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Jimmy Two-Shoes is a rather hilarious take on Hell. A few episodes and you'll see why.
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    Season 1 
  • The entire episode Rear Pickle.
    Beezy: (snoring) Pickle. (Jimmy slaps him)
    • Jimmy and Beezy's disguises deserve a mention.
    • " case company comes along."
    Jimmy: Oh, you're clever. You're clever.
  • In A Cold Day In Miseryville, Heloise explained how the machine works in Techno Babble, with Jimmy and Beezy looking on in confusion. Heloise then deadpans something more simpler. Cut to Jimmy and Beezy in stereotypical classy scholar wear in complete understandment.
    • Beezy thinking the snowflakes coming off the giant snowmaking dog robot is dandruff.
    • In one brief moment, a stump-like monster attempts to warm himself up by rubbing his branches together, only to set himself on fire instead. His scream just adds to it.
    • Heloise tricking Samy in the snow-making machine into crashing holes into Lucius' factory during the musical number by using a giant spotlight to direct Samy.
    Lucius: Stop ruining my factory!
    (Heloise directs the spotlight to Lucius)
    (Lucius makes an Oh, Crap! face and Samy in the snow machine crashes into him)
    Monster 1: Isn't this the perfect amount of snow?
    Monster 2: I agree. Any more would be miserable!
    (Samy in the snow machine walks up to them and dumps a gigantic snowball on them)
  • Jimmy's hallucinations in I Am Jimmy.
  • Heloise and Beezy's "eyeball no-blink contest" in "The Competition!"; Heloise's eyelashes grab Beezy's eyelids, and he screams out when she slams his eyelids closed.
    • Also the "The three of you! OUT OF HERE!" montage in the same episode, done by the same guy (especially when he mourns the loss of his egg at the end of the third skit).
    • Heloise tricking Beezy into eating glue-smothered hot dogs is hilariously cruel to poor Beezy.
  • Heloise tasting chocolate for the first time in "There Will Be Chocolate" and entering a fantasy sequence where she happily skips among a land of chocolate before licking a chocolate Jimmy.
    • Lucius refusing to share his chocolate fountain with Sammy and tells him that he made him a "hot garbage fountain" just for him.
    • Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise getting comically fat and pimply from eating so much chocolate.
  • Anytime Heloise has a Kick the Dog moment, like the pre-recorded video she has for Jimmy and Beezy's Air-Vent Passageway escape in "Jimmy in the Big House".
    "If you're watching this, you're well on your way to escaping...Just kidding! No one escapes! (cue Evil Laugh)"
    • From the same episode, Jimmy goes to his Lucius bank and finds it empty, he asks where his money went. In walks Beezy with a fur coat and bling with cash in his pocket.
    • Cerbee tries to tell Heloise that Jimmy is in trouble throughout the episode. She misinterprets all his barks, then when he farts in his sleep. She immediately understands the exact situation down to every detail.
  • There's Always a Hiccup is a laugh riot, but the best part is the absolute terror Beezy and Heloise experience after their Accidental Kiss, especially Beezy crying while washing his mouth out with soap and a firehose.
    • One of Dr. Scientist's suggestions to curing Heloise's hiccups is to "drink a glass of water while standing on her head". Beezy takes it literally with a furious Heloise underneath. We then cut immediately to Beezy with his head stuck inside the tiny glass while Jimmy is trying not to laugh.
  • Heloise's facial expression while in her Stalker Shrine of Jimmy in the episode Pet Rocky
  • The opening scene of "Pop-sicles." Beezy in a chicken suit. Yes.
    • He seems to end up in that suit quite a bit. At the end of "Miseryville Marathon" as part of losing a bet, as a throwaway gag of him trying to break open a coconut by roosting in "Lucius Lost", and as a disguise in "Best Bud Battle".
    • From the same scene we have,
    Lucius: Chicken on the loose?! That's your idea of causing misery?!
    Beezy: Misery? You told me spread anguish!
    Lucius: Anguish? That's barely worse than worry!
    An elderly couple from earlier passes by them
    Old Lady: You know, I do feel a little bit anguished.
    Old Man: Could be worse - you could be feeling miserable.
    Lucius VI (looking down upon Misery Inc. workers with his son): You call this misery?
    Lucius VII: But, Dad! Look at them! I mean, just look at the anguish on that guy's face!
    Lucius VI: Anguish? That's barely worse than worry!
