Shameful Strip

"You have seen, gentlemen, how a woman must be made to remove her own clothing, depriving her of her dignity. With a man, it is the opposite. Strip him!"
Dr. Molloch, The Evil That Men Do

A captured or otherwise helpless victim (we'll call her Alice) is stripped of her clothing as a form of torture or humiliation.

This can be the prelude to serious sexual assault, but the point of the exercise is to torment Alice by leaving her bare and exposed to the eyes of her captors — frequently Come to Gawk is involved. It's especially cruel if Alice is forced to self-strip, symbolizing the complete loss of her freedom (though being stripped by the antagonist is still pretty cruel). The temperature will often be quite cold as well, causing Alice to shiver.

A strip search by the police or other security forces may fall under this trope, particularly if we are dealing with Corrupt Cops or we already know Alice is innocent.

The captive's reaction depends to some extent upon whether it's Alice or Bob being stripped. Alice may blush and cringe, and the I Have You Now, My Pretty subtext will be quite evident. Bob is more likely to cover his humiliation under a mask of defiance, while the sight of his naked body (whether from Heroic Build or... other endowments) may cause his male guards to feel ashamed and inadequate. When a male is Shamefully Stripped, this is often a sign that the villain is a sexually voracious woman. Alternatively, the villain may be a Depraved Bisexual, Depraved Homosexual, or Psycho Lesbian victimizing a same-sex captive.

Related to Defeat by Modesty. Fanservice for many people — although some instances of this are so cruel that even the easily titillated are likely to be offended.

