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Our main cast of lovable misfitsnote .

"Somewhere, there is a place where all stories are real and all dreams are truth.
This is not that place.
This is not quite that place, but it's close."
— Narration form "Roommates 61 - Lundi"

Welcome to the Buildingverse! This article is about the Weekly Web Comic (normally updated on Mondays) that started all in 2007: Roommates by AsheRhyder and the fans on DeviantArt. (Can be found here. And there are some "official" collected editions: Collection 1, Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, Kings War Collector's Edition'')

It's mainly about Goblin King Jareth, The Phantom Erik, (ex-)Commodore James Norrington and (ex-)Inspector Javert, who all live together in the same apartment building. Also along for the ride (occasionally) are Crowley, Aziraphale and Legolas and the romantic interests Christine and Sarah and many MANY more as they try to survive each other, life outside of their normal existence and general weirdness.

This building, this town and possibly this whole world is a special place. Sure it looks quite normal on the surface (urban Present Day setting) but how sane can it be if Gandalf teaches science at the local university? All fiction exist as movies / books / etc. and as real places / past for the characters? And there isn't much of a fourth wall either...

There are also Fan Translation projects for this comic:

This page has Your Mileage Might Vary, Wild Mass Guessing, Trivia, Shout Out, and Fridge Logic entries as well as Character Sheets, Recap of the arcs and subpages for Scary, Really Funny, Heartwarming, Awesome, and Tear Jerking moments.

Also for a more intuitive explanation of the series you could check The 5th Anniversary Video by EveryDayArtist.

If you were looking for the unrelated dating sim with the same name that's over here.

Tropes used in Roommates

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    Character, interaction and relationship tropes 

    Sufficiently analyzed and advanced tropes 
So magic and science. And the people doing it.

    Style tropes 

    Story tropes 

    World & Meta tropes 

    Tropes - For "Lakótársak" 
  • Fonts: It's not hand lettered as the original because of technical difficulties (the translator lacks a tablet), but you know someone has a weird obsession with these when she chooses Uni Font as the main font for her work. She has a list here.
  • I Have Many Names: OK. There is that Pet-Peeve Trope of the translator, Inconsistent Dub, now she tends to add all possible versions of the characters' names, which ends up being this trope, even they get confused by this at times.
  • L33t L1ng0: Sometimes instead of Symbol Swearing (this and this) but this is also a Jareth exclusive phenomenon... for some reason.
  • Lost in Translation: Some jokes and references do despite all efforts. If noticed there is a writen explanation about it in the artist comment.
    • Sometimes this actually happens because the comic references something that doesn't have a Hungarian edition either because of No Export for You (Wicked the musical) or just delayed release (for example A Monster in Paris).
  • Overly Long Name: T(ündér) Király Vilmos Rémusz úr the Erl-king's Hungarian pseudonym. It's actually shorter than it could be if the translator would go all out and incorporate Shout-Out to all possible translations.
  • Shown Their Work: The translator tends to do a lot of research for "just an unofficial localization" going so far to re-watch the referenced movies or listen to the soundtrack CD several times to get a song lyric right.
  • The Song Remains the Same: Always. But almost always subtitled. And sometimes reversed.
  • Totally Radical: The characters from the 80s in general and Jareth in particular. (It's unknown if this is intentional or the translators age is showing.)
  • Translation Punctuation: She mostly uses <translation> under the untranslated text. She also inverts this with the Erlkönig as his normal Hungarian speech gets <Wingdinglish> subtitles.
  • Valley Girl: Or at least the local equivalent of the accent (Plázacica). James sometimes when showing his more feminine side. This is mostly for making replacement jokes for untranslatable ones (also adds a bit more troll to the character).