    • Jimmy doesn't really seem to grasp the underlying theme of the Heinous family and keeps thawing out more and more of Lucius and Beezy's frozen relatives, each one just as mean and surly as the last, thinking that he'll eventually reach the nice one. Had he kept going, he would have unfrozen Lucius Heinous The First, who even his descendants are afraid of.
  • In the beginning of Rocket Jimmy, this moment when Jimmy is messing around Dr. Scientist's lab:
    (Jimmy presses the button, which launches a missile that blows up a large observatory on a nearby hill)
    Dr. Scientist: Apparently it destroys my house...
    • Molotov fights a maggot...and loses.
    • Lucius tying Jimmy to a chair in the rocket to keep him from wrecking it.
    • The Reveal that the monster Jimmy thought he saw on the moon was just one of the Gnomans that was standing on the telescope lens. There IS a monster on the moon but its unrelated to what Jimmy thought he saw.
  • In Heat Blanket Jimmmy, Lucius blasts off on his jetpack to spread more misery...from inside his house.
    Lucius: The roof. Open the roof.
    (Samy pushes a button. Crash!)
    Lucius: Open the second roof! (Crash!) Open them all!
    • Jimmy doing a freeze frame jump and staying in mid air, twice.
    Heloise: How does he do that? (pokes Jimmy with a stick and Jimmy floats away)
    • This:
    Samy: Beezy! Your father's been swallowed by a fish!
    Beezy: My dad doesn't eat fish.
    Samy: No! This is a fish draws a fish on Beezy's sand-caked belly Your father is inside it!
    Beezy: No. You are!
  • Lucius-mode Jimmy's actions in A Hair-Brained Idea count as either this or just scary. Special mention goes to him shoving an entire tray of cookies down Molotov's throat while yelling, "Have another cookie, CAT LOVAHHHHH!"
    • Gets even scarier/funnier when Jimmy seemingly comes to his senses, remarking that this isnt him... then driving up a CEMENT TRUCK full of cookies, shoves the cement slide itno Molotovs mouth, and feeds him until he explodes off screen.
    • Lucius repeatedly helping an old lady up and then dropping her as he tries to fight off Jimmy's personality, made even funnier upon seeing that Jimmy is doing the exact same thing on the other side of the road.
    • The monster with eyes all over its body:
    Jimmy: What are you looking at?!
    Monster: EVERYTHING, MAN! (runs off sobbing)
    • Jimmy-mode Lucius finding a baby.
    Mother: Please don't eat my baby!
    Lucius: Eat it? I just want to kiss it! (kisses the baby's forehead)
    Baby: Who are you?
    Lucius: (whispers) I don't know.
    • One particular scene is where Lucius-mode Jimmy is demanding random monsters to give up their pocket change. When he encounters a...slug...dragon...thing, the monster says "Pocket change? I don't even wear pants." Then Jimmy tears off the monster's skin and some cash falls out of his internal organs and skeleton. The monster then shouts "How is that even possible?!" and runs off screaming.
    • The scene showing Lucius horns stomping on Jimmy's brain and influencing his behavior, complete with dramatic opera music.
  • Beezy interrupts Heloise and Jimmy's picnic in "Monster Mutt" and tells them his dad got mad at him for no reason. It cuts to show Beezy asleep at a control panel while utter chaos ensues behind him as his dad screams for help.
    Beezy: [Lucius] says I don't notice stuff.
    • This from the same episode, mostly due to the way Lucius says it.
    Lucius: Bring me my Beezy!
    Samy: The one that talks or the one that pees on machines?
    Lucius: The peeing one.
    • Heloise slicing a cake with an axe while in Jimmy's body.
  • From "Carnival Lucius":
    • "Dun dun dun, dun dun dun." "Is that all it does?"
    • "Take this as a warning, Lucius Heinous VII is nobody's fool!" fart noise "Hey, it does make another sound!"
      • After Lucius takes the toy from Samy and breaks it, he ends up farting for real.
    • In the same episode, Jimmy and Heloise are on a roller coaster of doom and go through a knife cutting area with only a part of Jimmy's hair being cut off.
    Heloise: We should have been chopped to bits. Hey Lucius! Your henchman do shoddy work!
    • The stinger brings back an old friend.
    "Dun dun dun"
    Lucius (falling through the Abyss of Nothingness trapped inside the carnival briefcase): Oh, perfect!