Contrast Go-Go Enslavement, in which the torture is that Alice loses the right to choose her own clothing and must wear the outfit her captors provide — clothes which are scandalously revealing or utterly humiliating in some other way. Accidental happenstances go into Wardrobe Malfunction. If Alice loses her hair instead of her clothes, it's Traumatic Haircut.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Get Backers, Kazuki (actually Akame Kogenta in disguise) tied Himiko with his strings during Limitless Fortress arc. When Himiko mocked him for his cowardice, he tightened his strings, shredding her clothes, leaving her nearly naked. As if that wasn't bad enough, he even tried to mutilate her with his strings. This only happened in the manga version. In the anime, the fake Kazuki didn't tighten his strings to shred Himiko's clothes at all.
  • In an episode of InuYasha, Kagome is knocked unconscious by the villain-of-the-week and wakes up naked in a big cooking pot, since he plans to feed her to a man-eating tree. From the time Inu-Yasha rescues her until she retrieves her clothes, she wears his fire-rat-hair kimono.
  • In Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, when the Huckebein captured Tohma's group, they proceeded to strip them of all the equipment they could remove. Unsurprisingly, while Tohma was able to keep the Instant Armor that came with his Black Knight form, Lily and Isis were left completely naked while their enemies interrogated them. A justified precaution, though, since in the Nanoha-verse, almost anything can be turned into a weapon, including articles of clothing.
  • In the second episode of Desert Punk, Rain Spider makes short work of two thugs who tried to rob him. After defeating them, he makes them strip naked below the waist and sends them to walk in the hot desert back to the rest of their band. They initially protest that this is so humiliating that they'd rather die, but after Rain Spider takes out some "toys" (various weapons and bondage gear), they decide to walk.
  • Played for horror during Berserk's Eclipse when Casca is captured and stripped naked by demons, a prelude of worse things to come for her.
  • In Trigun, Vash is once forced to strip naked and bark like a dog (or else an outlaw leader will kill someone). Vash does... revealing so many old scars and injuries in the process to disturb even the outlaws making the threats.
  • Features in the Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise arc of Black Lagoon. After Yukio Washimine is captured by Chaka and his group, her captors play strip bowling: for every strike, they remove a piece of clothing from her. By the time we see her she has lost her shoes, socks, skirt and bra, but for some reason she can still cover herself with her (unbuttoned) shirt. (Likely to avert Executive Meddling) Given that they were planning on selling her as a Sex Slave, this would probably have gone further had they not been interrupted.
  • Whenever an antagonist in an episode of Gun Frontier gets the upper hand, odds are his first action will be to rip off Sinunora's dress.
  • Black Butler: Alois forces his maid Hannah to strip for him, partly to Kick the Dog and partly to use her dress as a disguise.
  • Hentai tends to do this all the time and sometimes in unusual ways. Slave Warrior Maya reverses the typical order of events: Trapped in Another World by a magic spell, Maya is intimidated by a pair of aliens into stripping naked before they'll help her find a way home. It's only after she's stripped that they take her prisoner, since she's now a naked human in the wild and therefore, legally, no better than an animal.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, this happens to Dr. Ritsuko Akagi in episode 23. For worse, the old men of SEELE are the ones forcing her to stand naked in front of them as they verbally harass her, and when she finds out that Gendo specifically sent her to avoid having to send Rei, Ritsuko is not amused.
  • Gen's older sister Eiko in Barefoot Gen is accused of theft and subjected to this.
  • Fairy Tail :
    • Yukino of the Sabertooth Guild is forced to take off her clothes in front of the other members while her Master berates her for losing one fight. He then proceeds to kick her out.
    • This also happens to Erza Scarlet when she is captured by Tartaros. When next we see her she is completely naked and bound in manacles that prevent her magic use. Given the nature of her powers, and that she uses them for everyday clothing, too, this is as much a side-effect as a justified precaution. It's worse when they start subjecting her to Cold-Blooded Torture, which causes her to break down because her armor is a kind-of Security Blanket for her when she's around enemies, thus being tortured while naked is worse for Erza than almost anyone else.
    • Later, more people get captured by Tartaros and are also stripped, so it may just be standard procedure there. Given that Natsu and Lisanna suffer the same fate, it would seem this is just Tartaros' style.
    • The Dragon Zirconis uses magic to strip humans of clothing. He does this because clothes ruin the flavor of human flesh, though he also admits he does it to rob humans of their dignity.
  • Happens to Sara Uchida in the second Kasei Yakyoku OAV. Crosses into Near-Rape Experience, as she gets stripped and pinned down by Yakuzas—but manages to steal one's dagger and keep them at arm's length.
  • Luna is subjected to both this and being put in a Crucified Hero Shot in Casshan: Robot Hunter, due to being a member of La Résistance.
  • Future Diary:
    • When Minene is drugged and captured by Hirasaka, he not only rips her already injured left eye but strips her down to her panties and chains her to a wall.
    • Also, a captured Yuno gets subjected to Clothing Damage and then pinned down with only half her clothes on when Tsubaki, already VERY pissed off due to having lost one of her hands to Yuno herself, orders her minions to gangrape her. In the anime it's even worse, since all her clothes save for her panties are taken off.
