Heartwarming / Jimmy Two-Shoes

Yes, even in the Crapsack World of Jimmy Two-Shoes, there are some truly adorable moments.

  • Jimmy and Heloise's "R&B Soul Duet" in Misery Hearts is absolutely adorable and heartwarming. The fact Jimmy also spends majority of that episode trying to cheer Heloise up by finishing her story (even if he has no idea what he's doing) is also incredibly sweet.
    • The ending to Heloise's story is also adorable.
  • Similar to the above, the ending of Fused Together with Jimmy and Heloise cuddling together as a heart made out of fire surrounds them, is likely to produce a few squees from the audience.
  • The ending of Heloise's Secret Admirer, where she rides a spin-dashing Jimmy, saying in a somewhat satisfied tone of "I'll take what I can get", is par for the progress she's making with him, before the two crash into her trap wall. Both looking beaten up, she says that she just wants to stay right there is another sweet touch as the episode ends with a heart.
  • From Bird Brained:
    Jimmy: I mean, you'd come if I called, right?
    Heloise: Absolutely! (lovesick sigh)
    • She cries later when Lovey reunites with his mom.
    • Pretty much anytime Heloise shows off her softer side. It wouldn't be noticable except for the fact that...you know, it's Heloise.
      "You know, Jimmy, I don't consider you an outsider."
      • And likewise whenever Jimmy has shown affection for Heloise, it is shown he truly cares about her.
  • Heloise and Beezy ditching the bribes Lucius offered and sticking by Jimmy in ''Jimmy on the Spot''.
  • Beezy and Saffi on their date montage in "Jimmy Matchmaker" overlaps with CMOF as well.
  • In "The Masked Jackhammer" Jimmy unknowingly insults Heloise when she is the Masked Jackhammer, she retaliates and fights him in the ring. But once she see's that she's hurting him, Heloise realizes what she is doing and stops. She also refused to fight him earlier in the ep and refuses again after.
  • In "Catalogue of Misery," Lucius says Jimmy can't return all of the products he ordered because they're not defective, Heloise made them all. Or should he fire Heloise? She makes puppy eyes and Jimmy immediately says no, that he'll do whatever it takes to pay it back, just don't fire her. He'd rather do all those grueling deliveries across Miseryville than put Heloise's job at risk.
  • Beezy going to rescue Jimmy from the weavils in "Invasion of the Weavils" despite his fear/hatred of weavils.
  • Cerbee and Jazmeen finally getting to be together in "Cerbee in love" then its subverted.
  • Jimmy and Beezy are trying to scare away Heloise's hiccups, so they bring in a poodle rat thinking she'll hate it. It ends up chasing the boys and Heloise calls to the poodle rat and it runs up and licks her face. Heloise says he's cute and is gonna call him Bitey. Seeing a mean girl like Heloise be cute with an animal is absolutely adorable!
  • When Jimmy takes advantage of Lucius being unable to talk in "Happy Birthday Lucius" Heloise says she is proud of him for being mean and hugs him.
  • In "Pet Rockey" Beezy's stomache gurgling makes Rockey remember that Beezy is his daddy and they hug...then the real dad takes Rockey away and squishes Beezy.
  • Heloise being kind to Cerbee and giving him food and a bed in "Jimmy in the Big House".
  • Jimmy noticing and complementing Heloise's outfit in "Scent of a Heinous".
  • Heloise's daydream of Jimmy saving her from the train tracks in "Air Force None". She looks absolutely adorable clinging on to him.
  • Jimmy reuniting with his shoes in "Jimmy New shoes".
  • When Heloise is missing her head, Jimmy tells her she's still lovable.
  • Lucius and Granpa Heinous reconciling and admitting that the other is fun in "Six Over Seven."
  • Jimmy when he's wearing the love sweater in "Better Sweater" he is very loving and affectionate towards Heloise and it is adorable! They almost kiss...again!
    Jimmy: Heloise, I can no longer hide my feelings. I adore you.
    • He says he can "no longer" hide his feelings, hinting that he secretly has feelings for her.
  • Beezy forming a friendship with the Chief Weavil's son Brutus in "Weavil day", when they have to fight, Brutus admits that he can't hurt Beezy.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight When Heloise tries to trick Jimmy in "Heloise's Rival" he's not afraid of her, it's because she's his friend and he cares about her. Even when Mean Jean took him to her pool, he still wonders where Heloise is and when Mean Jean lies about her whereabouts, Jimmy says that it's so like her and brings out a picture of him and Heloise. It's cute that he would keep a picture of the two of them with him.
    • Heloise catches Jimmy when Jean throws him and the two of them team up to take her down. Heloise gets her trophy back and says that he, Beezy and Lucius say the sweetest things.
    • At one point, Heloise wanted to apologize to Jimmy for using him in her and Mean Jean's competition. She only (reluctantly) agreed to use him when Mean Jean thinks she's too soft.
  • Cerbee realizing he truly wants to be with Jimmy in "Cerbee Come Home". Only Jimmy gives him hugs and affection. Cerbee comes back the next morning and licks Jimmy's face happily.
    • Strangely, Samy and Molotov going over for a bedtime hug from Jimmy.
  • In "Rear Pickle", Jimmy and Beezy dress in panda suits, with Jimmy riding on top of Beezy.
  • The intro to season 2, summarizing how Jimmy has an enormously positive effect on Miseryville and its inhabitants just by existing. His positive personality and behavior influences both the people around him and Miseryville, breaking up arguments, cheering up depressed or angry people, and brightening up the gloomy surroundings. Much to the frustration of Lucius.
  • In the final act of "The Butley Did It", Beezy has taken the final step in letting Butley live out his existence for him by cryogenically freezing himself neck-down and adding a device to his neck that transmits his speech and thoughts for him. What makes him see the error of his ways? Butley hanging out with Saffi. That's right. When Beezy had taken his laziness to a new extreme and not even Jimmy and Heloise could convince him to change his mind, Beezy's love for Saffi saved the day.