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Awesome: Variable Geo
  • Yuka's match with Jun is one of the highlights of the series, combining an awesome fight sequence with cinematics and special effects. Jun's "Kubota Special", in particular, is as awesome to look at, as it is painful to watch. And it ends with them going head-to-head with their respective ki attacks!
    • What makes it moreso is, Variable Geo was produced almost twenty years ago, on a budget. Yet the art and animation are so fluid, that it barely shows its age.
  • To say Reimi is formidable, would be an understatement.
    • During her match with Satomi, Reimi casually counters a fully enhanced ki powered strike, not by overpowering Satomi, but by offseting the flow of her ki from Satomi's attack, weakening it. All while lecturing her on how she was doing it as though it were simple, and even made it look easy! With skills like that, it's no wonder she's the reigning champion.
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