  • In Gokujou Drops, Yukio's fangirls do this to her love interest Komari as a part of their bullying.
  • Mina Tepes, the Vampire Monarch of Dance in the Vampire Bund, is every 10 years given this under the disguise of a "chastity test" by the order of the three last pure-blood vampire men. If stripping down a 12-year-old-looking female is not enough shameful, remember that they killed the rest of the pure bloods as well as her mother and they are just doing it to remind her that she's their property.
  • Both Okoi and Kagerou are subjected to this in Basilisk when captured by the enemies.
  • When Ryozanpaku Master Shigure is captured in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, she is kept entirely naked at almost all times, with her hands and legs bound. Keeping her away from anything, even a single strip of cloth, is in fact a completely justified precaution, given what she's been shown to do with as little as a wooden spoon or a strip of wet cloth.
  • In Sakura Gari, Masataka finds a picture of a half-naked girl who's also Bound and Gagged. She's a former maid who was The Mistress to Souma; Sakurako stripped her almost naked, tortured her into almost insanity and took pictures due to jealousy. Also Masataka himself, he is forced to strip naked in front of Souma, who's blackmailing him into having sex with him.
  • In the Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine episode ".357 Magnum", Fujiko is goaded by the casino owner Cicciolina into wagering her freedom against ownership of the casino. Fujiko loses. The guards take her to Cicciolina's bedroom and handcuff her naked to a chair.
  • Happens to Ritsuko Takahashi in Hell Teacher Nube, when she's kidnapped, stripped and almost murdered by a mentally/emotionally shattered Yukime.
  • In World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Natasha wakes up naked and in magical restraints when she is captured by the organization White Light.
  • In Mahou Sensei Negima!, Tsukuyomi subjects Setsuna to this by straddling her and using her sword to cut her sarashi open, giggling and telling her to "satisfy" her.
  • Variable Geo: This is the penalty for losing any match at level-3 and above. Though it's first seen when Jun loses her preliminary bout against Yuka, which was only set at level-4. Despite Yuka's insistence that rules didn't obligate her to do so, Jun still went through with it as she felt there was no place in VG for mediocrity.
  • In Arachnid, a then-villainous Oki forces Alice to strip as part of her demands for releasing Yoriko. Oki would have had Alice crawl around the school while naked for further humiliation, but thankfully it turned out Yoriko hadn't been kidnapped at all and Alice fights back.
  • Blue Comet SPT Layzner has Eiji captured, stripped naked and locked in a padded cell by human mad scientists who plan to study him like a lab rat for being half-human, half-Gradosian. His sister Julia gets stripped to her underwear by Gosterro, who does so in public.

    Comic Books 
  • Seen in the Vertigo Comics limited series Proposition Player, where a villain discusses the finer points of this technique — when to strip the captives by force, and when to make them strip themselves.
  • In Lady S, after capturing the heroine, the bad guys (including a woman) order her to strip so she won't try to run away in the streets. It doesn't work as she's a Shameless Fanservice Girl; she doesn't try to cover herself while running away (keeping her underwear on may have helped).
  • Firestorm did this to the villainess Plastique when he used his power to de-atomize her clothes so he could get the bombs that were attached to her and dispose of them safely somewhere else, leaving the beautiful red-haired villainess completely naked and humiliated in public (and played for laughs, no less, even though her Naked Freak-Out is more or less off camera). Also a very cruel example of Naked People Are Funny as Plastique's would-be victims start laughing at the hapless villainess as she tries to cover herself, as well as a reverse of Naked People Trapped Outside.
  • New Avengers:
    • In the very first arc, the team is captured while doing some investigating in the Savage Land and all stripped naked. Spider-Woman notes how humiliating it is and wishes that their captors could have at least let them keep their undergarments, though Spider-Man responds that he doesn't wear any anyway when in costume since it makes him chafe.
    • In New Avengers Annual #3, Clint Barton (usually Hawkeye but Ronin at the time) awakes from a botched attempt to kill Norman Osborn stark naked and bound to a chair, with Norman and the evil Dark Avengers (one of whom is female) sneering at him. He spends most of the issue chained naked to a table as Norman has Mentallo psychically torture him.
  • In the Sensational She-Hulk Graphic Novel #18, She-Hulk is forced to strip after being captured by semi-rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Somewhat subverted in that she's found great confidence and positive self-image in her She-Hulk form. She even drops her (already Fanservice-y) outfit on the floor and asks "Okay, bright boys, now what? Maybe you'd like me to jump rope for you?" (Of course, her boyfriend, Wyatt, who is also being held hostage, is clearly not amused by it any of it, and neither is Dugan when he shows up in the next scene.)
  • in issue 32 of Ms. Marvel Vol 2, before she gained her superpowers, Carol Danvers was stripped to her underwear when she was held captive by Ghazi Rashid in Afghanistan.
  • After Rice sends X-23 on an off-books mission to kill Martin Sutter, his wife, and son (who's actually Rice's son from an affair with Sutter's wife), upon their return to the Facility, Rice strips X down, burns her clothing, and blasts her with a firehose to clean up any evidence of his actions. In addition to hiding his crime, Rice's callous treatment is just another part of his denial of X-23's humanity.

