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Fantastic Comedy
A Sitcom whose premise includes at least one fantasy or Science Fiction element, often an Amusing Alien. These were especially popular in The Sixties, as writers and networks cast about for novel alternatives to the more conventional Dom Coms of the preceding years.

See also: Magic Realism, Mundane Fantastic, Urban Fantasy, and Monster Roommate. Not to be confused with a comedy that just happens to be very good. See Supernatural Soap Opera for a serious action and drama filled version that focuses more on the supernatural world instead of trivial everyday things.

Fantasy Examples

Sci-Fi Examples

Science Fantasy Examples

  • Matt N Dusty (Includes robots, dragons, sentient game consoles, and dolphins wishing to take over the planet.)

Unclear or Debatable Examples

Examples which are not generally in this genre but dipped into it

  • The Doctor Who Bottle Episode "The Lodger" is a pastiche of one of these shows, with the Doctor acting as a wacky alien housemate.
    • Chunks of "Pond Life" pastiche the formula too, particularly the storyline where the Doctor unexpectedly drops an Ood off at their house, who proceeds to act like a maid for the Ponds.

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