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Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 04 E 08 Little Green Men
Quark receives a long-overdue gift from his cousin Gaila: a starship of his own. He and Rom decide to take Nog to Earth so he can enter Starfleet Academy, but something goes wrong with the ship and they are hurled into the past. They crash on Earth and have to figure out how to deal with the soldiers holding them and get their ship fixed so they can get home.


  • Continuity Nod: While looking through historical records, Nog notes how Gabriel Bell looks a lot like Sisko.
  • Everybody Smokes: Just about everyone on the military base does, shocking the Ferengi who have only dealt with humans in the No Smoking future and giving Quark ideas.
    Quark: If these people will buy poison, they'll buy anything!
  • Hidden Depths: One of the first episodes to truly demonstrate Rom's mechanical genius, after Nog mentioned he could have been chief engineer of a starship in "Heart of Stone."
  • Honest John's Dealership: The hardass commander sizes Quark up pretty well by comparing him to his brother-in-law, a used car salesman.
  • I Want My Mommy: Rom says he wants his Moogie when threatened with interrogation.
  • Shout-Out: Megan Gallagher's nurse character is named Faith Garland, after B-Movie star Beverly Garland.
  • You Look Familiar: Lt General Rex Denning is played by Charles Napier, who played "Space Hippie" Adam in TOS episode The Way To Eden.

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