    Films — Animation 
  • Heavy Metal: When Taarna was captured by the Barbarian Leader, he had her stripped.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: During the climax, when Judge Frollo and his guards are preparing to sentence Esmeralda to death by being burned at the stake and all she's given to wear is a chemise, or a women's undergarment worn during the time period, and it may or may not have been hers after her other clothes were taken. This was fairly common at the time and up until the mid-1800's, buying and selling of second-hand clothes was extremely common. In the case of criminals, frequently the jailer would be the one to profit from the sale, so you had to be pretty important/popular to be allowed to keep your own clothes.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Elvira: Mistress of the Dark features Elvira ripping the top off her blonde rival Patty when Patty tries to come between Elvira and her love interest Bob. It gets even worse for Patty when the ripping stripping reveals to the entire public in broad daylight that Patty is actually flat chested and was stuffing her shirts the whole film to make herself look more buxom and shapely than she really was, leaving Patty completely humiliated (though she is kind of a bitch so you can't feel too bad for her).
  • In the Robert Bresson film Au hasard Balthazar, the most sympathetic human character (it's a film about a donkey) is a girl named Marie, who falls in love with the wrong guy. In one of the most upsetting scenes in the movie, she's trapped in a derelict house and the camera follows the gang of her boyfriend and his mates running off with her clothes, followed by a lingering shot of her huddling naked in the house and weeping.
  • James Bond:
    • Diamonds Are Forever features something of a time-delayed reaction to this. It wasn't being stripped down to her panties that shamed the lovely Plenty O'Toole — in fact she sounds rather pleased with herself after it happens —, it was Plenty being caught after it happened by some generic thugs that caused her to be humorously shamed.
    • A variation of this happens in The Living Daylights. After Bond has confronted Pushkin, an alarm is sounded, and Bond forces Puskin's girlfriend Kata to take her top off, but not because he has anything against her — he has her face the door so that when a bodyguard charges in, he's distracted by the now-topless girl, so he can ambush the guard. (Once he does that, he throws her a towel and tells her to lock herself in the bathroom so he and Pushkin can have words.) Later in the movie a prison guard orders Kara to strip (after saying he hasn't had a female prisoner in a long time) but Bond intervenes before he can force her to do so.
  • Discussed in The Evil That Men Do (1984), which opens with a Torture Technician lecturing a roomful of army officers with the "help" of a male prisoner.
    Dr. Molloch: You have seen, gentlemen, how a woman must be made to remove her own clothing, depriving her of her dignity. With a man, it is the opposite. STRIP HIM!
  • In Joy Ride Rusty blackmails Lewis and Fuller into walking across a parking lot and into a crowded diner completely nude to show them what humiliation feels like.
    • The first sequel has Rusty blackmailing Melissa into stripping down to her underwear while he records it...only for her to discover that the trucker she stripped for wasn't Rusty. Making matters worse, said trucker promptly uploads the video to the Internet..
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the heroine Elizabeth Swann is forced to strip off her dress while walking the plank, much to the amusement of the pirates. At least she still had her slip on underneath. The pirate captain Barbossa demands it because he loaned her the dress and wants it back, but it's clear it's really just to humiliate her.
  • The Mask of Zorro:
    • Elena is stripped, albeit humorously, by Zorro after their duel.
    • Played for Laughs as well when the Murrieta brothers tie a group of captured Mexican soldiers by the wrists and place them around a cactus, facing it and stripped from the waist down. If any of the soldiers tries to get away from the cactus, the one on the other side will get the... touch of the cactus in his privates.
  • In the movie Shuttle (2008), the Driver forces both Jules and Mel to strip down to their bra and panties before making them put on high heels for an inspection.
  • There is a TV movie called Strip Search which was of course, Exactly What It Says on the Tin. During one sequence, an interrogator played by Ken Leung of Lost fame is interrogating a stripped Maggie Gyllenhaal. Just to add insult to injury, he performs a cavity search on her, very clearly out of a desire to terrify and humiliate her more than any belief he's going to find anything. Not surprisingly, as soon as he leaves the room, she bursts into tears and smashes every piece of furniture in the room.
  • A Dutch film called The Dress focuses on a dress that brings bad luck to anyone who wears it, and a train conductor who is obsessed with whatever woman currently has it on. When the dress and the conductor both reach a schoolgirl, he forces her to strip naked; the camera lingers on her embarrassment.
  • The climax of Batman (1989) appears to be heading in this direction, with The Joker taking Vicki Vale up to the top of the Gotham City Cathedral at gunpoint. He removes Vicki's shoes and throws them down the stairs, then removes her coat and drapes it over the railing... leaving Vicki wearing only a sheer white dress not unlike the standard woman's "shift" undergarment from the Renaissance era or earlier (and they are in a Gothic cathedral). More to the point, the Joker makes sure that Batman, who is pursuing him, comes across these discarded articles of clothing on his way up the stairs, possibly as a means of taunting him. Whatever the case, Vicki was lucky that cathedral tower wasn't any taller... (Oh, and during the dance sequence one of Vicki's dress straps slips almost all the way off her shoulder, thus bringing up another trope.)
  • True Lies: Finding that his wife Helen has been cheating on him while he's been traveling around the world on missions for the CIA, Harry Tasker punishes her by having her kidnapped, locked in a dark, mirrored room where he and his partner harshly interrogate her (their voices grotesquely altered by a vocoder device) from an unseen location, and then forced to take part in a "spy mission" that ends with her stripping down to (very skimpy) underwear for the amusement of an unidentified man sitting in the shadows — who, of course, turns out to be Harry himself. More than any other scene in the movie, that's the one that elicited an enraged, Dude, Not Funny! reaction from lotsa people (and not only feminists).
  • At the end of Agora, Hypatia is captured by an angry mob and stripped naked, with the mob then calling her a whore.
  • At the end of Iron Man 3, while being held captive by Aldrich Killian, Pepper Potts is barefoot and shirtless.

