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Recursive Fanfiction

Fanfiction is a popular medium, and thanks to the nature of Sturgeon's Law, some of it can indeed be quite good to read.

And some of that fanfiction may actually become so interesting to some readers, that those readers are inspired to write fanfiction based on those stories, despite the fact (or perhaps because of it, in some cases) that the original story is fanfiction in and of itself…

This is Recursive Fanfiction.

Care should be taken with this trope, as the story that said fanfic is based on must be a fanfiction as well. If the fiction that it is based on is not itself based on another work of fiction, then that’s a normal Fan Fic, and not this trope.

Or, schematically:

Original fiction → regular fanfiction → Recursive Fanfiction → still Recursive Fanfiction, but of a higher (deeper?) level.

The reaction of the author of the original Fan Fic tend to vary. Sometimes they say it is part of their own continuity, thus creating a Fan Verse; or sometimes, ironically, they say the same things that real authors tell them.

Not to be confused with Meta Fic.


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    Anime and Manga 

  • The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain apparently has several.
  • The Lost in Time Series has one called Lost in Time: Destiny.
  • The well-known How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction Hitchups got one, a oneshot based off the story with the author's permission called The Elder's Prediction.
  • This occurs at least three times in The Lion King fandom:
    • The Lion King Adventures is the most famous example, with no shortage of fan fiction being made by the fans. Even the spin-offs have fanfics.
    • "Chronicles of the Pridelands" invented the character Tanabi, Simba’s son. Nearly every TLK fan began using the character in their own Next Gen Fics. His popularity soon declined though, due to the release of the semi-official Six New Adventure book series, which gave Simba a different son, Kopa. The release of the second film with the arrival of Kiara made all but the oldest fans forget Tanabi.
    • Joanna-TLK’s fancomic continues on from the last chapter of Savu0211’s fancomic, which by then, had almost nothing to do with the original films.



    Newspaper Comics 


    Live Action TV 

    Video Games 
  • There's been at least one doujin based on PatchCon! Defend the Library!.
    • People seems to like the concept of Advent Cirno a lot, and there are a lot of fanarts of it in Pixiv.
  • Poké Wars has spawned at least twelve fics based on Cornova's world.
    • Another Pokémon example: there have been multiple fanfics written based on Black Adventures.
    • And a huge community based on Pokeumans, with literally hundreds of members.
  • The infamous Portal fic ITS MY LIFE! has at least several. It doesn't help that one of the authors of those fics largely drew elements from another shared universe based on Portal, namely the Portal: The 4th Millennium franchise.
  • Kynrind's Capture is one based on the Porn with Plot Warcraft fic, Ethereum Gladiator.
  • Subverted with Morphic, where a new author was supposedly going to write his own sequel to the original fic... only it turns out the whole thing was planned out ahead of time by the original author as part of an elaborate April Fool's prank.
  • The Oolite project is a Fan Remake of Elite, so all Oolite fan works are essentially Elite fan works by proxy. Additionally, the game is also highly moddable; well-received Oolite Expansion Packs inspire authors to incorporate their features into their fics, and new ideas from fanfic writers in turn inspire new OXPS. Furthermore, developers and community regulars frequently include versions of one another's in-game personas in their own fan works.
  • Hang around an active Game Mod community long enough and eventually you'll start seeing mods of mods.
  • Dragon Age fandom has spawned Feynite, an author who's work seems to inspire a significant amount of this.

    Web Comics 
  • Homestuck out the wastechute. Fans will create alternate universes, the alternate universes will become popular, people will write fanfics set in the alternative universes... and then there's the fanart of alternative universes.
    • The Grand Battle is the most notorious in having fanart and other fan stuff based on itself.
    • There is genderbent fanart of a cosplay of a fanart of a memetic guy that randomly got into a picture of cosplay.
  • Unwanted Free Ugly Troll gets one in Loophole.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

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