Awesome / Video Girl Ai

  • Youta smashing his VCR and freeing Ai from the Big Bad's control. Not to mention when he makes himself remember Ai just before that, forcibly overriding the erasure of his memories about her.
  • Also Youta climbing the glass staircase, even though he's slicing the hell out of himself doing so.
  • Don't forget a dying Ai using her last bit of magnetic energy to annihilate Mai on a single attack.
  • The end of the manga: it seems that Rolex has won, with the Old Man captured and about to die, Ai reprogrammed and Yota being forcefully fed a pill that erased his memory of Ai... And then Yota remembered Ai through the strength of his love for her, wrecked the device keeping Ai brainwashed (even if it's going to end her period of reproduction, but they both prefer it this way), and when Rolex tried to retaliate the device, previously sabotaged by the Old Man, kills him. And finally, in the epilogue, Ai comes back as a human.
    • The sequel Video Girl Len shows that the Old Man got away, and now has his own shop, the Neo Gokuraku, from which he rents Video Girls with a heart.
  • After Ayumi's ex-boyfriend has revealed that he's still a Jerkass and doesn't care about her, Toshiki says that Hiromu has something to give him on his way. And then punches the jerk to the ground, with Len giving him a thumbs-up.