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Awesome: Jimmy Two-Shoes
Hellishly awesome moments from Jimmy Two-Shoes
  • Sweet Dreams. One of the Things That Go Bump in the Night tries to turn Heloise into a meal, only for her to show who, exactly is in charge. In this is the first thing you ever see of Heloise, you'll get a good mindset into her character.
  • Beezy J. Genius. Genius!Beezy takes Awesomeness by Analysis to a new level by becoming a Bastard Understudy simply by asking his father to "scoot to the left".
  • Spew Tube. After spending a whole episode of being humiliated, laughed at, mocked, and generally having painful things happen to him, Lucius reminds everyone why he's in charge.
  • The entirety of Pop-Sicles is incredibly awesome from start to finish. Not only do you get to see all the previous Lucius Heinouses, but you even get a brief yet highly effective look at Lucius I, who is so evil even all his descendants are afraid of him.
    • Jimmy impersonating Lucius the first and successfully freezing the past Heinous's.
  • The Terrific Trio: Finally working together enough to activate their Triple Tech move: "Stink Bubble Bomb!"
  • Heloise's Improbable Aiming Skills saving her and Jimmy from a rollercoaster of doom in "Carnival Lucius".
  • Jimmy beating El Squasho in a dance off while Heloise delivers the final blow and pushes it into the Abyss of Nothingness.
  • Jimmy finally using the flaming burps of the fireball extreme to melt the door to Lucius' bathroom in "The Big Drip".
  • Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise using a musical number to stop Samy in "A cold day in miseryville". Man, Jimmy can really hit those high notes!
  • Alot of moments in "Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy". Particularly the fight scenes and The penguin's love meatballs thing actually saving the day.
  • Beezy finally coming to his senses and realizing he wants to live his life instead of making Butley (snicker) live it for him. When he see's him and Saffi, he promptly breaks free of his frozen box and goes to get her back.
  • In "Wish you weren't here" Lucius says whoever is in his chair is in charge and Samy and Heloise fight over it. Being Heloise she completely takes control easily and even manages to get the workers to throw objects at Samy while they are asleep.
  • Jimmy and Beezy run so fast in "The racing bugs" that they actually got themselves out of the Abyss of Nothingness.
  • "Best prank ever" Heloise helps the group come up with the most brilliant prank for Lucius ever. They transform Miseryville into Smilesville. It works so well that Lucius has a mental breakdown.
  • Everyone in Miseryville thinks Heloise plays with dolls, and when Lucius and Molotov see her entering her lair through dancing, they insist that she's not so tough. Bad Idea. She is furious and rips apart all of her voodoo dolls and leaves everyone in pieces. Jimmy asks if she can put them back together. But she says girls dont play with dolls and leaves them.
    • Jimmy and Beezy's fight with each others doll's was pretty cool too.
  • Heloise breaking Jimmy and Beezy out of prison with a wrecking ball in "Jimmy in the big house."
  • Jimmy landing the plane in "Air Force None".
  • "What's up with Heloise", Heloise is finally pushed to her limit and her anger causes lava to erupt all over town!
  • Jimmy and Heloise forming a plan to out Peep as a fake in "Everyone can whistle".
  • Heloise is reduced to just a head in "Heads will roll" but she somehow manages to build a working car with only bones and twigs and stuff lying around, get into her robot body, crash the ceremony and reunite with her body and defeat Dr. Scientist.
  • In "Heinous vs Clowns" The clowns kidnap Heloise. When they taunt her she replies that she could get out of there anytime. The head clown starts counting to 10, after saying one he looks and sees his clowns where she use to be.
    • Jimmy, Beezy and Lucius successfully prank the clowns.
  • The Reveal in "Something about Herman" that Herman is actually Heloise's cousin and she instigates Jimmy and Beezy into making him angry at them and turning into a giant monster.
  • Jimmy winning the extreme funny face off in "funny face off".
  • Jimmy and friends final and successful attempt to scare Lucius in "Toast busters" Setting up Jimmy dolls all over his mansion.
  • After being beaten previously in "Heloise's rival" Heloise and Jimmy team up to beat Mean Jean once and for all. Jimmy takes out her batteries and Heloise delivers a brutal Curb-Stomp Battle to Jean.
  • In "Slime slimmer slimiest" Lucius cancels super slugmeister. Jimmy and friends are not happy and proceed to humiliate him on the show and become Super Slugmeister's new sidekicks.
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