Western Animation: Jimmy Two-Shoes

(Left to Right:) Heloise, Beezy, Jimmy Two-Shoes (with Cerbee on him),Lucius Heinous VII, and Samy
"Welcome to Miseryville!"

Jimmy Two-Shoes (called Jimmy Cool in some regions) is a Canadian animated television series, focusing on adventure and comedy. It was created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott, and aired on Teletoon, Jetix Europe, and Disney XD.

It centers around the exploits of the eponymous Jimmy Two-Shoes, a boy who is perpetually happy and optimistic despite living in Miseryville, a miserable town populated by monsters and demons. Running the town is Lucius Heinous VII, the tiny CEO of Misery Inc, which manufactures products designed to make people miserable. Lucius loves keeping people miserable, but Jimmy is out to spread happiness all over town. His two best friends are Beezy, Lucius' not-so-evil, not-so-intelligent son, and Heloise, Lucius' top inventor who harbors a massive crush on Jimmy.

The show follows the Two Shorts format. It had two seasons, and ended by not being renewed for a third in 2011.

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Alternative Title(s):

Jimmy Two Shoes