    Beezy (on cell phone): No problem [Jimmy], I'm about to go on break.
    (it widens out to reveal Beezy is being tied on a rope upside down by the kids, who then destroy his phone)
    Beezy: I could eat you, you know.
    (the kids then pop the costume's nose, which already has several patches to fix previous bursts)
    Beezy: Not. Cool.
  • The 'panel of experts' in "Way Below Par", which is just a dopey demon sitting in a kiddie pool wearing overalls, a bucket on his head, and arm floats.
    "I am a panel of experts!" (pulls the bucket over his eyes and wacks it with a spoon)
  • Lucius tells Beezy that he needs to bring a date to his statue unveiling:
    Beezy: Fine! See you there! Girl in hand!
    Beezy (to Jimmy, in a low voice): How do you look in a dress?
    Jimmy: Are we talking full-length or mini? (beat) I mean, there's no way you're getting me in a dress!
    • Jimmy tells Beezy that Saffi wants to crush Lucius, Beezy doesn't believe him and asks who would want to hurt his dad. Everybody raises their hands.
    • The Kavorka Man
    Beezy (to Jimmy dragging him out to look for a girl):Please, I'm not cut out for this, Jimmy! I'm not like (looks around) that guy!
    *Cut to an obese blob-like monster surrounded by fawning Cute Monster Girls*
    Monster: What can I say? I've got charm.
    Jimmy: Well, he is pretty handsome.
    • Heloise's dating advice segments, featuring Dr. Scientist suffering many Amusing Injuries from her.
    • Beezy and Saffi's dating montage, which also counts as a heartwarming moment.
  • Jimmy's 'I gotta pee' song he sings in "The Big Drip".
    • "You pee sitting down?" "Take a picture, why don't you?" SNAP!
    • Lucius blows up all the toilets in Miseryville...including his own. The look on his face is priceless.
    • Beezy showing off his fire-belching skills with acts like bowling with fireballs and creating fireworks.
    • The Fireball Extreme commercial due to how deliberately over-the-top it is.
    • The construction worker snail monster and how hilariously slow he is.
  • Jimmy is coming up with ideas for Heloise to do with her free time:
    Jimmy: If you had a choice would you rather ride a whale or jump out of a plane?
    Beezy: Sleep.
    Jimmy: What do you think Heloise would wanna do?
    Beezy: Throw a whale out of a plane.
    • Birdwatching in Miseryville consists of having a staring contest with a horned vulture until either the bird or the birdwatcher has a nervous breakdown. Jimmy makes Heloise and Beezy do it with opposite but equally hilarious results.
  • Beezy freaking out in "Chez Beezy"
    Beezy: I can't! I'm scared! I dont know what to do! (Gets whacked with a fish) Thank you Heloise.
    Heloise: I wasn't trying to help you, I just wanted to hit you with a fish. (Laughs)
    • The exchange between Samy and Beezy, with Samy trying to explain that Lucius is coming to the restaurant with Jez and is expecting romance. Beezy doesn't quite grasp it.
    Samy: Your father is on his way here with Jez, and he's expecting lots of smooches *mimics kissing*
    Beezy: He wants me to kiss you?
    Samy: Not me, Jez!
    Beezy: He wants me to kiss Jez?!
    Samy: Not you, him. *Beezy opens his mouth to answer* DONT SAY IT!!! ( the joke being that Beezy thought Lucius wanted him to kiss HIM next)
    • The shrimp boy band that shows up throughout the episode, the result of Jimmy not grilling a guests seafood order enough.
    Shrimp Trio: Dum-dum! We used to sing under the ocean!
    Beezy: OWW OWW OWW!!! (dumps it on the table)
    Lucius: What happened to the plate?!
  • This line from "Mount Misery":
    Lucius (on turning the title mountain into a bust of himself): Ohhhhhh, just think of it. My head - A great big rock!
    Samy and Molotov are seen behind him trying not to laugh
    • Lucius gives a speech before he sends his army to destroy the Weavils, and he ends it with this.
    Lucius: And we be bictorious!
    Heloise: Bictorious?
    Samy (proudly): He wrote it himself.
  • The Jimmy One-Shoe gag in "Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy".
    Jimmy: Yeah. They...sorta...kinda...almost hurt.
    • Lucius as Power Squid trying to steal an old lady's purse. It ends with Samy attempting to use his garlic breath, which is apparently even worse than Beezy's as it reduces him and Lucius to ash from a single whiff.
