Magic Eater

"The beast devours magic and all things magical."
Mozenrath on the Thirdac, Aladdin

The Magic Eater is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a character that feeds on Magic and/or magic users. If the main character(s) use magic, then the Magic Eater will present a clear threat to them.

Has shades of Anti-Magic and Power Copying. Related to, but distinct from, Mage Killer.

Examples of this trope include:

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     Comic Books 

  • In a Discworld book, there's a creature described as one of these. Or rather, Ponder Stibbons asks if it is "a thaumivore" and gets the reply, "Dunno about that, I just know it eats magic."
  • The laraken in Counselors and Kings is demonic monster which consumes any magical energy in its vicinity, making it impossible to defeat through magical means - and as it lives in The Magocracy of Halruaa, whose people almost never consider doing something without magic, it's fed quite well on the countless foolhardy adventurers who've thrown themselves at it over the centuries. It's ultimately revealed to have been a creation of the legendary necromancer Akhlaur, who can drain stolen magic out of the laraken and use it to refuel his own powers at will - leaving the creature in a near perpetual state of starvation no matter how much it gorges itself. Akhlaur himself, of course, is immune to the laraken's powers.
  • Discussed and averted in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. In Searching For Dragons, someone has destroyed a large section of the Enchanted Forest, and left a few dragon scales at the scene to implicate the dragons. King Mendanbar notes that the ambient magic in the area is also gone, and wonders if dragons eat magic. Some research shows they don't, proving the dragons weren't responsible. It turns out the wizards, using magic-absorbing staves, are the cause.

     Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Disenchanters are blue, camel-like creatures that disenchant magical items to feed on the magic energy. They are somewhat infamous for their tendency to disenchant items the Dungeon Master feels are unbalancing the game.
    • In the Planescape setting, Incantifers are former members of the Incanterium faction who have become beings of pure magic and must feed on energy from spells and magic items in order to survive.
    • A monster called a xaren eats enchanted metal.

     Video Games 

     Web Original 
  • Gnomes from Mage Life are this. Small and not especially sapient, they pose a threat to the magical society wherein the story takes place.
  • Desipis dragons from Dragon Cave are this combined with Mind Rape.

     Western Animation 
  • Aladdin: The Animated Series: In his debut episode, Mozenrath summons a magic eater from Another Dimension, the Thirdac, to Earth with the intent of using it to conquer the world by weakening any and all magical defenses he encounters. To prevent the creature from attacking him, he kidnaps Genie and forces Aladdin and co. to help him place a control collar on the Thirdac to save Genie's life. Naturally, Aladdin turns the tables on Mozenrath and sets the Thirdac on him, forcing him to send it back to its world to avoid being eaten himself. It's also shown that the Thirdac is no threat to non-magical beings, as Aladdin beats it into the ground with his bare hands.