Reviews: Variable Geo

Fanservice With a Twist

Alright, let's get the obvious outta the way: Yes, there's fanservice and lots of it, which comes as no surprise considering what it's based on. But, if you can look past the boobies and booties, you'll find this series and its vixens have a surprising amount of depth. That said...

Back in its day, Variable Geo could be seen as something of a novelty, despite being released in the midst of the fighting game explosion of the early-mid 90's, which were all about martial artists competing for a cash prizes and recognition. VG sets itself apart by making the competition between a bunch of hot combat waitresses and, if you think the tournament's all fun and games, think again. VG's plot would be right at home in SNK's "universe", with things being not what they initially seem.

In today's day and age, that's standard fare, but the series goes deeper with kidnappings and inhumane experiments taking place behind-the-scenes, with our unsuspecting heriones being drawn into a plot to use their bodies as test subjects. It's not exactly groundbreaking, but certainly more than you'd typically expect from a budget OVA series. Speaking of which, the series has held up well, despite its age, in regards to its art, animation, and character designs.

The dubbing may be hit-or-miss, but the fight scenes make up for it (think of it as King of Fighters meets Rumble Roses). For the most part, they're fluidly animated, though later scenes rely on Stock Footage for padding, and fights are only as long as they need to be, with some ending in seconds. The narrative also does a decent job of keeping you intrigued as the plot details come together. My only real complaint is sufficiently covered on the YMMV page, and is a shame because it would have made for an awesome finale.

Overall, the series delivers everything it's supposed to and even works in a couple of twists. So, along with all the eye candy, you get: some cool fight scenes, bits of humor, and a fairly decent plot. That's my idea of fan service. B-