    Legends (Historical) 
  • A subversion in the Legend of Lady Godiva. She has been pleading with her husband to lift oppressive taxes on the peasants in their village, and he agrees, on the condition that she ride through town naked. She agrees, and uses the nudity as a symbol of the peasants' tax-related plight. He does actually hold up his end of the deal.
  • Allegedly, after defeating the Ottoman sultan Bayazid in 1402, Tamerlane forced Bayazid's wife to serve naked at his table. (But the story, like other stories of how Tamerlane humiliated Bayazid, is highly suspect.)
  • Was said to have happened to Oghul Qaimish, the Empress regent and wife of Güyük Khan, Genghis Khan's grandson, after her attempt to usurp her husband's successor Möngke through a coup was defeated. When she was dragged in naked to be interrogated she supposedly said that only the Khan had seen her naked before, and she was eventually executed by being put into a felt sack and drowned in the river.
  • According to contemporary sources, up to 40,000 people were subjected to this trope when the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople.

  • Happens twice in Redwall; The vermin captives of the Bark Crew are stripped of their uniforms and forced to walk back to the fortress naked (and neck-deep in the sea, just to make matters even worse), and Flinky and Crinktail are "stripped to the fur" when captured by Raga Bol. May not have entirely the same impact as with humans, considering the Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal phenomenon, but given that in another book a vermin Mook is embarrassed when Big Bad Badrang cuts his kilt off, maybe it does.
  • In R.A. Salvatore's fantasy novel The Highwayman a beautiful young woman named Callen is found guilty of adultery and, as part of her punishment, she is stripped completely naked at what is meant to be her execution (she survives though), catching the eye of one of the book's eventual antagonists.
  • John Moore's fantasy parody novel Heroics for Beginners features the Big Bad's "Evil Assistant" tearing open the captive princess' blouse, on the grounds that exposing a female prisoner's body makes her feel more vulnerable. She's very surprised to encounter a chainmail bra underneath.
  • In Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's Oath of Fealty, at the end of the novel the captured ecofanatic saboteurs and some common criminals are stripped naked, painted, tattooed and left for the police to find.
  • Discworld:
    • In Jingo, Carrot orders a captured squad of enemy soldiers to be stripped for humiliation purposes (though to their underwear, not completely naked), except for the officers, because you don't do that to officers. Good old Captain Carrot.
    • Also occurs in Monstrous Regiment where NCO Jackrum has the captured soldiers including the officers stripped nude, chained up, and left to hop home.
  • In Jack Chalker's Flux & Anchor series, this happens to Cassie twice. The first time, she's been caught spying around a temple and is placed naked in a cell, told that if she resists, there'll be chains and a gag, too. The second time, she's been abducted by the male-dominated society of New Eden, waking up from unconsciousness to find herself naked, gagged and handcuffed. The abduction is a prelude to an extended period of "re-education."
  • Appears in some versions of Little Red Riding Hood where the wolf forces Red to throw all of her clothes into the fire.
  • This happened twice in Orlando Furioso. First, Princess Angelica is captured by Pirates Ebuda, who strips her naked and ties her to a rock. Second, the princess of Holland, Olympia, is stripped naked by the same suspect, and tied to a tree. Both girls cannot conceal their modesty when their rescuer approaches them.
  • Done to Kahlan by Emperor Jagang in the Sword of Truth series while she was his captive. Like with most other things he did, Jagang got a two-fold benefit. Not only did he get to see her naked (a substantial prize in itself), but the purpose was to march her around his army's camp that way. At that point, a spell had made her an Un-Person who was forgotten before her presence was noticed by 99.99% of humanity. By marching her around the camp, Jagang found the .01% who noticed the naked, beautiful, and unclaimed woman in their midst and rounded them up to be Kahlan's personal guards, the only ones who would actually notice if she tried to escape. During the event itself, though, Kahlan wisely tried to downplay the "Shameful" aspect as much as possible. Jagang's intention was in humiliation as much as anything, so rather than muck about and stall by moving slowly, folding her clothes, etc. and giving him the satisfaction of her discomfort, she simply shucked everything off like pulling a band-aid and played it off as no big deal. It would be much more remarkable and Genre Savvy if she hadn't lead an army while stark-naked and painted white. Both times there were a number of clever reasons for her to do it, but it was essentially contrived Fanservice.
  • A recurrent theme in the romance novels of Bertrice Small, but especially in A Love for All Time, where four English girls are carried off by Muslim slave traders midway through the novel. Their clothes are taken during a preparatory bath and all four are made to march through the streets of Algiers naked before being auctioned off in the same state.
  • In Spellfall by K. Roberts, Natalie, a 12-years-old girl, is captured and drugged by an evil wizard Hawk and his female assistant. When she wakes up, all her clothing (and glasses) have been removed, and replaced with a short shift, allegedly to make it harder for her to escape. It is also implied that Hawk was also involved in the clothing removal, as he later is interested in seeing Natalie change back.
  • Happens a couple times in A Song of Ice and Fire.
    • In A Clash of Kings, King Joffrey strips Sansa Stark publicly as punishment for her brother's rebellion before Tyrion intervenes. (It's implied that this was at least as much because Joffrey is a horny 13-year-old boy as for humiliation value.)
    • Following the ironborn conquest of the Shield Islands, King Euron celebrates his victory with a feast in the castle of the defeated Lord Hewett, with Lord Hewett tied to his chair and forced to watch while his wife and daughters serve their conquerors. During the course of the feast, Hewett's illegitimate daughter Falia suggests that the ladies be forced to remove their fine clothes to avoid getting them dirty. Euron agrees and seems to enjoy it, but Victarion considers this dishonorable.
    • Cersei Lannister later goes on a naked "Walk of Shame" through the streets of King's Landing as an alternative to imprisonment. This is ostensibly a voluntary move to atone for her sins and show humility before the gods as opposed to for pure humiliation, although the loss of face is the real political reason why it was allowed. For her part, Cersei decided she would be able do it without being ashamed, but she is disabused of this over the course of the walk, and ends it scrambling tearfully up the steps of the palace trying to cover herself.
    • While undergoing the above punishment, Cersei recalls her father issuing a similar fate to his own late father's Gold Digger mistress, evicting her from the castle and claiming she had no right to wear any of her clothes that had been bought with Lannister coin... in other words, any of them.
  • The Wheel of Time:
    • This is used as part of her interrogation technique by Semirhage: a dressed prisoner feels safer than a naked one.
    • Likewise, after Isendre is caught apparently trying to steal from the Aiel, she is forced to remain naked except for the stolen jewelry found in her wagon.
    • The Aiel do this to Wetlanders all the time. They're not sure why it's so discomforting, as Aiel have co-ed sweat tents, but they know it works...
    • Done to Mat, of all people. His charges, Nynaeve and Elayne, are very amused when he complains about it and act as if he deserves it for skirt-chasing.
    • Despite the improbable number of gorgeous women in the main cast, this trope crops up surprisingly little. Partially due to many of their captors also being female and partially due to the lesbian sorority undertones in the Aes Sedai training, it might not be as effective as in our 'verse. And yes, "lesbian sorority undertones" is a startlingly-accurate description of the White Tower. Most or all of their rituals involve at least partial nudity and are comparable to the worst excesses of hazing, including simulating for the trainees being naked and physically abused in front of their friends, love interests, and complete strangers.
  • A dead man is found stripped and in a shallow grave in A Brother's Price. It's determined that he was kidnapped, drugged, raped, and then bled or choked to death on his own blood after his tongue was cut out. Eldest Whistler removes her coat to cover him with, "her eyes furious".
