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Headscratchers: Variable Geo
VG is supposed to be an official tournament and, as such, you'd expect there to be official rules and procedures.

  • But, throughout the tournament, Damian and The Jahana Group flagrantly disregard all of them to manipulate Satomi into entering the competition well past the official entry deadline. A point which Reimi raises, herself, when Damian approaches her in an attempt to get Reimi to bend the rules to allow for Satomi's late participation.
  • Then, there's the fact that Reimi and the others uncovered the conspiracy going on behind-the-scenes; including the cyber drive project and the unsanctioned matches that were taking place to field test Satomi's cyber-enhanced fighting capabilities.

With all of the evidence of tampering and criminal activity by the very group sponsoring the precedings, you'd think it would completely invalidate the outcome of the tournament and mandate that they restart the competition from the beginning. Instead, Reimi let's all of it slide and allows the finals to continue.
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