    • "I don't see why we always have to take the small car."
    • Heloise's cabinet of spare Dorkuses after Beezy kills Dorkus with the intensity of his garlic breath.
    • Heloise trying an Ink Blot Test on Beezy. Beezy says "Dog!" for all the cards hes shown, to which Heloise says "Wrong!" and shocks him. Made funnier by how Beezy doesn't seem to mind the intense pain given every few seconds.
  • Beezy's complete inability to guess what Jimmy's picture is in "The Big Date". In case your wondering its a horse.
    • Jimmy managed to destroy the Misery Inc factory with only a mini soccerball. Lucius gets so mad, his head catches fire and he runs around screaming...twice.
  • "Friends watch friends sleep."
  • "I've got to stop falling asleep to ghoul F.M."
    • The ghost is named Wayne and he is haunting Beezy because he didn't eat his pizza crust. Then they have to EAT Wayne to save him.
  • Jimmy rubbing his underwear clad butt on a window in "The Product Tester".
  • Beezy is the mustard king!
  • "Bend It Like Wreckem" Jimmy and Beezy are proving they have more Wreckem merchandise than the other, and when they pull out their action figures...Beezy accidentally brings out a My Little Phony doll. And when Jimmy leaves, Beezy dresses up like the pony doll and says he will never leave it again, and Jimmy comes back and see's this.
    • Heloise cuddling Wreckem's brain.
    • Jimmy kicks the ball into the goal at the last second...too bad it was his own goal.
  • Jimmy tries to help Cerbee when he is in love and this happens.
    Jimmy: Cerbee, you're in love. I know how that feels.
    Heloise: (with big sparkling eyes) You do?
    Jimmy: Nah I'm just saying that.
    Heloise: -_-
    • Beezy accidentally giving Cerbee's love letter for Jazmeen to Lucius and saying its from Jez instead of for her. Hilarity Ensues..
    • This selection of dialogue:
    Jimmy (to Heloise): Woah! You read my mind like a book!
  • In order for them to get into a clown club, Jimmy and Beezy have to steal Lucius' underpants...which he almost never washes. Squick indeed
    Beezy: (dramatically) Lets get those underpants.
  • Jimmy and Beezy's first prank on Lucius in "Best Prank Ever". They replace his toilet with one that moves. It's actually quite funny.
  • When Lucius finds out Beezy was the one who stole his bowling trophy, he hugs him. Heloise reacts with..
  • In "I Married a Weavil" Lucius says he never goes back on his word. Then Samy comes up and says that the orphanage wants to know when he'll send the food he promised them. Lucius tells Samy to tell them that he couldnt find him. They are right next to Samy and believe him.
    Jimmy: This will be a piece of cake.
    Beezy: Cake?
    Jimmy: Uh, I mean this is easy as pie.
    Beezy: Pie?
    Jimmy: C'mon Beezy, you've gotta be tough as nails!
    Beezy: NAILS!!! (Rushes off to eat the cake)
  • There is a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the episodes "Meet the Gnomans" and "There's Always a Hiccup". In the former, Beezy has a picture of him with Jimmy and Heloise and he put a crude potato shaped face with a mustache on Heloise. Then in the latter we see Heloise has the same picture, and she did a similar thing to Beezy's face in hers.
  • The entrance to Heloise's lair in "Heloise's Big Secret", is activated by tap dancing on a manhlole cover.
    "I'm flying!"
    *Crashes through a wall*
    "I'm in pain, but I'm still flying!"
    Flies into an erupting volcano
    "I'm melting, and I'm in pain, but I'm still flying!"
  • From "Cellphone-itis":
    Dr. Scientist: What? You don't dress up as a chicken when you're home alone?
  • From "Bus Driving BFF", we have Chuck taking Jimmy to "the most disgusting place in Miseryville" (actually Beezy's home), Chuck turning Jimmy's toilet into a bus seat with a bus pass required to enter the room, and Beezy carrying Jimmy in a pouch like a kangaroo.
  • From "Baby Boom", we have a scene that starts with Heloise playing a sadistic game of teatime with an ogre and a Miseryvillian squirrel, and her terrified guests have mysterious helmets on their heads (Which seem to be the ones Heloise used to switch Beezy and Cerbee's bodies in "Monster Mutt").