  • In Colin Kapp's sci-fi novel The Chaos Weapon, the Ra insist their prisoners come to them "naked and without weapons." (They then proceed to dye their captives' skins gold, apparently the only color that Ra themselves don't come in.)
  • In the Spaceforce novels, Taysans are culturally extremely modest and cover up everything except their hands, neck and faces. When Mizal, a government agent, is captured and tortured by an alien (to her) drug baron, she is stripped to humiliate her and her mutilated body is returned to her people naked. Her fellow agent Jay reflects when he sees her that whoever did it 'knew Taysans'.
  • After being framed for treason and driven mad by an Evil Sorcerer, Doctrine of Labyrinths's Felix undergoes this treatment at a Bedlam House, where a sadistic warden tears off his clothes. It's supposed to be for a shower, but given the amount of time the warden spends ogling him and asking embarrassing questions, it's pretty clear that's not the only reason.
  • In Wizenbeak by Alexis K. Gilliland, a young prince and princess are stripped by their own guards, who turn against them during a rebellion. It's a variation on the usual trope, though, since the guards don't intend to keep the young royals hostage, they just figure their side has lost the war and that the fancy clothing is worth enough money to get themselves a long way away.
  • Two cops do this to an annoying traffic offender in a novel by Joseph Wambaugh.
    Cop: Now bend over and show me that round brown. I gotta check you ain't hiding a machine gun up there.
  • Happens twice in Nobody Lives for Ever. Early in the story, James Bond grows suspicious of the chance-met Sukie Tempesta (an Italian Princess) and strip-searches her to make sure she's not carrying anything dangerous. Later, a fuller evocation of this trope comes when Tempesta and the bodyguard Nanette "Nanny" Norrich are abducted by one of the villains who's after Bond's head. Bond finds them Bound and Gagged and stripped to their underwear.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Life on Mars. Happens to Sam Tyler after he's slipped a mickey by a prostitute in a frame-up. He wakes up tied to a bed with Gene Hunt kicking down the door accompanied by WPC Anne Cartwright. Considering Annie's embarrassment and Gene's quip of "it's not all golf and badminton in Hyde, eh?", it's fairly safe to say Sam was naked.
  • NUMB3RS: In an undercover assignment, to spot bugs. Blatant Fanservice, what with the promos advertising the strip and the random lingerie she just happened to be wearing. The shame bit's still there, though.
  • Firefly. The episode "Trash" had YoSaffBridge order Mal to get naked and ditched him in the desert. Her interest wasn't prurient; it was out of revenge and spite. Of course she seemed to enjoy it a lot, so revenge and spite might be the same thing as prurient for her. Hard to tell with that chick.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • A would-be assassin is stripped and forced to walk behind a horse until he drops.
    • In Season 2, King Joffrey has Sansa stripped and beaten in public, in revenge for her brother defeating Lannister forces in a battle. Doesn't wind up going quite as far as in the books due to the fact that Sansa's actress was underage at the time and her dress is only halfway off, but it's implied it would have gone further had Tyrion not intervened.
    • In Season 5, the High Septon, a man who had taken a vow of celibacy, is caught being serviced in a brothel. He is punished by being marched through the streets naked, and is whipped every time he tries to cover himself.
  • In the pilot episode of Rome, the Gaul leader, Vercingetorix, when defeated and captured was forced to strip and kiss Caesar's golden standard. As was the custom.
  • In Kamen Rider OOO, when a Greeed is stripped of its Core Medals it is also stripped of the clothes and armor they are wearing.
  • Xena was stripped by Ares a few times during the course of Xena: Warrior Princess (the most notable example being "The Bitter Suite"). Also happened to her in Adventures in Sin where she ambushed the Amazon Queen Cyanae (Victoria Pratt) while she's basically naked but for a loincloth while getting a massage, only for the blonde warrior to steal all of Xena's clothes right off of her and then dressing herself in them, leaving Xena herself basically naked but for a leather thong underwear, causing an angry Xena to wrap herself up in a Modesty Towel (or modesty rug at least) before fleeing in shame and anger. Defeat by Modesty indeed.
  • In the pilot episode of Hawaii Five-0, Kono (Grace Park) is forced to strip to her underwear by a Hawaiian gangster to prove she's not wearing a wire. He then takes her picture while she's still undressed, an act that seems like gratuitous sleeze until he later sends the picture to a mole inside the police department to doublecheck her identity.)
  • In the Bad Future episode of Sanctuary, Magnus is stripped and hosed down by Future!Will's soldiers. This scene was very much Fan Disservice.
  • Subverted in the first season of the rebooted Dallas. Ann Ewing goes to her ex-husband Harris' office, and offers herself to him so that he won't blackmail Sue Ellen during the Texan governor's race. She shamefully begins to unbutton her top as Harris looks on gleefully...and then it's revealed that she was wearing a wire under her blouse, and just recorded Harris confessing to his corrupt activities.
  • In The Walking Dead, after Maggie is captured by the Governor, he interrogates her by first politely asking where her group's camp is so he can return her and Glenn peacefully before switching on the creepy and quietly demanding that she take off her shirt and bra, on threat that he'll chop off Glenn's hand. She later confirms to Glenn that he didn't "do anything" after he automatically assumes the worst, but it's still quite a moment of Fan Disservice.
  • In the Criminal Minds episode "Psychodrama", the Unsub is a bank robber who takes everyone at a random bank hostage and forces them to strip to their underwear. He then pairs an unusual couple- for example, a young man with an old lady- and forces them into sex acts. He did it mainly for control, but also because it simulated therapy that he was receiving.
  • Hilariously inverted in a sketch from Mr. Show where a streaker throws clothes at a rival and forces him to put them on, jeering and catcalling while he sobs and gets dressed.
  • In the early-'90s, a General Hospital storyline has good girl Karen becoming a stripper after recalling having been sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend and beginning to believe that she was a tramp who didn't deserve anything better. The pressures of maintaining a double life (she continued to attend college and work as a waitress) got to her until she finally broke down in the middle of one of her performances, having finally realized how degrading it was. Several years later, as she was about to begin her medical residency on the GH-spinoff Port Charles, she and the other doctors were held hostage by a deranged former student incensed that she had taken his place in the program. To that end, he took particular pleasure in humiliating her by revealing her nefarious past as well as forcing her to perform a striptease in front of everyone.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • One episode that dealt with torture used this. The Captor even stated coldly, as he used a knife to peel away Captain Picard's clothing, "From this point on, you will experience no privilege of rank, no privileges of person. From now on, I will refer to you only as human. You have no other identity." Picard is then hung up by his arms, stark naked and left there overnight. He's later given a barely concealing garment to wear, both because a later scene featured a child, and also because it would have been difficult to show body language without showing, well, his body.
    • Another episode had Troi and her mother kidnapped by Ferengi, who used the transporter to beam them out of their clothing. We later learn that the Ferengi, being an extreme patriarchy, find the idea of women wearing clothing to be offensive, so this could be an either/or example.
  • In The Shift a homeowner stripped a young punk he caught breaking into his house in order to humiliate him, a bit of frontier justice that backfired spectacularly when the punk returned with a gun and killed him.
  • In an episode of Police Woman, a serial killer forces his victims to strip to music, and then proceeds to rape and kill them.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • This is the whole idea of a WWE Divas Bra and Panties Match, a Fanservice-intended fight where the diva has to win by stripping her opponent down to her bra and panties. A notable gauntlet match is found here. (The winner took hers off anyway.) These sort of matches were discontinued around 2008 when the WWE started aiming for younger audiences.
  • In 2001, after Trish Stratus apologized to Vince McMahon for some infraction, Vince made her strip, saying "If you're truly sorry, Trish, ..." and ordering her to remove an article of clothing. She was down to her underwear by the time he stopped.

