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Smoking Is Not Cool

You think that Smoking Is Cool, don't you? That smoking will always automatically make you a Badass?

Not necessarily. Plenty of characters are perfectly capable of being tough or cool without lighting up. See also Do Not Do This Cool Thing and Good Smoking, Evil Smoking.

In fact, to emphasize this point even further, characters will be made more unlikeable or unattractive by having them smoke. This can happen by them taunting the non-smoker into lighting up, because otherwise he's a "wimp". Or by blowing Second Face Smoke in his face. Or just by having an ugly, obese, badly dressed, lazy or otherwise degrading character light up a cigarette or a cigar.

A bit Truth in Television since tobacco smoke really smells repulsive when you're a non-smoker. Also, smoke coming out of someone's mouth can really account as a Gross-Up Close-Up when you really look at it.


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  • Meet the Feebles: The rat character is seen smoking a cigarette at times.
  • Flodder: Mum Flodder is a middle-aged, obese, grouchy woman who smokes cigars.
  • Muriel's Wedding: One of Muriel's sisters is an obese cigarette-smoking couch potato who often scolds her.

    Live Action 
  • Sister Sister: One episode had a girl taunting one of the twins because she did't smoke, but near the end of the episode the bully eventually got her comeuppance.
  • Keeping Up Appearances: Onslow's couch potato appearance is made even more degrading by the fact that he drinks and smokes in front of the TV.
  • The Royle Family: The entire family looks downright disgusting, not least because some of them are seen smoking.
  • Absolutely Fabulous: Patsy and Edna are two middle-aged cynical women who still tries to look young and are both heavy smokers.

  • The music video of Eminem's "My Name Is" had two low-life partners watching television when Eminem first appears on TV. The man is an obese couch potato, while his equally unattractive female partner has messy hair and smokes a cigarette. In one Gross-Up Close-Up, she's even seen blowing smoke at the camera.

    Video Games 
  • Dante of Devil May Cry was explicitly designed with this in mind, Word of God declaring that he's "too cool to smoke." His Continuity Reboot counterpart in DmC: Devil May Cry was initially shown smoking in the first trailer, but again, Word of God states that he did smoke before, but has kicked the habit.
  • Metal Gear: Solid Snake and Naked Snake/Big Boss will inevitably get criticized by at least one member of their supporting teams for their smoking habit. Averted in Peace Walker, where just about every member of Big Boss' MSF smokes or otherwise uses tobacco.
    • Most of the series relies on Do Not Do This Cool Thing to get this trope across, but MGS4 plays this painfully straight as Old Snake keeps losing his cigs or getting them confiscated and, at one point, is coughing away with a oxygen mask and STILL asks for a cig. It's a powerful moment when he decides to give it up after learning he no longer has to fight.
  • Resident Evil: Leon Kennedy takes measures to follow this. In Resident Evil 4, he turns down a smoke when offered, and, as shown in the page quote, offers Luis Sera gum when he asks for a smoke.

    Western Animation 
  • Pinocchio: Lampwick, who is already being portrayed as a cocksure idiot, taunts Pinocchio for not smoking properly. In an example of Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped and Scare 'Em Straight, he then literally transforms into a donkey. Pinocchio immediately throws his cigar away.
  • 101 Dalmatians: Cruella DeVil, an incredibly thin and unsympathetic fur enthusiast, is shown smoking from a cigarette holder.
  • The Simpsons
    • Patty and Selma, who're already very ugly and downright unpleasant company, smoke heavily.
    • Krusty the Clown, an egotistical and careless entertainer, is so addicted to tobacco that even being covered in nicotine patches doesn't prevent him from licking a patch on his elbow.

    Real Life 
  • Most smokers really start looking uglier as they get older.
  • Actress Helena Bonham-Carter often plays roles where she looks pale, dresses badly and smokes a cigarette to touch it all off.
  • Belgian politician and criminal Jean-Pierre Van Rossem is an obese, long-haired, bearded man who chain smokes all the time and routinely insulted everybody in his vicinity.
  • Belgian author Herman Brusselmans has long hair, a nihilistic approach to life and a chain-smoking habit.
  • Amy Winehouse: As her drug addictions took a turn for the worse her personal appearance became shabbier, further emphasized by often being photographed with a cigarette between her lips.
  • The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards also falls into this trope as he grows older.
  • Dutch film director and assassination victim Theo Van Gogh was also an obese chain smoker who liked to shock and offend people for the sake of doing so.
  • One list of advice for young people says that if you think Smoking Is Cool, you should imagine yourself as a 12 year old kid with a cigarette butt in your mouth, because that's how it makes you look.

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