    • We also have this dialogue that's made funnier due to Beezy's deadpan and rather Out Of Character replynote :
    Jimmy: Heloise! We've got a babysitting problem!
    Heloise: That's because you're babysitting Beezy.
    Heloise: Don't give me any ideas...
    • When Molotov rushes all the way back home to pulverize Jimmy and Beezy for something his son claimed they were doing, Molotov's wife asks a giant lobster monster bathing in a hot tub what her husband just saidnote :
    Lobster: He said...(a giant hand grabs him and a chomping sound is heard) AUUGGHH!!
    Molotov's Wife: What? I can't hear you!
    (the lobster's empty shell is tossed back into the tub)
    Molotov's Wife: Speak up!
  • Jimmy going into an alcoholic-like state of withdrawal when he runs out of fizzy snail sludge in "Too Many Jimmys"
  • "The Racing Bugs" is one big Funny Moment, but the arguments between Mario and Jacques especially stand out.
    Jacques: You drive like an old flea!
    Mario: My mother was an old flea!

    Jacques: You have a brain the size of a flea!
    Mario: I have everything the size of a flea!

    Jacques: I could drive better with one wing tied behind my back!
    Mario: We have wings?! Why are we driving?!
  • The entirety of "The Masked Jackhammer". Highlights include:
    • This dialogue:
    Lucius: I wanna hear applause!
    Lucius: I wanna hear cheering!
    Lucius: What sound does a cow make?
    Lucius: FEAR ME!
    • Goat Guy's accidental death. The faces on the two monsters when they realize what happened just adds to it.
    • Jimmy's accidental victory in the training ring.
    • When Lucius introduces El Squasho, we have Beezy (as a talent agent) say:
    Beezy: El Squasho, need an agent?
    Jimmy: Beezy!
    Beezy: I'm trying to run a business here!
    • Lucius introducing the Masked Jackhammer and Jimmy, respectively:
    You know him! You fear him! The Masked Jackhammer!
    You barely know him, get the ambulance ready, the other guy.

    Season 2 
  • Exploding Butterflies.
    • And Heloise accepts payment for them in Jimmy plushies.
  • Beezy's had some great lines so far in season 2. They make better sense in context.
    • "Into the ladle! I said INTO THE LADLE!"
    • "Hah, I don't look anything like a safe!"
    • Beezy attempts a "Heinous growl"...and meows like a kitten instead.
    • Beezy trying to solve a crowssword puzzle, and decides that "Four letter word for bouncy round toy" is "Bill".
    • "Check out this buffet!" "Those are just rocks..." "All You Can Eat Rocks!"
    • "I'll never trust a tomato again!"
    • "The snowrilla ate my bab-eh!"
    • "Is that a toaster your making out with"
    • After he kisses a giant statue of his butt "Oh that's good butt."
  • In "Zombie Pickle", Jimmy tries to stop Heloise from eating an evil pickle, only to get a rather nasty suprise.
    Dorkus: You, uh, probably shouldn't tell Heloise about this.
    Jimmy: Really, I wouldn't know how.
    • Anytime Jimmy is running around screaming in this episode is hilarious, and that's a good third of the episode... Special mention goes to when he decides to conquer his fear by "living among the pickle people". Cut to him trying to resume normal life in the midst of the zombie pickle horde, yet he keeps screaming in fear while doing every day activities such as walking around, going to the movies, eating, sleeping...
  • In "Miseryville Marathon", Beezy bribes Heloise with a box of gold. She happily accepts...and dumps the gold out and begins playing in the box in a very un-Heloise like nature. It's extremely hilarious despite being a bit of an Out-of-Character Moment.
    • Beezy tells his dad that they won the race and they celebrate only for the weavils to pass them and cross the finish line.
    Lucius: You do realize that we're on the wrong side of the ribbon.
  • "The Terrific Trio", when the three heroes are attacking each other. Power Squid cries out "AAAAH! IT STINGS! IT STINGS!!!" when Trouble Bubble Girl touches him directly in the eye with one of her bubbles.
  • "Better Sweater": After Jimmy and Beezy note they like each other's sweaters better, look at Heloise through the window. She can already see where this is going, and it terrifies her.
    • Jimmy running away screaming at the sight of Heloise once he puts on the Fear Sweater, and Beezys ham handed attempts at wooing Helopise while wearing the Love Sweater.