    Puppet Shows 
  • In The Dark Crystal after the death of the emperor, SkekUng confronts SkekSil and issues the challenge for supremacy. The Chamberlain responds by declaring the challenge be a Trial by Stone. After the battle, the Chamberlain is stripped of his clothing and outcast by the High Priest as punishment for losing to the new emperor, SkekUng.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Mahabharata: This happens to the Pandavas after Duryodhana and his uncle Shakuni lead Yudhishthira to gamble away his kingdom, his brothers, and finally his queen Draupadi on a game of dice. Duryodhana orders the brothers to strip since he now owns all their possessions including their clothes but crosses the line when he orders Dushasana to forcibly disrobe Draupadi. Realizing no-one can save her, Draupadi prays to Krishna who performs a miracle which causes her sari to keep extending.
  • There's another example in Babylonian Mythology when Ishtar, the goddess of life and fertility, descends into the Underworld to face her sister Ereshkigal, goddess of death and sterility. Ishtar has to pass through seven guarded gates to reach the underworld's queen, and at each one, the guards remove more of her attire. By the time she reaches her sister, she's naked and helpless. (A still earlier Sumerian myth related the same happening to the goddess Inanna.)
  • In The Bible, there is a Fidelity Test involving the woman accused of cheating on her husband drinking cursed water. (The idea being that the water will not affect her if she's been faithful, but it will have some unpleasant effect on her...and possibly her lover(s) if she hasn't.) When her husband brings her to the priests, her head covering is removed... and according to some interpretations, some or all of her clothes are too, as a symbol of shame.

