Tropers / Magnus Force

Hello everyone! I am Magnus Force, a student by day and a troper by night. I like doodling, history, writing, creatures (animals, monsters aliens, dinosaurs, robots, etc.) and creating ideas for works of fiction.

I like a lot of things, but the following is what I would consider myself a really big fan of:

I mentioned above that I like creating ideas for works of fiction.

  • Incredi-Girl: A homage to 60s Kaiju movies and TV (like Ultraman and Godzilla), this series follows the life of Janice Taniguchi, a dorky yet headstrong Japanese-American teenage girl able to transform into a superhero named Incredi-Girl in order to fight kaiju. She experiences life alongside her mom and dad, Dr. Fujiko, the world's leading authority on Kaiju, and Captain Shinichiro, the head of her city's local defense team; her mischief-making, monster-obsessed little brother Zach; as well as her friends, Leonard Watanabe, an awkward Japanese-American school journalist with a huge crush on Janice, Laura Miller, Janice's gentle best friend, and Cam Flint, a good-hearted slacker and GTR cadet whom Janice has a big crush on.

  • Rod Rogers and the City of the Stars: A science fiction adventure series focusing on Rod Rogers, an adventurous and easygoing 13-year-old boy who is picked as part of an international project to send young Earth representatives to Planet Zed, a city world populated by all sorts of aliens and robots that serves as the capital of the Galactic Alliance of Systems and Planets (GASP). There, he becomes roommates with Calculus, a curious but fearful robot built with hundreds of gadgets, and also befriends an alien named Voona, the feisty and tomboyish tentacle-haired daughter of a GASP diplomat. The trio have all kinds of adventures around Planet Zed and on other worlds, encountering all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

  • Meet the Nocturnes: A Halloween-themed series set in a world populated by monsters. It centers around a klutzy 12-year-old witch named Anne Macbeth, who lives in the tiny town of Nocturne Creek with her parents and grandmother and dreams of becoming a great sorceress. One day, she accidentally stumbles into the human world that lies parallel to hers and meets Mark Macintyre, a shy 12-year-old boy from the town of Sunshine Falls fascinated by the paranormal. The two become friends and Mark is accepted by the eccentrically macabre but hospitable townspeople, though he must keep their world secret. From there on, Mark and Anne have many supernatural adventures involving the worlds of monsters and humans.