  • "You swallow one elephant, and suddenly YOU'RE the guy who swallowed the bad luck accelerometer!"
  • In 'My So-Called Loaf', Cowboy Steckhouse calls Heloise 'sonny'. Heloise is understandably upset, and complains to Jimmy.
    Jimmy: He's the same guy who's marrying a sandwich!
    Heloise: Point taken.
  • Lucius joining the paintball fight in "Dance Jimmy Dance" with a black curly wig and camo attire. And is unusually enthusiastic.
    • Heloise says that Beezy wouldn't know his left foot from a chicken. Beezy takes a few seconds to look between a chicken and his foot to see the difference. He needs more time.
  • "Beezy J. Genius" The fact fact Jimmy's pinky keeps his pants up. He removes and re attaches it and his pants go up and down as he does.
  • Jimmy playing a video game in "Air Force None" and crashes into several objects. Including a CLOUD!
    • Beezy gives Jimmy some inspirational words...
    Beezy: Say it with me, I can probably do it! I can probably do it!
    Lucius: Those are your inspirational words!?
    • "Attention passengers, here's a trick I heard of but have no idea how to do."
    • Molotov is shot down by some pies.
    Molotov: I've been pie-ssasinated.
    • Jimmy destroying the only parachute in the plane to make hot towels.
    Jimmy: Uh Lucy, there are other passengers on the plane? (cut to Beezy covered in hot towels)
    Lucius: ...Wait, that wasn't very smart, was it? (Jimmy shakes his head)
  • Jimmy tries to help Heloise finish her story in "Misery Hearts"...
    • The muscular Jimmy in Heloise's daydream's.
  • Jimmy's shoes have been taken by Lucius, so what does Beezy do to help? Nothing, he just asks for a pony. He gets one and Jimmy lampshades it.
  • Jimmy and Beezy wonder why Heloise is acting strange in "What's Up with Heloise" and they think she won a yodeling contest. They have an Imagine Spot of her yodeling...twice.
    • Power Squid and Spaghetti Beezy go to save Heloise:
    Jimmy: We demand you lower this wall!
    (wall falls on them)
    Jimmy: (muffled) We demand you raise this wall!
    • Their second attempt ends with them grabbing a snake instead of her.
    (snake creature roars)
    Beezy: Are you sure that's not Heloise?
  • Beezy trying to be British in "Everyone Can Whistle".
  • Jimmy and friends are watching tv at Lucius' in "Bird Brained". Lucius asks why are they not watching it at their own homes. Jimmy comments that his tv is way better than they're s. It cuts to show Jimmy and Beezy bored and looking at a piece of paper with Wreckem drawn on it.
    • When Lovey escapes, we get this exchange:
    Beezy: Dad, when you say Lovey, are you referring to me with a fatherly term of endearment? Or do you mean that bird that just flew away?
    Lucius: The bird. When I call for you I say 'Yoo hoo,disappointment!'.
    Beezy: That's right! Yay Beezy!
    • Samy overhears that Lucius has a secret, so Lucius lies and says that the secret is that his real name is Sue Ellen. Later becomes a brick joke.
    Samy: Answer me Sue Ellen!
    • Lovey never shows that he can speak in front of Lucius and always answers him with 'Gronk' or 'Snork'. But when Lucius asks if he should get his rash looked at...
    Lovey: SWEET MERCY, YES!
  • Jimmy asks Beezy if Heloise thinks that he's her secret admirer, Beezy says if she does it didn't come from him. And cut too...
    Heloise: Who do you think the note's really from?
    Beezy: Jimmy.
    • Joey Two Skis.
  • Lucius needs the Rodeo Clowns to permanently freeze Jimmy's face into a frown and gives them a picture of Jimmy. Jimmy is grinning happily and giving Lucius a wedgie. You can imagine how the clowns react.
    Lucius (to Samy): You couldn't get a better picture ?...
  • Lucius has Beezy be his new assistant in "Samy's New Gig", it leads to this.
    Lucius: Son, I have a problem with how you autographed these pictures of me. First you signed your own name, AND you spelled Heinous wrong! Next you wrote 'This dude sure looks lame'!
  • Jimmy and everyone except Cerbee being totally oblivious to Eggy's lasers in "The Outsiders".
    • Miseryville has an out of mustard alarm.
    • Lucius imagines the misery he can create with Eggy's power. He is giant and wearing a metal suit shooting lasers out of his head.