  • In The Time of Your Life, when Blick interrogates Kitty, who claims to have worked as a burlesque queen (an obvious lie), he forces her to put on a striptease for him on the spot. This is played for tears, not laughs.
  • Zoot Suit: Henry Reina watches as Chale, the mystical spirit of World War II-era zoot-suit fashions (it's that kind of play) is beaten and stripped by a (male) mob for being a "draft-dodger." Henry approaches the naked body - and is shocked to find not Chale, but himself staring back at him, quietly sobbing. The doppelganger then bows his head - and when he lifts it, he's been transformed into an ancient Aztec dancer in a loincloth and feathers (again, it's that kind of play).

    Video Games 
  • Super Robot Wars:
    • This is actually an aspect in Original Generation starting from the OVA, and goes as far as nakedness. The autonomous system ODE captures humans to become the core of their units. In the process, they strip their victims naked, tie them with cords of the machine, and make their life force be the fuel of the Bartoll robots, until they die from loss of blood. Of course, the peak of the Fanservice / Fan Disservice of this scenario was when they happen to capture the protagonist group member with the biggest melons of all, Lamia Loveless. She's not spared of the treatment, so off they go stripping her naked. Imagine that you see her unexposed breasts while she's being forced to fight the team! She managed to live instead of dying from loss of life force, thanks to her unorthodox inner structure of her body.
    • Duminuss repeats this practice in Original Generation Gaiden, on Lamia again. Or maybe that's because she forgot to bring some spare clothes.
  • In Halo 2, the Arbiter is introduced to the audience by being stripped naked and branded before a large audience in a shaming ceremony.
  • Fallout 3:
    • It is possible for the player to do this to NPCs. When you are given the Mesmetron, you can use it to hypnotize characters, give you time to attach a slave collar. However, you can also use that time to take all their clothes (leaving them in their underwear). Or even more amusingly, the player can give them Lingerie, which they will automatically equip.
    • This also happens to the Lone Wanderer. He/she is captured by the Enclave, knocked out, and... wakes up in a stasis field wearing only their Pip-Boy and their unmentionables. Even more uncomfortably, he/she wakes up just in time to be interrogated by Colonel Autumn.
    • The Mothership Zeta DLC also starts like this, and leaves you that way until you can find your gear in a conveniently close storage container. No torture occurs, but there are apparent experiments that took place before hand.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic, the party is captured and imprisoned, and the lead characters are tortured by the Sith. All of their equipment is confiscated and locked away (conveniently near the torture chamber) including their clothes, leaving them in their underwear. However, no one ever calls attention to this.
  • Something similar (but without the torture) happens in Dragon Age: Origins, if you get captured and imprisoned during a certain quest. Perhaps slightly ironically, the fact the female Warden is only wearing underwear can help her escape if she can convince the guard that she's feeling lonely and get him to open the door. Rather amusing considering Alistair is sharing the cell with the Warden. Male Wardens can play the "I'm lonely" card too. On the male jailer.
  • Madison from Heavy Rain is forced to strip and dance at gunpoint. Of course, this also gives her an opening to strike back when the sleazeball with the gun gets a little too interested in what's going on.
  • Saki from Ar Tonelico 3 is forced by Sarapatra to strip in front of her assembled citizens in exchange for freeing her people who are kept hostage. Afterwards, she is practically disposed because her citizens have lost all faith in her. It should be mentioned, though, that all of this happens in Saki's mind and that it can be averted, as if the player takes the correct decisions, the strip show gets ruined due to the lights suddenly failing.
  • Advanced Variable Geo the has waitresses fight each other in a tournament to determine who is the strongest fighter. The loser of the fight has to strip themselves naked in public—this being the Bleached Underpants version, mind you.
  • Happens to Jessica Haggar when she's kidnapped in the first Final Fight game. When Damnd contacts her father, we see poor Jessica on the monitor tied up and wearing nothing but her white underwear. That scene was cut from the English version of the arcade game though, and the SNES version redrew the scene to depict her in her traditional red cocktail dress.
  • Dead Rising:
    • Whenever Frank West is captured by the US Army or the psycho cultists, they take all of his clothes and leave him captured in his boxers. For the Army, it gets even more bizarre, as they take his pants but leave his camera.
    • This also happens if you show up late to a meeting with a psychopath in a side quest. He points a gun to your head, then you see Frank leashed to the ceiling, in his underwear, with all of his inventory gone. The psychopath starts taking pictures of Frank, laughing while he does it.
    • Happens to Chuck Greene in the sequel if he gets sprayed in the face with spray paint and hit on the head by Fortune City looters. He wakes up in the nearest bathroom stall with all of his clothes (save for boxers), inventory and money gone.
  • Metal Gear Solid:
    • When Snake is captured by Sniper Wolf and knocked out he awakens in a torture room, stripped to his waist.
    • Metal Gear Solid 2: Due to events similar to those with Snake (see above), Raiden awakens completely naked after being captured.
    • Cecile, who walks into a Peace Sentinel base by accident, was captured, blindfolded and stripped to her underwear. Fortunately she was well taken care of by Dr. Strangelove.
  • In the Japanese version of Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, the losers of Rock-Paper-Scissors battles would be stripped naked (with a Scenery Censor). The English version changed the forfeit to an Anvil on Head.
  • In Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, when Stranger is captured by outlaws, he's stripped to his underwear revealing that he's a Steef.
  • In BlazBlue, if Noel Vermillion is caught in Relius Clover's Astral Heat move, she will be seen completely naked and strapped to a machine... before Relius finishes her off, and most likely experiments on her. The same happens if either Lambda/Nu-11 or Mu-12 is the victim.
  • Mugen Senshi Valis II, the Big Bad Megus holds the protagonist's mother Queen Valia in captive and forces Yuuko to discard her sword and armor. Seeing that the girl no longer holds the equipments that can oppose him, Megus kills the queen and sends Yuuko straight into a Heroic BSOD.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 
  • Narbonic: Male example: after Nick Cricetida is knocked unconscious, he awakes in the villainess's bed naked.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • O-Chul spends his captivity in his underwear (and, upon escaping, asks to be debriefed).
    • Also, when Roy and Belkar are captured by the Empire of Blood, Belkar thinks everyone concerned could use "a little less loin and a lot more cloth".
  • Last Res0rt has Gabriel attempting to do this with his Compelling Voice. He succeeds with at least two of the sixteen players. It's only until much later that he gives them any sort of clothing, though it's only a slight improvement.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • In the story arc "The Sharp End of the Stick", Kevyn, Elf, and their companions are all forced to strip by their captor Shufgar. Since the comic is PG-rated, for much of the story after that the author uses creative angles and handy scenery to cover the characters' naughty bits.
    • In the later story arc "Force Multiplication", Dr. Bunnigus (a former stripper serving as company medic) is subjected to a strip-search by a perverse TSA-like official, who is clearly trying to humiliate her, but she turns the tables on him psychologically by insisting the search take place in public, and humiliating him with the thought that he will never, ever, ever have what he is seeing.

    Western Animation 
  • Disney animated short Donald Gets Drafted (1942): Donald Duck is unceremoniously stripped of his sailor's suit to make way for an army uniform. Moment of embarrassment immediately follows.
  • On The Simpsons, when Homer destroys the Sacred Parchment of the Stonecutters, he is forced to "walk home naked, dragging the Stone of Shame". Until they spot a birthmark on his rear marking him as The Chosen One. They then remove the Stone of Shame, and attach the Stone of Triumph (about twice as big) instead.
  • The Venture Bros.. In a fixed game of strip poker in a shady Tijuana den, Brock is made to go naked — all the others are so dumbstruck at the sight that he has no problem brutally subduing them all.
  • Drawn Together involves a scene where Xandir (role-playing a prostitute) is forced to shamefully strip for Ling Ling, playing a client.
  • The Mask has the title character do this to Cookie Ba Boom, the angry stripper ex-girlfriend of the Mayor — and followed it up by using her very public nudity to stun the cops.
  • In The Amazing World of Gumball, at the closing scene of episode "The Club". The captured members of the Reject's Club are given a choice of consequence for messing with the Wattersons. They reluctantly agree to be dropped off naked at the local mall, which they chose over having their actions reported to their parents.