Tropers / Magnus Force

Hello everyone! I am Magnus Force, a student by day and a troper by night. I like doodling, history, writing, creatures (animals, monsters aliens, dinosaurs, robots, etc.) and creating ideas for works of fiction.

I like a lot of things, but the following is what I would consider myself a really big fan of:

I mentioned above that I like creating ideas for works of fiction, so below are two I have made pages for in Unpublished Works.

  • Out of this World: A comedic science-fiction series focusing on the adventures of a timid geek named Mark Antonioni and an adventurous optimist named Anne Macintyre — two 13-year-olds in a global project as exchange students on Planet Zed, an enormous city world populated by aliens and robots of all kinds and the capital planet of the Federation-like Galactic Alliance of Systems and Planets (GASP). The two attend Andromeda Junior High with their new friend Calculus, an egotistical R2-D2-like robot, and live with an interspecies alien couple made of Gaitha, a well-ordered office worker with a face like an anteater, and Zemir, a slovenly mechanic with four arms and four eyes.

  • Incredi-Girl: A homage to 60s Kaiju movies and TV, this series follows the life of Janice Taneguchi, a dorky yet headstrong Japanese-American teenage girl with super strength, super speed, and flight, who fights Kaiju, alien invaders, and supervillains. She experiences life alongside her mom and dad, Dr. Fujiko, the world's leading authority on Kaiju, and Captain Shinichiro, the head of her town's local defense team; her mischief-making, monster-obsessed little brother Zach; as well as her friends, Leonard Walker, a socially awkward school journalist with a huge crush on Janice, Laura Miller, Janice's gentler and much less awkward best friend, and Cam Flint, a good-hearted slacker and GTR cadet who Janice has a crush on.