    Lucius: And that's just with my forehead!
    • The Reveal that Eggy is a unicorn named Twinkles the Terrible from planet Boogey Boogey Boo and he is there to take over Miseryville.
  • Lucius 'breaking' his horn in "The Great Horn Fairy'.
    • The J in Beezy J. Heinous stands for Jojo.
    • For Jimmy's final witness, he calls himself to the stand, and proceeds to have an argument with himself as both the prosecutor and the witness.
  • Heloise's favorite movie is called "Giant Lizard Scares Old Lady" it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Later followed by the sequel "Old Lady Scares Giant Lizard".
    • Beezy tries to have a conversation with the Awe Guy. All he can do is 'Awe'.
  • Jimmy translates Lucius' grunts with an angry grunt translator app.
    App: I do not enjoy the way your phones are working.
      • PIANO APP FIGHT! Pianos fall on Lucius.
  • Penguins tap dancing in sombreros.
  • Jimmy having an Imagine Spot of him raising a panda like a son, ending with him as an old man being mauled by the panda and its family.
  • From "Heinous on Ice" Jimmy using the Heinous power and believing he's a Heinous.
    • Jimmy calls Lucius and says that he's thinking of leaving Miseryville, thinking Lucius will come over to try and talk him out of it. Lucius does come over, and rushes him out the door happily.
    • Lucius the 6th lies and says Lucius's birthday is 'When the three moons circle the sun three times and a pink quaking duck flies backwards". So Jimmy gets creative and makes it happen...kind of.
    Grandpa Heinous: Huh, who woulda thunk it?
    • Beezy as the sun,
    Beezy: The sun is sleepy! The sun requires cake! The sun is quitting now! Aand I'm gone...
  • The ghosts tell Jimmy that they have always been in his house and he never noticed in "Toast Busters" it shows flashbacks of them doing things to him and he is completely oblivious to all of it.
    • Lucius reason for borrowing the toaster in the first place, Beezy used his on his butt because it was getting cold.
    • Lucius tells Beezy that the toaster is actually a pair of shoes and puts his feet in it. Beezy just stares stupidly at him while Lucius is getting burnt.
      • Beezy buys him a new toaster and still thinks its some shoes and puts his dad in it.
    • Jimmy and Beezy's first attempt at scaring Lucius, they dress up as a ghost horse, but both of them wear a butt.
    Jimmy: I thought you were gonna wear the head!
    Beezy: This thing has a head?
    • Their second attempt has this.
    Lucius: If you're real ghosts, there would be scary ghostly music playing. Ooooooooooooh.
    (stereo crashes in and plays a happy tune) My Jimmy, My Jimmy
    Heloise: Sorry! (Switches to real scary music).
    • The third and successful attempt. Setting Jimmy dolls up all over Lucius' mansion.
  • From "Beezy 2.0", Beezy's completely unable to understand what a spoon is.
    • Heloise comes out of a secret passage under Jimmy's couch and he asks where she came from. She waves her arms and yells 'Distraction!' And Jimmy laughs and forgets what happened.
    • Beezy only being able to say "How do you do?".
  • Runny and the Nosebleeds have a song called "Bubble Poodle" which is just them saying that over and over again.
    • Jimmy putting women's clothing and accessories on Molotov when he couldn't see.
    • Jimmy decides to bath in a fountain naked since no one could see. Unfortunately everyone gets their sight back during this. So Jimmy ends up running around naked!
  • Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise are auditioning for the role of Super Slugmeister's sidekick and Lucius reveals that the role will go to people with the same body shapes as the trio. Then a group of monsters shaped just like them comes in...
    Heloise: Imposters!
    Beezy: Jelloise is all mine! (Pulls out a spoon)

    Miseryville Moments 
  • Jimmy attempting to get his monster to grow, only to accidentally swallow it in "Grow A Monster".
  • Heloise "helping" the Awe Guy in "Say Awe".
  • The 'My Jimmy' montage.
  • Probably the best one is Beezy walking in on his dad desperately giving his rubber duck CPR in "Bath Time".
  • The blooper reel short.
  • Jimmy attempting to remake his theme song in "Do It Yourself Theme Song", and then Lucius makes his own to the tune of the opening theme.
    Lucius: (singing) Lucius Heinous, Heinous the seventh, I will be your very best friend, then I'll...turn on you and make you miserable.