Headscratchers / Variable Geo

     Miranda's death 

  • How and when did it happen? The OVA has to be set prior the events of Advanced V.G. II, since it begins with a flashback to Yuka's match with Jun, using the exact same footage. But in the game, Miranda's still alive somehow and doesn't die until the waitresses kill her during her escape attempt, near the end. As noted on the work page itself, that's a glaring plothole.

     Satomi's income 

  • She's 16 and only part-times as a waitress, yet she's been able to support herself and her kid brother - which includes covering the costs of his medical treatment, since he's bedridden at the hospital. Exactly what kind of salary is she making? Even with tips + overtime and a second job, that'd be a pretty tall order, considering she's still in highschool. It makes you wonder what her takehome pay would be like, if she didn't constantly have to shell it out to bill collectors and the hospital.