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A Unique, Funny Cartoon with Wasted Potential
Jimmy Two-Shoes is Canada’s greatest cartoon. It’s hilarious with its ability to take the stupidest ideas and make them laugh-out-loud funny (“Rear Pickle” comes to mind). Miseryvlle is also the most unique yet comical take on Hell in fiction. How many Hells have biker clowns, animal-only prisons, racing fleas, and giant foosball games? In fact, if it wasn’t for Executive Meddling we would have gotten another shocker cartoon.

Visually, the show is simplistic but very well done. The monsters who make up Miseryville’s population have some of most wonderful designs in cartoon history. The characters are also a part of what makes it so great. Jimmy is just a really loveable guy, Beezy has the funniest lines, Heloise is an awesomely adorable bundle of evil, and Lucius is one of the most diabolical yet laughable cartoon villains. And then there’s Samy, Cerbee, Molotov, Saffi, Jez, Dorkus, and Peep. They’re all so awesome.

However there is a very single major issue I have with the show. It’s related to the Season 1 episode “Pop-Sicles”. The episode isn’t awful you see, it’s just that the writers ignored the fact that it was the show at its fullest potential. It manages to be quite funny but the introduction of the entire Heinous family paved way for the possibility of more world-building and some minor seriousness. The brief showing of Lucius I sparked the possibility of his defrosting which the show’s creators said would happen. Unfortunately we never got the next Bill Cipher or Lord Dominator. Why? The severe Seasonal Rot of season 2 had turned the show Denser and Wackier with none of the charm of the first season. We got another cartoon of miscellaneous wacky hijinks instead of the possibility of a Myth Arc. I’m not saying we need all cartoons to become super-serious, but just go the way of being light-hearted yet having some serious inclusions. I still dread how a Season 3 would have turned out sometimes. Nevertheless, Season 2 still had a few pluses like “The Terrific Trio” and Peep.

Conclusively, Jimmy Two-shoes will have to remain as another wacky, overlooked Canadian cartoon. But we might as well be happy for what we have. Thank you Edward Kay and Sean Scott for making such a great cartoon!

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