "losing conditions" are still present, the hentai content isn't; making it more of an ecchi series.

Variable Geo provides examples of: