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Shamed by a Mob
"Burns, yer scurvy schemes will earn ye a one-way passage to the boneyard."

Some kinds of villains are so clearly undeserving of respect that the only appropriate response to them, after all that they have done, is for that cold stare and unforgiving tone they are so fond of using themselves to be directed back at them instead. Especially from a large group of characters all at the same time, since the dramatic impact of combining their hatred with the prior reason for it (at least to those who are familiar with the context) can create an especially epic feel, though in a darker and angrier way.

Sometimes the cold stare of the mob can be directed at good characters, whether they messed something up or are mistakenly believed to have done something they didn't.

Often overlaps with Shut Up, Hannibal!, because it's based on a similar theme.



Comic Books

  • Pan's Labyrinth, where even after Captain Vidal gave his son to the army waiting for him outside the maze, this was (understandably) not considered near enough to make up for his heinous evil deeds, nor even close enough to it to convince people to respect his last wish; he doesn't even get to finish expressing it.
  • Dangerous Liaisons: Marquise de Merteuil gets booed by members of the audience at an opera after letters detailing her scheming throughout the movie become circulated and cause a scandal.

Western Animation
  • The page image is from The Simpsons, in the episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns, Part 1". There is a big meeting at the town hall about Burns's oil drilling operation. When Bart is showing everyone at the meeting how crippled his dog was as a result of Burns' drilling, Burns walks in at just that moment and says "oh, those wheels are squeaking a bit... perhaps I could sell him a little oil!" Bart shouts "you twisted old monster!" and runs towards Burns, who in turn reveals that he brought a gun to protect himself. Then a large crowd of people gets up, staring especially angrily at Burns, and taking turns telling him off... Which doesn't affect him the least bit, as he activates his plan to block out the Sun over Springfield.
  • In Justice League Unlimited General Eiling injects himself with a super serum which transformed him into The General. He tries to get Superman to fight him by taking out the non-superpower JL members (who make up the Seven Soldiers of Victory). Then the mob of people the heroes were protecting calls him off, he states that all meta-humans are a threat to society, but they point out that he's the only meta-human around. The General admits that he has becomes to what he hates but still think that he's right and leaves.
  • An episode of Dexter's Laboratory has a bully who specifically goes after kids with "funny accents", targeting Dexter, along with two one shot friends, an Italian boy and an Irish boy. After punching them down in the schoolyard, he's immediately set upon by the entire school, who begin yelling at him in various different accents, distracting him enough that he walks right into the school statue face first, making his jaw swell up and screw up his own way of talking.
  • Goliath II has the titular tiny elephant getting spanked by his mother for leaving the herd and getting disapproving glares from everyone, even by his parents. To the elephants, a deserter from the herd is branded a "scoundrel, a rogue elephant, a traitor to that high and imperial order of pompous pachyderms", and to make it worse, he had let his father down.
  • In The Lion King, the lions shame Scar after Simba returns, the hyenas and Scar shame Simba after Scar returns to his piece of equivocation, then after Scar gets confronted by his backstabbed hyena minions, they shame him before tearing him apart.
    • In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, when Kovu is mistakenly believed to have been part of the plot to try to kill Simba, and a huge crowd is singing about their hatred for him.

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